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Early Arriving Galaxy S3s Having a Hard Time Activating This Morning on Verizon’s Network

We know that some of your Galaxy S3 orders are arriving this morning (me not being one), but we would love to know if you were able to activate it successfully. According to a few readers, their units showed up today, but customer service is unable to get them up and rolling. We aren’t sure if this is only happening to those bouncing from a 3G phone to their first 4G phone or if there is some extra step that is causing current 4G phones to not be able to simply insert their SIM card. Since Verizon wasn’t fully expecting these to arrive until next week, maybe they aren’t ready.

We have reached out to Verizon to see if we can get to the bottom of this. In the mean time, let us know if you received yours and if you are activated and enjoying the impressive power of this phone. Were you already on a 4G device or are you coming from a 3G phone?

Cheers Tony, Sid and Mike!

  • feztheforeigner

    Using the SIM they provided me in the packaging I am unable to activate the phone. It gets stuck on the screen saying “Please wait until your phone has been activated”

    Any advice? Call Verizon? Go into a local store?

    Edit: Using my OLD SIM it worked perfectly fine! Going from a 4G Galaxy Nexus to the Galaxy S III

    • blah

      Follow the online activation. Mine took a while to activate like 15-20 min. if not, then call

  • JazzoRenee

    I think this problem isn’t limited to the S3, my brother and the other person, both upgraded from 3G phones to the Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx and each time activation wouldn’t go through online, so we ended up having to called Verizon. I think the actual issues are with the SIM cards.

  • Themanhere10

    I ordered on 6/14 a 16 g blue and I just got charged! Maybe it will ship today too!!!

  • slops

    i got mine yesterday, upgraded from a 3g plan and didn’t have any trouble activating. all you have to do is call the 800 number listed in the ‘get started’ book and then activate your phone so you can link the sim they send with the account. i know i know, who looks at a get started guide, strange that the solution would be in there. oh yeah, and i still has unlimited data.

    • slops

      oh, and i was shocked to see that the phone is actually smaller than the DX but the screen is massive in comparison. fits so well into the pocket, i don’t know why all these people complain that a 4.8″ screen is too much. if the note has the same design it would fit just as easily. i was also shocked that there is no vzw logo on the face

  • Darren Augustyn

    I received a charge on my CC and tracking yesterday, they switched my shipping to overnight shipping from 2nd day for free, and I should have mine this afternoon. I preordered a 32g blue on 6/8. There seems to be no system to how these are shipping.

  • I take it back! Busy business, not bad business. Mine is up and running! HUZZAH!!

  • So, they bought time with me yesterday by saying I would be able to activiate today. I’ve tried several times and it’s still not working. I hope they’re ready to deal with a cranky lady! It would be different if they hadn’t already charged my credit card. My phone is paid for…bad business ๐Ÿ™

  • brando56894

    My girlfriend was having trouble also this afternoon on AT&T.

  • bduncan6

    Shot in the dark, and I know this is not really related to the post. Feel free to take it down, if needed.

    I am coming from a stock Inc2. What is the best way to transfer backup SMS/MMS to the SGIII that is to be delivered to me tomorrow? If I have to pay a couple bucks for the best (easiest and most complete) app, so be it.

    (Preordered 6/6 in the late afternoon in Texas over the phone via a 3G to 4G early upgrade promo).


    • pj

      SMS backup + is a free app that uses your Gmail account to do it.

  • Robert Stevens

    I got mine today went from 3g to 4 g but it did take a couple of hours there were some activation issues

  • yarrellray

    So happy to have left Verizon for Tmobile my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile is excellent with great speeds and consistent signal and 4G power. People on Big Red can keep that overrated CDMA LTE network they will always have problems…

    • JazzoRenee

      Hmmm Sir, Big Red is the sharing their overrated LTE network with Tmobile, stand down.

  • Billy Joe Bob Obama

    My S3 is schedule to arrive Monday the 9th

  • I received mine early this morning. I followed the instructions they provided in the box for activating a new 4G LTE SIM card. Activation went smooth. Zero problems.

  • boss1634

    Loving mine!

