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NOVA Launcher Beta Updated with Jelly Bean Goodies

If you need more Jelly Bean on your device, Nova Launcher’s beta apk has been updated that includes a few goodies that might help your addiction. This is not the same launcher apk that is on Google Play, but these changes will most likely find their way onto the official app once they go through testing. In the beta, you can choose between the stock ICS or JB Google Search bar, custom widget list picker (requires root or actual JB), and some other fixes across the board. 


  • Search Bar Style of JB or ICS
  • Adjust padding so labels are more likely visible in landscape
  • Built-in stock jellybean icon theme
  • Custom widget list picker (requires Root or JB)
  • Fix FCs
  • Jellybean:
  • Fixes for backup/restore of widgets
  • Fixes for Play Store widgets
  • Support new system animations
  • Fixes for Nexus 7
  • Fix empty folders

If you want to give the new features and fixes a go, download and install as you would any other third party application.

Download: NOVA Launcher Beta APK

Via: XDA

  • sirsteven

    sounds good. i’ll almost certainly stick w/ Nova Launcher when JB hits my Nexus S. already using it on Android 4.0.

    on a separate point, I wonder if Nova Launcher will be able to support a landscape desktop on the Nexus 7? if so, that’ll probably make me buy one!

  • jonny6pak

    I feel blind. Is there a way to disable the long-hold menu that pops up on icons and widgets on the home screen? I don’t want the edit icon, delete, resize widget menu to pop up when I long hold an item. I don’t see the option to turn it off anywhere.

  • Falcon34

    Where in the settings can you find the ability to change the widget list?

  • edmicman

    Are badges with notifications (i.e., unread message count in icon) a feature of NOVA or is that something new available in JB?

  • Andrew

    The only thing I disliked about the JB build was the stock launcher. Only four rows on a Galaxy Nexus? Killing me.

  • MrEnglish

    Got this a few days ago. Sticking to the ICS search bar, the JB one is butt ugly to me.

  • soapinmouth

    Apex got updayed to jb as well. Only problem i have is neither are based off the jb launcher and so the stock jb launcher is way more smooth.

  • So is goole now included?

    • Theres a mod for that.

      • Knlegend1

        Where can I find that?

  • Flyinion

    “Built-in stock jellybean icon theme ”

    Hmmm not really seeing a difference, maybe stock JB icons aren’t that different than ICS?

  • brkshr

    This is the same version that is available on the Play Store

    Edit: Disqus is acting up for me, sorry for the double post (if disqus even saves this…)

  • sahilm

    Really hope they add that automatic moving around magic from the stock Jelly Bean launcher (even if it’s just for Jelly Bean users)

  • brkshr

    This is the same Nova that is available on the Play Store

  • Does this have the fling up action of deleting widgets and icons? I had nova launcher but went to stock because I couldn’t do that. Silly I know, but I do enjoy that feature.

    • Are you kidding? It’s a mini-game. I put new shortcuts just to fling them away and see how fast I can do it all.

  • Nova is looking desirable lately.

  • KleenDroid