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Have You Received ICS on Your DROID RAZR Yet?

From what we have heard, the soak test of Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has come to a close and the rollout to the public should be happening at any time. At least a handful of readers are claiming to have already received the update this morning (or late last night), so we wanted to toss out a post to try to capture the situation as it progresses. As soon as you receive it, be sure to pop into the comments and let others know. If you had some trick that forced it onto your phone, feel free to share that as well. If you haven’t seen it yet and are pulling hairs from your head, snap a photo of those hairs so that we can feel your pain.

Let us know!

  • jbm

    Got mine this morning In Indiana finally running 4.0.4 when I should have 4.1

  • equestrian_colt

    Yes and it seems like something like an app isn’t compatible cause it’s slow and boggy.

  • Nothing still for me in Orange County, CA. 🙁

  • BS

    I talked to Moto CS:

    Denz: Here’s the thing. Unrrooting the device doesn’t mean your sure receive the update. It may or may not work. So I suggest you keep on waiting for the update which can take from couple of days up to weeks. If you still don’t get one after it’s been fully deployed, I encourage you to contact us back.

  • mydroidphone

    I want my watermelon!

  • widifmd

    Got update in WI on RAZR, switched to second RAZR phone and cannot update. Extremely frustrating having ics then going back. Dial up anyone? K, not to that extent, but they head to get in gear.

  • The *#*#checkin#*# thing is bullsh*t. I tried is a hundred times and keep getting verizon message saying call cannot be completed.

    • rockon1334


  • kgballa

    I did mine manually it was soooo easy kellex wanna post the instructions again?

  • Kyle

    No way is the update being rolled out by location. Lets see.. Since the “rollout” started I have been in Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis, IN, Mayfield, KY, and now Brentwood, TN and I havnt received anything. It has to be based on serial number or something else.

    • Reedster

      They select random consumers all over the place to make sure when they Roll-out in full, it will work everywhere.

  • Stacey Harris

    I’m on wifi at my house, any idea if I need to be on data to receive the update?

    • Jelly bean

      Either or but wifi would be faster to download

    • suicidesilence4444

      I was on wifi when i got mine. Only took about 25 minutes total.

  • Eric Johnson

    No update yet. Is this another hoax or lie? Is it released yet or what?

    • suicidesilence4444

      Yes its being released. Give it a little time. They send it out in batches and it has absolutely nothing to do with location. If you keep reading, there are several people that live in the same town and one has got it and the other person did not. Not this many people are lying about a software update lol.

  • Rlarson_mn

    Not yet in Minnesota and its pretty awful that the next OS is being listed as available to the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon and yet the Razr and Razr Maxx has not been updated to ICS! Thanks a lot Verizon.

  • BigJim

    Just did an online chat with a rep from Motorola and he said the update would be released “in the coming weeks”. Apparently they are still “fine tuning” things and it will be available “soon”. I tried to get him to say that they lied when they said that it would be here by the end of the quarter, but he skillfully sidestepped again and again.

    • dangolds

      I’m hoping the guy you spoke too was talking out of his ass. Otherwise, that’s a completely underwhelming outcome. And from a PR perspective, a total kick in the groin to delay this further right as Google starts generating buzz for jelly bean. I get that Google is a tremendously innovative company, but how about a little more focus on executing the current software rollout?? 7% of android users on ICS and they’re trying to move on jelly bean next month? That’s a broken process.

  • Vick

    I manually updated mine to the soak test firmware and am loving this thing. So much better than GB

  • frstsaxman

    37 more hours for Moto to make good on their promise of ICS for the RAZR by the end of Q2

  • This is pretty ridiculous. Google owns Moto. Moto gets ICS last…… WTF?!

  • brennen

    No updater in Minnesota yet whats taking sooo long

  • itsacardigan

    Kellex….how bout a link to that wallpaper…tis very nice.

  • squashbrain

    It’s hot as hell outside so I flagged down an Ice cream truck…..I got me an Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • verk182

    ICS came down in an update last night on my Razr. So far so good.

  • Rhino S.

    Just got an email from a client of mine, he has the RAZR and received the update last night. Located in Los Angeles/Torrance. Real deal, no fake post.

    • frstsaxman

      Im in San Diego an hour away and got nothing

      • Rhino S.

        Internally there must be some method as to how the update goes out, ie purchase date, serial #, something or other…unfortunately none of us know what it is! Haha

  • I lost patience I’m sideloading it now

    • Kevin

      I noticed the Tron bike.. Did you happen to pick up the Tron highway live wallpaper before they took it off the market

  • soap

    Mine updated on the 27th. Its nice and i like the new features butI’m not as impressed as i thought I would be.

    • suicidesilence4444

      Yea same with me. After about 40 minutes, i was bored with it. There is some nice features though.