  • I reached out to @VZWSupport on @Twitter after being flustered by the answers I got while trying to activate the SIM. VZW told me I would have to wait until 7/10 to activate the phone (card fine), so I took my case to Twitter. Within 15 minutes VZW responded, called me to confirm my issue and said they would try again on their end. (They’d call me back in 24 hours with an update.)

    About an hour later, the phone finished charging so I tried activating through the phone and online – neither worked. I gave up and tried one more time, and then the phone connected and activation was successful!!! A few moments after that while trying to sync contacts with Google I got a call from VZW with an update, and I told them I was speaking to them on my new GS3!

    Really excited they pulled through. The person I spoke to via Twitter was super helpful, professional and really wanted to make everything right. Thumbs up in my book!

  • my expected ship date got changed from 7/09 to 7/11 wtf….

    • thatsdapper

      Same happened to me. But got an e-mail today with a tracking number pointing to 7/9 arrival.

      • Tcali

        There is hope for me yet!!!

      • Tcali

        Aww… Still haven’t received an email…

    • when did you preorder?

      • a couple days after pre orders opened.

    • Tcali

      Mine too…

  • I’m activated and posting this comment from my blue 32gb S3.I had no problems just activated it online on verizonwireless.com.

    • S-Webs

      do you still have you unlimited or not ?

      • Yes. I still have the same unlimited data plan I had on my DROID X

  • skytbest

    Why are people talking about SIM cards on Verizon phones. Did I miss something?

    • Verizon uses sim cards to access it’s 4G LTE network.

      • Lax77

        I was told by a CSR, I know…worth very little, on the newer phones all data needs the SIM. So 3G and LTE…

    • RaceFan

      My Verizon iphone 4s (now unlocked) uses a micro SIM, and won’t work without one.

  • Sadly, I’m one of the customers having issues. They told me I should be able to activate it tomorrow.

  • Nick

    Wish mine would have shipped. I haven’t received an email about it shipping yet and when I go to the Verizon website and put in my number it still says “We have received your order and it is in process.” Hopefully mine ships soon. I ordered mine on day one too!

    • Nick

      My 32gb Blue Galaxy S3 has shipped! ๐Ÿ™‚ Delivery date is tomorrow or the next! I can’t wait!!!!!

      Update: My phone is on its way from TN and will be here in Savannah, GA before 3:00pm tomorrow according to the Fedex website. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Update 2: Delivery date changed to today. Should be here in the next hour or so!

    • Nick

      My phone has arrived and man is it sweet! Activated it with no problems what so ever. This is a huge upgrade from my terrible DROID X2. Never again, Moto, never again…. Loving the Galaxy S3!!!!!!!

  • steve

    I called and the front line rep transferred me to tech support. They punched in some data on their end and activated my phone.

  • gkinsella2

    Got my shipment confirm email 30 mins ago! Patience everyone!

    • when did you preorder yours, was it after 6/12?

      • gkinsella2

        No, I ordered it on 6/6

  • situman

    Anyone receive their phone when pre-ordering with Best Buy? Went to the store today and was told my pre-order will be filled on the 10th as in the release date. If you call, everybody claims they have no knowledge whatsoever. Just shook my head and walked out of there. Not gonna pre-order a phone from Worst Buy ever again.

  • aerochrome2

    Having this problem, 3g original Inc to GS3. Saying they have to manually enter into database and will call back.

    Also to those who claim we have the phones ‘early’ thats not true. The ship BY date was July 9th, they never said it wouldnt come earlier. Thus, if you bother to ship it earlier, make sure the activation system is ready!

  • Julian Coronado

    I’m having a problem! I’m preordering my S3 someday tomorrow or so on Verizon. I know it’s late, but someone told me that I’d get $100 off because I’m upgrading from a 3G to a 4G phone. TRUE? And I don’t know what color to get, I’m leaning towards white, because of all the problems with the Pebble Blue. WHICH COLOR SHOULD I GET? I was going to wait to buy it until after it came out in stores so I could see the colors, but then I don’t want Verizon to be out of stock!

    • tara898

      I heard about this, too, but the verizon rep (via phone) saw the deal in system and said that I wasn’t eligible since I was going from OG Droid (since 11/09) to s3g. She didn’t know why*, but said sometimes the deals only work with certain phones or regions. It made me mad!

