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Version 2 of Google Drive SDK Announced at I/O, Full Mobile Support for Android and iOS

Google Drive has not been official for all that long, but Google is hoping to extend its reach with the new version of the SDK for the application that is tooled just for developers of mobile apps. The new set of APIs will allow applications a lot of new features that developers can integrate to use Google’s cloud storage service.

Using a secure Drive API, users will be able to open, edit and save documents to Drive through applications. There’s even an “open with” feature where you get to choose what application you open a Drive document on. There are more changes than that hidden under the hood of this SDK update, and developers should be using them on your favorite apps pretty soon.

Via: Google Developers Blog

  • One of the reasons Google thinks a minimal amount of memory is all that is necessary on Nexus 7.

  • Murphy

    I already left Dropbox, and came crawling back. Don’t make me do it again.

    • I have bounced back and forth so many times, its sad. What set’s GDrive apart is that every file’s contents are indexed so its easy to stuff. That being said, Box.com gives away 50GB with little effort, and if you leave your account dormant for a while after opening they will enable the sync app. So now I have a 50GB sync option on Box.com for free. That is tough to beat. I have about 35GB of cloud storage. My ISP hates me.

      • Murphy

        Yeah, I have Box.com, GDrive, Dropbox, and now Cubby. At least I have options?

        • Hehehe – Me too. – and Gladinet to access them from a single folder from the desktop, SMEStorage to backup / sync them completely in the cloud… plus more. I am a cloudy mess – but if there was a asteroid hit, I have a good chance at being able to access my files from somewhere.

          • michael arazan

            I have box and drive and got the 50gb box offer. Too bad box won’t allow hd video uploads, that’s why i got the drive to upload the hd videos i take with my nexus to keep my phone free of space.

  • patrick


    working version of jelly bean for verizon users
    it’s running flawless on my device

  • patrick

    there’s a version of jelly bean available for vzw galaxy nexus
    for rooted devices i installed om my phone and its running flawless so far here is the link

    just download the file move it to the phone storage wipe everything and install from zip

    • michael arazan

      Is it the full JB? With everything they have showed us so far?

  • Gritchu

    Ok, so who can name all the software belonging to those icons? There are a few i can’t seem to pick out. O.o

  • pezjono

    Hellooooo cloud based game saving! I foresee my future of ROM switching to be much easier with the added benefit of seamlessly switching between my phone and tablet!