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Monday Poll: Does an Unlockable Bootloader Matter Anymore?

Bootloaders are back in the spotlight this week thanks to Verizon deciding to lock down the Galaxy S3. Whenever this topic comes up, some of us freak, threaten to change carriers, and even go as far as creating petitions to try and force a change. Others could care less, as a secured bootloader really only affects those that choose to flash custom ROMs and kernels. For many, a secured bootloader means very little, right? Or is there a bigger population that does care, bigger than these OEMs and carriers are ready to accept? Only one way to find out and that’s through a poll. Tell us, does a secured or “locked” bootloader affect your purchasing decision?

Does an Unlockable Bootloader Matter Anymore?

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  • SomeDude382

    I DON’T want an unlockable bootloader, I want an unlocked boot ROM. There is a difference. I want to be able to run any code on my phone without hardware-based signature checks.

  • I’m glad I’m on Sprint and I love using different roms. f Verizon

  • Suralin

    Most people here don’t know the difference between having an unlockable bootloader and having a rootable device. They often assume one is the other.

  • Raven

    I don’t care about locked boot loaders if there is an easy method to root a phone, but I will definitely not buy a phone that is not easily rootable.

  • can somebody explain the rationale for the assumption that there so few people who are aware of what bootloaders are? The gap between” casual” and “enthusiast” doesn’t seem clear to me.

  • windhoarse00

    Oppression is wrong in any area of human interaction. Especially if you own the property. No one should be taken advantage of by force. You should have the option. To be used or not to be used thats the question