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Thursday Poll: What’s Your Favorite New Feature in Jelly Bean?

It’s time for the big question. What new feature in Jelly Bean is your overall favorite? The one you can’t live without. For some, it may not be an easy question to answer. With a load of new features being introduced like Google Now and Expandable Notifications, Jelly Bean is so far the greatest Android release to date. Let us know down below how you think the new additions weigh in.

What's your favorite new feature in Jelly Bean?

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  • cknight91

    Everyone saying that project butter is the best feature, what ROM are you using? I installed Vicious Liquid V2 and it was kinda laggy at certain points.

  • cknight91

    Google Now/Advance Search is easily the best feature so far. But the navigation bug was annoying the hell out of me so I restored back for now.

  • jquest68

    My favorite feature is the “shut off” button, lol. well, everything looks like ICS. Its not released so how can I make a judgement on whats my favorite thing on Jellybean? I think that Android is like Windows, so many OS and they all look the same. The icons are still the same crappy ones from ICS. You have the soft keys that looks way better than the regular home icons, which by the way should have been the icons for the phone. You have a minimalistic style UI with some horrible icons. I think if you’re going to make a phone that has that flat minimalistic style then make the whole phone that way. Don’t get me wrong its ICS looks cool with all its functions. But, I give a thumbs down on the icons. So now, Jellybean is following the same style and again its the same crappy icons. Nothing new and creative on the icons there.

  • Marcus Reid

    I’m Jellyin on my GNexus and Project Butter just made this phone like butter smooth. Notifications, and Google Now are nice add-ons as well imho

  • Prime7

    I voted for Project Butter earlier, but I think I’ve changed my mind to the enhanced voice search. Holy hell is it nice!

  • Being able to suppress notifications from certain apps 😀

    • PC_Tool

      Can’t you disable them in the app? (or are you talking about multiple notifications from the same app?)

      • I’m talking about stuff like AirPush-notification ads that are bundled with some apps but where it’s hard to find out which ones. Plus, this way you can still use the app and can disable the ads (which you usually won’t be able to do)

        • PC_Tool

          Wow. Lucky me. I’ve never even heard of that happening.

          *crosses fingers*
          Here’s hoping I keep not ever seeing that happen. 😉

    • PC_Tool

      Had to reply one more time because:

      In the notification pull-down shade, long-press the offending notification.
      “App Info” will appear underneath it.
      Click it.
      Uncheck “show notifications” on the App Details page.


      Wish = Granted.

      I am amazed they didn’t show this off in any of the demos…

      Definitely one of my favorites now as well. Thanks for letting me know about this one.

  • Guest

    Stop lying you scammer

  • mmeiklejohn

    the sound search widget is incredibly accurate. i was at a bar with a ton of background noise and only a faint hint of a song coming through the speakers and it picked it up… very cool. EVERYTHING JUST WORKS!

  • areffes

    Quick access to rotation lock. The ONE thing I miss about the iPhone.

  • hijackerjack

    Project Butter is incredible. You can actually tell the scrolling at 60 FPS lol. Definitely a step up, and LWP’s dont lag for me anymore.

  • ddevito

    I would add ONE unified UI for phones and tablets.

  • I like how Google Now will give me a definition of a blumpkin

  • No idea, have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I’ll let you know sometime in 2013

    • ddevito

      Quit bitching and root son

      • El Big CHRIS


    • PC_Tool


      Crap! That sucks!.

      I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus too! Why are they going to make us…


      I already have JB on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

      Ok. See, you have every right not to root and flash ROMs…but it’s out there and it’s fully functional. You could have it.

      You *choose* not to. That is no-one’s fault but your own.

    • Bsody

      I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus too, have been running JB since around 4PM yesterday. So what was your point again?

  • ViciousKing1914

    I like the new swift key like predictions built into the stock keyboard.

