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Verizon PR: ICS For the RAZR Available for Manual Download on June 30

If you have yet to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update on your DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX, you should be able to manually download it tomorrow, June 30. This news comes courtesy of a Verizon PR rep, which if true, would get them in on the Q2 deadline that Motorola announced a few weeks ago.

We know that many of you are frustrated and still without it even though the soak test was completed at the beginning of the week, so cross your fingers that this is finally it.

Via:  Twitter

Cheers Ross!

  • Ken

    Ice Cream Sandwich update totally sucks! To start with when you press the phone icon it takes you to the dialer, recent or favorites. That’s right no access to contacts here, you have to back out and access contacts seperatly. What a pain! Now how it messes with your Calender, for some reason I now cannot delete appointments that are in a previous month.I have called Motorola and all I got was an I’m sorry. Wow! You have really blew it on this one

  • Tommysmallss

    I notice with ICS, the battery drains excessively with WiFi. I have 4G turned off, but I keep WiFi off when I don’t use the phone. The battery life is much better. Is this intentional by Verizon to keep people on the network instead of home WiFi?

  • Got it! DAWESOME!

  • Scott

    Really loving ICS on my Razr. It feels like I got a new phone 😀

  • tj

    I love it except the notification bar is tiny n u can barely see some running weather apps but other than that its awesome. Oh n the fact that the slide lock can’t b used with pin. Waaalol

    • tharealoc

      make sure you uncheck the box that says lock when power button pressed or something like that, then it will revert to pin lock after your specified time

  • Just downloaded on my RAZR Maxx and its badass!

  • Just got mine! Downloading it now!

  • Mike

    Was able to pull the update @ 6AM in NJ. Took about 15 min over wifi

  • pyro26

    Just checked… Still not there

  • Josh

    Just want to confirm it. I’ve started to download it at 6am on June 30th

  • ant

    Northern Cali….. got it around 10:30pm last night.

  • Got it! Can’t believe they kept their word! Such a happy girl!! Pull the download from settings/my phone/update

  • KHUT

    Downloading now in Newark DE!

  • tj


  • bigupz

    Got it, and its sexy as hell

  • rockon1334

    Downloading now. Riverside california. 11:17 pm

  • Tony

    Downloaded and installing in Los Angeles at 11:12PM!!!!!!

    • thrilled

      Ditto! Not just Razr Maxxs, also Razrs (to clarify).

  • anthonyyy

    Downloading in palm springs California 11:01 PM June 29! 🙂

  • justpaigee

    my phone successfully downloaded and installed it and is now frozen on “android is upgrading starting applications” should i restart my phone???

    • tharealoc

      it appears mine is doing the same thing..

      EDIT: all better just had to wait it out

    • justpaigee

      i restarted it and its awesome a little slow at times

  • razrmaxxuzer

    Legit, just checked and my update at 1 am and it is ready to be downloaded. Columbia, South Carolina

  • jonj95835

    Downloading ICS now just tell your phone to check for update

  • columbus_droid_fan

    Mine is downloading in Ohio now! 35%!

  • Reedster

    Ice Cream Sandwich is downloading now on my Razr Maxx. Im in North Carolina. It started for me at 1:20am.

  • excited!!!

    Getti g the update now!!!!! Everyone check ur phones it should be there waiting for you

    • yesyesyesyesics

      i just got mine too i was about to say the same thing until i saw your comment.

  • jchuckii09

    Downloading now!!! 😀

  • Dominico

    I am finally downloading ICS. In ky.

  • atlambros83

    Downloading now in Atlanta…sitting in a strip club and sadly seeing it pop up was the most exciting thing of the night lol!!

    • tvjrc603

      I think that is the nerd test, my friend…and yours came back positive.

      • tvjrc603

        (as did my own)

        • atlambros83

          Haha well if it’s worth any bonus points, I’m the manager so I’m at work but I’m not gonna lie, even if I wasn’t I’d still be more excited for the update. 😛

  • Just pulled the OTA right now 😀

    • Denny

      Downloaded, Installed, and lovin it!

  • Coolio

    I was about to go to sleep, but I checked one last time for the update and it was there 😀 ! Eastern va.

  • cswain22

    its available in ks as of midnight.

  • Rich

    o/ Just arrived on my 2wk old Maxx and my wife’s Maxx (arrived today) after doing manual check. Looks like its a go!

  • atlambros83

    anyone got it in Georgia yet?

