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Verizon Pushes Galaxy S3 Launch to July 12?

At the beginning of last week, Verizon announced that their version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be available July 10. For some reason, that date seems to no longer be the date. A couple of sources reached out earlier today to mention that they were hearing of a slight push back to July 12, a date that is now showing on Big Red’s own site. We haven’t been given a specific reason for the 2-day delay, but I think we’ll all live if we have to wait an additional 48 hours.

This doesn’t appear to have slowed pre-order shipments, as our inbox continues to fill up with readers who have received shipping notices.

For those that have received theirs, give us your thoughts.

Cheers ___ and WalCs!

  • brandon

    I preordered my phone with Best Buy on June 6th. Does that f*cking mean i dont get it until the 12th!?

  • James

    Mine was delivered today…

  • cel

    talk to a vzw rep today. it actually is being sold in tuesday 7/10.

  • I preordered my pebble-blue 16GB S3 on June 13th. Verizon charged my credit card on Friday July 6th. Then I got my Verizon shipment email with FedEx tracking number last night (Sunday July 8th). Destination is San Diego, CA:

    Ship date
    Jul 9, 2012

    Estimated delivery
    Jul 11, 2012 by 7:00 PM

    Jul 9, 2012 6:00 AM
    Picked up

  • whooleeooh

    I was going to try and use the 14 day policy to swap out my razr maxx but that doesn’t seem to be the plan anymore

  • ILikeCheetos

    BlackBerry Tour -> DroidX -> HTC Trophy -> iPhone 4S -> Motorola Droid Razr -> Motorola Droid Razr Maxx

    I had problems with every single one of them except the Trophy and my current one, the Maxx

    I placed a pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I cancelled the pre-order because of some apparent radio issues some of our European brethren are experiencing, as well as the locked boot loader (I have that now, plus insanely long talk time, why would I want to lose the talk time and keep the encrypted boot loader?).

    I have one more subsidized “upgrade” available. I figure Verizon can keep it. I am staying off-contract from now on.

  • am i the only one that thinks the s3 is atrociously ugly?

    • Aryeh Hersh


  • Bamadude

    Pre-ordered July 5th online, debit card was charged yesterday, shipped today via priority overnight for delivery tomorrow 7/10. It is coming from Memphis & I live right outside of Birmingham, AL. I thought they were all shipping Fed Ex 2 day service but for some reason mine says priority overnight. Love Verizon!

  • Just got my phone.. but it is taking forever to activate.. anyone else having this problem?

  • Alix8821

    My 16GB white beauty is on the delivery truck as we speak… YUPP!

    • MarvinX

      What date did you preorder?

      • Alix8821

        June 13th….. It shipped on the 5th, but it was 2Day, not Overnight… Ah Well. STILL getting it b4 it’s available in stores, and was my Bday yesterday, so it’s nice Monday treat

  • My Galaxy 3 shipped yesterday and I’m just waiting on it to arrive. I’ve got a tracking number and everything.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      same here, except it really shipped today – fedex doesn’t do pickups on sunday so i won’t get it till wednesday:-(….guess it works out cuz my doorman is off mon & tues so no one would sign for it anyway till then

  • pre-ordered 32gb blue on 06/27 @ 1:37 in the store… received shipping notification email yesterday… expected delivery is the 11th.

  • schmaltzy

    Mine will be here today! Got a shipping confirmation on Friday and it’s at my processing facility today! In my hands by 3:00 PM!

  • PC_Tool

    My account was charged friday for my wife’s SIII.

    I suppose that means we could get it as early as today. Hopefully, and from what I’ve read it is the case, it performs very well and has no major issues.

    Otherwise, it’s getting returned, I’m buying her a GSM Nexus, and starting our migration to T-Mobile.

  • Daniel

    I’ve had mine since Friday and it’s honestly a beautiful phone. I have to stay on Verizon because of my family they already signed two year contracts. If I was going to be stuck for at least another 2 years I can’t think of a better phone that they offered that would still allow me to keep my unlimited data. It’s a huge upgrade from my Dinc. My only gripe is the stupid wifi thing on the stock rom.