  • potacho

    Did they really make the Google search bar just a solid gray bar? Man, that’ll be even uglier with my wallpapers than the current ICS search bar…

    • Droosh

      It’s transparent and looks fine.

    • James

      it really is very ugly, i wish they had kept it like it was in ICS

  • You are going to make me pick just one! You are a sick man Kellen

  • ArrowCool

    I definitely have to go with Project Butter. The phone is so smooth and responsive. On a side note, did anyone get reminded of the Farscape episode where Moya gets trapped in starburst while watching the boot animation?

  • Josh Karwoski

    Has anyone checked out the new quick controls in the stock broswer (still stock right? I’m not referring to Chrome)? They look even better than they did before!

  • adam

    Camera app -> swipe to the gallery!

    • LionStone


  • ABerry5

    Wow it’s hard to choose one.. I guess I have to say project butter because after having it all day I can honesty say they weren’t lieing when they said this thing was butter smooth … but the new notifications are awesome also and on top of that the new Google search is amazing.. I never used siri because its slow as fk but this thing is instantaneous at finding results plus it incorporates my own data straight awesome I truly don’t think its a gimmick where the novelty wears off

  • jjrudey

    Definitely Project Butter. All the new animations are really cool and very smooth. But another thing I really like is how I can get to my gallery pictures so fast and smoothly from the camera.

    • Bsody

      Woha, i didnt even notice that. That is very nice.

  • Koneesha

    Can anyone pull the google now apk to work on other non jelly bean phones please. 🙂

  • ArmanUV

    Is it just me, or the new animations in JB are a little distracting and overdone? Especially the iOS like (but vertical) animation when you launch an app from within another app.

    • C-Law

      I personally love the new animations but I can see how some might find them distractive

    • PC_Tool

      You can disable them in Settings – Developer options.

  • chris125

    Android is really starting to close the “smoothness gap” that IOS used to have over android. Good to see google continuing to make android even better and hopefully JB can get to devices faster than ICS did


      The lag and battery life need fixed for android devices. It really makes it hard to switch when you’re use to not having those issues.

      • chris125

        The iphone 4s doesn’t really get that great of battery life especially compared to android phones with 4.3+ screens and 4g. I would say they still have room to improve but it is much closer.

        • ERIC REED

          Strange…my 4S last all day with heavy usage. The nexus that I owned was plugged in three times a day. I would consider that great battery life!!

          • chris125

            So a 3g only phone with a much smaller screen gets better battery life? You dont say. Plus the nexus had pretty crappy battery life.

          • ERIC REED

            That was part of my original point. Its hard to give up great battery life for phones that notoriously struggle with battery life. It’s a compromise some are not willing to make for the bigger screen/4G speeds.

  • NexusPhan69

    Someone help me! I use verizon backup assistant for my contacts but I can’t install it on Jelly Bean! What do I do? Its too late to use anything else… Jelly Bean is already on my phone! 🙁 GNex obviously.

    • C-Law

      You have a pure Google android phone. Why in the world are you not using Google for your contacts? Google stores them on their servers. There is zero advantage to using vzw backup assistant and in ur situation its a disadvantage as you can see. If you were using Google for your contacts, ur have them all right now. You can add contacts on ur account quickly on a desktop computer in gmail or use the people app on ur phone

      • NexusPhan69

        I do use them. Unfortunately I used verizon backup assistant from years ago and google contacts doesn’t pull them. I have a bunch of contacts that were backed up to google. Just not the ones from a long time ago (the most important ones!)

    • Armaced

      If you log on to verizonwireless.com, you can access your contacts from the last backup and export them to a csv file. You can then import them into your gmail contacts, and they will appear on your phone. I did this for my wife when she moved over to Android.

      • NexusPhan69

        No way! You are the man!

    • r0lct

      Do yourself a favor when you get it sorted out and put your contacts into gmail.

    • InyRules

      Why would you use the Verizon app when Gmail and the rest of the Google services do everything for you?

