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Android Distribution Charts Updated – 10.9% of Devices on ICS

The Android team updated the distribution chart for July and Ice Cream Sandwich numbers look to be growing at a steady rate. Back on May 1, we had ICS on only a low 4.9% of devices, but those numbers have more than doubled, which I’m sure many DROID RAZR and MAXX owners are quite happy with. Gingerbread still leads the pack with an enormous 63.6%, followed next by our beloved Froyo at 17.3%.

No mention of Jelly Bean yet on these charts, but that makes sense seeing as how it technically isn’t available yet. We will start to see it grow very slowly by the end of the month once they release it to the AOSP. Reminds me that we are fortunate to have such an awesome community of developers who are already pumping out JB ROM’s for multiple devices.

Via:  Android

  • chris125

    Hopefully with all the sgs3 that ICS number will increase a lot.

  • I’ve always had the latest version, give or take a few weeks, on my Incredible and now Galaxy Nexus. Have never rooted. I’m happy. If people care about having the latest and greatest they’ll have it one way or another. If theres all these clueless people out there on old versions its probably because they dont care. They see updating as an inconvenience, dont want to upgrade to a new device, or generally dont care about the new features. Why make a big deal about supporting these people when they could really care less about it? I’m not saying its not a problem at all, but for the most part I think It’s just an argument for nerds to debate endlessly.

    • bakdroid

      Should be…..couldn’t really care less 😛

    • One of my phones is on Gingerbread because that is the newest available (Droid Charge). It has nothing to do with not caring. 😛

  • PC_Tool

    This will jump considerably once the SIII hits the US (Verizon), as well as with the inclusion of JB on the Nexus devices, come mid-month.

    • This will jump considerably come mid-month once it includes all the RAZR and RAZR MAXX phones, too. Note that it says the data was collected “over a 14 day period ending July 2.” That means that for most of that period, most RAZR and RAZR MAXXes didn’t have ICS yet. So the number today should be higher than in this survey.

  • sith77

    IF VERIZON would just release the damned finished ICS for the rezound we could get this chart filling alot better. BUT because their heads are so far up Motorola @ss we have to wait for THEM to finish rollout first. pathetic

  • ocdtrekkie

    I was told Jelly Bean would be on the chart because of I/O folks like myself. But with the ridiculous number of Androids today, I guess 12,000 devices doesn’t even make a statistically significant number.

    • michael arazan

      Did they say at I/O when JellyBean’s release date or guesstimate would be to maybe a certain month?

    • GazaIan

      The tiny 10% represent several million devices. 12,000 is nothing.

  • Gerolux

    Devices still running cupcake and donut… I think people with OG droids need to stop holding out and update their software.

    • bakdroid

      Cliq? lol

    • Blood

      You can thank Motorola for that. My sister has the Motorola i1. The only reason it still has cupcake is because that’s the only version of android push 2 talk is compatible with,

    • Scott

      My old OG Droid was updated to Froyo officially, but I had it running on CM7 just fine.

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      OG Droid released with Eclair :). I’m thinking the old G1 for those OS’s

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This is the fragmentation chart – it just points out how absurdly fragmented this OS is. This is not a good news type chart.

    Glad a paltry 10.9% of devices are now on what’s already going to be old software here when JB hits.. but wait, JB will likely only end up on 5.9% of devices. The rest will still be trying to get to ICS and the remainder.. well, they are just SOL.

    • bakdroid

      There is no fragmentation. Show me a chart where iOS or any other OS for that matter has 74.9% of all users on the latest 2 versions. Guess what, there are none. Stop believing everything you read in BGR. If you are having fragmentation issues with apps, blame the developer. It is their laziness that is making the app not run.

      • justbaum30


        While none of this is official data, trends show that about 85-90% of iPhones are running iOS5 after 6 months. Very small percentage of iPhone users are running 2 versions ago…

      • Narf

        Doesn’t exist. Why? Because 80% of iOS users are on the most RECENT version, not the latest 2 versions. No, sorry, this isn’t the developer’s fault. Android 2.x is a mess… slow, buggy, and fragmented.

  • bakdroid

    74.9% of devices on the last 2 official versions (GB and ICS) is pretty impressive. Fragmentation is a thing of the past.

  • gokusimpson

    I’m surprised at how many devices are still on Froyo

    • bakdroid

      A lot of GS1 type devices are still on Froyo because Sammy botched the GB update for them.

      • Can you elaborate a bit more on this GS1 upgrade issue?

        • bakdroid

          The GB builds for the GS1 type devices sucks. I have a number of friends that updated via Kies and they came to me trying to find a way back to Froyo because their devices lagged and ran like crap. This was even after factory resets and anything else that people were suggesting. That and most people don’t know how to even use Kies. T-Mobile and AT&T not using OTA pushes is truly a fail for carrier support.

  • Very Sad

  • Mordecaidrake

    Isn’t too bad, but Google really needs to force manufacturers to upgrade the phones faster. I never understood why they didn’t just release phones with purge Google experiences and have their custom skin garbage just be a launcher the user could turn off/not use if they wanted.

    • JoshGroff

      The FCC and carrier delays have much more to do with it than the skins, see how long it took the VZW nexus to get 4.0.4?

  • djyosnow

    So do I blame my shitty android experience to my os or the fact I have a Droid Charge 🙁 guess I’m fd either way with 6months to go and shit options to even think to stay.

  • I would like to see the iOS distribution too. Most iPhone users I know are don’t care enough to update their phones or go through the process which involves backing up to a computer. I assume there a tons of iPhones on iOS 4.0 or older.


      Haha, I actually know a girl who has been too lazy to connect her iPhone to her computer to upgrade to iOS 5…which is ironic because after that, she wouldn’t need to because of OTA updates introduced in iOS 5. Been trying to convince her to come to the light side ever since.

      • Steve Wojciechowski

        I know a girl who unfortunately can’t upgrade to the latest OS because her Mac OS needs to be updated, which in order update the Mac OS she needs newer hardware. No wonder apple has so much profit!


    The Gingerbread section of the pie chart is slowly looking less and less like a green Pac-Man…

    • Liderc

      lol, well played.

    • Setzer83

      Yeah, it’s basically a dying pac man.

  • nightscout13

    JB should be on here, even if it’s on only 0.01% of devices

    • leoingle

      This chart was probably calculated before it came out.

    • KleenDroid

      Sadly there may not be any phones that are official. Everyone that has a Nexus can have it but not many more. Heck some phones only just got ICS within the past few days.

      But I agree… it would be cool to know how many of us are rocking JellyBean.