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Verizon: Data Widget May be Gone, But the My Verizon App Still has Everything You Need


When Verizon killed off the data usage widget from the My Verizon app earlier this week in preparation for the launch of Share Everything plans, many of you shared your concerns. It was understandable that you would be concerned, especially knowing that data limits are shrinking and having on-demand access to your usage will be key.

We suspected that Verizon simply killed it because it would no longer work properly with shared data, but that something else was likely in the works. While they didn’t necessarily say that a new widget will be here any time soon, their corporate PR reached out to let us know that business is as usual in the app aside from the widget. 

The Data Widget was retired in anticipation of the launch of the Share Everything Plans. Customers can continue to use the My Verizon app (available on all Verizon Wireless smartphones) to monitor data, voice and text messages.  Verizon Wireless has added an enhancement to the My Verizon app that will allow customers on Share Everything plans to see and manage their account level data use.  Additionally, customers on all plan types can continue to dial #DATA or visit MyVerizon.com to view their data usage.

I know that the widget was very popular with DL readers, so hopefully they find a solution soon that will work going forward. In the mean time, you will have to open the app from time to time to check on your data usage status. It’s an extra click or two, but at least you can still do it from your mobile.

  • Aron

    There’s a new 3rd party set of widgets on the Play Store now called Verizon Usage Widgets.

  • ct400

    My husband & I just upgraded our phones and do not share data. This will be the case for the next two years…. so, even though we are not on the lovely “share everything” plan, I will not longer have the widget. I’ve only had it for about 2 mos, but I found it VERY useful, since I have the $15/150 mg data. Obviously, I need to watch usage closely. It would seem that a customer should be able to CHOOSE if the app is right for THEMSELVES. Not for verizon to decide for me. Wonder how t-mobile’s coverage will be 2 years from now…… ??

  • Still works on my maxx running ics

  • Sp4rxx

    I don’t know how long they are going to take to phase it out, but I still have mine and it still works….

  • GK

    So that you can lose track of data and rack up charges easily…

  • Chris

    I still have the widget on my MAXX. Not sure, though, that it it has everything I need. Maybe I’m missing it, but I can’t seem to get a breakdown of texts and calls for each line on the account from my phone. So if I want to see who my kids are texting, I have to check it out from the home PC.

  • Suralin

    They removed the widget to make it harder for non-power users like you and I to not be fully aware of their data usage “at a glance”. By taking out that easy to use front-end, they’ve made it all the more easier for a user to go over their limit.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yep, this is the only reason Verizon removed this feature, and Droid Life is sucking on Verizon’s teet and being dishonest pretending like they don’t know the real reason for this. Gee! Verizon PR reached out to you! Well I sure would believe anything Verizon tells me, it’s not like they have shown time and time again to care more about sucking every penny they can from their customers than they do about consomer loyalty and satisfaction. Anyone who would trust anything Verizon says, is either completely oblivious or just a complete moron. We are talking about a company that continually removes features, then adds on new fees at every turn, for no reason other than pure greed.

      Remember this is the same company that tried to tack on acouple of dollars on to your bill when you PAID THEM with your credit card, and had the insulting nerve to call it a “convenience fee” before it was shot down down by customer backlash. Verizon removing the widget is just an extremely shady way for them to help you have overages so they can gobble up more of your money.

  • TheRock

    why is everyone baby about dumb things. You can still log into the verizon wireless website, you still have #data you still have usage alerts, you still have the app. Droid Life is becoming a place where people come to whine about everything. The smell of estrogen is so strong here.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      It’s because we all don’t have a testerone-filled, gay @ss name like “TheRock”. Please forgive us for caring about Verizon being money-grubbing whores, oh manly man.

  • jeesung

    My Verizon app gives a “can’t connect to server” error on Razr Maxx.

    Oddly, Verizon Data Widget & Login to Account on Verizon website work fine.

  • Sith77

    It has everything i need huh , Does the my Verizon app have the OTA ics for the MY REZOUND ……….. Anyone …… Verizon ………. Hello ……….. No I didn’t think so . Thank god for HTC leaking it on their site and I was able to get it from that information .