  • slops

    you people leaving for locked bootloaders are hilarious. like verizon cares if they lose a hand full of tech nerds because of locked bootloaders. not sure why they would do it but still, you leaving isn’t going to hurt them one bit. have fun on your slow, unreliable networks

    • PC_Tool

      Trolling people who stand by their principles and vote with their money…


  • mine was waiting at the office for me this morning, still sitting in the fedex box, it’s like waiting for everyone else at the table to get their food before I dig in

  • matt

    So I just cracked my screen on my Razr. I have insurance with Verizon, but am hoping to get a new phone (S3) or at least a Maxx. Anyone have advise on how to work this? It will be the first time I have worked through the insurance… Thanks!

    • Will

      Call in, and when they’re ordering your new phone, ask if there are any other units available. I ended up with an upgrade each of the four times I’ve called (I’m a chronic phone abuser).

      • Chronon7364

        Do you get keep you current contract (say, I dunno, unlimited data?) when you “uprgade”? Also, how much is insurance?

      • matt

        OK, thanks! I “live chatted” with a Verizon rep and she said I could just add another line, not pay full price, and keep my current data plan. Now I just have to decide which phone to get. Really loved my Razr, but the battry life was HORRIBLE, so I am tempted to get the Maxx. That said I also like the S3, just waiting to see how the battery life is.

  • dsilva1217

    “This doesn’t appear to have slowed pre-order shipments, as our inbox continues to fill up with readers who have received shipping notices.” I disagree. My preorder scheduled to ship on the 11th has now been pushed back to the 19th. When I called, the reason is that they ran out of 4G simcards. WTF

    • MarvinX

      Where do you see the shipping date change? I ordered 7/6 16gb white and have no order status yet.

      • PC_Tool

        Check “recent orders”.

        I could not look mine up using the order number they gave me, but had no trouble finding it in “recent orders”. It got billed on the 6th, but I have yet to receive any kind of tracking or shipping info.

        • MarvinX

          Wow, mine is not even in recent orders. What color/size did you order? Im curious if the white versions are being pushed back.

          • PC_Tool

            16GB White. They’ve billed, but not yet shipped, as far as I can tell.

          • PC_Tool

            Got it yesterday. Set it up…it flies. Now my wife has the #1 phone in our family.


            Even the in-call audio is superb…

            Here’s hoping we get another Nexus soon that wipes the floor with it. 😉

      • dsilva1217

        You should be able to check your order status here. http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/orderstatus/OrderStatusForm

        This is usually found in your order confirmation email.

        • MarvinX

          Thank you. I tried that but nothing comes back. I ordered 7/6 so i have a bad feeling i might get bumped to later shipping. I should not have asked for a new sim card.

          • dsilva1217

            I ordered on 6/27, and still no phone. I will be more than annoyed if I get it a week after it becomes available in stores. Bright side is I locked in my unlimited data. Good luck with yours. If you can’t get the status online, I recommend calling and they will tell you.

  • gimlet72

    I like the phone when it works. I have been getting alot of random reboots and dropped service. Vow is sending me a replacement.

    • Doug

      I haven’t had a single problem with my phone and I have it since friday.

      • Emad Zia

        yeah same. the only thing that crashed it once was Latitude.

  • Chronon7364

    Today (Sunday) my card got charged and I got an email saying it has been shipped from Memphis. I live in Northern CA and Fedex tracking says it should be here by the 10th. I pre-ordered mine approximately 6/20. 32gb, Blue.

    • Doug

      Mine also came from Memphis and it was one day shipping!

  • Beau Wilson

    Verizon just informed me via email my that my order is on hold but is scheduled to be processed. I don’t really understand what that means,thanks for the cryptic message Verizon. Then I checked my order status and the expected ship date reads July 19th! What’s up with that?

    • Beka27

      Check your credit/debit card. Some folks on another site were getting the “on hold” message and their card was denying the online charge. They had to call their bank or credit company to approve it before the charges would go thru. I’ll try to find the link.

  • Joe M

    Got my Verizon Galaxy S3 last Thurs. Works great, no issues. Hopefully they get the bootloader unlocked.

  • Casey Puyleart

    Hmm…my preorder ship date is now estimating shipping on 7/19…WTF VZW?!?

    • brewersfan73

      Yeah, I just noticed mine was pushed back to the 19th as well. When did you order? I think I preordered on the 26th or 27th (just before my unlimited went away).