      *She called marketing & they couldn’t answer, either.

      • Yeah, it is pretty random when they are select for the $100, generally it has to deal with data usage, official upgrade date and if you are in a 4G market.

    • Jeremy

      Was told that offer for me expired on the 30th, so I’m not sure if it would be in play for you either. Still they could not pre-order me under the $100 off at either the store or via phone and I had them trying for a good 2hrs between the two. The system would simply not let them. Eventually was told because the S3 is a new flagship phone and because my normal upgrade wasn’t until Oct I could not use it on a S3.

      I sounded fishy, especially since I could get the other ‘flaghship’ the Razr Maxx but thats what I was told. Fortunately I already had a S3 pre-ordered under a new line so I wasn’t to screwed up, but I got tripped up because I waited until the 27th to try this and wasn’t able to fish for a better customer rep. (Must keep unlimited data).

  • Philip Susi

    Called Verizon about problems actiating and the tier 2 agent finally got it to activiate. They had to move my plan to the 2GB capped plan to get it to activate. I told them that since it was pre-ordered that it should be able to be on the unlimited. They were contacting the billing dept to see if they could get it added back to my account.

    • epyon0

      thats bs sounds like they screwed you over on that one to get you off your unlimited plan

    • You will be able to get it back, they just have to submit an Inactive Pricing Request, but do it soon

  • kjplaysguitar

    anybody root their VZW version yet?

  • corkis84

    What is more upsetting is I paid 30 dollars in activation fees. Those fees need to be refunded to anyone having problems. Everyone should head over to the Verizon store and get help from there competent staff. After all that 30 should have gone to there training.

    • slops

      point. make ’em earn that $30

    • Robert Stevens

      Lol I agree

  • epyon0

    Read on another forum that people were told Sammy hasn’t released the ESN’s????

  • Anyone think Jelly Bean will be coming to the SGSIII soon?

    • Joshua Lewis

      they’re saying Q4 officially but then again the Fascinate was supposed to get Gingerbread within a month or 2 of release and we didn’t see it for something like 6-9 months after launch. this is supposed to be different this time though. we’ll see.

      • hotnvicious5

        I’m probably going to end up flashing CM10 when it is released because Samsung will probably skin or get rid of 1/2 the improvements like Google Now, etc.

        • Joshua Lewis

          i’m hoping Samsung won’t do something stupid like that but i have no faith Verizon will allow improvements. They are already blocking google wallet so they can push their stupid competitor.

  • reyalP

    Pebble Blue owners- Does the phone look purple?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      I stopped in a ta t-mobile store last week and the blue one did not look purple.

    • Dude

      Doesn’t look purple at all. Just took mine out in the sun. The home button looks like a different color sometimes because it doesn’t have the same glossy finish and reflects light differently. The blue is more of a dark steel or dark gun metal blue color.

      Looks great, really happy about the color.

  • normally if you just insert the sim it should activate, but sometimes accepting the terms and agreement or activating online. I worked for verizon and its a problem on their end with the phone activation systems, unless they added new bugs with their system updates.

  • Add me to the list. Going from an original Inc to the SGIII. The rep I spoke to on the phone said that the phone isn’t entered into the database and they will call me back when it’s done. IT COULD TAKE UP TO 24 HOURS!!! Not happy at all and am really regretting this now. I’m thinking that we should have all went to Sprint now like we were planning a couple months ago.

    • Doan

      You’re trying to rally the troops to jump ship because you can’t activate a phone that you shouldn’t have yet?

      • Ethan

        @Doan Took the words right out of my mouth. I understand being disappointed that your phone isn’t up and running immediately, but you’ll have it going in a day. There are PLENTY of people (myself included) who have shipping dates of the 9th (or later).

      • I’m pissed because I recently choose to stick with verizon over going to sprint with my fiance. Now me, my fiance, mother and nephew are all on a family share plan with verizon and now I’m regretting it. I should have known not to have us all go to verizon. After all the other problems I had with the dead inc refurbs, I should have known not to stay with big red. I seriously doubt we will all stick with verizon now. And if this doesn’t get fixed ASAP, then they can just cancel all my lines and we’ll all go elsewhere. My patience is now gone and this is the final straw. My frustration level is just to high anymore with verizon and it’s not worth it.

