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Have You Received ICS on Your DROID RAZR Yet?

From what we have heard, the soak test of Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has come to a close and the rollout to the public should be happening at any time. At least a handful of readers are claiming to have already received the update this morning (or late last night), so we wanted to toss out a post to try to capture the situation as it progresses. As soon as you receive it, be sure to pop into the comments and let others know. If you had some trick that forced it onto your phone, feel free to share that as well. If you haven’t seen it yet and are pulling hairs from your head, snap a photo of those hairs so that we can feel your pain.

Let us know!

  • mwentz58

    I updated my Razr maxx with NO Problem what so ever! ICS works GREAT!!!

  • april

    i’m in augusta, ga and i was able to update last night..but for some reason, it seems like it’s using the battery up a lot faster

  • ALSO all day long, over and over, I get error update messages!

  • I HATE IT – I’m so unhappy with the update on my droid razr! I’m having conflicts with the draw something application, my photo’s aren’t uploading to my photobucket album, and the sound controls are screwy! Can I uninstall the update? I will hate to have to go to the verizon store again :/

  • AdEdProf

    ICS is a mistake intended for those whose Droid devices are
    playthings. The Universal inbox (all email accounts, messaging, etc) has been
    removed, Widgets can no longer be added to the home screen, and “charging
    mode” has been removed when USB’d to a PC. Charging mode was crucial for
    business people who sync with a real organizer like MS Outlook. We had to
    purchase 3rd-party Companion Link, since Android (Google) refused to
    communicate with Outlook, and CL was used in Charging Mode. By removing that
    mode, Android has made an additional statement in their “you play by our
    funky, anti-Microsoft rules or you don’t play with us” attitude. And that makes
    sense when you remember that Android OS is not conducive to business users.

    So all you soccer moms and 23-year-olds have a ball with your
    new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We business users have just been told to shop
    elsewhere for a serious mobile device.

    • Mine wirelessly syncs wtih MS outlook (mail, calendar, contacts,etc.) using my ActiveSync account that my IT dept set up for me. I just enter the credentials in the corporate sync mail account under: system settings>accounts & sync>corporate. Though I agreee with the PC charging only option being removed is a bit of hassle.

  • OK I like the ice cream but have a lot let down. am i the only one that think this software is slow and delay with apps

  • sleepless in isanti

    Got it in Minnesota!!

  • AMJ

    I recieved my ics late last night its amazing so far but i also got the droid razr yesterday which i love i do gotta say great job!

  • John

    Updated this morning. It went smooth. It’s like having a new phone!

  • manithree

    Got mine last night. Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich goodnes on my Verizon Razr in UT.

  • sjr

    Just got the ICS upgrade on my Razr this morning. I had checked for updates last night and it said no updates available, but when I checked this morning I got the update. So, just keep checking, it will come. (i’m in the nyc suburbs area)

  • Max Wright

    Just got it today.

  • (Looks around and sees RAZR owners across the US crying and hugging each other in fits of joy)

  • Just pulled the update through settings!!! downloading now.

  • christi

    I got the ICS upgrade last Saturday (6/23), but my sister hasn’t. Doesn’t make sense because we got our phones at same time?

  • blake bootz

    Just got ics sandwich today!! Awesome

  • Raymond

    Got mine today. Works fine. Pretty cool.

  • Br00ksY in Birmingham Alabama

    Waiting on me when I got up this morning. Download & installation was flawless. 4G reception is slightly improved. Very smooth so far.

  • way2excited

    Its downloading right now!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • I confirm got ICS on my Motorola Droid Razr. After upgrade to Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), I can use my GSM SIM Card in Indonesia without buy unlock code. Great.

  • BigDogg795

    I was able to pull it this morning at 0730.

  • Bobbynbr

    Got it louisiana this morning

  • Jim Glennon

    It’s up and running. Everything working great so far. Looks good.



  • steve

    Ics is here ywah

  • Jelly Bean Sandwich

    Isn’t it pathetic, that we wait on ice cream like impatient little kids!! Whaaahhh…I want Ice cream, I want Jelly bean…Be patient, wansie pansies, you will get it when it is served to the other millions of droid razr owners…Btw, don’t count on getting jelly bean on the razrs. Its not happening..throw your phone away and upgrade..

  • I live in Portland, Oregon and the ICS update came through just after 1am. It took just under 10 minutes to download, however, it’s spent over 20 minutes unpacking so I haven’t got to play with it yet. Just thrilled to have it finally:-)

  • Jonathan R

    just got the message it didnt come on its own i did the check n it showed up downloading now Houston TX

  • cdhopper

    Just a heads up for everyone, not rubbing it in. Just no it reassured me when I saw people posting that . . . yes, the update actually is happening. I am receiving my update at this moment in Central Florida

  • bobo

    Ics has arrived!

  • tedct

    Just got uo date 330am sat. In ct

  • Derek Jones

    finally got it!!! 😀

  • Just to let everone know it is now publicly available

  • Just got it yay right now

  • updating now! woooo! =] in Colorado. checked at 12:20 Mountain time. and it was there.

  • Just got in in Phoenix… 10 min download, installing now….. about 5 min and halfway…

  • just getting it now in central Ohio! good way to start the weekend!

  • rockon1334

    11:17 pm riverside ,cali downloading now

  • IVanbionic

    Just woke up from a nap, checked for update. Got it!

  • emaxx

    Got my update a couple days ago. It’s amazing.!!!x feels like I got a brand new phone 🙂

  • Kevin

    I just checked manually about 20 minutes ago and I got it!!! Simi Valley, CA here (north of Los Angeles). It looks like it finally went live!!! ABOUT DARN TIME!!!

  • Svntwoo

    Just checked my Razr Maxx that I got today… Downloading update now.
    Lincoln, NE

  • KingDong

    Just got it..10:45 pm So Cal

  • Char156

    Wyoming 1130pm receiving update as I type this

  • Coolwhip73

    Just got ics update. Laredo, Texas

  • suppah swank

    Checked 20mins ago n no update….checked just now update!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!!!!!

  • SSG P

    Just did the manual check and it is now downloading (1:30am Eastern, wasn’t available about an hour ago). Frederick, MD

  • CavScout

    Verizon & Moto are lucky. I’m still a new Maxx owner, and in the return period. If my buddy who pre-ordered the G3 the same day I pulled the trigger on the Maxx got his phone before I got my ICS update, I never would of heard the end of it at work….

  • amazing

    Downloading mine now dothan, al started at 12:15

  • amyv

    Its available to pull now! Yayyyyyyy downloaded 50% woot!

