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Verizon Pushes Galaxy S3 Launch to July 12?

At the beginning of last week, Verizon announced that their version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be available July 10. For some reason, that date seems to no longer be the date. A couple of sources reached out earlier today to mention that they were hearing of a slight push back to July 12, a date that is now showing on Big Red’s own site. We haven’t been given a specific reason for the 2-day delay, but I think we’ll all live if we have to wait an additional 48 hours.

This doesn’t appear to have slowed pre-order shipments, as our inbox continues to fill up with readers who have received shipping notices.

For those that have received theirs, give us your thoughts.

Cheers ___ and WalCs!

  • brandon

    I preordered my phone with Best Buy on June 6th. Does that f*cking mean i dont get it until the 12th!?

  • James

    Mine was delivered today…

  • cel

    talk to a vzw rep today. it actually is being sold in tuesday 7/10.

  • I preordered my pebble-blue 16GB S3 on June 13th. Verizon charged my credit card on Friday July 6th. Then I got my Verizon shipment email with FedEx tracking number last night (Sunday July 8th). Destination is San Diego, CA:

    Ship date
    Jul 9, 2012

    Estimated delivery
    Jul 11, 2012 by 7:00 PM

    Jul 9, 2012 6:00 AM
    Picked up

  • whooleeooh

    I was going to try and use the 14 day policy to swap out my razr maxx but that doesn’t seem to be the plan anymore

  • ILikeCheetos

    BlackBerry Tour -> DroidX -> HTC Trophy -> iPhone 4S -> Motorola Droid Razr -> Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

    I had problems with every single one of them except the Trophy and my current one, the Maxx

    I placed a pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I cancelled the pre-order because of some apparent radio issues some of our European brethren are experiencing, as well as the locked boot loader (I have that now, plus insanely long talk time, why would I want to lose the talk time and keep the encrypted boot loader?).

    I have one more subsidized “upgrade” available. I figure Verizon can keep it. I am staying off-contract from now on.

  • am i the only one that thinks the s3 is atrociously ugly?

    • Aryeh Hersh


  • Bamadude

    Pre-ordered July 5th online, debit card was charged yesterday, shipped today via priority overnight for delivery tomorrow 7/10. It is coming from Memphis & I live right outside of Birmingham, AL. I thought they were all shipping Fed Ex 2 day service but for some reason mine says priority overnight. Love Verizon!

  • Just got my phone.. but it is taking forever to activate.. anyone else having this problem?

  • Alix8821

    My 16GB white beauty is on the delivery truck as we speak… YUPP!

    • MarvinX

      What date did you preorder?

      • Alix8821

        June 13th….. It shipped on the 5th, but it was 2Day, not Overnight… Ah Well. STILL getting it b4 it’s available in stores, and was my Bday yesterday, so it’s nice Monday treat

  • My Galaxy 3 shipped yesterday and I’m just waiting on it to arrive. I’ve got a tracking number and everything.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      same here, except it really shipped today – fedex doesn’t do pickups on sunday so i won’t get it till wednesday:-(….guess it works out cuz my doorman is off mon & tues so no one would sign for it anyway till then

  • pre-ordered 32gb blue on 06/27 @ 1:37 in the store… received shipping notification email yesterday… expected delivery is the 11th.

  • schmaltzy

    Mine will be here today! Got a shipping confirmation on Friday and it’s at my processing facility today! In my hands by 3:00 PM!

  • PC_Tool

    My account was charged friday for my wife’s SIII.

    I suppose that means we could get it as early as today. Hopefully, and from what I’ve read it is the case, it performs very well and has no major issues.

    Otherwise, it’s getting returned, I’m buying her a GSM Nexus, and starting our migration to T-Mobile.

  • Daniel

    I’ve had mine since Friday and it’s honestly a beautiful phone. I have to stay on Verizon because of my family they already signed two year contracts. If I was going to be stuck for at least another 2 years I can’t think of a better phone that they offered that would still allow me to keep my unlimited data. It’s a huge upgrade from my Dinc. My only gripe is the stupid wifi thing on the stock rom.

  • slops

    you people leaving for locked bootloaders are hilarious. like verizon cares if they lose a hand full of tech nerds because of locked bootloaders. not sure why they would do it but still, you leaving isn’t going to hurt them one bit. have fun on your slow, unreliable networks

    • PC_Tool

      Trolling people who stand by their principles and vote with their money…


  • mine was waiting at the office for me this morning, still sitting in the fedex box, it’s like waiting for everyone else at the table to get their food before I dig in

  • matt

    So I just cracked my screen on my Razr. I have insurance with Verizon, but am hoping to get a new phone (S3) or at least a Maxx. Anyone have advise on how to work this? It will be the first time I have worked through the insurance… Thanks!

    • Will

      Call in, and when they’re ordering your new phone, ask if there are any other units available. I ended up with an upgrade each of the four times I’ve called (I’m a chronic phone abuser).

      • Chronon7364

        Do you get keep you current contract (say, I dunno, unlimited data?) when you “uprgade”? Also, how much is insurance?

      • matt

        OK, thanks! I “live chatted” with a Verizon rep and she said I could just add another line, not pay full price, and keep my current data plan. Now I just have to decide which phone to get. Really loved my Razr, but the battry life was HORRIBLE, so I am tempted to get the Maxx. That said I also like the S3, just waiting to see how the battery life is.