        • Doan

          This shouldn’t be the last straw; it shouldn’t be a straw at all. You are not supposed to even have the device yet, which means you can’t complain about not being able to activate it for 4 more days.

          • If I and others couldn’t activate it and use it, then they should not have shipped them. If I buy a car, I expect to drive it off the lot and not have the dealer make me wait a day to use it. I paid for it, I have it in my hands, I should be able to use it. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

          • Doan

            Your example is not comparable. Your example would be comparable to buying a phone from a store, in which case, you would be able to activate immediately.

            It’s like pre-ordering an online game. Would you complain if you pre-ordered an online game, it arrived before release date, but you couldn’t play until the game servers were up? Same situation.

          • Soooo…anyone with a sim can’t use verizon’s network right now? If they can, then your argument is invalid.

          • Doan

            My argument is that if you get your phone early, but can’t activate before official release, you have no right to complain because you’re not supposed to have the phone yet.

            If you can activate, then bonus for you.

          • Sooo…others that got the phone today can’t use them either? If not, then again, your argument is invalid.

            Verizon dropped the ball. Big time. You are just making excuses for them. Do you work for them or something? Sounds like it to me.

          • Doan

            You’re not invalidating my argument in any way. I never said everyone can activate, or no one can activate. That has nothing to do with anything that I’ve said; you’re just randomly throwing that in.

            Verizon dropped the ball by shipping your device several days earlier than they said they would?

          • Verizon dropped the ball by sending (and billing me for) a phone that I cannot use.

          • Doan

            Are you telling me you’d rather they didn’t ship your phone until the 9th to guarantee it worked on arrival?

            I’ve never seen someone complain about getting a pre-order early.

          • thread monster

            Soooo, why dont you send back your phone and walk down to the phone dealership and purchase one? Oh thats right, because you would have to wait far longer than 24 hours……….

          • JoshGroff

            *cough* Diablo III *cough*

          • Doan

            Exactly. I got my copy the day before release, but I didn’t complain about not being able to use it before the official release date.

            I waited to complain until I couldn’t use it for the first entire week after the official release.

          • JoshGroff

            How is it compared to 2? I’ve been meaning to buy it but have kept pushing it off.

          • Doan

            Compared to 2: Less character customization, but better combat.

            It’s getting a lot of criticism for lack of end-game content, though. With an in-game auction house you get high-end gear pretty quick, then have nothing else to do but accumulate gold.

          • JazzoRenee

            I CELL PHONE IS NOT A CAR!!!

        • guest

          Seriously? And you think sprint is going to be any better? I laugh at that thought when the lowest rated cell phone provider can actually be better than the #1 provider in the US all around. Also sprint sends refurbs too I believe everyone does that’s how replacements are handled, Also like everyone else is saying your upset with the fact you cant activate a phone that wont be out until Tuesday officially and that most people who preordered arnt getting it until the 9th?

        • Bionicman

          i’m with Chris, he bought the phone, he gave them his money, he should be allowed to activate it. he has every right the get upset. i dont understand why people are jumping on this guy. i feel no sympathy for verizon whatsoever and if they took his money, he should be allowed to use the phone!

          • thread monster

            @disqus_itdSExlNvc:disqus – I paid for my phone at an indirect store that day. I was charged, i was told when the phone was going to be here. So far everything that has been promised to me has happened. Verizon never promised him he would get his phone before everyone else and have it activated before everyone else………….

          • JazzoRenee

            I wish people got this upset over, education and the war on drugs.

        • Go to sprint. Youll be back that network should be free with how trash it is.

        • Thread Monster

          A person as demanding as you wont be happy on any Carrier. You are too high maintenance. Take a deep breath, it will be okay.

          • guest

            Sprint would drop this guy in a second he is so demanding

        • vzwindirect


          Please run, don’t walk, to your nearest Verizon store, and cancel as soon as possible. That is one less whining customer we have to deal with, and a little more bandwidth for the rest of us to use. Also, be sure to call and let us all know how Sprint is working out for you…if you can get signal that is.

        • I am also sick of Verizon. Their wireless data is just too freaking fast and available in too many places. It’s destroying my marriage.