  • OTA in Baltimore..was able to manually pull it from system updates. Guess Moto held their end of the deal by having it released by Q2

  • yoboy318

    I just got it just after 1am today (June 30th) in Queens, NY. I literally jumped for joy when I got the update notification. Motorola said that we would get it by the second quarter of the year and I finally got it on the last day of the second quarter.

  • sPv3kTbkY6UcW71Mcl9KwZ7401MCIV

    I have waited sooooooo long checking every hour (and
    sometimes multiple times) for the past three weeks and finally at 1:00am I check my phone
    (manually) and it stated that I have an update.
    I hope this is finally ICS or I will be very……….well disappointed to say
    the least. I will update when my phone
    installs and see if it is in fact ICS.

    • sPv3kTbkY6UcW71Mcl9KwZ7401MCIV

      Still updating but from what everyone else is posting it is official…………..yay…….currently at 51%.

  • Trever

    Official OTA in Southern GA.

  • Anonymous

    Official just arrived OTA in Vegas, downloading now…

  • Martfin

    Here comes my download!!! Yay!!!!

  • Daydrmr999

    Three phones in so cal updating now

  • CavScout

    Buffalo NY – Been hitting update for what seems like hours…. and at 1:16am EST, finally got the much anticipated Update Available message…. it’s about time! And wow, even on 4G its taking awhile to download….. kinda like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to boil LOL

    • Trever

      Me too!! It’s been a long wait that’s finally over!!

      • CavScout

        Hahaha… wait isn’t quite over….. at 38% now LOL jeeez 😉

        • Trever

          Haha, 41% on mine and i’m on WIFI lol.

          • CavScout

            OoOo 52% (getting faster if I let the screen blank out?) Gawd that’s annoying as you stare at the progress meter. LOL Or keep poking the phone to keep it awake. HEY! RM! YOUR UPDATE IS HERE! I’M AWAKE…. WAKE THE F UP AND INSTALL ALREADY! Ugh too early in the morning to yell as all the normal people in my house sleep….

          • Trever

            Haha, it’s getting a tad faster and lol. No ones home everyone went out and i’m jumping up and down screaming hurry up dude and download lmao. I hope no one walks in lmao 😀

          • CavScout

            Right. They’ll never believe you were doing a happy dance for a update. Probably think you were doing something “bad” online….. 😉

          • Trever

            Haha, so true only ten percent to go.

          • CavScout

            4% – when I stop posting you know what I’ll be doing LOL
            Good luck all! 🙂

  • Trever

    ICS has just hit my phone everyone check your phone for the update!!

  • gmarq

    Just started d-loading here in El Paso, TX. Been checking religiously. Part of the soak test but had to witch phones due to faulty screen. Broken phone did get ICS days ago.

    • gmarq


  • Boink

    Finally able to update using manual update. Orange County California.

  • FINALLY GOT THE UPDATE! Athens, Georgia 1:10am

  • Mak

    Downloading ICS in So Cal now!!! Woo Hoo!!

  • Cinna34

    Here we go NC got the manual update!!!

  • Tony

    It just came to me in Houston at midnight, downloading right now…. So excited! About freaking time!!! Lol

  • cbcbkb

    Midnight in Lafayette,La June 30 Update finally coming thru 33% Downloaded thus far

  • uopordé

    Still no sammich

  • Chai

    June 30 it Juz turned no Ics.. Y ya’ll keep lying damn it…!!

  • I have had ICS for almost 3 months. Love it, but getting boring, time for JB

  • Still nothing for my maxx yet

  • fmeza

    nothing in ventura county ca

  • Mike-GR

    Just got it this afternoon. Looks good, but have to play with it a bit.

    • hopefully its rolling now…first one I’ve heard of coming out mid-day. Usually they are coming in over night..

  • jbm

    Got mine this morning In Indiana finally running 4.0.4 when I should have 4.1

  • equestrian_colt

    Yes and it seems like something like an app isn’t compatible cause it’s slow and boggy.

  • Nothing still for me in Orange County, CA. 🙁

  • BS

    I talked to Moto CS:

    Denz: Here’s the thing. Unrrooting the device doesn’t mean your sure receive the update. It may or may not work. So I suggest you keep on waiting for the update which can take from couple of days up to weeks. If you still don’t get one after it’s been fully deployed, I encourage you to contact us back.

  • mydroidphone

    I want my watermelon!

  • widifmd

    Got update in WI on RAZR, switched to second RAZR phone and cannot update. Extremely frustrating having ics then going back. Dial up anyone? K, not to that extent, but they head to get in gear.

  • The *#*#checkin#*# thing is bullsh*t. I tried is a hundred times and keep getting verizon message saying call cannot be completed.

    • rockon1334


  • kgballa

    I did mine manually it was soooo easy kellex wanna post the instructions again?

  • Kyle

    No way is the update being rolled out by location. Lets see.. Since the “rollout” started I have been in Atlanta, GA, Indianapolis, IN, Mayfield, KY, and now Brentwood, TN and I havnt received anything. It has to be based on serial number or something else.

    • Reedster

      They select random consumers all over the place to make sure when they Roll-out in full, it will work everywhere.

  • Stacey Harris

    I’m on wifi at my house, any idea if I need to be on data to receive the update?

    • Jelly bean

      Either or but wifi would be faster to download

    • suicidesilence4444

      I was on wifi when i got mine. Only took about 25 minutes total.

  • Eric Johnson

    No update yet. Is this another hoax or lie? Is it released yet or what?

    • suicidesilence4444

      Yes its being released. Give it a little time. They send it out in batches and it has absolutely nothing to do with location. If you keep reading, there are several people that live in the same town and one has got it and the other person did not. Not this many people are lying about a software update lol.

  • Rlarson_mn

    Not yet in Minnesota and its pretty awful that the next OS is being listed as available to the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon and yet the Razr and Razr Maxx has not been updated to ICS! Thanks a lot Verizon.

  • BigJim

    Just did an online chat with a rep from Motorola and he said the update would be released “in the coming weeks”. Apparently they are still “fine tuning” things and it will be available “soon”. I tried to get him to say that they lied when they said that it would be here by the end of the quarter, but he skillfully sidestepped again and again.

    • dangolds

      I’m hoping the guy you spoke too was talking out of his ass. Otherwise, that’s a completely underwhelming outcome. And from a PR perspective, a total kick in the groin to delay this further right as Google starts generating buzz for jelly bean. I get that Google is a tremendously innovative company, but how about a little more focus on executing the current software rollout?? 7% of android users on ICS and they’re trying to move on jelly bean next month? That’s a broken process.