  • dsilva1217

    “This doesn’t appear to have slowed pre-order shipments, as our inbox continues to fill up with readers who have received shipping notices.” I disagree. My preorder scheduled to ship on the 11th has now been pushed back to the 19th. When I called, the reason is that they ran out of 4G simcards. WTF

    • MarvinX

      Where do you see the shipping date change? I ordered 7/6 16gb white and have no order status yet.

      • PC_Tool

        Check “recent orders”.

        I could not look mine up using the order number they gave me, but had no trouble finding it in “recent orders”. It got billed on the 6th, but I have yet to receive any kind of tracking or shipping info.

        • MarvinX

          Wow, mine is not even in recent orders. What color/size did you order? Im curious if the white versions are being pushed back.

          • PC_Tool

            16GB White. They’ve billed, but not yet shipped, as far as I can tell.

          • PC_Tool

            Got it yesterday. Set it up…it flies. Now my wife has the #1 phone in our family.


            Even the in-call audio is superb…

            Here’s hoping we get another Nexus soon that wipes the floor with it. 😉

      • dsilva1217

        You should be able to check your order status here. http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/orderstatus/OrderStatusForm

        This is usually found in your order confirmation email.

        • MarvinX

          Thank you. I tried that but nothing comes back. I ordered 7/6 so i have a bad feeling i might get bumped to later shipping. I should not have asked for a new sim card.

          • dsilva1217

            I ordered on 6/27, and still no phone. I will be more than annoyed if I get it a week after it becomes available in stores. Bright side is I locked in my unlimited data. Good luck with yours. If you can’t get the status online, I recommend calling and they will tell you.

  • gimlet72

    I like the phone when it works. I have been getting alot of random reboots and dropped service. Vow is sending me a replacement.

    • Doug

      I haven’t had a single problem with my phone and I have it since friday.

      • Emad Zia

        yeah same. the only thing that crashed it once was Latitude.

  • Chronon7364

    Today (Sunday) my card got charged and I got an email saying it has been shipped from Memphis. I live in Northern CA and Fedex tracking says it should be here by the 10th. I pre-ordered mine approximately 6/20. 32gb, Blue.

    • Doug

      Mine also came from Memphis and it was one day shipping!

  • Beau Wilson

    Verizon just informed me via email my that my order is on hold but is scheduled to be processed. I don’t really understand what that means,thanks for the cryptic message Verizon. Then I checked my order status and the expected ship date reads July 19th! What’s up with that?

    • Beka27

      Check your credit/debit card. Some folks on another site were getting the “on hold” message and their card was denying the online charge. They had to call their bank or credit company to approve it before the charges would go thru. I’ll try to find the link.

  • Joe M

    Got my Verizon Galaxy S3 last Thurs. Works great, no issues. Hopefully they get the bootloader unlocked.

  • Casey Puyleart

    Hmm…my preorder ship date is now estimating shipping on 7/19…WTF VZW?!?

    • brewersfan73

      Yeah, I just noticed mine was pushed back to the 19th as well. When did you order? I think I preordered on the 26th or 27th (just before my unlimited went away).

  • gkinsella2

    Got mine Friday! LOVE it! TouchWiz takes some getting used to coming from AOKP, but it’s still pretty slick.

  • Dylan Osiecki

    My FedEx email said mine shipped and should be here the 9th at 3:00pm. Thank G I upgraded before the 28th…

  • Greg M

    I got mine this past Thursday. If you are still waiting, you can check out my unboxing and quick review here:

  • They need time to encrypt that bootloader.

  • DX OG

    I’m having a blast with mine, but am finding the battery life to be a bit lacking (not that I expected greatness) for how much I use it. Field testing will continue as I’ll be off of wi-fi for the majority of the day tomorrow.

  • James Jun

    Just tried out my friend’s GS3 a few hours ago, and I have to say the software is shot. Really, I gave him my ICS Galaxy Nexus to compare with him, and he was troubled why Samsung’s Touchwiz looked so ugly and unusable. Samsung really messed up with the menu button and it’s Touchwiz implementation.

    • Holy Grail

      Nice story bro………………………………….sure

  • ldakota66

    This would be very upsetting had I not gotten mine Fri. Rooted and loving it. 🙂

  • Got mine on Friday. This phone is sick! Buttery smooth and a huge screen that looks awesome. Upgrading from a Bionic, which was a huge mistake to buy it in the first place. Hopefully we get an upgrade to Jelly Bean in the coming months.

  • anon

    BUwahahahahaha glad I left Verizon. Had my phone on the 25th.
    If everything is the same short of the bootloader it does ahve some issues. One being the Samsung volume/audio out crap. (turns the vol down and nags you every time you go above 10. Haptic feedback quits randomly. Wallpapers fail in landscape (forces a 16X9 crop, a touch-wiz limit?) with loaders that support desktop rotation.
    I am very happy with the phone though
    Also due to the glass being rounded on the edges those softer screen protectors do not work with TPU cases, the cases push on the screen protector and bunch it up and cause it to pull away from the screen. Some protectors though do not go to the edge and might not be damaged by the case. I do recommend one or the other due to the lack of rim around the glass.

  • Beka27

    I thought the Tuesday release date was odd anyways. Maybe they didn’t have a calendar handy or the 10th was a typo?

  • Mark Pixley

    Mine arrives on tuesday and it cant get here soon enough!

  • Soofdawg

    Verizon’s release date is pointless to preorders….I ordered mine on 6/27 and was given ship date of 7/11. Mine was shipped yesterday to arrive 7/9.

    • Dan

      Same here.

