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Google Now/Voice Search Tip: “Do a Barrel Roll”


Yep, they brought it to Google Now and the new Voice Search too.

Cheers Nick and Derek!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Do a barrel roll.

  • Aardvark99

    Possible source and 39 more cool things:

    Edit: OK now a front page story – but it wasn’t there when i posted this… 😉

  • Heartless12

    they should just change the name of this website to SAMSUNG-LIFE because thats all what they talk about, nothing but Samsung products -__-

    • will bartlett

      jelly bean is an android product. cry more.

      also there was just a post about a bionic.

      • will bartlett

        i was referring to you talking about “nothing but samsung products”. i proved you wrong by stating they posted about a bionic. you attack me. grow up. if you dont like what they are posting dont read what they post. simple as that

        • Heartless12

          The way how it was stated in ur sentence made it seem as u were assuming that I did own a bionic but what I am trying to say is that it is once in a blue moon u see another product being talked about

          • RandomJSF

            This sort of comment does come up every now and again. I’ll say the same thing as I did last time:

            This is a privately-owned website. Droid, while originally referring to only Droid-branded devices, is more a euphemism for the entire Android community than anything else, at least in the opinion of the general public. As a privately-owned website, they could run articles about animal husbandry if they so chose; and if would be up to us, the readers, to simply not frequent the site if we didn’t like that content.

            Whenever news comes up in the Droid-branded world, it shows up here. But the Android world is significantly more diverse than just the Droid-branded world. With I/O just having finished, Jelly Bean is the hot topic, so there will be many articles regarding Jelly Bean, and thus the Galaxy Nexus, as it is the only commerically-available device (that I’m aware of) that has Jelly Bean builds out.

            I, for one, am very glad to have a site I can visit that aggregates a wide range of Android news into one location. The Droid-Life twitter feed is among those I check regularly to stay abreast of developments in the Android world.

            There was a time when almost all the news here was about the Motorola Droid X. The HTC One series has its time in the spotlight. The Galaxy Nexus and SGS3 are Samsung devices, and they’re the source of most of the news at present, so they’re most recently in the spotlight. The torch has been passed before, and it’ll pass again.

            Admittedly, it does hurt a little bit to continually hear cool stuff about devices one may not own, but I’d rather suffer that and have a good source of news, than for the site to be brand-specific and have to pass on info from the Android community at large.

            And yes, I know. TL;DR. I’m venting more than anything else.

      • Liderc

        He didn’t say you had a Bionic moron. He said they made a Bionic post, aka they don’t only post about Samsung, moron.

        • Heartless12

          Mind ur business no one is even talking to u foh

          • will bartlett

            you are being an idiot. they post about EVERY DAMN ANDROID PRODUCT. is the nexus 7 a sammy product? i dont think so. is the Gnex the only phone with jelly bean right now? yes? then thats why there are sooooooooo many posts with the gnex attached. find another phone with jelly bean and they will post about that. now shut up and stop being stupid.

          • will bartlett

            “they should just change the name of this website to SAMSUNG-LIFE because
            thats all what they talk about, nothing but Samsung products -__-” this is what you said. nothing about jelly bean. everything about samsung. you lost. shut up.

  • dat white nexus is hawt

  • Knlegend1

    That almost made my day lol.

  • Google 1 ups iOS again. I just did this on the Chrome App on my iPhone 4S with the speech recognition in the search bar. Very cool. Siri only takes me to a web search and then does a barrel roll once the search pulls up.

  • LeDiva

    Have you checked for the “Zerg Rush” Easter Egg? Is it possible the phone is just interpreting whatever code the website itself provides?

    • It does not :(, I am going through and testing all of the Google easter eggs I can remember.

    • Jarrett Guma

      zerg rush is friggin awesome! I didnt realize at first that it was a game

  • anezarati

    try that in the desktop chrome search bar…

    nm: looks like that is old news haha

  • I like asking it “what is the answer to life, the universe and everything.”

    • Askew works as well, although when I tried recursion the other day it did not work.

    • PrjctArchAngel


  • SquishyBuns

    I used to love Peppy

    • pezjono

      …but then I took an arrow to the Slippy!

  • BootAnimator

    Haha. Its the little things

  • jldleo

    Why was i waiting to see your phone do a barrel roll.. Duh

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • derekross

    Noticed this last week 🙂 You can also do Flip. And please stop calling it Google Now. That is NOT Google Now. That is Voice Search.

    • Mack

      Actually, he did that while in Google Now.

      • derekross

        From inside Google Now he tapped the Voice Search button, the same button accessible from your home screen…. the same button that’s there in ICS. Google Now is closely related to Voice Search. They are not the same product though.

    • Google calls the interface he was in “Google Now” where you have your weather, calender, ETA to work, etc….a whole new sleek interface. Not keeping the name Voice Search is only fitting since it has been updated.

  • T4rd

    That’s not just a Google Now tip. You can do/see the same thing when you search “Do a barrel roll” in the browser (on your phone or PC). 😉

    • Aardvark99

      Right, I think the only reason this looks new is that Chrome can now render this animation. the stock browser (at least my 2.3.4 version) doesn’t support this HTML effect it seems.

      • T4rd

        Hmm, stock browser on ICS should support it. It does on my Gnex (4.0.4 atm).

        • Aardvark99

          I guess there is an extra roll before the results appear – so that’s new.

  • Sean Livingston


  • Sean Livingston


  • htowngtr

    lol, gotta love Starfox