        • Matas

          Good a good laugh at this guy’s expense. Some people are so unreasonable…

    • Snowcrash

      “Not happy at all and am really regretting this now. I’m thinking that
      we should have all went to Sprint now like we were planning a couple
      months ago.”

      Meanwhile in Africa…

      • brain

        My thoughts were very similar. Relax people. It is a phone. I know it is great to get something new, you should be so lucky to afford a luxury. People are so damn greedy in this world. Things could be worse than your phone not activating, for example, no food, shelter, no electricity, etc. Relax, it will eventually work.

    • PC_Tool

      You forgot the #FirstWorldProblems tag…

    • JazzoRenee

      I think everyone should just calm down.

  • Apple probably convinced Verizon to ban it.

    • Aardvark99

      I’m going to violate patents so hard when i get this phone.

      • Sp4rxx

        I can’t put my finger on it, but something about that sound so dirty! lol

      • Lmao!

      • JazzoRenee

        lololol this is the best comment ever.

    • Hunter

      Well then Apple paid, because the only convincing done around Verizon deals in money.

      • Apple is money. If Apple told them to stop offering a phone or the iPhone goes bye bye, they would probably consider it. And depending on the phone, would probably comply.

        • Robert Stevens

          This is a silly comment you should delete it

  • My GS3 (16GB Blue, ordered at 6:38 am on 6/6) has been paid for but still no tracking number. Anyone else having this issue. Called Verizon and they are checking but nothing yet.

  • Why would they ship them if they are not ready to activate???

    • FortitudineVincimus

      make people feel good that they are meeting or beating claimed ship dates?

    • JazzoRenee

      Why would they hold them if people pre-ordered them?

  • I’m just not going to bother calling them to activate and just cut down my old sim card to fit.

  • Aardvark99

    Has anyone reviewed the Verizon variant online?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I PO the 2nd day of PO a white 32gb and mine says shipping on the 9th while I have read others who PO’d well after me and theirs is paid for and already shipping… WTF.

    • jboogie1289

      Indeed!!! Still waiting on email and/or shipping confirmation or verification.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        ok… I just got charged.. but still says 9th, no email (I just checked my CC card online and saw the charge) so no tracking data online at VZW either but the screen did update to show my order #.

        • jboogie1289

          Speaking from that same experience, it took almost 48 hrs (but we had a holiday in between) to show any important info. Like others told me, hang in there. You should get it hopefully Saturday man.

  • Apparently a majority of reps are claiming that Samsung hasn’t provided ESNs yet… which I don’t understand…

  • nightscout13

    I am so mad right now, because of the weather on eastern seaboard, i won’t be getting my phones till MONDAY! WTF!

    • Q

      WTF!? Damn you WEATHER!!!!

    • JimmyJam

      Ordered 6/8 at like 7 pm. Have been charged and received fedex notification this am. phone has gone from west chester, pa to kearny, nj in 4 hours already. Shockingly might get phone by tonight

  • Butters619

    Nothing worse than getting your brand new powerhouse phone early and not being able to activate it

    • Doan

      How about not getting my brand new powerhouse phone until release?

      I’d say that’s worse. At least you can play around with it on WiFi.

      • steve

        Not true-it won’t let yo move forward in the menu. We’re stuck.

        • Doan

          There’s always a developer way to get past those screens. Try Googling or playing around with it. The phone I have simply requires touching each corner of the screen in order, then hitting home, and voila: I’m past the registration screens.

    • Art Holguin

      worse being on 4.1 and waiting for my “powerhouse” device only being on 4.0 ๐Ÿ˜ก

    • Gettinittomorrow

      This model makes phone calls too!?!

  • For the people receiving them early, has VZW convinced Samsung to lock the phone down more than the other US-variants?

  • Sp4rxx

    If it was anything like the RAZR activation problems, just activate online instead of OTA.

    Otherwise, wait for VZW’s support team to respond

    • LiterofCola

      There were Razr activation problems?

      • Sp4rxx

        Yep – I couldn’t activate OTA to save my life when I got my RAZR. After looking it up online that day, I found others had just went to their VZW account online and clicked on the link in their account to activate their phone….