  • rzagza78

    Just got off the phone with the verizon store in my area and they said they are releasing the phone on tuesday!

  • Crack Monkey

    I don’t know how they can say they have delayed the release when so many pre-orders are being shipped. Mine was shipped on Friday and according to FEDEX will arrive tomorrow.

  • JoeFishNC

    Had mine since the 6th !!!!

    • doug

      Same here. I got mine on the 6th as well! Need a case for it any recommendations?

      • Ezpotato

        Otterbox is coming out with some cool colors. I have the black commuter and it doesn’t make the phone big. It feels a lot nicer than the stock slippery plaatic

        • doug

          Yeah I thought bout getting the Commuter case. The defender series still says coming soon??

  • Not really on topic,but this the first time i have toggled off 4g on my nexus at home,since I have a tablet and PC,been on over 11 hours and my battery is down to 72% left,do have an extended battery but still….wow

  • getting mine tuesday and its been a long wait coming from a x2 (dont ask) ill give it a few weeks before rooting tho

    • I had droid x since it’s launch 2 years ago and got my S3in the mail Thursday. The difference is night and day.

  • Droidmac

    I ordered mine on June 27th and got an email yesterday saying that it will be delivered on Monday July 9th.

  • Ezpotato

    Besides the screen, what I love is the quickness. Upgrading from the razr mazxx. I also use nova launcher. The keyboard outbid the box is terrible. I ended up paying for swift key which makes it waaaaay better. Signal issues like the nexus don’t exist. I hate the non removable WiFi notification in the status bar. No WiFi toggle out of the box. But some of the gestures are awesome. Overall really happy but will be keeping an eye out on the razr hd.

    • Ezpotato

      Oh and it’s so damn glossy. I hate that. Put an OtterBox commuter on it and feels waaaaay better.

  • JPose

    I keep residency in NJ but live elsewhere for work so I’ll have it on Tuesday and pick it up on Thursday. I pre-ordered the day following VZW’s announcement of “Share Your Bank Account.” It was shipped Friday morning!

    Pretty Excited! 16GB pebble blue!!

  • Waiting for S3

    I ordered on 6/27 and got email today that it shipped. Unfortunately 2 day shipping so I will receive on Wednesday as Fedex wont pick up on Sunday. So it seems they cvaught up to preorder shipping before releasing to public….

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    More vzw bull-sheet.

  • slops

    HAHAHAHA suck for everyone who didn’t pre-order. also must suck for all those pre-orders that didn’t get filled yet. this phone is amazing. the screen is so large but the overall phone doesn’t seem large at all.


    good article

  • Owewil3225

    I seen that on Verizon website yesterday. Idc my phone has been shipped and will be here Tuesday

  • You guys on vzw wanting the S3 should just wait a few months and get a Nexus. Seriously. Stock Android. Unlocked bootloader. Timely updates. And the Google Voice Assistant blows everything else out of the water, especially S Voice.

    • Or they could get the S3 sell it for 600 and buy a Nexus for about 300 on craigslist and make a huge profit.

    • Ezpotato

      I would go with the nexus cept I had 2 of them and the signal was horrid. I couldn’t do anything about it and switched to razr mazxx and now this. The signal alone makes me happy with my decision and the wider screen vertically.

  • I just got my shipping notcie

  • dotcodan

    I received my shipping notice today from Verizon for my Galaxy S3. I should get it on 7/10.

  • Jon Edge

    For those of you that have received your new phone, how is the battery life?

    • Nick

      I have fully discharged the battery twice and charged it 5 other times. On 4G all day using it moderately to heavily playing games, listening to music, and browsing the web, I made it through the day with 35% battery life left. I was in my house all day so the display brightness was low, but I still think that is quite impressive non-the-less. It charges pretty quickly too in give or take 2 hours.

    • Ezpotato

      Waaaaaaaayyyy better than nexus. Obviously not as good as my razr mazxx but surprisingly good for the screen size.

    • All I have to compare the battery life to was my droid x I had for 2 years and it blowsthat phones battery life out of the water.

      • Ethan

        As a current Droid X owner and an eager SIII pre-orderee, this is exactly the post I wanted to see 🙂

        • Trust me in no way will you be disappointed this phone obliterates the X in every way. The screen, the camera, the speed, my god its amazing.

          • Ethan

            You’re making me antsy for my Wednesday delivery! I appreciate you letting me know about the comparison.

      • Skittleoid

        Also nice to see coming from a droid X. So excited for this phone . I upgraded the day before there share everything to get my point across and now am waiting

    • chocolate8175

      I can’t drain the damn thing, it’s tits man

  • jbegs23

    I got a shipping notification on Saturday. Expected delivery for Tuesday. About damn time!

  • Xcountry

    Ive had every moto droid to date! S3 smokes them all!! Only reason I would root is to get rid of adds. This phone is the smoothest and glitch free phone to date! The features are cool as hell and only proves technology is just SICK!! I 100% agree VZW sucks and definitely does not have the end user at the top of the priority list but there is no other carrier that can compete with the coverage. Have fun at tmobile!! lol You’ll be back!

  • Equipment guide still says 7/10 all channels launc

  • Jack
  • SaurusX

    I already cancelled my preorder. After two years of being on the DX I waslooking forward to all the tinkering that is possible with an unlocked bootloader. Verizon absolutely knows what it is they’re doing and I feel it’s almost malicious. I’m through with it. When my contract expires in a few weeks I’m carrier shopping. See ya big red.

