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Buy the Incredible 4G LTE for as Little as $39.99 From Let’s Talk

If you have been looking to buy or upgrade to the Incredible 4G LTE (overview here) on Verizon, Let’s Talk is offering the device up for only $39.99. This sale, along with an additional coupon code (DROID20) that is good for an extra $20 off, can be used by existing Big Red customers and first timers. That’s $19.99 for a brand new phone.

Update:  It looks like the extra $20 off deal may have ended on Sunday. Feel free to give it a shot, but either way, you can still grab the phone for $39.99, which is cheaper than any other retailer.

As for the device itself, it is powered by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon chip, incorporates HTC’s Sense UI, and sports an 8MP back shooter. We’re working on our full review right now, but in the mean time, you won’t find a much better deal than this.

Via: Let’s Talk, Facebook

Cheers Jigga_Z!

  • kixofmyg0t

    I dont even like HTC but this is a decent phone at a great price. Id buy it.

    • mustbepbs

      I played with it yesterday. It’s a really nice phone that should sell nicely. It hits a lot of good points for a lot of people. I hope it does well. HTC did a fine job.

    • LionStone

      I agree, and I did! Picked one up this morning at Best Buy. It was the second to last one the guy had, said he was selling them fast. I’m gonna sport it til the next nexus if its by htc or a bigger screen beast by htc, then give it to the wife. She’s gonna love it.

  • Trueblue711

    Looks ugly from the back…

  • mmoreimi

    Can someone help with a question?

    Wife’s birthday is at the end of the month and I want to get this for her…but I don’t want to activate it for another week or so until I gift it to her. Am I required to activate immediately? She has a basic phone now with no data.

    • kixofmyg0t

      You would have to buy it full price i would assume to work with the timeline.

  • Bionic

    This phone is a joke

    • Skidoo03

      How’s it a joke?

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      Right, because god forbid that the segment of the population with small hands that can’t handle a massive screen like the GNex or SGS3 get a phone that’s more comfortable for them

      Seriously, I thought the whole point of Android was that manufacturers could tailor their devices to fit multiple demographics/customer needs. If you want to join a cult of a single device, you may as well become another iSheep

      • Bionic

        no I just hate HTC.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Dude, im a huge Motorola fan but even I would get this phone at this price. At least until a special little Motorola phone im tracking makes it to market.

      • Bionic

        at this price yes, beyond that, no

    • mustbepbs

      It’s got a strong processor, a nice screen, a good camera, and a screen size and form factor many enjoy. It’s a delight to hold in your hand and doesn’t feel cheap. It’s quick, solid, and a great price. How is that a joke?

      • Bionic

        Cuz its an HTC

  • Eta508

    Their off-contract price is the cheapest as well ($490) that I could find.

    • Buy This

      That’s like the dryest humor I have every heard.

      • Eta508

        what, you wouldn’t pay $490 for this?