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Verizon Galaxy S3 Pre-orders Shipping or Arriving as Early as July 5? (Updated)

If you pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon, you can check your order status to find out your expected shipping date. For many of us, the date shows as 7/9, but for some it could be 7/10 or even 7/11. With a launch date now set for July 10, some of you have already mentioned being a bit put off by the idea that you may not receive yours until the day after the phone is made available.

Well, what if they started shipping long before then? According to Verizon, some pre-orders could arrive as early as July 5, this Thursday. We have no idea if this means all, some or just a handful of lucky pre-orderees, but that should make at least a few of you happy. Post-4th of July present?

Be sure to let us know if you receive a notification that your device has shipped.

Update: Β Customers are starting to receive shipment notifications with an arrival date of July 6.Β 

Cheers Eugene!

  • jboogie1289

    Ok, this is the last post I’m going to do until I have my phone in hand sending Oo’s and Ah’s from it. I talked with VZW CSR for the 3rd time today (in hopes of getting the right answer), and spoke with a nice young lady. I told her I was wanting to find out the status of my Preorder on my GSIII and that my CC was charged last evening around 7pm. She quickly said, “Oh yes, your phone was shipped out yesterday. Oops, hang on a sec, let me check this (and that)”. To make this short, she then came back and said well we won’t start shipping the phones out until the 10th and then made mention about even the preorders from 6/4 will be fulfilled in time. LMAO!! These people are clueless and hilarious on top of that.
    Cheers to those of you that have confirmation on your sets.

    • achaff86

      They’ve told me 3 different times that my phone was shipped yesterday but still no shipping info

      • jboogie1289

        What the crud!!! Sigh!!!!

        • achaff86

          Have you gotten an email from Verizon yet??

          • jboogie1289

            Unfortunately NO. πŸ™ Have you?

          • achaff86

            No πŸ™

          • Jay

            Someone’s a little antsy I think…

          • achaff86

            Just a little lol

          • Jay

            I know a few people that work at a Verizon, and they admit that they are terrible at sending out confirmation shipping emails. But they encourage to keep checking your status of the order to see whats going on.

          • achaff86

            They told me I would get shipping info tomorrow since today is the 4th but then when I called a noon the guy told me it shipped and this lady told me it shows that it shipped then another pages says its pending. So i’ll just wait to see if I get an email tomorrow! I am very impatient Lol

          • Jay

            You will get it soon enough…Im looking forward to getting mine, but dont want to take the hit in my back account yet.

          • achaff86

            My account got hit twice by verizon…. almost $300 for the phone and another $100 for my bill πŸ™

          • jboogie1289

            Maybe if I go to bed early, I’ll have a nice surprise in the morning, maybe in the form of an email stating my shipment will be delivered today before 5pm.

          • achaff86

            I’m hoping to get an email when I wake up it would be really super nice to get it tomorrow since tomorrow is my anniversary

          • jboogie1289

            Well, no luck there. Drat!!! Oh, Happy Anniversary to you!!

          • achaff86

            Did you get an e-mail?

          • jboogie1289


          • achaff86

            Just got an e-mail I will be getting my gs3 tomorrow!!! πŸ™‚

          • jboogie1289

            Yeah, so did I. Funny though, VZW’s site said it shipped out 7/3 but FedEx’s site says shipped out on 7/5. Anyway, I’m so glad this is over. Hopefully I can get it activated before I go in to work tomorrow night!!! If I don’t hear from you again, hope you enjoy your phone!!

          • achaff86

            Yeah, me too!! Now I hope I get my case tomorrow lol It was suppose to be 2 day shipping but it says standard overnight shipping but I’m not complaining i’ll have it by 11am bc the fedex guy is always here before 11 I hope you enjoy your as well

          • Jay

            When did you order yours?

          • achaff86

            6/6 at 8:09am

          • achaff86

            No e-mail but I called verizon they still said it shipped so I called fedex they said they have nothing maybe i’ll get the e-mail later today!

  • greg916

    I just got my shipping number it’s about time I got a broken screen on my thunderbolt and it’s time for a new device

  • magic8ball

    Ordered 16gb White on June 6. my order status says it was shipped on July 3!!!

  • Will84

    Hope yal Enjoy the new GS III this week. guess im the poor sucker who will have to wait until next week.

  • Ethan

    Ordered 16GB Blue model around 2pm on 6/10. Called VZW around noon today, CSR claimed that all phones were going out on the 9th; called back an hour later, different rep said same thing. Since we know this to not be true, I’m under the impression that most CSRs are not going to be giving accurate information.

