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Thursday Poll: What’s Your Favorite New Feature in Jelly Bean?

It’s time for the big question. What new feature in Jelly Bean is your overall favorite? The one you can’t live without. For some, it may not be an easy question to answer. With a load of new features being introduced like Google Now and Expandable Notifications, Jelly Bean is so far the greatest Android release to date. Let us know down below how you think the new additions weigh in.

What's your favorite new feature in Jelly Bean?

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  • cknight91

    Everyone saying that project butter is the best feature, what ROM are you using? I installed Vicious Liquid V2 and it was kinda laggy at certain points.

  • cknight91

    Google Now/Advance Search is easily the best feature so far. But the navigation bug was annoying the hell out of me so I restored back for now.

  • jquest68

    My favorite feature is the “shut off” button, lol. well, everything looks like ICS. Its not released so how can I make a judgement on whats my favorite thing on Jellybean? I think that Android is like Windows, so many OS and they all look the same. The icons are still the same crappy ones from ICS. You have the soft keys that looks way better than the regular home icons, which by the way should have been the icons for the phone. You have a minimalistic style UI with some horrible icons. I think if you’re going to make a phone that has that flat minimalistic style then make the whole phone that way. Don’t get me wrong its ICS looks cool with all its functions. But, I give a thumbs down on the icons. So now, Jellybean is following the same style and again its the same crappy icons. Nothing new and creative on the icons there.