    • cgalyon

      I’ve been carrier shopping as well (due to Verizon’s aggressive attitude toward customers). Check out Straight Talk. $45/month for unlimited everything, you just gotta bring your own GSM compatible phone (e.g., Galaxy Nexus straight from Google). Would check for SIM compatibility, but they advertise as AT&T and T-Mobile smartphones being generally compatible.

      • KleenDroid

        Sounds like a good deal. But how much would it be to add additional phones also with unlimited? I have 5 lines all with unlimited data and pay just under $200 per month because of the deal we got here on Droid Life. I would be curious to know if it would be less or not.

        • cgalyon

          I don’t think that would be as good for your situation. I believe it is a flat $45 per line. Great for one or two lines, but doesn’t scale too well.

          • KleenDroid


          • guest

            Yeah its a flat $45 per device they don’t do a bundle discount unfortunately. I mean A nexus is unlocked and the specs are no slouch definitively worth a look Id say if you didn’t mind staying with Verizon.

        • the3dolla

          I’d try and hang onto that deal for as long as you can. You will NEVER be able to pay $200-$210/mo for 5 smartphones when/if this deals goes away. I have the same setup, because of 911 taxes, etc, it’s $212 most months. Think of it this way. You have been and will save $100/mo. Two years = $2400. Different between subsidized phones is say $300×5=1500. You will save $900, it’s just as good of a deal that you had. (and I’ve had for 1.5 years now) I’m bettting you have unlimited too, another plus. Once and If they take away the $20/mo discount per line, then I’ll have to think about, but until then.. no way. My mom spoke with someone at a verizon store and they said, blah blah blah trying to convince her that shared data is better. I said they didn’t know the deal we get and/or are dumb. I told her I’ll subsidise her phone and make $450/yr in profit if she really wanted to go that route. One Verizon CSR said, “you get 15% on your main plan (employer discount) and 20% on each line… Look agin $20 off or 66%!!!

          • El Big CHRIS

            Yeah having the discount is amazing. I have 4 lines with unlimited data and minutes and only pay $162 per month. If people have that they should defend it with their teeth. My family wanted to switch carriers because people told them verizon is expensive. If we weren’t saving $80+28.6=106.6 (bank %) then yeah it’ll be expensive. I swear sometimes people get driven by hearsay without doing simple math first.

          • the3dolla

            Yup, I told my mom at first (my mom, two sisters and dad are on the plan; they pay me, I pay the bill) “Ok, you won’t understand this, but here’s the deal” I told her about data share and our discount, blah blah. “Well, duh, we have to keep the plan any way possible” Ok, so got it? Then 5 mintues talking with an uninformed verizon rep and she’s ready to switch. LOL I had to tell her again what the deal is. Then I said, “OK, go in and have them price us out for data share, and when he says $310, say hey, that is $100 more per MONTH. Then the rep will get confused and probably jack our plan up” In short, subsidized phones are no longer allowed. You sould be charging them for whatever their “new plan on the cheaper carrier would be” Then you can bank the difference and get free cell service.

      • DroidBricker

        FWIW, I read up on this on Howard Forums and it seems they have a strict 2GB per month or 100mb per day limit that they do enforce. Still a great deal if you can live within that quota.

      • Sobr0801

        I might be switching to cricket, f you verizon.

    • KleenDroid

      I love to tinker also. If you are not dead set on leaving you could consider picking up a used Nexus. It is a tinkerers dream come true just like the OG was. You could come and enjoy some Jellybean goodness with the rest of us… 🙂

    • Crack Monkey

      If you’ve only got one phone and don’t mind slower data rates then you are OK but for those of us who have multiple phones it’s a bit more tough. Verizon has the best data speeds across the country and when I look at reliability Verizon has been the best for me. I tried Sprint and AT&T many years ago and got burnt by them so I have stuck with Verizon for quite a long time. With 5 phones it’s not easy to switch. I’m looking at the share everything plan and with my Corp discount it looks like I’ll save money based on my highest data usage. The nice thing is that you are no longer limited to 5 phones which for family accounts can be very helpful.

    • Jack

      Seriously, every one of you Motorola owners are missing the point. There is a major difference between Motorola and Samsung Android phones in that Motorola phones have military grade encryption chips protecting the bootloader. All Samsung phones just have locked bootloaders. The devs have already rooted and installed CWM. They even flashed a custom kernel.

      Every butthurt Moto owner needs to just sit tight and wait a few days. Samsung phones are nothing like those stupid (albeit very well made) Motorola phones.

      • All Samsung do not have locked bootloaders… but I think you may be right on the encryption thing….

        • kixofmyg0t

          The VZW S3 is the only one to have a encrypted bootloader. Most all phones have a locked bootloader. The Galaxy Nexus has a locked bootloader, but it’s unlockable.

      • kixofmyg0t

        The VZW S3 does indeed have a encrypted bootloader. But Samsung left the /system flashable. You are correct that someone has successfully flashed a custom kernel…what you left out was it requires the recovery keys being input on every boot, so it’s hardly general public/noob friendly at this point. You mentioned that devs have already rooted and installed CWM….big fricken deal. So has every Motorola phone.

        I’m not a fan of locked bootloaders, don’t think that I am. Samsung locked it down but given time it should be broken into just like the Motorola Atrix and Photon were. I think the S3 is a great phone and hopefully the signal issues that I’m starting to see in the forums is just a handful of units.