      • NexusPhan69

        You are a little late to the party. Read the rest of the thread to answer that.

  • davetheAndroid


  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Simply the fact that i have it already.

    The voice typing was too good not to rom.

  • nightscout13

    Butter could have been included with ICS, but they decided to leave it out in order to make JB seem better.

    • ericl5112

      Oh really? You mean, while the android team was busy merging phone and tablet OS’s, massively polishing up honeycomb’s holo theme, adding tons of new features, developer guidelines, improving hardware acceleration, and so much more, they also finished the pretty massive undertaking that is project butter?

      Then, they simply held it back, because they knew they were afraid that new notifications, google now, the new voice search, the new re sizable widgets system, the new camera app, and other stuff wasn’t going to be enough for a Jellybean update, so they needed Project Butter to make it a real update?

      • nightscout13

        This isn’t a 1 man job, they have a small city of personnel working on this. Yes, they could have included this in ICS. A smooth UI is long over due.

        • ericl5112

          It is quite obvious to me you’ve never worked in the software development industry. Not only is project butter a huge undertaking, as well as all the things added in ICS (they have a large team, not an unlimited team), project butter is built on top of what is done in ICS. There was a very appearant jump in speed from GB to ICS, and this is a continuation. To say that project butter was developed alongside ICS displays a lack of software understanding. You don’t start halfway through a project like that and move forward and back.

          The only way I see they could have reasonably included butter in ICS is if they had assigned more people that that task, rather than the many others they have going on. I want a smooth UI as much as anyone, but Google hasn’t put it at the absolute top of their priority list. The reason it’s not in ICS isn’t because they held back a completed project, they most likely just put the talent elsewhere.

          • nightscout13

            For the record, I am an Android fan. That being said, Apple Dev’s were able to have a smooth UI a LONG time ago, on much slower hardware. Yet the Android team dragged their feet in perfecting the smoothness of the UI. Also, I didn’t say that they DID create “BUTTER” with ICS, i said that they COULD HAVE if they wanted to. But they chose not to. Are you a programmer?

          • ericl5112

            Ah, I misunderstood on that point, I thought you were saying it’s done. I still disagree with your initial point though. They didn’t leave butter out of ICS to make JB better. They left it out to prioritize other things in ICS. Developing a smooth UI on iOS is much easier. Google has been making it better really since 2.3, but this is the first it’s seemed like a true priority, which is exciting. It’s a priority I wanted them to have a little more of since I got my first android. That said, I understand that a software team only has so many resources, and Rubin and Co prioritize them at their own will. I wish tablet apps were easier to make. RIght now, it’s a pain in the butt to make a tablet+phone app if you want it to run on anything but 3.0+. That’s their priority.

            Yes, I’m a programmer who’s worked in teams like this before, so I understand a little what they’ve accomplished, and what comes before and after what.

          • nightscout13

            Trust me, I am extremely excited about BUTTER, and will wait for a stable JB dump @ XDA to put in on my Gnex. It was not their priority before, but now that they have designed a solid OS, they finally focused on finesse.

          • nightscout13

            And I have to give props to you for being a programmer, I always wanted to crunch code, but I do not have the patience. It is a very under-appreciated skill.

  • rmjack

    Finally a poll with a poll…

  • EvanTheGamer

    If I can only choose one, it would be…

    Overall Performance “Project Butter

    I mean, all the Jelly Bean features are great in their own right, but smoother animations, faster responses, etc. is just incredible!

  • marcusmaximus04

    Project Butter and the Camera.

  • New_Guy

    Although Google Now is friggin amazing, the overall performance is what I’m most impressed with. Google is definitely moving in the right direction. +1 to Project Butter.

  • jeff3yan

    Definitely project butter. Anyone who says Android was as smooth as iOS before this is just kidding themselves. With project butter though, I can finally get rid of this annoying input lag and animation lag on my GN.