  • What’s interesting, yet not very surprising, is what I found out after chatting with a rep for 30 minutes last night regarding this “Share My Wallet” plan. It seems Verizon is a big fan of rounding up data to the nearest GB. The rep informed me that they cannot simply keep track of every MB logged so this makes it easier when dealing with plans/bills. Food for thought.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Except they can IN FACT keep track of all the megabytes, how else would they know the gigabytes? Even when you view your data usage, you can switch between KB, MB, and GB, so the most definitely know how many megabytes your device has used. Don’t forget this is the same company that would charge several dollars of overage fees by going over by mere KILOBYTES a few years ago.
      As shown by this viral, classic video that I still love to watch:

    • evltwn

      LOL….Share My Wallet…that’s exactly what they should have called it.

    • ScottyByrd

      This is the same company who even just yesterday swears the customers asked for these plans. Not only that though they swear that most of us will save lots of money switching to it. LOL. pathetic

  • Silver Veloz

    My widget is still there and working – Droid Bionic (stock).

    • tehsusenoh

      Probably because you haven’t updated the app. Save that apk!

  • cadillachanley

    My widget is still working RAZR MAXX

    • evltwn

      same here on my MAXX. 🙂

      • enob

        Same here on mine 🙂

        • rawson815

          Same here works for maxx……..doesn’t work on nexus due to the JB i pushed today!!! Or any custom rom for that matter

  • Never updating it.

  • Just don’t update.

    • Jason Brown

      lucky for everyone that doesnt have to update. i tried that and i would get notified that there was an updated version and i would have to update. i tried to ignore it and i would just get kicked out of the app. =(

  • brian

    I’ve still got the Widget on my MAXX rocking ics

  • I think this is a good move on part of verizon. As it would confuse people and make them think that they have more data than they actually have. I actually like it, because I don’t want other people on the line thinking they are getting more data. Instead of using less than a gig on average they might actually use more, lol.

  • Cowboydroid

    I disabled that app almost after receiving my Nexus. Verizon has been trying to lose my service almost since I signed up 3 years ago.

  • enigmaco

    I still have the widget weird

  • BigRedGuy

    Was my comment deleted?

    • jeesung


    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Seeing your shill-like screen name, well I don’t even have to have seen your comment, to assume why it was rightfully deleted, you filthy shillhole.

  • soremekun

    I’m still using the data widget. Turned off automatic updates for it. Gonna see how far I can ride it out…

  • BigRedGuy

    They did away with the widget because it only reflects the individual device usage, which has the potential of confusing a customer that is sharing data with other devices. It makes more sense for a customer to pull up My Verizon and look at the entire plan’s usage instead of just their own.

  • cobjones

    I pay my bill with it, but that’s it…
    Unlimited Gnex

    • Droidzilla

      Auto-pay and get rid of the crappy app.

      • cobjones

        Company line.. And they won’t let me autopay.

  • kselby

    Good thing the app never works on my Galaxy Nexus.

    • “You need to install the Verizon login client”

      • And why is the one for my device incompatible with my device

      • tehsusenoh

        Same crap for me. Kind of sucks, but there’s always #data or the website.

        • michael arazan

          Nexus, the bastard child of Verizon. Making Nexus owners Rebels with a cause.

          • tehsusenoh

            Well, I have a Bionic.

      • I had those same errors when I rooted my Rezound and removed a bunch of Verizon bloatware. Ever since then the data widget only works when I’m on wifi. On 3g/4g, I get those error messages.

    • Liderc

      good thing I can just hit data usage and not need an app on my screen.

      • Asmodai

        Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are saying the “data usage” that comes on the phone only tells you how much data you’ve used on THAT device. If you are on a shared data plan you have no idea how close you are to the limit since you don’t know how much the other plan members have used.

        • Liderc

          Ah, sorry I’m on unlimited.

        • I’ve found that when you are on 3G you get only your device status, but if you are wi-fi it will let you see all devices like the website. The problem is you have to constantly toggle the wi-fi and re-enter your different credentials. What a pain. The 3G should show you all devices on the account the device is attached to.