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Motorola XOOM WiFi Update Incoming, Should be Jelly Bean

When Google announced that Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) would be available in mid-July, they also mentioned that devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola XOOM WiFi would be the first to receive it. According to members of Motorola’s Feedback Network, the XOOM could see it very shortly. An invitation to test new software for the device is going out to members of the Motorola forums, and we would be surprised if it wasn’t Jelly Bean. The timing matches up to what Google told us, plus, you have remember that there are no carrier barriers to break through when updating this device. Since it’s WiFi-only, all you need is for Motorola to test it a bit, then have forum members test it, and then push it out.

Get ready for Google Now!

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Shawn Maggard

    Love the Xoom, best tablet I’ve ever purchased.

  • webdude20

    I hate Motorola for not upgrading the Xoom Family Edition and who would buy it from me if the bootloader is locked, we can’t even install custom roms, sucks.

  • Will I be able to get the update on my Xoom if I’m rooted?
    I know how to locked it back and unroot it but I really love to have it rooted to many advantages… please let me know what you guys think..

  • quiltfanatic

    I bought the Xoom WiFi version right after it was released last year and have never been disappointed. It’s a superior device that keeps on delivering. I depend on my Xoom every day. I also have the original Ipad but handed it over to hubby to play his games with. I prefer my Xoom.

  • feztheforeigner

    Any news on the slower 4G Verizon version?

  • James Hill

    I bought the Family Edition not knowing that it does not get updated like the non Family Edition. So I’m using Honeycomb, and everyone else can laugh at me as they walk off with Jelly Bean. #ShakesFist!

  • hickslv426

    Yeah, the Xoom has been a good investment so far. Great storage space with SD card slot; nice big screen; built like a tank; decent camera; and constant system updates before the rest of the pack. Can’t wait to try the ‘Google now’ feature!

  • pseudonym_b

    Time to wait until 2013 for my 4g xoom to be updated!

  • wow update the verizon galaxy nexus 1st

    • 4n1m4L

      all google can do is push an update to verizon, then verizon stagnates it in their system for “testing” I think we can probably hope for a leak during next month.

  • Shadow

    I hope the rumors aren’t true about the Asus transformer tf 101 not getting JB. If the Xoom is getting it then my Transformer better get it!

    • AlexKCMO

      Agree, but I’m fairly certain that CM will support it for some time.

  • angermeans

    I am so glad I dumped this horrible excuse for a tablet. This will be the last Motorola device I ever buy unless it has the Nexus name in it (even then they would have to do better than the horrible screens and ugly builds I’ve seen of late). Tis talet had the worst display I have ever used on a device. This and the Prime left me with a horrible taste in my mouth for android tablets. Let’s hope my Nexus 7 coming this week changes that opinion cause frankly this is the last chance android has in the tablet game with me. From what I have read and heard the nexus 7 will be even more than I ever thought I t would be. This just reminded me of this horrible leggy and out of date sorry excuse for 799 I ever spent and thats my fault for thinking android would be as good as they are on phones on tablets and oh was I wrong. Then on top of charging this much they make us wait 9 months for 4G which was promised out the gate when sold and not to mention almost 9 months for an ICS build. This was a joke and Verizon, Motorola, and google should be ashamed that they forgot about this device because of the bad sales. This was (and I hope is the last) bastard of the Nexus family and there is a reason it doesn’t carry it’s name.

    • nhizzat

      Horrible excuse? I really see little to complain about with the Xoom. The screen, while not the best, performs perfectly fine. The only real issue with the Xoom is its weight.

      What makes the Xoom out of date? It’s received ICS and will now receive JB before any other tablet. How exactly did they forget about this device? I couldn’t be happier with trading my 32gb Touchpad for this 32gb Xoom.

      Are you one of those people that will only listen to lossless music on their phone with earbuds?