        • mustbepbs

          A lot of people are freaking out over nothing. It’s mainly the Moto people because they’re having PTSD flash backs from their old devices.

          Long story short: the situation isn’t nearly as bad as Moto phones. Samsung left doors open and it won’t be long till it’s cracked. The only thing people will have to worry about from that point on is Verizon covering up the loophole, like they did with their Xperia Play, but that also got worked around via Test point unlocking.

          People just need to chill out, wait till they get their phones, root it, and just enjoy it for a minute. People are so pushy and impatient. Relax. If you’re returning your phone over this, you’re either over reacting, or you’re looking for reasons to return it. It’s a fantastic phone that doesn’t have glaring issues that custom ROMs fix and it has great features out of the box.

          If you want the Nexus experiment, you should have gotten the Nexus. Notice how I said experiment. The GS3 actually works well out of the box 😉

          • Meh. Maybe people will find ways around it, but everything will always be that extra step that none of the other S3’s will have to deal with. People who are either returning or carrier hopping aren’t over reacting. They are speaking with their money that Verizon shouldn’t have done this in the first place.

            I know I’m moving to a Sprint version and I’ll have roms faster and easier to use and flash than Verizon roms. I wont have to wait for the “Verizon” version to appear and use some sort of weird recovery method just to turn on my phone. I’m not storming off in a rage. I just rather have a easier experience and do what I want with my phone.

            Heck I change my roms on the fly sometimes. Normally I use ICS on my Inc 2, but camera is horrible on it. Needed a good camera today and just recovered a GB rom while in the car. From what I’m reading so far Verizon GS3 will always need to be reflashed via Odin on a PC because to do what they’re doing now to get custom stuff overrides the recovery. Let alone I keep reading about a RIL which will make it so custom roms will still always have to use the base Verizon version of Touchwiz. No fully AOSP versions.

            So yeah F that. I rather pay a company money who actually wants me to be on their network (which works fine for this area).

      • EvanTheGamer

        Exception being the Droid X. That was(still is) a really great phone.

    • EvanTheGamer

      So long.

  • Jon

    I ordered mine on July 21st I believe, and they have charged my card as of Friday. When I check online, it no longer shows me the previous order is pending, but a new different looking screen that says tracking number, but nothing shows.
    So I have no clue if they shipped it yet or what the deal is. I guess I’ll be getting it early next week.

  • JK37

    Got mine on the 5th , only problem ive had is the camera would not open, i had to do a battery pull, that seemed to fix it, other than that its been a great device!

  • kwubba

    Got mine on Friday…now the only thing it’s missing is Jelly Bean. Tough to put my gnex down because of it.

    • Jon

      I bet. I want Jelly Bean more than I’ve wanted any prior version of Android. I’ve gone back and forth between Gingerbread phones and ICS phones and I take it in stride. I’m particularly wanting to use Google Now, the new Voice search, and the offline text to speech. Also the notifications.
      This seems like it’s a really big update, even though the tech press is acting like it’s a minor upgrade.

      • KleenDroid

        To me is really does seem like a big upgrade. Not only is Google Now wonderful but the whole system seems to be so much smoother and polished. I am certain you would enjoy it as many of us do.

      • kwubba

        You are so right…it’s a much bigger update. Just the performance enhancements alone were big, but Google now etc really big game changers.

        It was sad…all in 3 weeks I upgraded my bionic to ICS…and fell back in love with it.. until jelly bean came out for my GNEX which just made the phone polished…and know my SGIII came and I’m hoping it gets JB here soon because I miss the Now functionality already.

  • waiting for the new Nexus here.

    • KleenDroid

      I would be surprised it Verizon would allow another Nexus with their dislike of allowing us control of our devices. So many enjoyed the OG so they put the Kybosh on the whole thing and I’m surprised we even got this Nexus. I do love it and another Nexus would be about the only thing to keep me with Verizon even though I would have to pay full price for it.

  • termiNader

    I ordered mine to use my last upgrade before Share Everything went live….Do I sell it and use the money to buy the new nexus off contract this winter?

    • KleenDroid

      What phone do you have to fall back on till then?

      • termiNader

        I had a gNexus that I traded to a friend for a 4S because I knew it keeps it’s value for longer.

  • JK37

    As I’ve posted on your wall, my camera would not open,I had to pull the battery to be able to use it , everything seems fine now though, still loving it, mine arrived on the 5th

  • For what its worth everything in my internal system still says the tenth

  • ONE_OF_300

    My wife and I got our shipment notification on this past Thursday, we will have ours on Monday. We are both coming from Incredibles running CM7.2

  • TheFonz

    Got my shipment notification Saturday and my phone will be here Monday…Can’t wait.

  • imdarchitect

    All I know is I have pre-ordered through Best Buy and yesterday they told me good luck with keeping my unlimited data. Prior to my pre-order I spoke with both Verizon (twice) and Best Buy and was assured I would be able to remain unlimited for this contract. I hope BBY was wrong. If not, I might sign on with another carrier.

    • Badnewsbear

      I hate to tell you this, but when you pre-order through Verizon they generate a new contract thus your previous plan is safe. If you pre-order through Best Buy they do not generate a new contract until time of sale and you will be forced onto the new share everything plans.

    • Destroythanet

      Yeah, I’m trying to see if I can keep my unlimited data with BB, too since I have store credit and the extra $50 off for their “Phone Freedom” promo. What I did was pre-order from both BB and from Verizon. If I can keep unlimited data with my BB order, I’ll return the one I pre-ordered from Verizon. Even if I have to pay the $35 restocking fee at Verizon, I still have a lot of BB store credit to use toward the phone if I get it there. We’ll see.