  • k.sae

    Ordered mine on 6/6 10am PST. Package was picked up in West Chester, PA and has a Seattle delivery date of 7/9. 16gb white.

    • Alix8821

      Seattle from PA by the 9th?!?! Then my date of 7/9 to me in NJ is DEFF WRONG!!

      • jw

        I agree mine is to albany, ny and they are saying the 9th. I can drive there in 5 Hours! why should it take almost 5 days!

        • k.sae

          i’ve actually had packages that arrive in my city from fedex, but sit there until the ship date. But I hope you guys get yours soon.

          • Alix8821

            That’s happened to me as well. but common… No offense to yur situation, but I’m 2 hrs away, yur across the country. Shouldn’t have same delivery date. Just shouldn’t

  • Just looking to help out:
    (Blue 16gb)
    Received an email now @ 3pm on the 4th stating my phone shipped out yesterday with a tracking number.
    So those of you with your fingers crossed still have hope even though it’s a holiday today.

  • Tony31lv

    Ordered day 1 about 715am, 32gb white.charged cc yesterday received email today says shipped yesterday and tracking number. Still not found in FedEx system. I’m in Vegas. Hope the info helps u guys, I didn’t see many comments about the 32gb white

    • I also ordered the white 32 gb. my tracking number is not found either and it shipped yesterday. some times it takes time to process.

    • achaff86

      I called verizon, and they told me my s3 was shipped yesterday but they didn’t have any shipping info to give me all he told me was that I would get an email probably tomorrow and get my phone either tomorrow or friday I ordered the 32gb white on 6/6

  • KSoriano32

    mine shipped yesterday but the fedex shipping number info says Not found

    • yea so did mine i guess we just have to wait till they update the tracking number

  • tj707

    Got my email today saying my s3 shiped. Order placed 1 hour after pre order started.

  • UPDATE: I have a tracking # but no tracking information but I just received an automated call from Fed-Ex stating that my phone will be here tomorrow and requires a signature…w00h00!

  • axxis

    i got the email this morning preordered on the 6th still no delivery date though… white 16gb already have my case screen protectors and extra batterys ready to go!

    • Chronon7364

      Out of curiosity, what did you get for extra batteries? OEM or third party brand?

      • axxis

        third party hyperion friend had luck with them for htc thunderbolt..

  • gkinsella2

    Just talked to Verizon…if you have been charged, but have not received your shipment confirmation, it’s “in process of being boxed up for shipment”. Should go out tomorrow with today being a holiday.

  • Mr. Wiggles

    Has anyone heard any word of when Best Buy preorders ship? I heard the 15th, which is absolutely ridiculous. At that point I would cancel my order and go pick one up in the store.

  • Got charged late last night, around 6:30PM PDT and just received a tracking #. No information on the fedex side but it’s a step in the right direction.

    Ordered: 6/6 4:18AM PDT
    Model: Blue 16G

  • corkis84

    My blue 32gb s3 shipped on July 4th. Estimated arrival is on the 9th with 2day shipping.

  • mine shipped and says it wil be here on the 9th yet it states 2day air which would be friday

    • corkis84

      If it was picked up on the 4th it wont be moving anywhere that day. They might as well had said picked-up on the the 5th. No shipping on Saturday or Sunday. So the 9th it is.

  • Darren

    Ordered on 6/8 and no updates on my status, but I am sure they are working on all the 6/6 orders and going from there

  • Shawn

    ordered mine on 6-11 and nothing yet. still shows 7-9 to ship. im a sad panda

  • nightscout13

    YES! My 2 white 16GB GS3’s shipped this morning! I had pre-ordered on the 8th…..

    • houston1128

      Where do you live?

      • nightscout13

        Sacramento, CA

        • houston1128

          I pre-ordered mine the 7th andim still waiting for mine to ship
          i live in south florida

          • nightscout13

            Seems they are not shipping in order then
            I placed my pre-order late afternoon on the 8th. Sorry you have to wait still, I was already getting grey hair from waiting till the 9th….

  • nom

    Just got a shipment confirmation email this morning after seeing a pending charge on my credit card since yesterday afternoon. It’s already been picked up West Chester, PA..estimated delivery is Mon July 9th though lol…tracking page does say Fedex 2Day, so here’s to hoping it’ll be delivered quicker by Friday or Saturday πŸ™‚

    (I preordered the white 16 GB within 15 minutes of being available online for those wondering)

  • What is the benefit, if any, of ordering the 32gb s3 over the 16gb version if the phone can accept a microSD card? I ordered the 16gb version but am having second thoughts for the larger size. Please let me know

    • The benefit is more internal storage but you can just buy a 32g or 64g microSD and call it a day.

