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Android 4.1.1 JRO03C Rolling Out to Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ Devices (Updated)

The Nexus Google+ page has announced that Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is rolling out to the Galaxy Nexus, today. The first version to receive it is the HSPA+/GSM version, which we assume means takju and yakju variants. No love for your LTE friend yet, but as you know, Verizon will have to approve that update before Google can send it off.

Again, if you have a Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ device, you will want to jump into Settings>About>System updates and see if you can pull the update. Just like with the Nexus 7, it should be rolling out now.

Update: Β Here is the 4.1.1 update for the takju HSPA+ G-Nex. [Download]

  • palo Reyes

    This update is way better than ICS n so much faster, & Google voice search kills siri !!!

  • palo Reyes

    I got the Google play nexus /takju n got the 4.1.1 jelly bean yesterday &its sweet ,,I had to force the ota over the Google systems framework, clear it then forclose it then wait 5min n check for the update but only over wi fi til the13th which is today so y’all better hurry,, nexus ftw

  • Mvasquez

    I just downloaded the link and when I clicked it in the notification bar once it was finished nothing happened Do I need to be rooted?

  • Jack Khurram

    I have a YAKJU Galaxy Nexus, but haven’t got any updates yet. Still stuck on ICS 4.0.4

  • rae hamilton

    Can someone confirm if rooted device are able to get the update?

  • markuz

    It has nothing to do with not wanting to flash their Nexus or about crying. Is the fact that you buy a phone signed a contract and the company is not doing there job or what they’re suppose to do! I’m not going to stay with Verizon in fact F*** Verizon! once my contract is over I’m done with them (In a few month). obviously some retard think is all about flash my phone do this do that… when people complain is not just about an update, is more then that. There service suck not to mention customer service they never know Sh**!

  • Gr8Ray

    Seriously don’t understand why anyone would get a Nexus if they don’t want to flash their own ROMs. All this whining about Verizon not pushing OTA updates in a timely fashion, while I’ve been running 4.1 on my CDMA GNex for a week already. I will concede one point to all the cry babies: if you aren’t going to flash it yourself, YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG PHONE.

    • ShacKD

      Or they just wanted a stock android phone…

  • I’d just like to say that for years and years, the internet has been full of people complaining about how Verizon actively breaks phone features like GPS in order to sell a fix to users by monthly subscription, how they do not update devices in time and sometimes not at all in order to get more sales on new devices, how they are pretty much the most expensive carrier in the US (although I wouldn’t know personally since I’m not from the US), and so on…

    …and that the same people, at the end of their contract duration, just waddle back to Verizon for seconds, thirds, sometimes sevenths.

    I’ve seen battered women display similar behavior towards their abusive husbands. It’s not pretty, and I must admit that I don’t get it.

  • linli574


  • markuz

    Goooood News! We will get JB for our LTE from Verizon in 2013!!! Yay! Thank you Big Evil Red!!!!!!

  • I got the GSM galaxy nexus, maguro, yakju build but no JB update yet πŸ™

  • Chris

    Even Though Adobe Flash Player isn’t officially supported on any platforms beyond ICS Android 4.0, does it still work without a problem in Android 4.1?

  • frankandsimple

    After reading all the comments here… Never felt happier about paying $500 ETF to verizon and jumping over to T-Mobile 30 dollar plan with brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus directly from Google Play Store after the price cut..
    Excuse me.. but I gotta go and watch the download as it is happening on my Unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus.

    • Cool, I’ve been running Jelly Bean for the past week, and getting a signal wherever I go.

      • frankandsimple

        you missed the point. oh well.
        but yea.. I do get a signal wherever I go too..

    • MrSteve920

      I’m thinking about doing the same thing you did. How has your service with T-Mobile been so far?