      • octane scott

        The Xoom is a great tablet. I bought it the day it came out. I walked right past the best buy employee pushing the iPad 2. 🙂

  • tharealoc

    can’t say I’ll be applying the update whenever it becomes available….why? you might ask….well flash is not supported in jellybean….and flash is kind of a big deal on a media consumption device…

    • jeesung

      you can find Flash APK’s linked on XDA which they say installs & works just fine on JB.

      no tweaks. Adobe just makes the Play Store version non-downloadable if you have JB.

    • nhizzat

      I don’t understand this. You follow Droid-life yet know so little about your device and what you’re able to do with it.

      • tharealoc

        Congratulations, you win the douche of the day award!….I’m sure you root and ROM and change your look every 2 days because you are never satisfied. well sir you enjoy your device how you like and I will do with mine as I please. OH and im sure you are one of the gnex apologists…HA

        • nhizzat

          Congrats, you win the smug jackass of the day award!

          There’s this thing called the internet which has this search engine called Google with which you can find the Adobe Flash Player apk and install it just fine on your Xoom running JB. But I can’t fault you for being uninformed and/or behind the times. ICS on the Xoom is fantastic and the only thing I miss is the HBO Go app 🙁

          What does any of this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus? I sure do root my devices and flash roms but the only thing I change is the wallpaper from time to time. It was fun running ICS while people were still stuck on HC and now it’s even more fun running JB while people are still stuck on ICS.

  • MotoRulz

    And the Xoom just keeps getting better with age.. Love this tablet..

    • Sobr0801

      Best Android purchase I have made.

  • trevor

    Just makes me mad that i bought a galaxy tab 10.1 based on superior looks and build quality but samsung doesn’t even care about that device. Can’t even get ICS because no one can figure out how to get a working camera on the dang thing. Soon they will just say since it was banned for stupid reasons they won’t be updating it at all. Should of got a xoom i guess.

    • angermeans

      I’m sorry it everyone should expect this out of Samsung. If they don’t even update their S lineup then you know you have no chance of an update on something that barely sold. It is sad that they do this to their loyal customers and if they plan to keep the hype they have built then they will need to make a use change. At least HTC sees the value of this and are in the process of changing their strategy due to lower sales. Samsung is too dumb to see it as they haven’t had problems with it and there is no way they can update all of their products and now all the useless features they are putting in the S3. It Will take months to update the s3 and by then it will be irrelevant like the s2 getting ICS. Anyone who buys Samsung or motorola better plan on always being outdated by one or two android builds as you won’t ever be up to date.

  • Knlegend1

    Jelly bean will be interesting at that size!!!

    • kevinc

      why? google kept the same style UI that ICS and HC had on 10in tablets

      • Knlegend1

        Because I said it will be interesting that’s why kevinc. Anymore questions?

  • baldypal

    Although its not in the name I’ve always considered my WiFi Xoom a nexus device b/c of the updates and Google experience without blur.

  • Hank The Tank

    This continues to be one of my better investments with the continued support and updates. JB should significantly improve performance on the Xoom

    • nhizzat

      So far, EOS’s nightly builds are very buttery. However, Quadrant scores are nowhere close to what’s seen with ICS roms. I’m seeing ~2000 vs ~4000 with ICS.

      • Hank The Tank

        Ill have to give a nightly a shot. I haven’t flashed a rom on my xoom since the honeycomb days

        • nhizzat

          I take it you went back to stock to get the ICS OTA?

          • Hank The Tank

            that is correct sir

  • And now us Motorola Xoom 4g owners will have to wait another 6 months for Verizon to finish testing just awesome….by the way anyone want this thing 250

    • fartbubbler

      u serious? email me at:
      fartbubbler @ operamail.com
      Is it rooted/ stock? memory size?

    • nhizzat

      There’s already a 4G JB rom available for the Xoom. Just saying.

      If fartbubbler doesn’t buy it, I will.

  • Niteperson

    I’m actually pretty impressed that Moto and Verizon are continuing to support this tablet.

    • 4n1m4L

      Verizon never had anything to do with the wifi Xoom. The wingray was basically developed by Motorola for google to showcase honeycomb, and was the first honest push to break into the tablet market

  • Question that may have already been asked: my BIL has a Xoom 4G but doesn’t actually use the 4G. For his purposes, it’s the wifi model. Would he be able to flash a build of JB for the wifi model to his and just not worry about the radios?

