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Video: First Look at the Google Nexus Q

Now that we have the Nexus Q set up, Google’s odd little media sharing device was just asking for us to show it off. Before we do that though, I feel like I should share some thoughts that this video won’t touch on.

First of all, if you aren’t familiar with it yet, I’ll do my best to try and describe it. The Nexus Q (pictured above) is a media sharing amp of sorts, but the media sharing is limited to Google Play Movies and TV, Google Music, and YouTube. Your friends, as long as they have a compatible device, can share their Google Play media to it as well as long as they are connected to your WiFi network. Google wants it to be a social media sharing experience. 


Second, this is clearly a beta product on the software front. The Nexus Q itself feels like it has been made with amazing materials, but I can’t say as much for the actual app that is used to set it up and maintain it going forward. As you will see below, the app will list out all of your Nexus Qs (assuming you have more than one), let you tell them to allow guests to connect, adjust lighting, and even take you into an 8-ball-esque Easter Egg. That is, if you can ever get to it without the app locking you out.

What  I mean is that when initially setup, the first device you use to do so is essentially the administrator. Every other device you attach after that is simply a “guest.” The problem with that is the fact that the Nexus Q app continues to think after a few uses that my admin device is no longer an admin. You can imagine the problem there, one that only a factory reset will fix.

The app is also really finicky when you start attaching multiple guests to it. For example, I added my Galaxy Nexus as a guest and it won’t let me add any music to the queue or even play it through the Q for that matter. I can get videos and YouTube to work, but nothing on the music front. The only device that I can control music from is the initial admin device.

So far, the Nexus Q software has its pros and cons, but it definitely needs some lovin’ from the Q team in order to be ready for prime time in the next couple of weeks.


This device is so sexy. I mean, who ever thought they would have a Sentinel from the Matrix on their media stand, creating beautiful lights and giving you the ability to quickly share some of your favorite media? It feels like a bowling ball in hand, has a top that rotates to adjust volume, an NFC chip inside for easy connectivity, and gives you all of the audio and video out jacks you could ask for. It lacks an actual speaker, but that shouldn’t be an issue to those that already have a home theater or sound system.



  • Southrncomfortjm

    This device will make a lot more sense once its rooted and can become the hub for all media in your house (there is no way I’d get this for $300 and then have to purchase enough new media to make it worthwhile), but even then I’m not sure its enough to warrant a purchase. Assuming I get this correctly, the device can send media to your connected TV or sound system… so how would this be any different from having a laptop set up to do the same thing? Is it just the ability to control it remotely with an Android phone or tablet? I want to understand this thing, but I really just don’t get its purpose.

  • Michael Franz

    Let’s all remember, its a “Nexus” device. This means eventually it will get rooted, unlocked, rom’d. This will have the potential to do more then just google play. That will be up to the dev community once they get their hands on source code for the Q.

  • Steve Douglas

    I love the idea, but it needs to add functionality to stream media other than from Google Devices. With some software additions, I would be very interested!

  • enob

    You really need to have Jelly Bean? (3:15) So like one out of ten friends can use your Q with you.


    Come on, Kellex. I don’t think someone would buy this specifically for their bathroom…

  • TheWenger

    For 100 bucks I’d consider it. But until then, no way.

  • Jamal Stephenson

    Am I the only one that thinks that devices like Pocket TV will reduce Goggle’s focus on true g
    Google tv?

    Sorry for the double post the full link didn’t go.

  • Jamal Stephenson
  • Jamal Stephenson

    Am I the only one that thinks products like Pocket TV (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/484889112/the-pocket-tv-makes-any-tv-a-smart-tv) will replace Google TV or devices like the Nexus Q?

  • nightscout13

    DLNA or GTFO

  • Nicholas Sparks

    George Lucas may sue next for it looking too much like the Death Star.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Yeah but can you play a movie already on your SD card? Or does it have to be a purchased movie from Google play?

    • nightscout13

      That’s the downside. So far only the content purchased from Google Play can be played. (someone correct me if i’m wrong)

      • 4n1m4L

        nah, your right. But at least now (or soon at least) you can buy from google play instead of just renting. Maybe google will let you put movies on your drive someday and use it that way. that’d be awesome.

        • michael arazan

          What is the radius of the Q? I thought it would be like wifi and cover the entire house, he was talking about having more than one for other rooms? Can you share music with friends, other than playing other playlist, can you use this to swap music with friends?

          • 4n1m4L

            No, but if they are on your Wi-Fi, they can add their music to the playlist. I’d imagine as soon as they leave your Wi-Fi so does their music

  • Jeff Tycz

    Can you plug the device into a home theater system and use that to play music and watch videos?

    • 4n1m4L

      yeah, as long as its music that is uploaded to your google music, or videos that you either bought from play, or are on youtube…. for now.

  • slamman1937

    I think that it is cool for a party to have a tablet sitting there for people to update the music. Kind of a cool idea. I can see google updating it over time. I will pick them up at 150.00 on ebay 🙂

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    No Thanks… I will stick with my Logitech Revue… Then when the pocket tv comes out I will go that route…. I think google failed on this venture….. That’s not a bad thing though, it just means they or someone else will bring something much nicer/ better to the table….