  • also: gapless audio playback ! please confirm this works with google play music please !

  • I don’t know about you guys but one of the roms I’ve tried hasn’t been smooth for me…little laggy opening up chrome and some other things. I’l try different roms and see what happens. So far only tried 2 and a 3rd one wasn’t letting me sign in cause it lost my 4g connection for some reason. Only wanted me to sign up via wi-fi which I shouldn’t have to do!!

  • Timothy McGovern

    Why has nobody talked about the Play Music app update?

    • nightscout13

      Was there a change?

      • Josh Karwoski

        New and improved UI!

        • nightscout13

          Looks the same on my phone… and the same on my computer. On which platform has it been updated?

          • msnight04

            It has slight improvements to the Now Playing screen when using Jelly Bean. Also the Play Music widget has been updated and includes the album art and ability to Thumbs Up a song

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    What about glad I didn’t get a Moto Razor, or Razor Maxxx. GNex Wins again!!!!! Cheers GNexus owners, we win again!!!!!

    • Damn

      I’ve gotta give it to you. I was happy I had the Maxx until now.



  • soap

    Top 2 are Google now, and the fact that I can FINALLY run a live wallpaper with no home screen lag

  • Droosh

    Shouldn’t Google Now and Enhanced Voice Search be grouped as one?

    • msnight04

      That’s what I thought too. They go hand in hand IMO.

      • ddevito

        I predict google now to be in chrome as well, so it should be different

  • SD_Scott

    Such a tough poll… Definitely between Google Now and the enhanced Voice Search IMO

  • leo

    Is it easy to unlock my phone and do all that?

  • Jack Coleman

    oh crap, Jelly “Bean” = Paula “Deen”. hence project butter.

  • Art Holguin

    its butter on gnex stock kernal.

  • Resizable widgets? I just put Jelly Bean on my mother’s GNex and told her she had resizable widgets which made her happy, but when she put the photo widget of my niece it wouldn’t resize. It seems it’s just like ICS, only certain widgets can be resized.

  • hldc1

    Offline voice typing.

  • Jason James

    that it’s on my phone!!!

    • New_Guy

      That should have been one of the choices for sure =).

  • You forgot one poll option:
    “Don’t know because my 1 month old phone is still on GB”

    • eddieonofre

      My 8 months old phone has icecream

      • Droosh

        My 7 month old phone has Jelly Bean!

        • Ryan Frankenstein

          my 2 year old phone has ics

          • droyd4life

            My Galaxy S1 has android 4.0.4..

  • p_droid

    Too hard to choose!!

  • Blood

    Emoji Dictionary.

    • cobjones

      I have to say, when I see a man use Emojis it makes me sick to my stomach … Btw I don’t know if you are a man or not.

      • No, it’s a problem when people post tweets and such with Emoji icons included and they don’t show up. This new feature alone is worth it, although I’m not sure if JB includes an Emoji keyboard or just support for making them visible.

        • Nemo Hoes

          It doesn’t come with it. Well I don’t think it does I haven’t found it if it does. I’ve heard that Go keyboard can use em but I haven’t tried that either.

  • OmyMelo

    All of the above and finally a native Emoji dictionary. http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/28/3124401/emoji-dictionary-implemented-in-4-1

  • Performance improvements. Fluid motion. Smoothness. Butter.

    • michael arazan

      My doctor said not to use butter, and Google gave me a better butter for my heart.

  • Do I have to pick just one? I detailed my Top 5! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poSFV9_abcw

    /shameless plug 😉

    • don’t feel the shame, your videos are excellent!

      • ArmanUV

        Nice try Marques Browniee’s 2nd account.

    • Mack

      Awesome video man, watching it just makes me jealous. Haha I’m currently scouring Craigslist for a Galaxy Nexus,

  • brkshr

    Hey! an actual poll this time! 🙂

    • nightscout13

      You’re gonna hate me for this tired joke: That’s what she said……