      • JoshGroff

        Having switched from t-mo to VZW, I only really noticed call quality/signal improvement. T-mo has HSPA+ in my area but VZW only has 3G, and texting, who really ever notices a difference? I might be switching back after that 181 day 3rd party retailer thing ends. (if you cancel 181 days or less after starting a contract you pay the difference between the subsidy as well as the ETF.) Plus that plan will save me $20 a month and give me faster interwebs. πŸ™‚

      • frankandsimple

        It’s been great. I get constant 5-8 Mbps download speeds which is more than enough for everything. Call quality is much better than ATT..
        Best of all.. the battery life of a GSM phone is simply mind blowing… Check T-Mobile coverage in your area before you make the jump though.. I’ve got pretty good coverage wherever I go.

  • just want to point out that the link for the manual update posted for the GSM Nexus is going from 4.1 (JB) to 4.1.1 (JB). If manually updating from 4.0.4 (ICS) to 4.1.1 (JB), there’s a different file you need to flash. found it on another site.

  • does this include iWireless? just wondering cuz my cousin has that

  • br_hermon

    Screw Verizon…. I’ve had enough of their update antics. I’m the type that’s hesitant to root, for fear of bricking, but bit the bullet and am just looking forward to JB Roms. No more waiting, no more agonizing.

    • Steven Cornea

      I don’t see why they gotta “approve” every update, I can understand if they send one out and Google like forgot the dialer and replaced all the sounds with farts.

      has that ever happened? I mean just add your backup assistant that no one uses (thanks Verizon, now I have 2 of everyone in my phone…..disable) and ship it, you would think they would wanna be ahead of att and tmobile.

      I dont see the point of backup assistant, back when people had dumb phones, ya it was cool, but even iOS can back up your contacts so whats the point?

      • Verizon sucks. I’m so tired of them. They don’t approve iOS updates, so why should they approve Nexus updates?!

        Also, buckup assistant is pointless unless you ever go non-Google and VZ Navigator sux dix.

  • E A butler

    I have a yakju variant, I just received 4.0.4 on sunday 4 months late…….. If I dont get this update soon, I will have to flash to Yakju /Takju…….. I bought a Nexus so I wouldnt have to flash inorder to get the latest version…sigh……. Sometimes I hate Android

    • You should have flashed to Yakju/Takju earlier instead of waiting that long. That’s actually your fault, not Android’s.

  • joepedus

    so when is someone going to post a reimagined version of the hitler video with stressing over when is nexus is going to see jb

  • Allen Byrd

    This makes me want to get an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus even more.

  • jnt

    can’t wait for someone to grab the yakju link πŸ™‚

  • Yoji High

    no update from verizon, but on the bright side my gnex just fulfilled its quota for daily random reboots!

    • Sounds like you need a factory flash anyway. 4.0.4 stock doesn’t randomly reboot. That bug was fixed.

  • possomcrast

    By the way flash is officially unavailable if you don’t have it already. Just did a data wipe and randomly noticed I couldn’t get flash.

  • Steven Cornea

    Gonna be sooooo sweet when verizon released 4.1 in 2015

  • ckeegan

    IF Verizon had a brain, they wouldpublocly give their ETA via press release or social media outlet within 24 hours. That ETA would not be something stupid like, “this summer”. It would be a statement contain no more than a 2 week range (I.e. end of July, beginning of August, middle of August, etc).

    Remember, I said “if”.

  • Chris

    Do you need to be rooted to install the above OTA file?

  • The way I see it, we Verizon users will see this update quickly. There’s a lawsuit depending on it. Also, the radios aren’t likely to change so there won’t be as much of a delay as there was last time.

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    Is there a way to force it like last time by force closing google framework? just tried anyone else get it?

  • I’m reading this as I install Jelly Belly ROM. Try and stop me Verizon! mwahahahaha! <- evil laugh. I've been workin' on trying to perfect it.

  • wickets

    nothing yet NJ

  • Anthony Armando

    maybe google will accidently on purpose leak the ota update like they did 4.0.4… /crosses fingers

    • Amen to that, brother.

    • last time i sat around and waited for verizon to push the ota for 4.0.4, this time im waiting for google to flash it

  • omgitzjose

    this post just made me hate verizon a little more. lets see how many months go by as we wait for an official OTA update.

    • Where’s the Spongebob narrator when you need him? 4 Months Later…

  • Aaron Burroughs

    Is the Japan version 4.1 or 4.1.1?