    • Nik M.

      I just talked to with Verizon #611 and they told me if you placed the pre-order before the 28th( the shared data, launch date) you should be fine. She also said that BB should be getting their shipment around the 11th (12:00am), so they should be able to fill pre-orders around the 11th or 12th. ACCORDING TO HER…

  • Betsy

    Received mine Friday. Loving it

  • I will be getting my pre-order tomorrow. I am happy I am getting my phone BEFORE the stores do.
    But I wish the VZW site would go ahead and get the accessories posted up. I get a good discount and would like to order an otterbox for my new GS3.

  • I got mine Friday. Upgraded from my thunderbolt. Loving this phone. 4.3inch was really starting to get cramped.. with how thin this phone is, it makes it really easy to use even with such a big screen(The size is really nice).

    • I’d have to agree with you on that. I own the GS3 on T-Mobile and before that I owned the Sensation that has a 4.3″ screen like your Thunderbolt. It’s such a huge amount more of screen space while also not being very much bigger than my old Sensation. It really is amazing that a 4.8″ screen phone can feel so much smaller and comfortable in the hand. People need to find out for themselves tho, nobody can tell them.

      • Yeah when you hear 4.8″ you’re like wow thats going to be huge! But then you use it and you’re realize its a really good size. At first i was worried but then I used an HTC One X and was shocked at how nice the screen size was.

    • anon

      Funny, I had a OG Droid did not notice how small it was until I got my S3 and had to go back to my OG to test launchers for someone with a skyrocket and unable to run nova etc. (things are still on Gingerbread)

      • I didn’t really notice about the size of the 4.3″ either but when I would type with 2 hands I kinda felt like i wanted something bigger (and I have small hands.. ) but i went back on it the other day to see how much of a difference it was and it really felt small.

  • nightscout13

    will have 2 GS3’s tomorrow!!!

  • ernie

    Got my shipping notice with a delivery date of july 11th. 32gb, blue, was hoping I’d receive it earlier but might as well get use to the disappointments with Verizon.

  • just got the notice that it will ship out today.. will be delivered by 7/11 🙂

    (pre-ordered on 6/27)

    • Brian

      also preordered on 6/27. Got notice as well shipped today for delivery of 7/11.

  • Gary

    Just got my shipment notification, galaxy s3 will be here monday.

  • Colemanjj616

    Pre ordered mine June 8th it came July 6th rooted it yesterday couldn’t be happier with it. 64gb card should be here tomorrow ordered it from Amazon for $54.99.

    • Jon

      wow I hadn’t realized that 64GB cards have gotten so cheap. Last I checked a few months ago, they were still around $90.

      • Colemanjj616

        It’s a class 6 but for the price you can’t beat it.

        • Fluke

          Question is can a phone really make use of it? With the way the S3 interfaces with the computer I had tried a few class variations. Shows up as a media device so no copy timers and constant reminders of “compatible” formats. Either way speeds do not vary much on a collection of small files to single large ones on different card classes all sit about 4mbps. Some class 4 cards are faster with smaller files (under 10mb) than class 10s. Figured most that would be written on the fly from the phone only would be videos and pictures or anything downloaded via a browser etc.

          So yeah, no reason to spend wad on a class10 card. 64mb is the way to go I cheaped out and got a 32 for $14 and on my way to filling it up in a few moths at this rate.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Spend “wad”? Is that prefaced by “Dick”?

  • Derek

    Received mine on the 6th. Awesome phone and a big leap from the OG Droid I’ve had for the past two and a half years.

    • dude, im upgrading from the OG Droid as well ! haha

      • What was the final ROM you ended up on? Mine was Peter Alfonso’s Gingerbread. I still have that phone laying around somewhere. I need to give it away or make some kind of use out of it or something.

        • Cale Leda

          Install ICS on it

        • anon

          buglessbeast is where mine ended on. Barley ran that though cause of ram, Id avoid putting ICS on it unless it’s load is lighter than Gingerbread. Gingerbread eats all but 60mb of the ram idle. I had to run task killers and unload launchers like Go launcher (yeah the most bloated of them) to even run simple apps like Google Play, default music player etc.

          Turned mine into a portable wifi music toy and general house solitare device. Sadly the wifi in it is weak and does not seem to keep alive like the S3 so those in larger house (or long ones) and those with steel framing need not apply. Or you can turn it into a rss feeder hooked up to your pc.

    • nightscout13

      I miss my OG, that was my first love

    • +1

    • Cale Leda

      I still have the OG Droid. Waiting for the next nexus since this has a locked bootloader :/

      • its been unlocked and rooted

        • If you read into it, the bootloader seems to be encrypted like Moto’s phones. Not sure if they use the same level of encryption (something simple or military-grade), but its definitely not unlocked. The root was achieved by taking advantage of the fact that you could flash a non-signed (or at least modified) system.img with su, and that gave you the access needed to flash a custom recovery. However, custom kernels (what the bootloader lock primarily inhibits) are still not flashable either through CWM or Odin.

    • Jon

      I’m amazed at how many folks are still kickin the OG Droid. I think that phone is like a solid 3 generations back now.

      • KleenDroid

        Few phones are so easy to rom. There was nothing you could do to brick the thing. There was always a way to recover no matter what… 🙂 It was a great phone but yes it must have been tough to hold out. The Nexus was the obvious choice for those of us who took advantage of what the OG had to offer.