  • josh

    Downloading now in Atlanta! 1:20 am June 30th

  • VZW

    ANNOUNCEMENT.. the OTA has been officially pushed, check your system update. Enjoy!

  • Hibily

    Its for real. even in ferntucky, nv

  • razrguy

    Just got mine in St.louis

  • bhous10

    Getting it as i type Jacksonville NC 1:17am


  • tharealoc

    Same here in California! ICS here I come!

  • Greg

    I am downloading it now on all 3 of my phones in Colorado. just went to about phone, check for update. click download. woot woot.

  • JH

    YYYEEESSS!!!! Finally, started downloading 15min ago. Porltland OR! It’s actually being pushed out. My work productivity sucked this week with the 500 times checking for updates and reading forums and Droid-Life Comments. All weekend to play now!

  • Owewil3225

    Got it here in fl but i’m talking to my girl so it will have to wait. That’s true love

    • tvjrc603


  • Ethan

    I’m from Virginia and I’m getting the dowload now OTA.

  • DroidZ

    I’ve been hitting system updates forever now and right at 1:00am Update is available

  • Antho

    Just got it, right past midnight, Its really here!!!

  • Mines downloading as I type!!!! 12:04 Chicago

  • Cacti07

    Downloading in kansas city

  • Kyle

    UPDATE IS LIVE IN CAPE CORAL, FL Thank you Verizon/Moto!!!!

  • justpaigee

    Just started downloading!!! tampa FL


  • Cacti07

    Update downloading as i type this yes! I manually checked for update. So exciting!

  • Demonhunter

    Downloading it in Oklahoma City now! 🙂

  • Rippy

    Downloading now.CT

  • System is currently downloading update. Servers are life for a pull!!

  • Just pulled it from the settings -> about phone menu. 1:09 am, Ohio

  • Started Downloading ICS at 1:05AM Eastern Standard Time in Syracuse NY

    • Denny

      Same here update is downloading, Bradford, Pennsylvania, I am smelling the vanilla from the ice cream, so yummy

  • Angeleyes

    I had to change to 3G before it started the download…go figure. It’s downloading now….settting….about phone….system updates!!

  • ztw1217


    • tvjrc603

      Yeah, I’m not sure that that’s necessary…for me, anyway, I just checked and pulled it.

  • mecevans

    I got it finally!!!!!! 10pm central California.

  • Suniel

    Just started downloading in Massachusetts, can’t wait !

  • Sqwat

    12:05 Austin, manual download started

  • hombre

    12:03 am Ics is downloading to my phone. Southern Illinois.

  • Rhino S.

    Los Angeles here…just went to check and just started downloading as well! 10:05 PST.

  • Its live!

  • tvjrc603


    i went into ‘about phone’ and checked manually…and not a minute too soon, as i was about to start googling scott up there’s phone number..

  • mark keily

    1:04 am downloading the ota now.

  • Dameon

    Downloading it now!!!!!!

    • tvjrc603

      how? did you pull it, or did it just pop up?

      • Denny

        pull it

  • still loving this 2.3.6 ._. …..

  • Verizon Today “You can download the update tomorrow.” Verizon Tomorrow “We delayed the update until sometime in August.” Verizon in August “The Droid Razr Maxx’s hardware is too old to run Android 4.0 properly, but you can buy this new shiny Droid Razr Maxx NFC for the all new Ice Cream Sandwich Update.”

  • Cprsmrrcr3

    12:30 in ny, nothing yet, reallly hoping it helps ou with my problem powwring on since the last update!!!

  • guttatae22

    Downloading now

  • East Coast here. Still nothing. Hopefully it will either be 12 Pacific time or sometime later today. I sent the VZW Rep a tweet to ask about when today. Let’s see if he replies

    • DucatiMon

      Let is know if he replies. If he does then I will stay up and if not then Its off to bed and will MAYBE see an update in the morning. I’m not holding my breath though.

  • tim

    Midnight east coast time because that tweet was FALSE!!

  • Sp4rxx

    I’m not leaving it to chance – im manually updating with the xda post (found it elsewhere on the net but same tutorial as xda)

  • kmac1971

    At this point, Verizon & Motorola can both kiss my azz!

  • LTE4G

    I’m fine without it actually… rather keep my root 🙂

  • sith77

    F U verizon ………….. what about rezound that was promised ICS in early 2012 as part of the selling point for the phone ……… WELL GUESS WHAT 3RD QTR IS NEXT WEEK @22HOLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NightAngel79

    awesome! how bout the rezound VZW :p

  • mike

    I’m willing to bet when I check for this update tomorrow it still won’t be there..