  • guttatae

    I can really care less about it now I already pre ordered my galaxy 3

  • JH

    Chatted with Motorolla:
    MaritesS: The ICS update is already deployed. It’s now ongoing and it’s scheduled by batches. Please wait for a notification on your phone…..The update will be pushed out by Motorola in batches to all users over a 5-7 day time period…..It started on the 27th of June

  • My wife’s Razr got it two nights ago. My Razr Maxx still stuck in 2011. Atlanta market.

  • John G


  • lovejw2

    I got told by @VZWSupport on Twitter that the roll out could take as long as 3-4 weeks from 6/22 when he was told it was officially released.

  • My Razr MAXX has started timing out saying that the “check for update is not available at this time”…maybe I’ll see it soon.–Baltimore, MD

  • Nothing here. I tweeted the Verizon Support profile though, and they said to allow up to 4 weeks for it to reach all Razrs :'( Why can’t it just be available for pull now?

    • BS

      ridiculous!! technically if it takes 4 weeks to push out they didn’t meet their deadline

    • Bobo

      This is insane! If it takes any more than 2 days they failed to meet their deadline!

      • suicidesilence4444

        Not true. They said the update will START to roll out at the end of quarter 2. They started the roll out on the 27th. Alot of people have gotten it. They didnt say everybody would have it by the end of quarter 2. They have met their deadline.

  • ash

    I think it has to do with the areas? My husband got his and he works in VA, we live in MD and i have yet to receive it.

  • The Dude

    Maybe I’m naive or just an optimist at heart… but I want to believe that if everyone that hasn’t received the update and is pissed about, called Verizon today… I bet it wall get pushed by this evening. So what if it’s 500mb, that’s just like doing any other update for a phone that has sold 5 times more than the Razr/mxx. If they were doing this in waves every couple of hours you wouldn’t have 100 people A DAY getting it, tops.

    • The Dude

      Ughhh I just got off the phone with Verizon and they said I made too many grammatical errors to be considered legit…ha sorry

  • mecevans


    Most of the previous updates were under 100mb. This ICS update is like 500mb ! Explains the slow rollout.

  • flex1appeal

    I think this is all a conspiracy and isn’t real. Waiting for Ashton to arrive to tell me I have been punked.

  • Bobo

    My invisible shield has to be sent back! There is a hole where the System Update button is! Must have checked too many times over the last week!

  • GJ

    This is ridiculous!! When are we getting it???

    • Bobo

      My guess is it gets pushed tomorrow..

      • bs

        thats what ive been guessing everyday since friday

  • D

    Still nothing…

  • norm

    Ohio, no update here

  • Do it yourself … screw waiting on Verizon to get it to you. I updated it in less than 1 hour yestuday following these procedures.


  • Jeff

    i am going to try and power my phone off for awhile and see if that does it…

  • MichaelDAm

    Still waiting for my Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • noicsinsight

    Well it’s Friday and I’m beginning to this ICS is a hoax….

  • bobbynbr

    I scream….WHERE IS MY ICE CREAM! still no updates in Louisiana 🙁

    • Jeff

      no update yet in Baton Rouge…UGH!

  • “check for update is not available at this time. Try again Later”


    • Sanderson

      im getting the same annoying message.

  • stnkds

    I turn my phone off at night. Could that be why I haven’t received ICS yet? Most of the posts say the got it over night.

  • dave

    I got mine last sat. Dont know if i was to test or what cuz i didnt read all of notification i was sent. Wondering peoples build date and all. Wondering if mine is final version?

  • rgattshall

    I just spoke with a supervisor at Verizon and he confirmed that the updates are suppose to all be rolled out by the end of Q2 which is tomorrow the 30th. He said he got his yesterday and they are rolling them out via groups by location according to him.

  • [email protected]

    i woke up to mine this morning… WARNING DO NOT UPDATE! THE ICS PROCESS IS IRREVERSABLE AND SLOW! I CALLED VERIZON AND THEY SAID ALL WE CAN DO IS HAVE YOU DO A FACTORY RESET AND ERASE EVERYTHING! AND IM STILL STUCK WITH ICS… god beware i am warning you it is ugly slow and ugly! stay on gingerbread..theres no going back! i DEAD serious…peace..out

    • MaW

      U sir r an idiot if you think that is true.

    • I agree with Eli….ICS on the RAZR works flawlessly so far for me and no lag. I have noticed one or two others users complaining on these forums. My suggestion is you get a warranty replacement, it is more likely a problem with your hardware, because everyone else is having a great experience with ICS on the RAZR. You could also try safestrapping it and running one of the CM9 Release Candidates, but my guess you’ll have a similar experience.

  • still nothing in NJ

  • Judson

    I had a dream I got ICS last night… When I woke up I thought it was real and was quickly disappointed. I’m pretty sure the next time I click System Updates it’s going to say “Seriously dude, stop checking every hour!” It was just so beautiful in my dream…