        I am curious to hear about the person who holds onto their OG the longest as their primary phone. Maybe another year or two?

        • Unlikely. Phones just don’t last as long as they used to, but if someone does manage to keep it that long, by then I think Verizon will be getting ready to shut down the 1x/EvDo networks. Kinda like the switch from AMPS to digital.

        • anon

          Not very long Verizon basically forced me off due to very poor 3g performance for the last year in calif. Barely do 30Kb down. This performance was not unique to my phone either. Not to mention the things barely have any ram to run anything out there now. Mine was always running out of ram and FCing on everything. I would probably be still running that thing if it had more ram and Verizon was not ignoring 3g customers.
          Not to mention a lot of apps are not compatible with it anymore no matter what OS you cram onto the poor thing.

    • KleenDroid

      I’m amazed there are still people on the OG. I bet when you get this new phone in your hands you will be in heaven… 🙂 I hope you enjoy your new phone.

  • Got my preorder Email today, saying its out for shipment!!! Was supposed to leave on the 10th… ordered it on the 20th of June in the Store

  • Nick

    This phone is worth the wait! The locked bootloader that Verizon slapped on it is kind of a bummer, but I know the devs will solve that issue; just be patient. The phone is fast out of the box and I have absolutely no complaints about mine.

    Oh ya, if you haven’t signed this petition to help unlock the bootloader through Verizon, the Verizon gs3 owners and I would appreciate it!


    • chris125

      the devs already have a work around on xda.

      • Nick

        Interesting. That is good news! Thanks for telling me.

      • fartbubbler

        workaround or rooted doesn’t = unlocked though 🙁

        • Nick

          That’s what I thought, but I didn’t feel like looking through the thread he sent me, so I just took his word for it.

  • Will Have mine tomorrow!

  • Still waiting for Best Buy to start selling. Pre-Ordered on June 5th from BB.

  • Blaine Tsukayama

    got mine on friday, picked up a 64 micro sd on sale and this phone is awesome.

  • Mine will be here tomorrow. Ordered 6-12-12

    • chris125


  • Liam

    Well mine arrives tomorrow via FedEx! Can not wait to get this phone in my hands! I probably will be sitting outside on my porch all day waiting for the truck to get here!

    • KleenDroid

      Getting a new phone is fun…. enjoy

    • MRising

      Mine arrives tomorrow as well!!! I can’t wait!! Verizon has the best service out there. With a phone this well made, the 4G coverage is a must! Sticking with Verizon.

  • sgtguthrie

    I don’t care anymore between the unlimited data fiasco, and locked bootloaders! I’m going to finish my contract with Verizon then switch to T-Mobile! They don’t seem to hate their customers like Verizon does 😉

    • nightscout13

      Have fun with spotty network coverage, you don’t realize how much something is worth to you, until you don’t have it anymore

    • krusty46

      They don’t hate their customers at all, hence the quality service throughout the country 🙂

      • AlexKCMO

        I realize you’re being sarcastic, but I have a co-worker who used to work there. If you’re NEVER late with your bill, their CS is pretty decent. If you miss 1 payment… it’s like the mafia is coming after you.

        I’d recommend being cautious. They’ll even attack your credit for continual late payments according to my co-worker.

        • KleenDroid

          Are you saying they wan’t to get paid for their services? 🙂 Damn them….

          • AlexKCMO

            I’m saying they’re like bill collectors when you’re late. My VZW bill is due the 5th and I usually pay around the 10th, never had a problem.

          • zepfloyd

            No offense man, but if you can’t pay your bills on time it sounds like you have some other priorities to take care of…

          • AlexKCMO

            It has to do with when I get paid and when things are due.

            I’ve been a VZW customer for 8 years now and I’ve never had a problem.

          • guest

            Yeah I pay a few days later. Verizon is decent as long as the bill isn’t like a month overdue then they start asking you.

          • If you remember way back when you started your current plan, Verizon bills contracts one month ahead (i.e. your first bill was likely the partial month you signed up, and then the next full month after that). Hence is why they don’t get bent out of shape over being a few days late, as you’ve already paid for the month of service you’re using.

    • same here im going back too AT&T

      • DJyoSNOW

        Good luck to gsm service NOT 3g to 4g was what the rep told me. So im still granfathered in on my unlimited data per a rep on my 4g device.

    • guest

      T-Mobile is probably the worst network to go with just like sprint is, and both have their Fake 4G. At least Verizon you know you’ll have service. And the unlimited data fiasco isn’t that bad yes they are switching you to tiered to get the device activated but they are reactivating your unlimited for you it isn’t like they are taking it away and not giving it back to you.

      • It should be noted that TMO’s ‘fake’ 4G is just as fast as Verizon’s LTE most of the time. When you’re in a service area. And honestly, both are plenty fast for a phone.

        • Clearly you have never used a Verizon LTE phone

          • Actually, having been a T-Mo customer before switching to Verizon, I can verify this claim. Speeds are very comparable. Coverage is not.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        I’m thinking Guest here goes to work everyday, and answers the phone with “Hello, thank you for calling Verizon Marketing, how may I assist you?”.

        But of course what they really should say when they answer is “Hello, thank you for calling Verizon, how may I assist in pissing you off and ruining your day, please hold, press 1 for English, press 2 to have us hang up on you, press 3 to hear the same options again.”.

    • zaxwashere

      yup, no hate for their customers….thats why the gs3 is so “competitively” priced on their network eh?