  • master94

    So it just is a NFC chip in a ball. Cool. Wish it had built in speakers.

  • sparticus78

    Maybe good for a bar or social club

    • ice456789

      Uh, no. You want people at a bar to play music from their own collections!?! Think about what you’re saying! Every other song would be Rick Astley or Mr. Trololo.

  • CapnShiner

    As a proof of concept, The Nexus Q is kind of cool, but with a ridiculous price point, buggy software and not much desirable functionality, I don’t think this is worth mass-producing.

    • 4n1m4L

      everyone is complaining about the software. THE THING HASNT BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED YET!!

      • CapnShiner

        Good point. I guess I just have high expectations because it’s Google.

  • Michael G

    Yeah this would be cool if it were cheaper and could stream other content.

  • mike vallejo

    This thing looks like a baby sentinel ! Kill it with fire and take the red pill !

  • I think this is going to run into some of the same problems as WiDi (from Intel). Most people who are tech-savvy enough to use it are getting their data sent to tv through other, higher-bandwidth means. Chances are, I am not going to have a movie on my phone that I am dying to play at a friend’s house who happens to have a Q.

  • Sirx

    $300 to watch Youtube and ONLY Google Play content?!

    When you see Google Wave please say hello for me 🙁

  • Why would they release it with that many bugs? This is what kills androids reputation

    • c4v3man

      That’s the thing, it’s hasn’t been released with bugs. The device hasn’t been made available yet in retail, these are the units given to developers so they can start programming for it… although I’m curious how much can be done considering it doesn’t really have an interface, short of the Q app on an Android phone.

      I’d assume it’ll be much more stable by the time it’s actually released.

      • 4n1m4L


      • 4n1m4L

        Actually its got adb.

  • IMNS

    It is possible I am missing the point of this whole thing. Why would this be better than say – the entire “household’s” collection of media on a NAS that anyone can access when they wish. I live with my GF and for the most part, her taste in music sucks. I don’t want her messing with my playlists nor do I care what she’s listening to…just as long as I don’t have to hear it.

    The only way I see this being slightly more useful than the above is if you’re having a party and want everyone to be able to access the playlist for the party. Even then, I only see two potential outcomes: People sitting around obsessing over their android devices & not engaging with others at the party OR – people getting pissed off someone moved their Metallica track (legally purchased of course) for some craptastic pop song. All I can say to that scenario is: Winter’s Coming.

  • Droid Life needs to accept to obvious here. It seems like they are trying their best not to say anything negative about the Q, when 99% of readers can clearly see that this is overpriced and nearly impossible to justify a purchase, even if the software worked flawlessy (which it apparently doesn’t). You’re basically paying $50 for for something that will stream your media, and the other $250 to put a ball on your entertainment center.

    • 4n1m4L

      never played with pre release software huh?

  • Tyler

    Unless this thing has more potential then Google is showing us from devs using USB port, its not worth $300. When the price gets cut in half or a third then it would be worth it.

    • Even then? There are a lot of better alternatives, that are cheaper. I’ve got to be missing the overall point of this thing? They don’t actually expect it to sell well do they? I feel like it could hinder the Nexus name as well.

  • DOA

  • shamu11

    can you lock the screen on phone/tablet while watching movie on tv

  • SeanBello

    your 4th paragraph means this thing probably shouldn’t even be out yet, let alone $300.

    • 4n1m4L

      its not out yet.

      • SeanBello

        really?? cause I’m pretty sure over 1000 ppl currently own one.

        • 4n1m4L

          yeah, really. Google i/o is a developer conference. They gave these out at i/o in hopes that by the time it comes out developers will be on their way to making apps for it. Anyone who isn’t a developer and has one either attended the conference posing as a developer or bought it off ebay from someone posing as a developer. Currently available for preorder from the play store.

          • SeanBello

            It’s a developer focused conference, not exclusively for developers. There are also members of media there who also received the packages obviously for the purposes of doing reviews of the product.

            So since it’s “pre-release” in that it’s not coming out to the public for say…2 WEEKS (mid-July) and it worked perfectly, everybody would be saying how awesome it is but since it’s buggy and doesn’t work the way people would hope we’re to consider it a beta product that will somehow receive a massive overhaul and push to all devices in under 2 weeks?

            You can’t praise something that works great (Nexus 7) and then turn around and then make excuses (“it hasn’t been released yet!” is an excuse) for a device that is seemingly being released simultaneously. It doesn’t really work like that.

  • Sjschwar

    looks like something razer would make

  • MrEnglish

    Price needs to be 99 before I’ll even consider something like this. So far I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to replace my ATV.

    • Mack

      So why does this have anything to do with your All Terrain Vehicle?

      • Mike

        apple tv lol

  • Michael Gomez


    • WAldenIV

      How do you figure? This sounds like the same hot mess that the Xoom was when it launched. Google can’t keep rushing devices out the door without polishing the OS first.

      • Michael Gomez

        Do I know you? And why are you telling me your opinions?