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Verizon PR: ICS For the RAZR Available for Manual Download on June 30

If you have yet to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update on your DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX, you should be able to manually download it tomorrow, June 30. This news comes courtesy of a Verizon PR rep, which if true, would get them in on the Q2 deadline that Motorola announced a few weeks ago.

We know that many of you are frustrated and still without it even though the soak test was completed at the beginning of the week, so cross your fingers that this is finally it.

Via:  Twitter

Cheers Ross!

  • Ken

    Ice Cream Sandwich update totally sucks! To start with when you press the phone icon it takes you to the dialer, recent or favorites. That’s right no access to contacts here, you have to back out and access contacts seperatly. What a pain! Now how it messes with your Calender, for some reason I now cannot delete appointments that are in a previous month.I have called Motorola and all I got was an I’m sorry. Wow! You have really blew it on this one

  • Tommysmallss

    I notice with ICS, the battery drains excessively with WiFi. I have 4G turned off, but I keep WiFi off when I don’t use the phone. The battery life is much better. Is this intentional by Verizon to keep people on the network instead of home WiFi?

  • Got it! DAWESOME!

  • Scott

    Really loving ICS on my Razr. It feels like I got a new phone 😀

  • tj

    I love it except the notification bar is tiny n u can barely see some running weather apps but other than that its awesome. Oh n the fact that the slide lock can’t b used with pin. Waaalol

    • tharealoc

      make sure you uncheck the box that says lock when power button pressed or something like that, then it will revert to pin lock after your specified time

  • Just downloaded on my RAZR Maxx and its badass!

  • Just got mine! Downloading it now!

  • Mike

    Was able to pull the update @ 6AM in NJ. Took about 15 min over wifi

  • pyro26

    Just checked… Still not there

  • Josh

    Just want to confirm it. I’ve started to download it at 6am on June 30th

  • ant

    Northern Cali….. got it around 10:30pm last night.

  • Got it! Can’t believe they kept their word! Such a happy girl!! Pull the download from settings/my phone/update

  • KHUT

    Downloading now in Newark DE!

  • tj


  • bigupz

    Got it, and its sexy as hell

  • rockon1334

    Downloading now. Riverside california. 11:17 pm

  • Tony

    Downloaded and installing in Los Angeles at 11:12PM!!!!!!

    • thrilled

      Ditto! Not just Razr Maxxs, also Razrs (to clarify).

  • anthonyyy

    Downloading in palm springs California 11:01 PM June 29! 🙂