  • gkinsella2

    Got mine Friday! LOVE it! TouchWiz takes some getting used to coming from AOKP, but it’s still pretty slick.

  • Dylan Osiecki

    My FedEx email said mine shipped and should be here the 9th at 3:00pm. Thank G I upgraded before the 28th…

  • Greg M

    I got mine this past Thursday. If you are still waiting, you can check out my unboxing and quick review here:

  • They need time to encrypt that bootloader.

  • DX OG

    I’m having a blast with mine, but am finding the battery life to be a bit lacking (not that I expected greatness) for how much I use it. Field testing will continue as I’ll be off of wi-fi for the majority of the day tomorrow.

  • James Jun

    Just tried out my friend’s GS3 a few hours ago, and I have to say the software is shot. Really, I gave him my ICS Galaxy Nexus to compare with him, and he was troubled why Samsung’s Touchwiz looked so ugly and unusable. Samsung really messed up with the menu button and it’s Touchwiz implementation.

    • Holy Grail

      Nice story bro………………………………….sure

  • ldakota66

    This would be very upsetting had I not gotten mine Fri. Rooted and loving it. 🙂

  • Got mine on Friday. This phone is sick! Buttery smooth and a huge screen that looks awesome. Upgrading from a Bionic, which was a huge mistake to buy it in the first place. Hopefully we get an upgrade to Jelly Bean in the coming months.

  • anon

    BUwahahahahaha glad I left Verizon. Had my phone on the 25th.
    If everything is the same short of the bootloader it does ahve some issues. One being the Samsung volume/audio out crap. (turns the vol down and nags you every time you go above 10. Haptic feedback quits randomly. Wallpapers fail in landscape (forces a 16X9 crop, a touch-wiz limit?) with loaders that support desktop rotation.
    I am very happy with the phone though
    Also due to the glass being rounded on the edges those softer screen protectors do not work with TPU cases, the cases push on the screen protector and bunch it up and cause it to pull away from the screen. Some protectors though do not go to the edge and might not be damaged by the case. I do recommend one or the other due to the lack of rim around the glass.

  • Beka27

    I thought the Tuesday release date was odd anyways. Maybe they didn’t have a calendar handy or the 10th was a typo?

  • Mark Pixley

    Mine arrives on tuesday and it cant get here soon enough!

  • Soofdawg

    Verizon’s release date is pointless to preorders….I ordered mine on 6/27 and was given ship date of 7/11. Mine was shipped yesterday to arrive 7/9.

    • Dan

      Same here.

  • rzagza78

    Just got off the phone with the verizon store in my area and they said they are releasing the phone on tuesday!

  • Crack Monkey

    I don’t know how they can say they have delayed the release when so many pre-orders are being shipped. Mine was shipped on Friday and according to FEDEX will arrive tomorrow.

  • JoeFishNC

    Had mine since the 6th !!!!

    • doug

      Same here. I got mine on the 6th as well! Need a case for it any recommendations?

      • Ezpotato

        Otterbox is coming out with some cool colors. I have the black commuter and it doesn’t make the phone big. It feels a lot nicer than the stock slippery plaatic

        • doug

          Yeah I thought bout getting the Commuter case. The defender series still says coming soon??

  • Not really on topic,but this the first time i have toggled off 4g on my nexus at home,since I have a tablet and PC,been on over 11 hours and my battery is down to 72% left,do have an extended battery but still….wow

  • getting mine tuesday and its been a long wait coming from a x2 (dont ask) ill give it a few weeks before rooting tho

    • I had droid x since it’s launch 2 years ago and got my S3in the mail Thursday. The difference is night and day.

  • Droidmac

    I ordered mine on June 27th and got an email yesterday saying that it will be delivered on Monday July 9th.

  • Ezpotato

    Besides the screen, what I love is the quickness. Upgrading from the razr mazxx. I also use nova launcher. The keyboard outbid the box is terrible. I ended up paying for swift key which makes it waaaaay better. Signal issues like the nexus don’t exist. I hate the non removable WiFi notification in the status bar. No WiFi toggle out of the box. But some of the gestures are awesome. Overall really happy but will be keeping an eye out on the razr hd.

    • Ezpotato

      Oh and it’s so damn glossy. I hate that. Put an OtterBox commuter on it and feels waaaaay better.