    • Jjoador

      it’s here I just got the message and it is downloading

  • gregba

    Look at my page twitter page “@gregba7”. I wouldn’t be so sure its happening tomorrow.

  • rdoib

    Jelly bean is out and maxx owners are on their knees for ICS ..shame on moto and Verizon

  • djembeman

    This is great news! I can stop repeatedly hitting “System Updates” 25 it so times a day.

  • Skeyeillum

    The really crappy thing about the ICS. I have been in contact with several Verizon reps in the past two weeks. Yesterday, The advanced tech support got a email stating that the ICS would be available to manually download on the 29th. When tried to download it. Nothing happened. Called back in very upset, The refurbished phones that they are sending out this week has the ICS pre-loaded on them. WTF?? If they can put them on the refurbished phones, why can’t they pushed the update OTA??

  • RnR

    They suck for taking so long.

    • Really? Only 7% of Android devices have ICS. You COULD have had ICS earlier if you wanted to be saddled with a clunky Google Nexus. Good luck with that. This is not an update, it’s a major upgrade. Every underpinning has been revamped. I’ll wait until they get the bugs out.

      • RnR

        I really do love this phone better communication by verizon would have made it way more bearable. I’ve been waiting for the video- camera operation improvements. RnR

  • I just spoke to motorola tier 2 tech support and i was told that pulling the update will not be possible. The only way it’ll work is if they sent you a notification and you didn’t actually receive it.

  • I’m too lazy to scroll through comments, does this mean we can pull the ota at midnight tonight?

  • HotwingCindy

    Verizon is throttling my 4g. Them hos need to stop! I have 4g for weeks then recently it drops in and out. Im worried that no 4g is whats blocking ics.

  • nightscout13

    I feel bad for my fellow Big Red comrades.

  • enob

    LOL how many people changed their date to tommorrow… just in case there was that 1% chance it would work

    • Waiting one

      I moved my date up 2 years and got jelly bean!!!!!

      • Yeah, well, I accidentally entered 1994 and got a Motorola Flip Phone.

        • Bionic


  • wheres my jellybean for razr maxx?

    • Rishi

      just wait for about 10 years….it’ll come 🙂

  • Gary Terpak

    Anyone know if it speeds the camera up, ala, the ICS on the Nexus?

    • djembeman

      What do you mean speed up the camera? The stock Gingerbread camera on my RAZR MAXX is amazingly fast!!!

      • Gary Terpak

        The camera is almost instant capture on the Nexus with ICS. The camera on my Droid X and now Razr Maxx (Gingerbread) both have a significant lag when taking a shot…

  • Verizon is to worried about their new tiered plans to give a rats ass about ICS for Razr. They just worry about how to rape the consumer not how to make them happy.

    • Drama Queen much? ICS has been in development for MONTHS. And, for the record, Motorola is releasing the update through Verizon. Verizon does not develop Android operating systems. Your rant makes as much sense as an iPhone owner blaming Verizon for Apple not releasing iOS 6 yet. Anyway. there have been over 8 versions of ICS that Motorola has been progressively been testing. The current one, .211, works great and is worth the wait.

  • Gui

    BEGINNING saturday

    Don’t worry folks, next year we will be able to get it manually (:

  • FortitudineVincimus

    ICS.. ha ha and JB was just announced and already on several devices in 24-48 hours.

    can you say: frag-men-ta-tion

  • nsbjj

    ICS will be released for the Droid RAZR/Maxx before the of Q2
    (11:59pm on 6-30-12)

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    That’s old news jelly bean for Gnex owners yay!!!

  • With the PDK Motorola now has no excuse for for lack of updates

    • dangolds

      Not to mention the fact that they’re now owned by Google. Would JB by November be too much to ask for? Just pray Motorola doesn’t release a slew of phones over the next 6 months or else us Razr peeps will fall to the back of the line.

  • KniteLyf

    ICS is so last week. GNex FTW!

    • jak_341

      I called this a month ago! The GNex would see a Jelly Bean ROM before the Razr had Ice Cream Sandwich! This is a Motorola fail of all Motorola fails.Lol!

      • Diablo81588

        You said that already.

  • Wes

    Maybe someone more technically savvy than I can explain why Apple is capable of releasing simultaneous updates to all its devices at once while motorola smartphone/tablet users are left with ‘soak tests’ and ‘rollout schedules? If it was a matter of bandwidth, wouldn’t iOS devices fall victim to the same constraint?
    No hard feelings to Verizon/Moto – I’m thrilled to finally recieve the ICS upgrade promised to my phone before… that is, RIGHT before the end of Q2.