  • Brett

    mine shipped…arriving by 3pm July 5th!!!!

    • achaff86

      what color and size? My cc was charged yesterday for the white 32gb and it hasn’t been shipped yet!

      • jboogie1289

        This is quite odd. The selection process doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I’ll just wait and see what unfolds.

        • achaff86

          a lot of people must be calling customer care bc i’ve been on the phone for 20 minutes and haven’t gotten anywhere yet…

          • jboogie1289

            Was on the phone with them and had to wait for about 10 mins to get hooked up with a CSR, just to get disconnected. I wa like WTF!!! Called back and got in a lil faster just for them to tell me it is being shipped if your CC has been charged and possible delivery could be tomorrow or Friday at the lastest.

          • achaff86

            hopefully, they told me mine was shipped yesterday because my cc was charged but since today is the 4th of july fedex isn’t open so I won’t get any shipping info until tomorrrow. I’m going to call later and see if they say something different

          • jboogie1289

            So what time did you notice that your card was charged? I noticed after 7pm last night. That’s when I checked the order status page and it too was updated, just without carrier info and tracking link.

          • achaff86

            My card was charged at 8:25PM last night

          • thedk10

            I work for verizon and the reason being it took so long is cause of the colorado fire they evacuated are biggest call center so everything is getting rerouted lol ordered my gs3 16gb blue june 20th from my store and still havent got a email or anything

          • achaff86

            Yeah, I live in northwest Ohio and I have been without power for 6 days now!

  • Themanhere10

    I ordered 16 g blue on 6/14. No Charge on my card and no email yet…

  • houston1128

    Did any order a white that has shipped? I see a lot of people talking about the blue version.

    • jboogie1289

      Waiting on that same thing, ordered 32gig Tight White from South Houston store. Money gone but no email……yet. Grrrrr!!!!!!!

      • houston1128

        I ordered mine the 7th and I live in south florida and still no email yet

    • jboogie1289

      Good question. Has anyone in the Houston Tx area have email confirmation email yet?

      • achaff86

        Just called verizon, my phone shipped yesterday but since today is a holiday I won’t receive my shipping info until tomorrow but he told me i’ll get my phone either tomorrow or friday

        • jboogie1289

          What was the number you called? Guess I need to make another call to see if I get the same information.

          • achaff86


          • jboogie1289

            I tell you, those CSR’s aren’t worth a crap sometimes. Bottom line is, if they charged your CC yesterday then it has already shipped. As for email confirmation, that could either come today possibly or tomorrow. Still threw that 7/9 crap out there but chances are it will be there tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Geez!!!

        • Hey just a heads up, they should have some kind of shipping info for you if it shipped yesterday. I just now received an email stating my phone shipped even tho it’s the 4th

    • jerm

      mine is white and it shipped out of memphis last night

  • just recieved my shipping confirmation which shows it has been picked up and will be here FRIDAY!!!!

  • Just recieved my email confirmation that it shipped just now!!!

  • sanjpanj

    I pre-ordered 7/3 so no doubt mine will ship late (7/11?)
    32gb blue.
    Order is in process: estimated ship at 7/11
    Will be pleasantly surprised if it ships before it’s released in stores.

  • Sky_Guy

    No post on Sundays.


  • Marc D

    I ordered my S3 on 6/17 any chance I will get it early like everyone else.

    • Julian Monroy

      I ordered a 32GB Pebble Blue on 6/16. Hoping that I will also be getting it early too. (crosses fingers) Oh the agony of waiting!

      • Santos

        I also pre-ordered on the 16th… I think we’ll be way later than the others…. Probably August… πŸ™

    • Shea

      I ordered mine on 6/17 as well white 32gb and no email and no charge yet πŸ™ keep us updated if anything changes please πŸ™‚ I want my phone sooo bad!! Glad I’m not the only one being impatient over a phone lol

  • Melly

    I ordered mine 8 days ago and it hasn’t shipped yet. Why!!

  • Well, I ordered my 32GB blue S3 at around 8 AM on 6/6, I got a message that its on hold being processed to be shipped, but still no shipping notification. Hoping they work through the night to get it out!

  • UPS

    I called Verizon and spoke to a supervisor. He said that it was a error on the shipping dates and that all pre orders will be shipped on the 9th. Verizon is sending out emails to people who have received a shipment notification letting them know that the corrected date will be the 9th.

    • UPS

      Why are you downing this have fun waiting for your phone on the 5th

  • AVW

    This is getting redundant, but mine has also shipped. I’ll have it by the 6th. Good times.