  • Vick

    I manually updated mine to the soak test firmware and am loving this thing. So much better than GB

  • frstsaxman

    37 more hours for Moto to make good on their promise of ICS for the RAZR by the end of Q2

  • This is pretty ridiculous. Google owns Moto. Moto gets ICS last…… WTF?!

  • brennen

    No updater in Minnesota yet whats taking sooo long

  • itsacardigan

    Kellex….how bout a link to that wallpaper…tis very nice.

  • squashbrain

    It’s hot as hell outside so I flagged down an Ice cream truck…..I got me an Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • verk182

    ICS came down in an update last night on my Razr. So far so good.

  • Rhino S.

    Just got an email from a client of mine, he has the RAZR and received the update last night. Located in Los Angeles/Torrance. Real deal, no fake post.

    • frstsaxman

      Im in San Diego an hour away and got nothing

      • Rhino S.

        Internally there must be some method as to how the update goes out, ie purchase date, serial #, something or other…unfortunately none of us know what it is! Haha

  • I lost patience I’m sideloading it now

    • Kevin

      I noticed the Tron bike.. Did you happen to pick up the Tron highway live wallpaper before they took it off the market

  • soap

    Mine updated on the 27th. Its nice and i like the new features butI’m not as impressed as i thought I would be.

    • suicidesilence4444

      Yea same with me. After about 40 minutes, i was bored with it. There is some nice features though.

  • guttatae

    I can really care less about it now I already pre ordered my galaxy 3

  • JH

    Chatted with Motorolla:
    MaritesS: The ICS update is already deployed. It’s now ongoing and it’s scheduled by batches. Please wait for a notification on your phone…..The update will be pushed out by Motorola in batches to all users over a 5-7 day time period…..It started on the 27th of June

  • My wife’s Razr got it two nights ago. My Razr Maxx still stuck in 2011. Atlanta market.

  • John G


  • lovejw2

    I got told by @VZWSupport on Twitter that the roll out could take as long as 3-4 weeks from 6/22 when he was told it was officially released.

  • My Razr MAXX has started timing out saying that the “check for update is not available at this time”…maybe I’ll see it soon.–Baltimore, MD

  • Nothing here. I tweeted the Verizon Support profile though, and they said to allow up to 4 weeks for it to reach all Razrs :'( Why can’t it just be available for pull now?

    • BS

      ridiculous!! technically if it takes 4 weeks to push out they didn’t meet their deadline

    • Bobo

      This is insane! If it takes any more than 2 days they failed to meet their deadline!

      • suicidesilence4444

        Not true. They said the update will START to roll out at the end of quarter 2. They started the roll out on the 27th. Alot of people have gotten it. They didnt say everybody would have it by the end of quarter 2. They have met their deadline.

  • ash

    I think it has to do with the areas? My husband got his and he works in VA, we live in MD and i have yet to receive it.

  • The Dude

    Maybe I’m naive or just an optimist at heart… but I want to believe that if everyone that hasn’t received the update and is pissed about, called Verizon today… I bet it wall get pushed by this evening. So what if it’s 500mb, that’s just like doing any other update for a phone that has sold 5 times more than the Razr/mxx. If they were doing this in waves every couple of hours you wouldn’t have 100 people A DAY getting it, tops.

    • The Dude

      Ughhh I just got off the phone with Verizon and they said I made too many grammatical errors to be considered legit…ha sorry

  • mecevans


    Most of the previous updates were under 100mb. This ICS update is like 500mb ! Explains the slow rollout.

  • flex1appeal

    I think this is all a conspiracy and isn’t real. Waiting for Ashton to arrive to tell me I have been punked.

  • Bobo

    My invisible shield has to be sent back! There is a hole where the System Update button is! Must have checked too many times over the last week!

  • GJ

    This is ridiculous!! When are we getting it???

    • Bobo

      My guess is it gets pushed tomorrow..

      • bs

        thats what ive been guessing everyday since friday

  • D

    Still nothing…

  • norm

    Ohio, no update here

  • Do it yourself … screw waiting on Verizon to get it to you. I updated it in less than 1 hour yestuday following these procedures.


  • Jeff

    i am going to try and power my phone off for awhile and see if that does it…

  • MichaelDAm

    Still waiting for my Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • noicsinsight

    Well it’s Friday and I’m beginning to this ICS is a hoax….

  • bobbynbr

    I scream….WHERE IS MY ICE CREAM! still no updates in Louisiana 🙁

    • Jeff

      no update yet in Baton Rouge…UGH!

  • “check for update is not available at this time. Try again Later”


    • Sanderson

      im getting the same annoying message.

  • stnkds

    I turn my phone off at night. Could that be why I haven’t received ICS yet? Most of the posts say the got it over night.

  • dave

    I got mine last sat. Dont know if i was to test or what cuz i didnt read all of notification i was sent. Wondering peoples build date and all. Wondering if mine is final version?

  • rgattshall

    I just spoke with a supervisor at Verizon and he confirmed that the updates are suppose to all be rolled out by the end of Q2 which is tomorrow the 30th. He said he got his yesterday and they are rolling them out via groups by location according to him.

  • [email protected]

    i woke up to mine this morning… WARNING DO NOT UPDATE! THE ICS PROCESS IS IRREVERSABLE AND SLOW! I CALLED VERIZON AND THEY SAID ALL WE CAN DO IS HAVE YOU DO A FACTORY RESET AND ERASE EVERYTHING! AND IM STILL STUCK WITH ICS… god beware i am warning you it is ugly slow and ugly! stay on gingerbread..theres no going back! i DEAD serious…peace..out

    • MaW

      U sir r an idiot if you think that is true.

    • I agree with Eli….ICS on the RAZR works flawlessly so far for me and no lag. I have noticed one or two others users complaining on these forums. My suggestion is you get a warranty replacement, it is more likely a problem with your hardware, because everyone else is having a great experience with ICS on the RAZR. You could also try safestrapping it and running one of the CM9 Release Candidates, but my guess you’ll have a similar experience.

  • still nothing in NJ

  • Judson

    I had a dream I got ICS last night… When I woke up I thought it was real and was quickly disappointed. I’m pretty sure the next time I click System Updates it’s going to say “Seriously dude, stop checking every hour!” It was just so beautiful in my dream…

  • Owewil3225

    I was so hyped this morning when I seen new update available on my maxx. But it was just my Holo launcher.smh. Starting to miss my nexus

  • aweijf

    ICS is so outdated, probably already melted in this heat wave . . . im hoping for Key Lime Pie (my assumption for the next OS)

    • MaW

      Jellybean is the next release but its just ics tweaked.

