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New HTC 1.7GHz Quad-Core Device Benchmarked, New One Series Phone?

The One series of phones started 2012 off so well for HTC that it’s no surprise the company is working on more devices to add to the portfolio. A benchmark of a mysterious device has hinted that they may be working on a sequel to the One X, one of our favorite Android phones. Over at the GLBenchmark site, a device goes by model number of PM63100 and the code name “evitareul” which the guys over at Pocketnow suspect has to do with the naming of the One X, which was originally called the Evita. 

This new device is clocked in at 1.7GHz on it’s Tegra 3 processor, higher than the One X is at 1.5Ghz. The phone also has a 720p display, although we don’t know what size and the device was running ICS during the benchmark. This sounds like the rumors that a “One XXL” will be showing up at some point, except that was said to have a quad-core Snapdragon, not Tegra, processor so that LTE can be included. Either way, we eagerly await to see what HTC has next for their One series.

Via: Pocketnow

  • E A butler

    Ok HTC, go full balls out and make a new ONE phone with 2g of ram, 64gigs on board, Nexus quality screen, with a massive battery!!!! Instant winner!!!!! I mean if they make something thats not comparable to the Galaxy S 3, who cares.

    • Louis B

      Nexus quality screen? You mean that pentile blue tinted super saturated scree? No thanks. It’s 2012. IPS and SLCD2 are the best displays.

  • Hopefully they make a phone this time instead of a tablet, but I’m not getting my hopes up!

  • Steven

    If Google is launching another Nexus device this year… why not this?

    • Louis B

      Hopefully there will be multiple Nexus devices this yr. So sick of Samsung’s crap.

  • what is the point of quad core 1.7 each??? Its better to have 2 GB of ram which benefit to productivity for real

  • chris125

    so much for less phones….

    • Louis B

      They are for different carriers.

  • Me

    There is also a HTC Tablet showing up on GL Benchmark.
    1794 x 1080 disp!

  • nex

    honestly, it doesn’t matter if its not a nexus

    • E A butler

      Im just waiting for the next Nexus!!! all these other phones mean nothing to me, I will be using JellyBean soon and this new HTC phone will probably ship with ICS. …. lol

      • Louis B

        yep and enjoy that mediocre 5 MP camera when everyone has at least 8 MP.

    • Louis B

      honestly it DOES matter when it’s not made by samsung.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I’ll be a fan boy! I can’t wait for more choices!

  • Champion1229

    maybe a verizon version? Hopefully!!!

  • Nate Davidson

    Unless its Tegra 3+, its not coming to VZW 🙁

    • chris125

      well if it’s tegra 3 and coming to at&t with lte then it could come to verizon.

      • Champion1229

        tegra 3 doesn’t have a modem that is compatible with verizon’s lte, this is why we have not seen any tegra 3 phones on verizon. However Tegra 4 is rumored to have lte modems built into the processor

        • chris125

          yes I know this and it also doesn’t work on att lte so that is why i said if it works on att lte it *may* work on verizons lte also.

  • frankandsimple

    It’s amazing that NONE of these manufacturers have the brains to know that all they have to do to get their devices sell thru the roof.. is to build a pure android device. Less work in modifying android .. and more profits…

    Really how dumb can executives be.

    • JosephMoreno

      They wouldn’t exactly sell through the roof, it would pretty much just sell to nerds.

      • I can’t say I agree. I honestly think stock Jellybean is the most cohesive, fast, beautiful and intuitive version of Android out there. Even if they can’t place their finger on why, the general consumer would trend towards stock Jellybean than Touchwiz or Sense.

      • frankandsimple

        I think us nerds know.. having tried pretty much all the various types of skins… that pure android is much better than sense or touchwiz or motoblur. The rest of them haven’t really thought about getting a pure google device mainly because it is not as ubiquitous as touchwiz or sense. but once it becomes.. then the choice will be clear.

    • Champion1229

      I actually like HTC’s Sense more than stock, it looks a lot more polished and refined.

  • Jonbo298

    The race to 2.0GHz is on.

    • Champion1229

      more like 2.5ghz quad core cpus that was promised by the end of 2012!!

  • Sergio

    So which one will have its bootloader locked….”Evita” or “Reul”….sigh…..

    “Evita” for the rest of the world, “Reul” for Verizon?!

  • ewok_bukkake

    i really hope it’s the One XXL!

  • Man, hopefully these rumors produced something worthy near to these specs.

  • majormudafuckinhun

    Verizon please!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    hmmm… 1.7 isn’t going to make much of a difference. Wonder what’s the USE for this phone with the Same Specs? . . .something doesn’t add up. Do some more digging Eric

    • Maybe this will be the phone that integrates the Tegra3 with LTE.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        hmmmm… are those the PLUS chips? Are they ready yet? . . .

        • This is a quote from Nvidia’s ceo.

          “Looking forward, you’ll see Tegra 3 LTE phones with partners’ baseband processors in the second half of this year and then next year with our own LTE baseband processors as well.”

          But he also said there could be delays with them using third party LTE. So who knows but it is a possiblity for this year but just not with their own LTE baked in.

  • This would be sick if it came to VZW, better not get my hopes up

  • Butters619

    A sequel to the One X!….

    ….7 weeks after the One X came out….


    • HTC1

      Not for us it hasn’t been 7 weeks. It’s NEVER for verizon users.
      Please, please, please come to V. I’m sick of these Samdung phones that can’t make calls.

      • I always see complaints about samsung radios, etc, but I’ve never had any issues with mine…maybe I’m just in a location with a super-strong signal?

        • David Hussey

          I also haven’t had issues, but maybe it’s because I almost never make voice calls anymore.

          • michael arazan

            one XXL, xxl has been kind of warn out, should be like one x²

          • Butters619

            Exponential growth. I like it.

      • Salam Zebian

        I know that the Nexus initially had issues but once it got the 4.0.4 update w/new radio firmware it’s just as solid as my brother’s razr

      • Butters619

        I’m going to be super jealous if this goes to Verizon. Not going to lie.

    • kixofmyg0t

      What’s next? The One-X HD MAXX 3D Plus?

      *been waiting 7 weeks to use that*

      I kid I kid. The One-X is a fine phone, though a sizeable amount of people have had problems with it.

      • Butters619

        It’s a great phone besides multi-tasking. It drives me crazy. Hopefully once the kernel source is released some complete ROMs will come out that address this.

        • Allen Byrd

          Yeah, how bad IS that problem? I haven’t really had a chance to see it firsthand, but HTC’s a bunch of shart-garglers for that.

          • michael arazan

            I’ve read a lot about software issues and bugs, for some it’s to the point of being unusable, and others sound like a nuisance of glitch’s , and then others have had no problems, almost like when the nexus came out, some had major probs, others just minor bugs and some had none what so ever.

          • Butters619

            It drives me absolutely insane.

            EX: I am reading Droid Life and I want to comment, but oh when I go to log in to Disqus it says I need to close a tab first. If you switch tabs to close one, or even go to the list view of tabs, the original tab you were in is pushed from memory so the webpage must reload and you lose anything you typed.

            EX2: Need to copy something from Gmail (like a temp password) into a web page that’s partially filled out. You are screwed! As soon as you exit the browser the page is pushed from memory and it has to reload.

            EX3: Facebook or Twitter or Gmail. Say you scroll 1/2 way down your feed/inbox. Change a song and bam it refreshes and you are back at the top.

            Like I said, I hope a ROM will fix it, or I hope Best Buy will let me exchange the phone even though I am outside of my return policy. I am working with their customer relations now. The One X has the best look and feel of any phone right now. The display is phenomenal. The software drives me crazy.