        • Kristen

          this does not work for this issue – it gives an error and tells you that you have to call VZW

  • JJB_88


  • And even more are activating just fine.. It’s just normal new phone activation issues, there are always some accounts that require a little extra work.

    • Must be a pain for CDMA users.

      I’ve yet to ever experience any problems inserting a GSM SIM card into a GSM phone and getting it to register on the network.

      • I’ve never had an issue with it as a CDMA user. I’m sure just because you haven’t had issues doesn’t mean other GSM users haven’t.

        • Knlegend1

          To be fair, I’m sure he/she was speaking on behalf of his/her own experiences.

          • I’m sure they were, I wasn’t trying to argue that. Just keeping in mind that anecdotal evidence is precisely what it is: anecdotal. If they really do have access to Orange’s request statistics then I may be more apt to believe it but you know what Abraham Lincoln said: “People lie on the internet ALL the time.”

        • Sadly, I have access to Orange’s customer support request statistics.

          Sadly, Orange users don’t have such issues.

          • I’d love to see those, and I may be more apt to believe you (at least in Orange’s case) but I’m sure that’s not something you can just post willy-nilly. In the mean time I have to keep in mind Abraham Lincoln’s old quip: “People lie on the internet ALL the time.”

          • It’s more about the technology. There’re two cases where you might have issues registering on the network: 1st, your SIM is not registered, 2nd, your SIM is faulty.

            First case is extra rare, because the carrier is supposed to add your ICCID to their database when you obtain the SIM from them. Sometimes you can input the ICCID manually on the website.

            Second case happens due โ€œwear and tearโ€ (there are rare cases of DOA cards, but normally you insert it into your phone right when you get the card โ€” at the carrier’s office or at a cell phone shop, thus, if it’s DOA, you get a replacement instantly). There are also very old SIM cards that aren’t USIM (and 100% of cards issued in the past 5 years are USIM; no one issues regular SIM ones any more) and thus usually fail to work with 3G-capable devices.

            (LTE uses the exact same USIM cards as 3G GSM networks.)

      • caddy197

        I have yet to get rid of my unlimited data plan or yet to be throttled by a GSM carrier.

      • RWW56

        LTE > GSM

        • Once you go to LTE, the issues outweigh by the amazing speed. I dont think i could go back to a screen under 4.3″ and a non lte phone. it just would be a waste.

        • LTE = 4G GSM.

        • HueThree

          I totally disagree. HSPA+ 21 is just about as fast as LTE and battery life is about 2.5 times. My GSM Nexus get about 30hrs (3hrs screen on), and my old Verizon LTE phones would get about 10-12hrs. I get 8mbps on the GSM Nexus and I got about the same on my Verizon LTE phones.

          • TD

            GSM = mediocre latency

          • Anthony White

            @stelv81:disqus You only got 8mbps? I constantly get 20+mbps on my Gnex on LTE in a MAJOR city, LA.

          • Anthony White
          • Verizon’s LTE is just slow.

            For example, on LMT’s LTE network (Latvia) you can easily get 98-99Mbps.

          • Rob

            Wait, wait, wait, you’re comparing the LTE of Verizon to LMT? How many subscribers do they have?

          • Mike

            There are more subscribers in one state here in the US than there are in the entirety of Latvia.

            Just FYI.

          • There are more cell towers in a single US city than in entire Latvia.

          • yarrellray

            Anyone voting this down is just plain stupid. This posting is based on his experience and I too have left Verizon for Tmobile. Why because GSM TECHNOLOGY IS BETTER THAN CDMA. I owned the CDMA VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS until June 28th when I sold it. I couldn’t get a signal in my house and I was in a major LTE MARKET. Even at work in Manhattan all my phone did was switch from LTE to 3g constantly which massively drained my battery. Enter chance to Tmobile and gosh what breath of fresh air my Galaxy S3 gets top signal at home and at work and with 42+mbps gsm speeds I am in love with Tmobile and my Galaxy S3. Tmobile worked where Verizon didn’t and big reds coverage maps claimed ultimate coverage with the biggest prices which was paid for 8months but the service was dead poor we won’t even discuss the fact that Verizon SUCKS MAJOR ” A” when it comes to updates. The Galaxy S3 is major especially on Tmobile this device will have clearly the best battery life out of any other carrier model. Tmobile rocks plain and simple Verizon is overrated and overpriced LTE network simply a joke…

          • Brian Davis

            Claiming that LTE is generally inferior based upon your small sample size (1) and anecdotal evidence “is just plain stupid” and reflects a lack of critical thought.