    • Stavros Papastavrou

      The dont do over the air, they do online !!

      • Yes, they, do!

        I’ve gotten all update on my iPad 2 , and, now, iPad 3 over the air. . . And it was to everyone at once. . . B but I did have to “pull” it like we do on our androids thru settings, so maybe that’s what you mean?

        • Really, though, it’s still the same, as most people download via wifi if possible, so the diff is moot. It sseems. . . .

      • dangolds

        Who cares whether it’s OTA vs plugged into your computer while synced to iTunes? The bottom line is the Apple upgrades are reliable and timely. The Android upgrades are more like a bad game show……”Is it behind door #1, door #2 or door #3?”

        It’s too bad, because the android software itself is terrific.

    • Friend

      all iPhones are the same and run identical software therefore making it easier to update. Apple also has access to their own source code so they can push updates whenever they want.

      Android manufacturers need to wait for Google to release the source code. They then need to write the code for their skin and then QA it.

      I’m sure Apple is done with iOS 6 and has been for some time now. They have been QAing it since then but we just don’t hear about it.

      • Wrong. iOS 4, 5, and 6 will not work on original iPhones. iOS 4 and 5 will not run on an iPhone 3, etc etc etc.

    • It’s because they have to wipe their sweaty nutsacks of bloatware and custom skins all over the face of google’s updates.

    • mustbepbs

      Because there’s no middle man. Apple makes iOS. Apple makes their handsets. They don’t really have the downfalls that Android OEMs do. And they also have carrier’s nuts in their grasp 😛

    • FortitudineVincimus

      This is the essence of the fragmentation of the Android platform.

      3 possible Android OS’s running now, on numerous carries across hundreds of phones & possible configurations

    • Baimer420

      Because apple has what a iPhone,iPad and iPod. they all use the same software… As for android there are how many different devices.. So it takes a little longer to make sure its perfected on all the devices…

  • Well I guess I’ll be stayin up late tonight. . . . A this point, I’m so g-damn frustrated with effing updates –from my OG Incredible, to my Thunderbolt , and now my Razr–I’m edging to give my iPad 3 an apple companion!

  • well they said Jelly Bean for the nexus in July,, so im on verizon so i’m guessing its July 2013

    • Jwhap

      I have it now…..

  • Droidzilla

    Crap; I already downloaded it. Sorry, Verizon.

    On a related note, ICS on the RAZR is off the chain! It’s so awesome, I used a dated hip-hop term to describe it.

    • balthuszar

      so it’s fire?

      • Droidzilla

        Diesel fire, son!

    • ragg

      Where did you download it from?

      • Droidzilla

        There’s a thread on XDA about it.

    • kregs

      Ha love the “off the chain” and the ” I used a dated hip-hop term” made my day.

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Awesome! In related news, Jelly Bean is great. Sorry, I had to.

    • balthuszar

      we’ll let you beta test it, and then when it’s really ready for big time, we’ll have it

      • tvjrc603

        exactly..,and, if you happen to notice that the radio and battery both suck, don’t worry – it’s not Jelly Bean, it’s just the G-Nex.

      • Jack Coleman

        dude i don’t think the razr is getting it, we get one more update after this, i bet.

        • balthuszar

          one more update after this would be to jb

          • Jack Coleman

            no a bug fixer.

          • Jack Coleman

            but i havent found any bugs.

  • Michael_NM

    When does the VZW Galaxy SIII get Jelly Bean?

    It’s never too “soon” to start asking. 🙂

  • psynpo

    Whats a manual update

    • stupidllamam

      its where you hire a Mexican to do it for you.

      • Diablo81588


      • tvjrc603

        i think that’s a Manuel update.

      • eptvato73

        Y que rollo si te parto el culo puto?

  • I got it and i love it!

  • john

    Or you could upgrade to the nexus and have either ICS or Jelly Bean now. 🙂 Sorry, had to say it.

    • john

      I thought I was in love with ICS. But now that I have Jelly Bean, I found a new love. JB is SOOOOO smooth and faster. Also, just to make matters worse for you RAZR owners, its better on the battery.

      • my maxx’s battery is just fine..I want ICS soo freaking bad though..ahh..why did Verizon even mention they were releasing it LAST friday if it’s still not here..it’s ridiculous..oh well..still excited for it though..but Jelly Bean does look amazing..that’ll be another long wait..oh well..i’ll live

      • tvjrc603

        better on battery, eh? like, all-day battery? or day-and-a-half battery? didn’t think so.