  • Woke up at 1:31 am to my notifications going off. I hit Install Now and went back to sleep. It is awesome! Now where is my Jelly Bean! (jk)

  • KraZJon

    i think ics got lost on the way to my phone. anyone know how i can send directions 🙁

  • brett ross

    I have it now and i couldnt love it more motorola has outdone themselves! How do i post screenshots on here to the forum?

  • Woke up at 5:30AM and ICS was waiting for me to download. I live in St. Clair Shores, MI. YAY!
    My wifes Razr still says up to date though.

    • Dang i’m in Clinton Township. I better get it soon!!

    • blindxx

      no update in west Bloomfield

  • echeck

    No ICS yet for me in Canton, OH. Anyone that DOES have it running root before getting it? If so, any issues with update? Still have root after the update? I saw OTA RootKeeper had an update this week that zinged Moto in the What’s New comments. Wondered if related to Razr ICS update.

  • Sorum

    Should say: Your device is out of date!
    No update on time.
    Try again Q3

  • Daniel Hall

    I’ve been searching every 5 mins since 5 am this morning… nothing!

  • djenks24

    It was downloaded and waiting for me when i woke up at 4:42 a m in northeast Ohio

  • DavidH

    Update to an earlier post below: Just got it last night after midnight. (From reading the comments, it seems like everyone’s getting it late at night.) Richmond, VA, area. I’d take a screenshot but am not yet sure how. There’s a learning curve here — even a number of apps behave differently. (Side note: I am confused by the hardware buttons for screenshots seeming to be the same as the hardware buttons for forced reboot, among other things.) I’m happy to have it though!

    BTW, I had temp unrooted with Voodoo yesterday. Restoring root after the ICS update went just fine.

    • kevin

      thanks for clearing the voodoo ota thing up

  • coreyb78

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

  • Ab

    no update in CA well where i live no OTA

  • Rishi

    Silver Spring MD. Still no update. makes me regret not getting a nexus…..or an iPhone for that matter. are we gonna have to deal with this for all software updates?

  • maxx86

    still no cream in nyc

  • rnsbld

    Nothing for me either ..beginning to wonder if I will get it east coast as well

  • bbub1

    Interesting. It’s 2:35 am here on the east coast and I can no longer choose “System updates” from my settings menu on the Maxx. It is now grayed out.

    Up until this point, I have been trying to update every couple of hours or so and would continually get the standard “Your device is up to date!

    No update is necessary at this time.”

    Now it won’t let me manually check. Even after a Power off/on cycle.

    Anyone else notice or have this happen?

    • many

      Has happened to me had to do a factory reset

    • pbo

      it does that when you’re roaming

      • bbub1

        The thing is, is that I’m not roaming. I’m on true Verizon 4G LTE. And I’ve also been switching on WiFi. Even tried going into Airplane Plane mode and turning on WiFi.

    • Sanderson

      Same ive cycled the power on and off and now I cant even manually check to see if its available anymore.

  • nsanebird

    I just got it at 945 . I checked in at 3 pm and I received the update at 945 pm . it is coming guys and it is sweet I do think that I help increase my odds go by manually checking in with the servers . I saw on a post that someone did it and received the update. So i tried it at 3 pm but when it didnt come i was discouraged . Then at 9 i received it. It was called 6.16.211 not 6.12.181 as mattlgroff said.

  • dont tase me bro

    230am still no update in miami shits weak

  • mike

    Did all of u who just recently got it get the msg ” ics update within a week” ?

    • maxx86

      i didnt even get the warning notification of it coming soon like everyone else did i dont get it

    • suicidesilence4444

      Me and many people have gotten that message.

  • luis

    Nada in Memphis,TN

  • toby

    Got it!:D chicago

  • When I was little, my dad would ask us kids “Who wants ice cream?” then dash our hopes by saying “Can’t have any!” It seems not much has changed since my childhood: still can’t have my Ice Cream.

  • bigden75

    Got some love in youngstown ohio at 12:37 am

  • jjttjj

    Got ICS on…. wait for it …

    Not my Max.. but the original. Droid incredible

    • dincy

      I thought the Dinc wasn’t getting it.

  • mattyd

    Anyone in Georgia get the update yet?

  • what’s the wallpaper?

  • The worst part is, iOS users are going to get to use chrome on their phones and tablets before the majority of android users! woohoo! seriously I love android but this is dumb.

  • mattyd

    Still nothing here in south georgia

  • Reciprocator

    I think these updates are a racial thing. I don’t have mine. I live in Arizona and I think I am being profiled. just kidding.

    • I live in AZ too. My wife and I are still waiting for this OTA!!! REALLY!

      • noyfb

        Thankfully the federal gov superseded the state from profiling, now give them their ice scream

  • disqus_D7FjHEhDfR

    Just got it in NJ. 1235am. Downloading now

  • where is ICS?????????????????? i m still on 2.3.6 WTF!!

  • Diablo81588

    Everyone needs to stop mentioning where they’re from. Verizon randomly picks serial numbers to push updates to. It has nothing to do with your location!

    • disqus_D7FjHEhDfR

      You don’t have to yell.

      • Steve with an F

        yesterday was caps lock day so actually..

    • thank you, i just didnt want to be THAT guy, but I agree

  • I had the update waiting for me this morning at 5 CDT. The install failed though. I tried a few times and it still didn’t work. It may not update because of my root. Now that I’m off, I ran a factory reset and I went to update it and “Your device is up to date” message. FML.

  • Still nothing for my Maxx. Oh well.

  • I got mine about 8 am, its very buggy. I love the new design but, I’ve been cursing my phone all day. I’ve had frequent force closes/app stopped unexpect, my live wallpaper picker force closes every time i open it, guess I’m stuck with the wallpaper i have now, every so often my screen will have a lil seizure and twitch, its froze several times, I’m even having a hard time typing this because the words aren’t showing up till about 30 seconds after i type them. I hope they get everything worked out soon 🙁

    • Pbo

      you might wana try a factory reset

      • Barron

        I left comment below.same is happening to me. Taking into service department today. Very frustrated.

  • angel

    Yea i definitely don’t have ICS my phone is being slow and jumping around like crazy and its getting on my nerves!!!

