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In Case You Missed It, Google Movies Does Allow for Rooted Device Playback Now


After the update to the Movies application back when Google I/O was taking place this year, Google began allowing for rooted devices (previously blocked from playback) to stream content. We know in the beginning that Google had to make sure the publishers felt their content was safe and wouldn’t be copied, but it looks like Google may have convinced them that rooted users aren’t exactly the problem.

Whatever did officially happen, users are very happy and everyone can now enjoy their Google Play Movies and TV shows with no more interruptions. Thanks, Google.

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  • Mine still doesn’t work.

  • i have rented two movies since I/O and the process was so nice. BTW, Safe House is a very good movie.

    • ChrisTraeger1

      +1000 for Safe House. I was quite blown away in the theater.

  • Yabba dabba doo!!!!

  • Llbarcode

    When you buy a movie from the play store, can you store it in the cloud? Or is it only on the phone?

    • Kodros

      It’s on the cloud.

  • S.D.

    Now if Flixster would follow suit…

  • otter34

    Way too expensive

    I wish tapatalk worked here

  • redbar0n11


  • Hide my root also foiled the anti-root protection.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I rented a move once, for fun, while rooted, and it worked. This was a while ago so just FYI, this is not exactly new news. Maybe I used OTA RootKeeper to unroot, but I dont think so, but point is, I did it WAY before Google I/O and posted about it on XDA. So…

    • Kodros

      The point is that you don’t have a point.

  • r0lct

    Very happy to see. This was one of things I was worried about when I ordered my N7 and would actually have had to debate whether to root as I would likely want to leave my media options open since that’s what the device will be for.

  • erod434

    Now all we need are google play cards so that we don’t have to use a credit card buy stuff.

    • And a cart option so that we can buy multiple items without getting a charge for each one.

      • michael arazan

        Still don’t understand why I can’t use google wallet to purchase from the appstore. Would be nice to use that prepaid card for something.

  • whosinaname

    also if they were reasonably priced I would watch more.

    • Kodros

      I agree. TV Shows need to be at least $1 less and movies should be $1 less to rent. But these terrible prices are everywhere. About the same on Amazon Video and PSN. I’m sure they are the same on iTunes too. I don’t know what the entertainment business is thinking. Why pay $4 to rent a movie when I can get Netflix for $8 a month? Spend $3 for a 25 minute TV show that I can get for free on my TV…lol, no.

  • Josh Flowers

    step 1) Google allows rooted users to watch G-Movies
    step 2) Google buys RedBox
    step 3) Google/Red box partner with Netflix to share streaming capabilities
    step 4) rent a movie through redbox app, watch on Google movies.

    and i’m happy.

    • TheOiulkj

      Have fun with that monopoly.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    😮 . . . thank you Google! ., . . I may sound like a lame for saying this but this is one of the reasons I held off on rooting the gnex for so long… I hate losing functionality and I do rent from Google… now that they have TV Shows it’s perfect. . . . I can root and ROM to my hearts content… Woo!

  • Higher_Ground

    nothing like paying $1.99 or $2.99 per episode to watch a TV show. When you rent a TV series from a movie store, they give you a dvd’s worth of episodes (anywhere from 2-12 episodes per disc) for the same price as a movie. Either they need to drop the price drastically ($0.25/episode) or bundle several together.

    Owning digital content is still weird for me. It’s a lot easier to accidently lose a file (or have it corrupted) than it is to lose a DVD. Also, it’s a lot harder to use the media file onc

    • Jake

      A big difference is that when you buy a TV show from Google Play (or Amazon Instant Video, for that matter), you own the episodes. You can play them and replay them as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like. If you rent from a “movie store”, you have to drive to the store to pickup each disc, and drive again to return it. If you’re too busy to see all the episodes you rented by the return deadline, you have to pay additional rental fees, which further erode the cost difference you pointed out.
      Additionally, Google and Amazon store your digital videos, saving you from the clutter and expense of storing them yourself. Because they store them for you, it also protects you from losing your video collection due to fire/disaster, theft, HDD/disc failure, or phasing out of the media format (does anyone have old collections (betamax, vhs, laserdisc, 8-track, cassette tapes, vinyl records, etc.). They have excellent protection and redundancy in place, so you don’t need to worry about losing a file to corruption.
      There are only a couple of shows that I have purchased one or two of. Usually, I want an entire season. Purhcasing a whole season saves you a little more money compared to buying all episodes individually.

      • disgruntled

        Now, if only I could watch it over my HD TV via HDMI. Google Play Movies is uninstalled just because of this on my devices.

        • codemonkey85

          I think the idea is purchase it on your device, stream it to your TV with Google TV or Nexus Q.

      • “You can play them and replay them as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like.”
        Not exactly true. Amazon is wiping tablets clean more and more. All of the content you paid for…..gone. They wont tell you why and they is no one to complain about this to. And you can forget about any kind of refund.
        They have been doing this just google it and you will see.
        Remember with Amazon…..No Refund, No Reason, No Recourse

  • summit1986

    Repo Men (Unrated)… Unrated because even the MPAA didn’t want to waste 2 hours of their life on that.

    • I’m no Roger Ebert, but I enjoyed it, might watch it again someday. I dunno, maybe my tastes aren’t as refined as yours. Not a favorite of mine by any means, but I don’t feel like my time was wasted.

  • 4 dollars to rent a movie is a bit too high for me… Only if it was 1.99 , google will have my money!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      THey do have a lot of 1.99 movies… and deals pop up often… if you want New and HD it will cost you 4 though… all about convenience… sure you can go to Red Box… but…. you have to go to red box

      • FortitudineVincimus

        yeah well.. step out of your house and …. there is a RedBox

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I don’t have a problem doing that…but the pricing is all about convenience. It won’t ever change.

      • Kodros

        HD will cost you $5.

    • Jake

      Doesn’t it cost about that same amount to rent a disc from BlockBuster? Plus, renting from Google save you from having to make the journey to pick up and return the disc.
      When you rent a disc you have to return it quickly. I think Google gives you something like a month to start your rental. I’ve rented a few movies from Google because they want on sale, and I knew that by the time I’d be ready to watch it the price would go back up.

      • Kodros

        “Doesn’t it cost about that same amount to rent a disc from BlockBuster?”

        I’m thinking that if Google Play wants to be successful, they shouldn’t be competing with a company that has filed for bankruptcy and probably won’t be around in a year.

      • William Neal

        Redbox i can rent a movie for $1. and this will be playing on my big screen. hence why the $4 is way to high. Of course this doesnt apply to me as i download stuff. but still if it was cheaper im more incline to buy it. $4? no way. Might as well buy netflix for $8 right?

  • fartbutcrap

    8 equals d first

  • Knlegend1

    I did notice that. However this is probably the one service and tv shows that I will not use.

  • Pat Hamilton

    Oh great. Now I can watch Repo Men.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Now if only they’d start selling some movies that are worth owning.