        • Andrew Akker

          You know that LTE is GSM, right?

          • Butters619
          • [email protected]

            your source is really Wikipedia? LTE technology is based on gsm technology its not the exact same thing!

      • JulianZHuang

        there are always this one “******” appear.

      • Trevor

        This was kind of a turd thing to post on a predominantly VZW site, but I have to say, I do miss the freedom GSM gives the consumer to switch phones on a whim. I hope that when Verizon’s network becomes 100% covered in LTE, there will be LTE-only phones released with easy sim-switching like GSM phones.

        • I also hope it happens for VZW users. It’s not their fault that the most robust carrier uses a proprietary and outdated standard (I mean CDMA2000’s 3G capabilities โ€” ignoring the almost nonexistant EV-DO Rev.B).

    • Dude

      Mine activated with no problems. I followed the guide that comes in the shipping box. You call a number and activate the order before turning on the new phone. Checked my account, still have unlimited data.

      • Joe

        Thanks man, I was one of the idiots having trouble until i read you followed the instructions. Imagine that, follow the instructions, how novel.

  • Mark Bishop

    Should I give my wife the Nexus and use the GS3, and sale her Droid RAZR? Or, take the GS3.. let my wife keep Droid Razr and sale the Nexus? Need input!

    • chris125

      use sgs3, unless you are a crack rom flasher but even then the sgs3 is going to get a lot of support anyway.

    • BSweetness

      Maybe you could ask your wife what she wants.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Sell…the Razr… or you could just ask the woman what she wants

    • smok3d

      Let her play with both phones and see which one she prefers…

    • Jordan Webb

      You could ask your wife what she wants instead of the internet?

    • LiterofCola

      Depends on what she wants, She might like the GNex or Razr for her own specific reasons.

    • Bionicman

      i’m giving my wife the Galaxy S3 even though I have a GNex. and yes i did think about giving her my GNex and getting the S3 myself but i do feel the S3 is best suited for her. especially the social features which i wouldn’t need/use (probably cause im a recluse haha)

    • sc0rch3d

      if you’re a crackflasher, keep the gnex and give her the S3

    • Mark Bishop

      My wife doesn’t care. She likes the Razr but she’s fine with either phone. I just can’t decide between the Nexus or GS3.

    • bikerbill

      Sell razr root nexus and run jellybean and keep it and give wife sg3

    • Sell the wife and keep both phones, use titanium back up and switch daily based on how it matches your murse.

    • Mark Bishop

      I rooted my Nexus and have Jellybean, which is amazing. I use my phone for calendar, email, work, etc. more than her. That’s why she doesn’t care all that much. So I’ll probably sell the RAZR and keep GS3 and Nexus. I just have to decide which I want to use.

    • Well this is a conundrum, I would have her kept the Razr and do whatever you would liked with the Samsung devices.

  • htowngtr

    I had activation problems even with a new SIM on my GNex a few weeks ago. I just honestly think their activation system can’t really handle SIMs all that well.

    • SIM cards have generally nothing to do with old-style CDMA activation.

      To โ€œactivateโ€ a SIM card the carrier only needs to input that SIM card’s number into their database (to whitelist it and connect a number/account to it). It isn’t done OTA.

      • htowngtr

        Their system said it was “stuck in the switch” for almost 48 hours so basically I couldn’t call or text anyone outside of GVoice. I had data but no phone number registered. I do think their system is still a bit wonky with the SIM and old CDMA style activation in the same system.

        • Kevin Matthews

          I tried to go from my old X to a GNex on the 3rd since I didn’t know when my GS3 was arriving. The data activated fine but I also have no voice/texting on the VZW network now. They said that because my account was in a PRN (preorder) status that it wouldn’t allow the full activation to take place. I also can’t just switch back to my X. Thanks VZW! Your systems are awesome!