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Official XBMC Headed to Android, Test Build Download Available

XBMC is a widely popular media center that is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows users. The good news for Android device owners is that it will soon be made available to us as well. Once installed on Android, users can access all of their on-device media files including music, video and photos, but also download from a large assortment of content add-ons that can be viewed while on a WiFi or data connection. 

For example, there is a working plugin for the website Funny or Die which seems to work quite well even on the test build. The developers posted an official teaser video which has since been made private. Here’s a little hands on from a community member with an early test build.

Feel like trying it yourself? You can download the test build right here. The app has not yet been optimized for smaller screens, but where there is a will, there is a way. In other news, the apk has been ported to even the Nexus Q and it looks to work well. Praise Android developers.



Cheers Bharath, Nick, Elementix, and Luke!

  • Reid-Tulk

    Anyone get it working on Galaxy tab 10.1?

  • Addison Beckham

    This running on a Nexus Q being controlled by an Android phone/tablet would be phenomenal.

  • Works on my Razr. Pretty awesome app! Cant wait till its optimized

  • keysersoze25

    HUGE. would love to pair this with a google tv box for an all in 1 home theater experience

  • Richard

    Drop the Nexus Q by $200 and load XBMC on it, and I think we have a winner!

  • lasthought

    Got it to work on a stock GNexus.

  • G-Nex

    I’m looking forward to this! Currently my HTPC runs XBMC using a couple of NAS servers and it works great. Having this on our tablets will be a nice addition. Surprisingly this test build works pretty good on my G-Nex. HD content skips a bit but SD content looks good.

  • Working on my HTC Thunderbolt! Daym now I really want a new phone with HDMI output! So many possibilities with this now!

  • Running great on my LTE Galaxy Nexus running 4.1 Jelly Bean. Can’t wait for further betas and especially the finished product :DD

  • Working great so far on my LTE Galaxy Nexus running 4.1 Jelly Bean :D. Can’t wait for further betas and a finished product

  • Sp4rxx

    Doesn’t open on ICS rooted Acer Iconia A500.


  • brando56894

    Since this didn’t work on my TF101 I didn’t have high hopes for my HTC Rezound (even though they’re completely different products) but it works!

  • Geronimus

    Won’t load on my Team EOS Jellybean Xoom Wifi.

  • ddevito

    Google should do even swaps for the Google TV for the Nexus Q.

  • florious80

    Not working on stock TF101. 🙁

    • brando56894

      Or a modded TF101. I’m running AOKP and it doesn’t even open.

      • florious80

        Yeah, it just gives me a 2 seconds blank screen, and goes back to the main page. Once I get my nexus 7 I’ll be able to use it I guess.

  • I just ran through it on SGSIII and when streaming over a Windows network, movie files above 3GB get sketchy playback. I then tested same videos on BSPLayer Pro Free and I could almost get a 45GB blue-ray movie to play smoothly over WiFi. When there was a lot of action it skipped frames, but the movie was watchable. For now, BS Player Pro is on top for network movie streaming – at least for me. I will keep an eye on XBMC, however. 95% of my movies are below 3.5GB.

  • Ballisticn8

    Cant seem to get it running on my Galaxy Nexus. AOKP Milestone 6, Franco Nightly 196. App just hangs, have to force close it. On another note one of the app devs (Jezz_X) stated on a thread over at rootz that this app wasnt made for phones or tabs, that its meant to run on android set top boxes (Jezz_X states they are a dev but I didnt fact check anything)…

  • ddevito

    I want a final copy ready for my Raspberry Pi (or Google TV)

    • B

      There is already ported version for the raspberry-pi. Some bits for OpenGL ES are incomplete but its pretty good.

      • ddevito

        yes I have the beta, eagerly waiting for the final version. Beta runs surprisingly well

  • Joe Paul

    I know there are complex issues with streaming with smb (windows file sharing not super mario brothers) will xbmc support an easy solution for this?

  • deadsix
    • brando56894

      I was also thinking about Cotton Candy (if we ever see it stateside) or the new Raspberry Pi competitor that’s about $125 and comes with a Quad-Core Exynos processor and a Mali 400 GPU.

  • This is awesome news! I use XBMC on my media server / home theater setup. Would be great if I’m able to remote into my media server at home to view the movies, etc. on the go.

  • this isnt working on my xoom wifi, going to try on nexus running 4.1

  • EvanTheGamer

    EDIT: Actually gonna just download it myself and see what happens.

    What about the Nexus 7? Does it work on that tab yet?

    • moelsen8

      are you bragging that you have your N7 already? if so, i’m jealous! 😛

      • EvanTheGamer

        lol…no, was just wondering if XBMC would work on the N7. I just got lucky is all, which is surprising ’cause I got it on Friday the 13th, and that day is supposedly the unluckiest day of the entire year. lol

        Anyways, I’m sure you guys will get your N7s today, hopefully!

    • AlexKCMO

      Can you report back to how it does with Streaming content? I’ve been looking for a way to replace Plex and it’s crappy interface for a while now.

      • EvanTheGamer

        I was able to install it on my N7, but haven’t tried streaming anything yet…will try now.

        • AlexKCMO

          Awesome. I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t a way to stream videos over a network.

          • EvanTheGamer


            After sharing a few videos on my computer, I was able to stream the videos(even pictures, haven’t tried music yet) to my Nexus 7, and there was absolutely no lag at all, and the video quality was outstanding. Well, now we know. Nice!

          • AlexKCMO


            Thanks so much for reporting back.

            What was the process? I’m going to set this up as soon as I get home.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Very straight forward actually. Just share a video on your computer, then on XBMC, go to: Videos -> Files -> Add Videos… -> When the “Add Video source” screen comes up, click Browse -> Windows Network (SMB) -> WORKGROUP -> COMPUTER (The one that’s being shared) -> Folder – OK -> OK -> OK – And that’s it. Then just go back to Videos and click on a shared folder, and tap on the video, song, whatever.

            Pretty f’n awesome. This N7 seems like it gets more awesome on a daily basis.

  • William McCoy

    is this Coming to/compatible with googleTV?

    • jstew182

      I just tried to install on my Sony Google TV and it was a no go unfortunately…pretty frustrating there’s so little support for the gtvs

    • lamenting

      use Plex in the meantime.

  • muffnman

    I tested this out at home with my Serviio installation and my Galaxy Nexus running 4.1.1 JB and it ran pretty well too. 720p mkv’s with only some slight sound artifacting.

  • 2Ceedz