    • Jedi

      No, if you bought a Xoom with 3G or 4g I believe you have to wait for VZ.

      • nhizzat

        Nope, he can flash a wifi rom without issue.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I have a Xoom 3G. I never sent mine in to get upgraded to LTE because I literally use mine every day. I’m here to tell you YES you can flash Wifi only ROM’s. You will lose LTE ability but that’s kinda obvious. I’ve flashed Wifi only and back to 3G ROM’s with no problems.

  • spickle

    now being unlocked and rooted i’ll have to go back to stock and relock to receive the update correct?

    • kixofmyg0t

      Or you could flash a ROM….

      • teng247

        Already have JB on my xoom wifi via team EOS rom. Smooth as silk and google now is awesome

        • kixofmyg0t

          Really? Well I’m slow on this! I’m still running their 2.0 ICS build. Link?

          • Installed EOS 3 aka jelly bean last night. Take that VZW. Btw, runs great on LTE Xoom

          • nhizzat

            Look in the same place you found their ICS rom.

    • 4n1m4L

      Nobody knows for sure yet, but most of the time if your running anything other than stock+root the update will fail. Boot loader wise though, if all you did is fast boot OEM unlock…. who cares.

      • spickle

        yea just root+stock and unlocked.

        • 4n1m4L

          You *should* be fine but you will probably lose root.

  • best $250 I ever spent without knowing what I would use it for, xoom wifi + galaxy nexus = all the updates!

    • You snagged yours from DailySteals, I take it?

    • nhizzat

      I traded my 32gb touchpad for a Xoom lol

  • littleneutrino

    Excellent, im reading and waiting. I love my Xoom wifi and amazingly have yet to root it because out of the box it does everything i require of it.

    • Plus rooting the thing is completely retarded

      • 4n1m4L

        Rooting was fun I in the d1 days, but now, why bother…

        • Asuriyan

          AdFree Android? Titanium Backup? Even if you have no intention of ROMming it there are still benefits to having root access.

          • If you’re trying to avoid the ad’s in the light versions of apps then you are screwing over the developers. Support the devs by purchasing the full fledged app if you don’t want ad’s. Otherwise you get what you pay for.

          • Asuriyan

            I buy plenty of apps. That doesn’t work with free apps with no paid version, though. If Gasbuddy or KBB released ad-free versions I would happily buy them- but given the option there’s no way I’m gong to allow ads to waste my bandwidth and battery.

          • 4n1m4L

            everything is in the cloud now, so titanium is useless to me, and if ad revenue is what allows the app to be free, why would you block it?

          • Asuriyan

            Cloud storage can’t store system settings, app configurations, game save files, etc. through a factory reset. If you don’t see the need to preserve any of those things, fine.

            But I find it hard to justify looking at banner ads. First, I find that publishing “ad-free” versions with the exact same functionality otherwise is a bit of a cheap trick to get people buying apps. What happened to the good old days of shareware where it would pop up reminders to support the developer on every launch, and unlock extended functionality when you finally did? And as I already mentioned, I am paying for the bandwidth used to deliver those ads to me. It is also using (wasting) the battery on my phone.

            Of course I would rather pay for an ad-free version than waste my own resources to have ads delivered to me. But if the publisher is unwilling to take advantage of that, I’m still going to maintain control over what takes up space on my phone’s screen.

        • nhizzat

          There’s 2 very good reasons to have unlocked and root your Xoom:
          1. Run ICS while everyone else was stuck on HC.
          2. Run JB while everyone else is still on ICS.

          Everything else is just a bonus.

          • 4n1m4L

            Root != running whatever you like
            unlock = anything you like.
            Rooting just breaks security for me. Except for USB otg, if I need it, I don’t need any root. All my stuff is in the cloud so titanium and custom recoveries are useless to me. I have yet to root, and was still running releases early on both current daily drivers.