  • bob johbson

    Probably giving the preorders their time so people will actually preorder in the future

  • Firelight

    Ack! Was planning to get my wife’s GS3 on Tuesday on my day off. Dagnabit. Short notice for a short delay. Wonder what the hiccup is?

  • But the 12th is a thursday. Makes sense… Oh well who cares. Just got my shipment notification…lol I will have it Tuesday

    • Shawn

      literally just go mine too. im not supposed to get mine until the 11th though…..im not pleased

      • JDub429

        Not pleased with what? Getting early or the phone itself (and why?)?

    • paul_cus

      Yeah, Verizon does love Thursdays.

  • Kevin

    For people who upgraded to keep unlimited data at the last second, this delay pushes the launch 1 day past Verizons 14 day exchange policy…

    • tyguy829

      Wow that has to be it….i hate them more and more with each article.

    • fartbubbler

      what?? your comment confuses me. wouldn’t the 14 days start when you take delivery of the phone?

    • sgtguthrie

      It doesn’t matter anyway. If you try to swap out phones now after June 28th you have to go tiered. There’s no 14 days to keep unlimited data. I tried that…

      • Anon

        That’s not true. You can keep unlimited data on an exchange within 14 days.

        • sgtguthrie

          No, you can’t! I even took it as far as their loyalty department!

          • KleenDroid


          • sgtguthrie

            Ya, there’s going to be some really pissed off ppl who preordered the s3…lol!

          • Anon

            I disagree. When you make an exchange within the 14 day period, it goes in as an exchange on the same order (with the unlimited data), and not on a new order. Therefore, you don’t have to go onto the tiered data because the exchange is still on the same order as the original.

          • sgtguthrie

            I tried to disagree too, but that didn’t work out for me 😉

            I’m not making this up, their system wouldn’t let them process an exchange keeping unlimited data! I really don’t care if you “disagree”, have you tried it? I’m sure it’s a “no”, otherwise you would see I’m right 🙂

          • Anon

            Good thing I already have a supervisor/manager note on my account from customer loyalty saying that I will keep my unlimited data if I decide to exchange the phone within the 14 days. On my account, has to be honored.

            It might be different for you, but that’s what happened on my end. I’ve also heard of people being able to get early upgrades and pre-order GS3; in my case, they wouldn’t let me do that, so I upgraded early on the 27th and made the supervisor make a note on my account detailing that my unlimited data would remain upon exchange.

    • Nj Techguy

      You got that right. Vzw ain’t stupid. That’s how they get you. They suck you in to jump on another 2yr contract and they purposely lainch gs3 after return period. So my move was to buy a bionic with my 2nd upgrd at Costco on 6/26. I have 90 days to exchange. Can you say Razr HD. In meantime my GS 3 protested from vzw in june arrives tomorrow. So now i can have a choice.

      • Jon

        I would be cautious there with the 90 days. Verizon has their own rules of 14 days no matter what. If Costco extends beyond that, as does Amazon, you can exchange or return your phone, but you will be locked in to your 2 year contract with Verizon. Those 14 day are the grace period for the 2 year contract.

        • KleenDroid

          I agree that these are the rules and I also thought this is how it was. But I have known many who purchase through Costco that were not held to these rules. Those that got a phone and at almost the 90th day upgraded to a new different phone. Also those that returned with no affect on their contract. Costco seems like a good option for purchasing a phone.

    • chris125

      except the 14 days doesn’t start when you preordered…..

      • Mizzark

        I believe he’s referring to people who inexplicably got a different phone instead of just waiting for the pre-order

      • fartbubbler

        that’s what I thought. Does the 14 days start when you take delivery of the device? It would be unethical for them to start charging you the 14 days before they even SHIP it to you. Would definitely be grounds for legal action.

        • chris125

          it starts once they ship the device. I just did a chat with a verizon rep.

          • fartbubbler

            thanks for the clarification. My buddy got his Friday, and he can’t get a signal in half the places that his GNex had a strong signal. He’s sending his back without hesitation tomorrow. Glad I held off…

          • KleenDroid

            If that is the only reason he sent it back he should have waited a bit to see if it was the network. The network seems to be touch and go lately. Some days it’s strong and others it sucks.

          • Anon

            Incorrect. It starts when the order is placed, not when you activate the phone.

          • chris125

            Actually it doesn’t. Otherwise those who preordered would never get to use the phone and already be past the 14 days….

          • Anon

            It’s possible that it’s different for a pre-order, which seems to be the case, but for a normal order, the 14 days starts from the time of the order.

          • true but a normal order ships as soon as you place the order so you still would have plenty of time to “test drive” the device

  • shugaman

    Big Red loves Thursdays so knew 10th was wrong….

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The 10th was official from Verizon

  • WalCs

    It makes sense, Big Red still shows pre-order ships on the 11th. I mean, if the phone launched on the 10th and pre-order don’t go out until the 11th, what’s the point of the pre-order?

    • Scott

      If you actually start to Pre order though it will show ships July 19th. So it’s very delayed!

    • Mizzark

      Keeping unlimited data.

      • nightscout13

        this times 100!

  • Shawn

    maybe they finally realized how stupid it was for preorder people to get it after people in stores?

    • almightyjoe

      yeah my thoughts exactly, you would expect to get it first if you go though the time to pre order

      • Owewil3225

        Amen. I called them and complained.

  • thedonxr

    Awww snap will it be another galaxy nexus launch?