    • udispyn

      Mines been a little bit buggy tonite also…

  • dan

    Do yourself a favor and quit checking. Itll be pushed to your phone. I got the updatelast night so im sure youll be getting it soon. Its not much different from gb so youre not missing much.

    • tvjrc603

      do yourself a favor and quiet down. thanks.

  • Dan

    Did a check and it said up to date, then just powered off and restarted and as soon as was on it popped the update notice up. Downloading now! woo hoo.

    • Dan

      installed and running, still playing with setup, so far so good!

  • no update in greensboro, nc

  • fresnorazr

    Fresno, Ca, Received the update this morning. Haven’t had time to play around with everything but so far it’s pretty nice.

  • snoop5

    been checking all day……just tried to check and it says “check for update is not available at this time”……guess i checked to much lol

    • enob

      Try *#*#*checkin#*#* and check for update again

  • Loffie

    Got it the 23rd, must have been part of the soak test.

  • Jasen

    No update yet in ohio

  • ICSLost

    I think my RAZR is broken. When I check for an update it says, “Your device is up to date!” How can that be when I’m only running version 2.3.6?

  • OnlyMe

    None here in Phoenix… It’s 110 degrees outside.. A little ice cream would be nice 🙁

  • Barron

    Okay, I left comment 8 hours ago after getting update in Atlanta. VERY DISAPPOINTED! My phone has been running hot, locking up, draining the hell out of my battery, and several apps don’t work (pop email). Will be taking phone in to service department tomorrow. What could have possibly happened. My phone went from classy to ashy. HELP!

    • Thank you for making us aware of this. What you are describing has been my concern for some time.

      • Bob

        I saw a tutorial about that problem. ICS is set to be lte only for the network . For MAxx owners they said to set it to global and that would help save the battery

        • I’ll remember that, Bob; thank you. I may ‘lay back’ now and see what the consensus is after one month or so as ICS gets broken-in. I do have the MAXX and to be fair it has served me very well in Gingerbread form since receiving it on 1-30-2012.

    • lorddarkhelmet

      did you go back to stock after the upgrade? It’s generally better to start with a clean slate

    • BarronBarronhodges

      Went into CS this morning. Soft reset did nothing. Had to do factory reset and everything seems to oka. Happy for now.

  • Sam

    Does anyone in North Carolina have it yet?

    • Jennifer Leggette

      Nope I’m near Charlotte and don’t have it 🙁

    • Jeff

      Midnight 6/29. RALEIGH still nothing

    • rnsbld

      Winston-Salem…2:54am still nothing

  • this was as of yesterday

  • VZW support on tweeter was telling everyone that the update was live, but i could take up to 3 week or 4 weeks for everyone to recieve it!

  • Your device is up to date!
    No update is necessary at this time.

    That is open to debate!

    Patiently waiting.

  • suicidesilence4444

    I wish there was still a news widget. Why would they take that out? That was so useful.

  • Tony

    No update yet in Houston, been checking 3x an hour. When the f@#* did we get ice cream??? Did you get ice cream??? Can I get my ice cream now???

  • eszentric

    I probably wont get my update until 11:59pm Saturday night… That’s if i’m lucky.

  • amyv

    There is a newer article on Drippler saying a higher -up at Verizon says everyone should have it by the end of the 29th

    • Antho

      Thats exactly what the VZ rep told me when I called in. Said everyone should be able to manually update on the 29th from their phone.

      • amyv

        Well we’ll see if they’re full of crap AGAIN. So ridiculous. You’d think with two such huge companies, they’d have their shit together.

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

        —–Original message—–

      • well, THAT was apparently a BS story they gave you..lol

  • vtekracer

    Nothing yet in Los Angeles

  • MsMo

    My razr got the update last night about 3:30am (CST) Husbands RazrMaxx still hasn’t received the update yet though.

  • Bobby EnLoe

    No updates in Louisiana

    • blade

      Same here man 🙁

  • I’ve had some odd stuff happen lately. Multiple sign in errors for my Gmail account and my system update saying not available, try again later. Are we on the brink of something?

    • suicidesilence4444

      Do you have a good connection? When i dont have a connection, my check for software says not available

    • Droidz

      I have the same issue, and Vzw said that when they started sending out updates this will happen to some GB phones until update is recieved.

  • By the time I get ice cream sandwich it’s going to be all melted…..

  • LODE

    Things I’ve noticed… face recognition seems to work well at first, however I just noticed if you hit the home button while it’s scanning your face it bypasses the lock completely. Screen snapshot works great though. Also used to keep my phone locked in to 3G to save battery, however after the update I’m in Global mode and only other options are LTE/CDMA, and GSM/UMTS. GSM/UMTS reports there is no signal and asks if you would like to revert back to Global mode. Just being on Global mode the whole time I’m at 30% remaining after 14hrs of light/moderate use.

    • Demonhunter

      To keep 3G on
      1. Open the dialer and type *#*#4636#*#*

      2. A menu will appear – choose “Phone information.”
      3. Scroll down until you see the pulldown menu for “LTE/CDMA/EvDo/etc.”

      4. Tap on that menu and choose “CDMA Auto (PRL).”
      4. Hit the back button to get out of these menus and to your home screen.

      5. Wait 20-30 seconds and watch your 4G LTE logo turn to 3G.

      6. To confirm you are on 3G only, head into System Settings and tap on the “More…” button.

      7. Tap “Mobile Networks” and “Network type and strength”
      8. Enjoy longer battery life.

      reference via droid-life.com

  • LODE

    I received it last night on my Droid Razr around 0200… I’m way up in Vermont, so very surprised to have it before a lot of others

  • Reciprocator

    Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time in Arizona. This is silly. How do I set settings to view comments from newest to oldest? Can someone help me?

    • click on discussion on the top of the comments. it will then give you the choice to view it from newest to oldest

  • lino24k

    ! Install update

    Update (6.16.211.en US) has been downloaded and is ready to install.
    Installation will take up to 15 minutes. Upon
    completion the phone will power off then power on.

    WARNING: You will not be able to make or receive phone calls, including 911 calls, during the update.

    Press “Install now” to install the update,
    Press “Install later” to postpone the installation for 24 hours.

    Install now Install later

    I Received it last night….Haven’t installed yet..waiting on Italy vs Germany game to be over…Forza Italia…work before that. Will sit down tonight and give it a go,…I have a Moto Razr…been rockin Launcher Pro for the last 2 years, can anyone suggest a similar launcher…thanks..