    • dangolds

      I would totally upgrade to the Nexus…..if I thought it was a real upgrade. Better software situation and screen resolution? Absolutely. But way too many reviews/complaints about poor battery life and bad cell radio/call quality. These are all equally important aspects, so in my mind both phones are lacking to some degree. And that’s the downside if the android experience in a nutshell – the best hardware devices aren’t prioritized when it comes to timely software updates. The best android device on the market should always be running the most up to date software. Right now, that is not the case (eg no jelly bean for Galaxy SIII or HTC One series anytime soon).

    • GetALife

      Silly me I thought this was about the Razr getting ICS not what a nexus troll has to say!

  • Anthony

    Technically the Q2 wasn’t a deadline but a start date for the OTA. They never said everyone will have ICS by Q2. They said rollout begins Q2

  • Waiting for the first person who gets to go all Eddie Murphy on us. “I have some iiiiiiice cream, I have some iiiiiice cream! Wanna lick? PSYCHE!”

    • m1ghtysauc3

      Delirious. Nice.

    • Baimer420

      You dropped your ice cream!!!!

  • Gary Terpak

    So midnight then?

    • mustbepbs

      11:59:59 PM

      • I’m stayin up.

      • DucatiMon

        Now we talking east if west coast cause its 12 on the east and it still ain’t here!

  • Pfigurella

    I’ll believe that when I have it on my hot little phone!

  • not sure I’ll get it pushed tonight, so tomorrow morning manual push it’ll be…if Verizon actually holds true to something…

    • Wes

      Tomorrow night @ 11:59:59PM they’ll start allowing manual updates.

  • ztw1217


  • Ken

    But if not, it will be coming soon.

    • **rolls eyes and makes jacking motion with hand**

      Yeah, soon.

  • Taylor Daniels

    ICS on the Razr is beautiful!!! But hopefully it doesn’t take 6-7 damn months for the next update.

    • Mordecaidrake

      I doubt you’ll see Jelly Bean 🙁 Unless of coarse you root.

      • Taylor Daniels

        As long as it doesn’t take a year, I’ll be fine. And no I haven’t rooted my razr. I don’t have a need to, and I don’t wanna risk it with the whole non removable battery situation

        • MyStroPro

          What would rooting have to do with the battery? What’s the concern? I can understand flashing, but rooting… huh?

          • Taylor Daniels

            In case I mess up on something

          • will bartlett

            that doesnt make any sense…

          • Taylor Daniels

            When I had my droid x and when somehow my phone was messed up during the rooting process, I pulled the battery did some other stuff and started ove

          • will bartlett

            ok…what matters is that you did the other stuff after a hard reset. you can do that on the razr. i think its holding power and volume down. does the same damn thing as pulling the battery

          • Taylor Daniels

            I didn’t know that, but I don’t really have a reason to root on this phone so it never really mattered to me

          • MyStroPro

            As @Fozzybare:disqus pointed out — a hard reset of the phone is accomplished with Vol Down and Power buttons held for 10-15 seconds. Same as a Battery pull or the hard reset on an iPod/iPhone.

      • ApplesNAndroids

        I bet the RAZR sees JellyBean:-)

      • Diablo81588

        Not true. JB is an incremental update so the RAZR will see it for sure. No telling how long it’ll be though lol

    • No Jelly Bean for you

      Jelly Bean in 2015 at this rate!

  • TrollFaceKilla


  • MrSteve920

    Way to just barely squeeze into that Q2 deadline…

    • stupidllama

      this is my thought too, and lets not forget they didnt even give us that date until what the middle of may.

      • Yeah, I kinda thought at the time of their “release” announcement on the 22nd, that it was just smoke and mirrors to buy them some time. ” . They basically lied !

        • stupidllama

          well i wont say they lied, but they were never forth coming on what exactly the situation was and when things were likely or even hopefully would happen, they said nothing for the the better part of 6 months, and then all of a sudden it was by the end of Q2, if they would have said that in January I probably would not have bought the phone, oh well, i do love the battery. I mean something is wrong when the dev community (who do this in there free time) can get updates out faster, or at the very least do a better job of keep us up to date on their progress then the big time manufactures. Its kinda sad, but from here on out is nexus or die for me.

          • michael arazan

            When the first razr was sold last year it was Q1 of 2012

  • Stavros Papastavrou

    sure we will see, do not beleive