  • Woot! Mine is going to be in my hands on July 5th ;D

  • Brian tesoroni

    Got my order confirmation at 7:06am… I called Verizon and they are
    denying that any phone will be shipped… I have no idea how Verizon is
    sending out phones.

    • Melissa Allen

      Just got off the phone with a rep and she said the date for all shipments is the 10th and doesn’t know why people are getting their tracking info already….This actually doesn’t surprise me because Verizon reps don’t usually know what they’re talking about. Ever.

  • BlueMouseBlues

    Dammit to hell. My first call they weren’t even open, and the 2nd call was a few minutes later the rep even made the comment I was the first person to pre-order the S3 from him. No charge on my CC and the order status still says the 9th. I guess it’s not first come first serve, as people who ordered the same phone hours after me are already seeing tracking #s.

  • Starchild323

    Add me to the party. Checked my credit card balance and saw where I was billed for it. Received email tonight, due to receive on 7/6 Yipee

  • Ryan Simon

    Mine hasn’t shipped yet but my card has been charged. I’m expecting an email tomorrow morning from Verizon. Ordered my 16GB white on 6/13.

    • KnightA12

      Same-credit card charged, but no email yet. 16GB White. Also I want to get the Otterbox Defender case but its not avail anywhere πŸ™

      • Shea

        Yeah even otter box site says you can’t get anything but black at this time

        • KnightA12

          I ordered a similar one today from case mate, the Phantom model. Use the 4July coupon for $10 off.

          ….and I got my tracking number from VZW for the GS3 this morning.

  • Tom Dwenger

    mine just shipped and is saying the 5th for expected delivery

    • achaff86

      When did you get the email from verizon? I was told they won’t be shipping more out until tomorrow morning

  • DontBeConfused

    WOW.. what the F***??? I pre ordered it on June 6th, at 730 am EST. I was given a ship by date of july 9.. i haven’t gotten ANY email, and NOW, my ship by date is July 11th. REALLY???? WTF VERIZON

    • thatsdapper

      Same here

      • thatsdapper

        16gb white?

    • BlueMouseBlues

      You’re not the only one. I called in early enough that the east coast office wasn’t even open and my ship date still says the 9th. No charge on my CC either. This blows.

      Edit: 32gb blue.

  • pedrodepacas

    PendingCollapse transaction
    Transaction date:07/03/2012Transaction type:Temp Auth / Pending PymtReference number:TEMP

    A temporary authorization is an approved transaction that has not yet been posted to your account. The amount of the transaction has been deducted from your available credit. Normally, a temporary authorization converts into a posted transaction, but if the merchant doesn’t complete the transaction it will expire and the temporary charges will be removed. A pending payment is a payment we have received from you and is in the process of posting to your account.

    • pedrodepacas

      just checked my account, this popped up today, hopefully they ship soon!!!

  • Piotr G.

    Just checked my credit card..I have a charge pending from verizon.

    called verizon number and it says mine has shipped with estimated delivery of 2 days =O

  • npompei

    Just charged my bank
    Ordered first day around noon
    16gb white
    No shipment info
    But checked round 7pm tonight and nothing, now charged! Lets hope it got shipped before tomorrow the 4th

  • Coderedpl

    Mine says the 9th….what kind of bs is that ;(

  • i dont get why some people are complaining that they wont get theirs until after the launch… who cares!? .. the MAJOR point of pre-ordering this phone from Verizon was that those of us with unlimited data didnt want to be screwed sideways after the 28th and be forced into buying full retail. So who cares if its a day or two late after the official launch!! people need to chill !

    • npompei

      Oh I completely agree. Its like everΓ½one else not on Verizons 4g – shame. But this is good news!

  • airplane

    I ordered on 9th, lot of wait πŸ™

    • i ordered on the 27th at 4:50pm at a local verizon store before it closed at 5pm and my ship date still says july 9th haha

      • airplane

        I am sure 27th orders wont be getting it any sooner than June 9th orderes πŸ˜‰

  • Brian SGS3

    I ordered on 6/27 to keep unlimited data. I was told by a rep that even though it says 7/11 that is shipped by and they anticipate getting all pre-orders shipped before the 10th at the latest (before the general release). Next round will be on Thursday. Many orders and takes time. Still ahead of schedule which is unheard of for VZW……. I remember with my Droid X the backlog was tremendous. I am hoping to have the S3 in my7 hands before the 10th

    • Dave

      My situation exactly

  • Barbarella9

    Received an email from Verizon with shipping number and link to Fedex to track shipment. Shipment will be delivered on the 5th by 3pm.

  • still getting mine next week. seems like Verizon dont care about certain customers.