  • but i own a device with the word NEXUS in it!!!! where is my update Google
    grow a pair Google, tell Verizon to stop bending us over to their will.

  • rodney11ride

    Verizon will have it out in days… They are fighting the Patent war here. My guess is that they were grant the stay on the patent from apple if they push out JB. Case closed.

  • jerflash

    wow i really wish verizons service was not so good…i would get off of my VZW NEXUS lol

  • Aaron

    Even though I’m running Razor Jelly on my VZW Gnex it still pisses me off that they hold up the official update process. I think that if the update doesn’t change the radios(how it connects to the network) then Verizon shouldn’t have to look it, Google just pushes it out.

    • Remember the Droid X update to 2.3? That’s probably the result of Verizon not thoroughly checking updates. You don’t want that. Although since this is a Nexus and Android isn’t modified by the OEM I’m sure that updates are more reliable.

  • MikeSaver

    I’m guessing we won’t see the update on Verizon until Septemeber, and that’s being optimistic.

    Did anyone figure out what takes them so long to push updates through?

  • Verizon, this is what I thought I would be getting when I got the nexus. Instead all I am getting is disappointment and a sense of regret on why I did not just get the HSPA+ version.

    • Aaron


      • wickets

        ditto but i bought the gsm version instead of the s3….finally a phone buying decision paying off…….my record is terrible with a capital T lol

    • Most likely, we Verizon users will see this update quickly. There’s a lawsuit depending on it. Also, the radios aren’t likely to change so there won’t be as much of a delay.

      • I ll believe it when I see it.

      • Lawsuit? Wha?

        • Have you not been paying attention to the whole Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit? Check the web…

          • CheeseMcGee

            … It’s called sarcasm. (the web has that too)

          • It’s not his fault he’s from Canada. . .

      • What lawsuit?

      • Allen Byrd

        Yeah, lawsuit’s pretty much over. Apple got bitch-slapped by some judges with some actual common sense.

        • Over? Not really… Samsung only bought themselves a brief stay. That’s why 4.1 is getting pushed out so fast.

    • yea i totally regret getting with Verizon and taking advantage of their amazing 4G LTE coverage…were not even in mid July (like they said was ETA) for the Nexus to get the updates. I think their right on schedule and plan to have Nexii running 4.1 by the third week of July.

      • Well.. Again, I admire your optimism but history is not really on your side.

        • True, but I have to admire something about Google, they listen to their customers. And I have to say they probably felt the backlash and disappointment from the whole 4.0.4. fiasco for their VZ Gnex. I mean hell, they added back the CDMA gnex as an official Nexus device. I really think their starting to care more for their products, such as the nexus line. I cant say the same for the OEMS but i believe Google is trying to get a update record that matches that of its competitors. (iPhone) So hopefully all Nexii variants will be updated to the latest in just a few weeks time.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Or you could use it as it is .. a dev device .. unlock bootloader and have it now.

            And man “Nexii” sounds ridiculous…..

          • The update fiasco doesnt pertain to me as my device is already running a 4.1.1. ROM, but im speaking towards those ppl on here that are ranting that the Verizon Gnex will not get the official OTA anytime soon. I was just my opinion on the matter.

            Also the “Nexii” i thought was a general web agreement that two or more Nexus devices were called Nexii….

    • Booyah

      Does anyone know if this update fixes what Apple was supposedly suing Samsung for? If it’s fixed, I would think Verizon would push it quickly. If not, then Verizon has no real reason to rush unfortunately…

  • Does the white housing exist for the LTE Version version yet?

    • Ryan Powell

      Don’t believe so. I get so jealous every time DL uses a photo of the white version.

      • mike

        i think that’s the SGP ultra capsule case, in infinity white.

  • mikesevenfold

    Ok I’ll be the first to say it………I’m “jelly” =(

    • Gregory Pickering

      I’m “Jellin”?

      • Liderc

        no..he’s jelly.

    • Mike

      So you move around like the blob then?

    • (β€’_β€’) But are you Jelly….
      ( β€’_β€’)>βŒβ– -β– 
      (βŒβ– _β– ) Bean?