  • Lefty

    Bought my razr in late December of ’11, still no ICS update in the Bay Area, CA

  • gray3000

    my girlfreind got it last night on my old razr but my razr maxx nothing jet

  • rican199

    I got it last night…ill take a snapshot once I figure out it out

  • davetheAndroid

    So my co-worker (new maxx owner this week) says he has an update waiting for him. After shaking my fist at his phone in jealousy, I came to find out it was just the .181 update he never updated to in the first place. I felt better.

  • no update in Ohio

  • davetheAndroid

    4:15 pm in CA. still 2.3.6 🙁 This is irritating considering I went through this last year.

  • Brian

    No love in NJ, either. I’ve been compulsively checking for the last few days, but apparently my DEVICE IS UP TO @#$*&ING DATE

  • Trollolo

    Damn, I did it the same, just sideload the ICS update and in 20 minutes I got my system ready… with better battery life, WiFi signal improved, and almost nothing of bloatware
    (PS with the brazilian ROM for LATAM devices)

  • Nick Hitchan

    I just downloaded the damn update manually, sick of waiting around checking. Works awesome! Battery life improved a lot.

  • john

    No update in los angeles…still waiting

  • Jeff

    waiting on ICS blows

    • Tyson


  • ztw1217



    I just had it in my phone when i woke up this morning

  • curt

    Nothing yet in the Atl

  • dep

    Got it early this morning on one of my razrs waiting still on the second one

  • DesiD92

    Got mine at 3am EST and omg is it sexy :3

  • jlamb

    Nothing in Charleston WV

  • I Contacted Motorola and they said all users should get it within 5-7 business days

  • NicoleNXD

    My girl got her update for ICS last night at about 10:30 pm PST. Central Valley California, not that it really matters.

  • Shayne

    Had a brief period of time earlier when mine was saying that the “check for update is unavailable at this time”. Got me excited that they may be preparing it and took something offline. But now I’m back to the plain old “Your device is up to date!” message again.

    • chris

      I ran into that when phone was switching from 3G to 4G. So I now have phone in CDMA only (3G) so that when the update is available I don’t run into any problems with the phone trying to switch between 3G and 4G while the update is trying to DL and get something all screwed up.

    • Reedster

      It does that when you don’t have good enough signal. And definitely make sure you have good stable signal before you download it or it wont work right and you’ll have to restart download.

  • lynlyn

    No update as of yet. In Los Angles

  • csallee74

    Nothing in central Florida yet.

  • MrChase209

    Will you get the ota if you’re rooted??

    • maxx86

      i asked the same question no one answered me so i deleted su backup from voodoo, deleted voodoo, then unrooted just to make sure i get the ota and it dont fail lol if i dont have root i dont have root oh well imo i only used root to be able to take screenshots and now that it’s incorporated into ics i dont really need root

  • spyder00

    Finally received update this morning (in michigan) and now fully rocking ICS!

  • The DMan

    My ICS was downloaded and waiting for install this morning at 7.
    After playing with it ALL day (work from home-VPN), I haven’t found a change yet
    that I don’t like.

    Even the small stuff; face recognition unlock, widgets in the
    app drawer, encryption options, better performance, etc, etc… It’s ALL

    My mother got her Razr when I got mine, she hasn’t got it yet.
    Not a happy camper!

    • The D-Man

      ATL btw

    • Jeff

      when did you get your razr?

    • gr8515

      My wife doesn’t have hers either…. not a happy camper

  • gr8515

    Got mune this morning! Wow!

  • “Juc: Please know that the ICS update started rolling out yesterday by batches. There is no option to manually pull or push the update at the moment. All you have to do is to wait for the notification. You will be notified on your phone if the update is available for your phone.” – This is the answer I got from the MOTO live chat on their website. Coming from MD.

  • I’m impatiently waiting

  • My girl got hers n it works so far but nothing for mine yet

  • Shawn

    Nothing in Minneapolis yet!

  • Rick

    The number to check when your area code will get ics is 985 655 2500

    • RickRoll Number, I’d avoid actually calling it

    • nammy41

      Never gonna give you up

  • shavedxb

    forgot to mention I’m here in Tennessee…

  • Jeff

    Nothing yet in Baton Rouge, LA….

  • Paul Fulbright

    I did middle of the night, but thanks to a rooting attempt (bad directions, they “forgot” a part) it failed, went through HELL to manually apply the OTA (yay for xda!), loving it now though!

  • thank you for the tip about changing it back to 3 g. Actually I’ve been using the app that you guys recommend it it works wonderfully. im not even mad I don’t have the Maxx… I’m just happy!

  • shavedxb

    i got it at about 6:10 this morning and by 6:30 it was fully complete. So far i have had a blast with it and love it…took a while for updates to complete as alot of my apps went into upgrade after getting ics.

  • maxx86

    Im rooted with safestrap i uninstalled safestrap and temp unrooted with voodoo. will the ota still work or am i going to have to rsd?

  • Is anybody else having trouble with their front facing camera? When using it with Ice cream sandwich?

    • suicidesilence4444

      Nope. Whats exactly wrong with it?

  • I am a regular droid razr owner I do not have the RAZR Maxx – I received the update late last night!!! its way its way better than siri could ever be and that’s jus the talk texting– everything else is so awesome. Yay

  • ICS Updated MAAX Owner

    I have had the ICS update on my Maxx since 6/23/12. There are some things that I like and most things that are “meh”. I have had 2 issues so far 1. after update for the first 2 days every time I unlocked my phone the screen brightness was all the way down regardless of the setting, this happened every single time I unlocked it and was frustrating. Reboot would fix for a couple of hours and then would happen again. This seems to have fixed its self after a couple of days somehow. 2. For some reason I cannot read some emails with the default active sync email client, I have just noticed this and am in the process of investigating. Another possible issues is that it seems like battery life is worse after the update, but this may be just me? I have had my Maxx since launch day, in fact I had one reserved at a local verizon store a week ahead of time. 3 of us here where I work all got launch day Maxxs and all got ICS on 6/22-6/23, however I know several other people with Maxxs and Rzrs that are newer than ours that the update is not aviable, therefore I believe that VZ/Moto is updating bassed upon serial number and build date… IMO over ICS was underwhelming for me

  • DRUDroid

    Downloading now! Near Chicago!

  • sporttster

    Well, I was right….the Gnex has Jellybean roms available before we even get ICS. Gotta love it…..

  • Here is Motorola’s official response:

    “Yes. We are now launching the ICS update to Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx users all over the US. The update is being sent to all users in phases and batches over the next couple of days. Please wait until your device receives the notification to update the phone’s software.”

