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Have You Received ICS on Your DROID RAZR Yet?

From what we have heard, the soak test of Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has come to a close and the rollout to the public should be happening at any time. At least a handful of readers are claiming to have already received the update this morning (or late last night), so we wanted to toss out a post to try to capture the situation as it progresses. As soon as you receive it, be sure to pop into the comments and let others know. If you had some trick that forced it onto your phone, feel free to share that as well. If you haven’t seen it yet and are pulling hairs from your head, snap a photo of those hairs so that we can feel your pain.

Let us know!

  • Jim Glennon

    It’s up and running. Everything working great so far. Looks good.



  • steve

    Ics is here ywah

  • Jelly Bean Sandwich

    Isn’t it pathetic, that we wait on ice cream like impatient little kids!! Whaaahhh…I want Ice cream, I want Jelly bean…Be patient, wansie pansies, you will get it when it is served to the other millions of droid razr owners…Btw, don’t count on getting jelly bean on the razrs. Its not happening..throw your phone away and upgrade..

  • I live in Portland, Oregon and the ICS update came through just after 1am. It took just under 10 minutes to download, however, it’s spent over 20 minutes unpacking so I haven’t got to play with it yet. Just thrilled to have it finally:-)

  • Jonathan R

    just got the message it didnt come on its own i did the check n it showed up downloading now Houston TX

  • cdhopper

    Just a heads up for everyone, not rubbing it in. Just no it reassured me when I saw people posting that . . . yes, the update actually is happening. I am receiving my update at this moment in Central Florida

  • bobo

    Ics has arrived!

  • tedct

    Just got uo date 330am sat. In ct

  • Derek Jones

    finally got it!!! πŸ˜€

  • Just to let everone know it is now publicly available

  • Just got it yay right now

  • updating now! woooo! =] in Colorado. checked at 12:20 Mountain time. and it was there.

  • Just got in in Phoenix… 10 min download, installing now….. about 5 min and halfway…

  • just getting it now in central Ohio! good way to start the weekend!

  • rockon1334

    11:17 pm riverside ,cali downloading now

  • IVanbionic

    Just woke up from a nap, checked for update. Got it!

  • emaxx

    Got my update a couple days ago. It’s amazing.!!!x feels like I got a brand new phone πŸ™‚

  • Kevin

    I just checked manually about 20 minutes ago and I got it!!! Simi Valley, CA here (north of Los Angeles). It looks like it finally went live!!! ABOUT DARN TIME!!!

  • Svntwoo

    Just checked my Razr Maxx that I got today… Downloading update now.
    Lincoln, NE

  • KingDong

    Just got it..10:45 pm So Cal

  • Char156

    Wyoming 1130pm receiving update as I type this

  • Coolwhip73

    Just got ics update. Laredo, Texas

  • suppah swank

    Checked 20mins ago n no update….checked just now update!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!!!!!

  • SSG P

    Just did the manual check and it is now downloading (1:30am Eastern, wasn’t available about an hour ago). Frederick, MD

  • CavScout

    Verizon & Moto are lucky. I’m still a new Maxx owner, and in the return period. If my buddy who pre-ordered the G3 the same day I pulled the trigger on the Maxx got his phone before I got my ICS update, I never would of heard the end of it at work….

  • amazing

    Downloading mine now dothan, al started at 12:15

  • amyv

    Its available to pull now! Yayyyyyyy downloaded 50% woot!

  • OTA in Baltimore..was able to manually pull it from system updates. Guess Moto held their end of the deal by having it released by Q2

  • yoboy318

    I just got it just after 1am today (June 30th) in Queens, NY. I literally jumped for joy when I got the update notification. Motorola said that we would get it by the second quarter of the year and I finally got it on the last day of the second quarter.

  • sPv3kTbkY6UcW71Mcl9KwZ7401MCIV

    I have waited sooooooo long checking every hour (and
    sometimes multiple times) for the past three weeks and finally at 1:00am I check my phone
    (manually) and it stated that I have an update.
    I hope this is finally ICS or I will be very……….well disappointed to say
    the least. I will update when my phone
    installs and see if it is in fact ICS.

    • sPv3kTbkY6UcW71Mcl9KwZ7401MCIV

      Still updating but from what everyone else is posting it is official…………..yay…….currently at 51%.

  • Trever

    Official OTA in Southern GA.

  • Anonymous

    Official just arrived OTA in Vegas, downloading now…

  • Martfin

    Here comes my download!!! Yay!!!!

  • Daydrmr999

    Three phones in so cal updating now

  • CavScout

    Buffalo NY – Been hitting update for what seems like hours…. and at 1:16am EST, finally got the much anticipated Update Available message…. it’s about time! And wow, even on 4G its taking awhile to download….. kinda like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to boil LOL

    • Trever

      Me too!! It’s been a long wait that’s finally over!!

      • CavScout

        Hahaha… wait isn’t quite over….. at 38% now LOL jeeez πŸ˜‰

        • Trever

          Haha, 41% on mine and i’m on WIFI lol.

          • CavScout

            OoOo 52% (getting faster if I let the screen blank out?) Gawd that’s annoying as you stare at the progress meter. LOL Or keep poking the phone to keep it awake. HEY! RM! YOUR UPDATE IS HERE! I’M AWAKE…. WAKE THE F UP AND INSTALL ALREADY! Ugh too early in the morning to yell as all the normal people in my house sleep….

          • Trever

            Haha, it’s getting a tad faster and lol. No ones home everyone went out and i’m jumping up and down screaming hurry up dude and download lmao. I hope no one walks in lmao πŸ˜€

          • CavScout

            Right. They’ll never believe you were doing a happy dance for a update. Probably think you were doing something “bad” online….. πŸ˜‰

          • Trever

            Haha, so true only ten percent to go.

          • CavScout

            4% – when I stop posting you know what I’ll be doing LOL
            Good luck all! πŸ™‚

  • Trever

    ICS has just hit my phone everyone check your phone for the update!!

  • gmarq

    Just started d-loading here in El Paso, TX. Been checking religiously. Part of the soak test but had to witch phones due to faulty screen. Broken phone did get ICS days ago.

    • gmarq


  • Boink

    Finally able to update using manual update. Orange County California.

  • FINALLY GOT THE UPDATE! Athens, Georgia 1:10am

  • Mak

    Downloading ICS in So Cal now!!! Woo Hoo!!

  • Cinna34

    Here we go NC got the manual update!!!

  • Tony

    It just came to me in Houston at midnight, downloading right now…. So excited! About freaking time!!! Lol

  • cbcbkb

    Midnight in Lafayette,La June 30 Update finally coming thru 33% Downloaded thus far

  • uopordΓ©

    Still no sammich

  • Chai

    June 30 it Juz turned no Ics.. Y ya’ll keep lying damn it…!!

  • I have had ICS for almost 3 months. Love it, but getting boring, time for JB

  • Still nothing for my maxx yet

  • fmeza

    nothing in ventura county ca

  • Mike-GR

    Just got it this afternoon. Looks good, but have to play with it a bit.

    • hopefully its rolling now…first one I’ve heard of coming out mid-day. Usually they are coming in over night..