  • @wade_county

    I’m still on GingerBread. πŸ™

  • Ah Verizon.. This is what I thought I would feel like when I got a nexus. Instead all I feel is disappointment and why I did not just buy a HSPA+ Galaxy nexus.

  • Come on, Verizon!!!!! i’m waiting for jellybean yumyum

  • Kyle

    I am guessing about 2 months until the LTE version gets it. So… September.

    • Sloan Marion

      Triple or maybe even quadruple that estimate, remember how long it took to get 4.0.4?

      • Kyle

        4.0.4 got pushed to source on March 28. VZW accepted the update May 31. That is roughly 2 months.

        • DG

          Remember how long it took to get 4.03? That would be never. Was out about 3 months before 4.04 was released.

  • Which means Verizon Galaxy Nexus will get it around Janurary 2013!

  • dereknmsu

    I can’t shake the feeling that verizion is about to screw everyone over.

    • KleenDroid

      Not sure what you mean. It’s a Nexus… if you want Jellybean… flash it.

      • just flashing jelly belly3.0`+, with gapps that should fix sync issues… lets see… devs are all over it

      • dereknmsu

        not everyone flashes the phone.

        • Jwhap

          Surely. But if you don’t, you can wait….I myself am a bit impatient…. ie. I have been on Jb for a couple of weeks!

          • dereknmsu

            yes i can wait. I don’t want to try to flash my phone and don’t completely trust the ROMs. getting the updates first is the whole reason many of us got the nexus. if we have to wait because of verizion then shame on them. took them 6 months last time to update ours phones. which is why i fell like us non-rooted users will be screwed.

          • KleenDroid

            Don’t trust Roms… lol oh boy. I wonder what those guys are up to… πŸ™‚

          • dereknmsu

            so every rom is perfect? no problems at all?

          • KleenDroid

            I agree that Roms are not for you.

          • dereknmsu

            wow. its people like you that give android users bad name. I hope being a a** works out for you.

          • KleenDroid

            I don’t mind you calling me names. All I ask is that you loosen your tinfoil hat.

      • Allen Byrd

        If I had a VZW Nexus, I wouldn’t. I don’t fully understand how to do it and I would be afraid I’d break my expensive VZW $120 per month phone and void my warranty at the same time.

  • Keii Graham

    Veriiiizoonnnn! /fistshake

    • Ryan Powell

      This comment made my day. Hopefully Verizon can surprise us in a good way for once but at least I’ll have my Nexus 7 until they get it out to us.

      • I won’t hold my breath. Will have to force flash myself I guess, when the img is available.

        • Instead all I am getting is disappointment and a sense of regret on why I did not just get the HSPA+ version...MayorMoney.blogspot.com

          • Mack

            Can you please go jump of a cliff?? My hatred for what you are doing cannot even be put into words at the moment.

      • michael arazan

        Jean Baptiste has just recently said that the toro is supported again, and that 4.1 for the gsm and cdma are almost or completely identical, and should be out faster (hopefully) this time around. I was reading this in a google groups a couple days ago while searching for a release for 4.1 to the cdma. Also said that toroplus (sprint nexus) won’t be supported.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          It doesn’t matter if it is supported again or not. Verizon has the say on when updates get pushed, and if they feel it doesn’t meet up to their “standards” they won’t push it. There is a reason why most owners JUST GOT 4.0.4.

          I hate Verizon.

    • Liderc

      I’m feeling optimistic for some reason about this update. It’s not exactly as complex as the previous update, so maybe we’re looking at a much quicker turnaround. Plus, if it includes the patent workaround, Verizon may be forced to do it quickly.

      • kevinc

        What? This update is definitely more complex. The last one was just bug fixes.

        • Liderc

          You don’t think bug fixes are more complex than an update, not to mention radio updates?

          Apparently you’ve never developed code.

          • GQGK

            I would say it’s equally as complex. I’m assuming a lot of time for JB was spent debugging… As 95% of code time usually is.

  • bonix

    Come on verizon, SHOCK US ALL!

    • Verizon hasn’t been giving us the old “shocker” this whole time?

  • KleenDroid