  • Still waiting, been wanting ICS on this phone since I’ve bought it:/ at least I hope it gets updated tonight.

  • Nothing yet here in SC 🙁

  • JD

    It seems like a lot of people had the update waiting on them this morning when they woke up, so maybe the update is being distributed by Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy and it won’t show up unless you are sleeping!!! Maybe its time for a nap!

    • matt

      Lol…no update for me yet…cant sleep till morning 🙁


    West Virginia Nothing Yet I hope there’s aren’t holding back again i WILL HAVE TO BUY THE GALAXY S III

  • Justin Rayeni

    Still nothing are they Lying to us ?

  • John Jenness

    I already updated it manually…but I received my “pop-up” message from Verizon last night telling me “within the next two weeks”…

  • Flik623

    I got the update this morning 6/28 when I woke up the update message was on my screen

  • disqus_D7FjHEhDfR

    I live 20 minutes away from Verizon headquarters in NJ and I have no 4G and no ICS. Crazy.

  • I just heard that everyone should be updated by the end of tomorrow.

  • joshiee18

    no update on my razr maxx – Los Angeles, Ca

  • arthur

    Go to Motorola website and ask when we will receive the update…
    In Brazil the rollout begins 3/07(for selected users) and 06/07 for all users.
    Better late then never!!!

  • King

    Nothing in LA

  • Nothing yet on Maxx. Orange County, CA

  • dmagicp

    ok there is aproblem with gmail that isn’t working on ics. they just fixed it and closed the ticket at verizon so who knows?

  • maxx86

    No ice cream here in nyc

  • MrToTo83

    Yep got it

  • maxxwright

    I called Verizon and they told me Motorola is sending it out in batches in different parts of the country so it won’t bog down there systems. So they are just spreading it randomly all you can really do is wait. I’m in Dayton and i know a few people who received in Toledo. And one person received it this morning the other just about a half hour ago. And they live ten minutes away from each other.

  • Holy Frijoly

    Nada in sunny El Paso, TX

  • Mossguy79

    I got it at 11:30pm Mountain time last night. I LOVE it! Worth the wait. Twin Falls, ID.

  • rockon1334

    Nothing in so cali

  • I got ICS early this morning 😀

  • cns2007

    Does the “Force” method not work,? Like what we were able to do with the Nexus.

    The 4.0.4 update is pushing out to a massive batch of Galaxy Nexus owners as you read this, however, there are still a number of you that have yet to be prompted. If you would like to speed up the process, you can try this little trick that dozens of readers have submitted as working like a charm. 1. From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
    2. Search for Google Services Framework.
    3. Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
    4. Then choose “Clear data.”
    5. Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.You may have to repeat the steps a couple of times. Good luck!

    • nope. it was suggested on reddit. tried it and it didn’t do anything.

      • cns2007

        Oh, well that’s unfortunate. Hopefully they’ll roll this out quickly.

  • tvjrc603

    So, is it a coincidence that I have been craving Dairy Queen all day? So much talk of Ice Cream…

  • Nihilist

    Nothing Yet~! Boston, MA

  • Dan Christ

    I got mine this morning in Portland or

  • RoadsterHD1

    Nothing yet in Orange county CA.

  • jseph13

    No update yet, thinking about getting Googles new tablet. Think of this: if I receive the tablet (about 2 Weeks) before Motorola/Verizon gets me my update, I will have a Jelly Bean machine from a company (Google) that OWNS the company(Motorola) that can’t update their customers to Ice Cream for over SIX MONTHS late… Second thought, f–k all of them, I will just buy an IPad…

  • Nammy41

    Nothing yet in Columbus Ohio… grrr.

    • tvjrc603

      Nothing here in Cleveland either, unfortunately.

  • Nihilist

    Nothing yet~! Boston, MA

  • ohuknow

    I got ics ……. in my dream last night

  • hombre

    No icecream in southern Illinois.

  • Adam Bailey

    I received it this morning after around 8am eastern. I can already see a bump in battery usage as I only have about 60% after barely using it. Also, I noticed my signal flickering on and off for data constantly. Maybe the 4g antennae software is off a bit, causing the battery drain too. If you want screenshots hit me up via email ([email protected]) but i’m sure everyone already knows what it looks like by now.

  • meebo

    If your rooted you will need to find another way to install it. Even if you unroot you will not be able to install the update.

    • RazrGuy

      Are you sure? How do you know this? Source please…

  • guttatae22

    Had the update now can’t download it again on my replacement ugh lol…

    • amyv

      Try dialing *#*##checkin#*#* to pull it back to your phone

  • ofcluke527

    A friend in Chicago with a maxx and his wife with a razr got it at 1:30a and 5:30am. He sent me a screen shot of our text conversation. Oddly, he is a manager at a Verizon in the southwest suburbs. I am not trolling and have no motive to lie to a bunch of people in my same situation of waiting. I am in east Tennessee and figure I will not get ics until Saturday since they are hitting Chicago.

  • Shane

    The people who got the update aren’t posting that they got it due to the simple fact that they are too busy enjoying an ice cream sandwich.

  • still nothing. debating if I should just try to sideload

  • My sister has it but the wife does not yet I am searching for the link and seeing where it installs from to get a hold of it.

  • k9

    I’m hungry for ice cream!

  • Seriously though my phone is a compulsive liar.
    “Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time.”
    urrg :-

  • fanboy1974

    Wonder how long will it take for razor owners to get jelly bean?

    Sent from a jelly bean Nexus

  • link to that sweet wallpaper?

  • Fuco180

    I got mine around 6 this morning. It works well, thought there seems to be a hiccup or two at first. It went any after playing around for about 30 min. New orleans, louisiana

  • Brodie Krause

    Nothing here yet, East-Central Illinois.

  • scrolled through all 305 comments, couldn’t tell if someone from NY had posted they got it or not. nothing yet, and doing the 5 minute check as well. RAZR MAXX

  • Diordna11

    There was an article on Tech Buzz about 2 hours ago that said that the update had been pulled due to unknown issues. I didn’t finish reading the article because I got busy at work and when I went back to read the rest of it the article had already pushed off due to newer posts. I hope there is no truth to the article, but the way this update has been going it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • can you post a link to the tech buzz website please

      • Diordna11

        I am trying to find it and will post the link when I do

        • i just want the website, not the article

          • Diordna11

            It is an Android app and the best app for keeping up to date with all of the latest news.

  • Svilan

    Got my message from Motorola saying it was coming within the week…got the update 4 hours later at 11:30pm last night. Los Angeles, CA RAZR. This was after checking for updates like a psycho every 5 minutes for the past 2 days.

    • me too

    • suicidesilence4444

      Me also. But i got it at 4 in the morning. We say the same story but yet gymrat still thinks we are lying cuz hes pissed about a software update.

  • Tim

    Nothing yet in Watertown, NY

  • Br00ks

    Not yet in Birmingham, AL.

  • Cookin

    I have received the update but it won’t install. It keeps saying update failed. Rooted with the latest software, I haven’t deleted any system apps, defrosted all the apps I had frozen, and temp unrooted with voodoo so i don’t know what’s going on.

  • Golf

    Received this morning after notification last night. Had to reset corporate email as a result. Otherwise just great.

  • Todd Stoddard

    Got mine at 3:00AM this morning!

  • jmodawg

    By the way, did you guys get a notification about the software update on your phone yet? I got mine last night and then by morning had ICS. This may be an indicator of when you are about to receive it.

    • suicidesilence4444


  • Lynchmeister

    No update in Bentonville, AR.

  • Mine is updated, but I was in the Soak Test !!!

  • rhinMich

    Nothing yet in Michian

  • Rick

    ICS arrive for me at 5:00 a.m. this morning.

  • Scott

    I live in MD and while I was in FL last week, my razr maxx received ICS. It was Friday night (early Saturday) when my phone started downloading it. I am not sure why, since I am not part of the soak test, but I was certainly happy to receive it early! I do not know if being in a different geographical location had something to with it or not..

  • amyv

    I recently read it goes out by serial number, so the people that got it, are your SN low or high

    • amyv

      Mine goes m726se5***
      Or maybe by imei 99000118622***
      Whoever got it, are your numbers higher or lower than that.

      • BigJon

        9 billion? Your never getting it. lol. Only kidding.

  • Jim

    1:50PM and I got nothing..Pennsylvania

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’ve had it since Saturday morning (06/23/2012) in Bay Area, CA. It is frickin’ Awesome! Smoothest and snappiest experience ever! It’s like my RAZR MAxx went through puberty the right way! LOL

  • dbam987

    No dice in Jacksonville FL just before I boarded to Atlanta…
    No dice when I landed in Atlanta GA…
    No dice when I landed in Detroit MI…
    No dice when I woke up from my food coma just now…

  • matt

    So I am starting to think that I might feel unfulfilled once I actually get it. Especially considering I have been waiting since Jan. Guess I will find out soon….

  • Eric

    There was a post in Tech Buzz about 2 hours ago and it said that the update had been pulled due to issues. I got busy at work and went back to read all of the post and it had already pushed past 20 and was gone.

  • no update in new york 🙁

  • bizarospeak

    Nothing, Nothing at all!

  • Tim

    I have it.Houston, TX

  • MadRussian

    No update for me in Cincinnati (supposedly 4G test market). On my X, I got Gingerbread morning of the soak test… Need a check update widget to spam upgrade check – sick of checking manually…

  • jmodawg

    Had it waiting when I unlocked my phone this morning here in Atlanta! I’m loving me some Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • cyraus69

    let me kno if you guys want me to post it ..its very Ez to load to ur phone … i will put step bystep directions

    • newbie

      plz do post

  • Tim

    This B.S. leak is just a ploy by Verizon and Motorola to con more people into running to the nearest store to purchase a new Razr……
    Customer service in America has gone to (…….) “insert expletive”
    Just give the businessman your money and then get bent. A prime example of this is when you go to the doctors office and they want your co-pay before they even provide the service, then make you sit two hours in the waiting room.

  • chadstone30

    oh you did get the OTA! congratulations for being on the latest OS! NOT!

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus running Jellybean


  • boxxer27

    Idk if this helped but I called Motorola and Verizon like 4 times yesterday and then late last night I got a message but accidentally exited it and then this morning when I woke up I had the thing saying ready to install so I got it but my gf who has the razr as well just not the limited edition has yet to get it here in Richmond va

  • Lucky Armpit

    Eastern NC and nothing here. Not my first rodeo with updates on Verizon so I’m fully aware I will get it when I get it and not a moment sooner.

  • jdb

    Woke up this…morning

  • jdb

    Got it when I woke up this (NY)

  • cyraus69

    the link is out there for download .. i came across it already … no need for root .. its the true .211 update …. i will post it for you guys if u cant wait

    • ash

      i cant wait !

  • Andrew Grant

    It was a little sticky

  • Sam

    Nothing yet!!.. Razr MAXX. Shelby TWP, MI.

  • Garry

    My wife got hers this morning (Thurs). Not me….grrrr. Her account is in New York metro area. Mine is Trenton, NJ. Might be a factor if they are rolling out slowly and regionallly.

  • chrisa

    @VZWSupport tweeted yesterday that roll out would start in 3-4 Weeks….

    • ryan

      I believe they say it would TAKE 3-4 weeks…

    • suicidesilence4444

      If that was true then why are people including myself recieving the update? I think they said it would take up to 3-4 weeks for everyone to recieve it.. but then again, why did me and alot of other people get that notification saying that i will have ics by the end of the week? Im not asking you these questions btw. Just sayin.

  • guest

    I received mine first thing this morning (6-28-12). I don’t know if it mattered, but I purchased my phone on 11-11-11. Haven’t had time to find all of the new options, but looks nice so far.

  • Austeeezzz

    Nothing in Socal, I’m checking all day

  • cyraus69

    hey guys! i have a solution for you ! y

  • Reciprocator

    I’m in Arizona. “Your device is up to date! To push out Jellybean before ICS is a punch in the stomach. No update yet.

  • Michael Schnider


  • treatless in Seattle

    No update Washington state


    Yesterday I received a notification that my phone would be updated soon . About 5 hours later the update came through. Have to say, so far, I’m not impressed. Its a little cleaner, but my phone seems to run a little slower than before and the scrolling isn’t as fluid. Also, I use 2 different emails, AOL and Gmail. The Gmail is for friends and family, the Aol is for all the other BS that I get from places wanting me to register an email address. Before I was able tell what emails I had by the little icons. Now its one generic email icon that pops up. Not the little Gmail or Aol icon as before. Some emails I can read, but most I can only get the topic. I might need to reset my accounts but that would mean going though the whole online ordeal that is a little pain. Didn’t think I’d regret updating, or maybe it takes some getting used to all the other little things. But the Email issue is bugging me the most.

  • Mark

    Still nothing in Wilkes Barre PA. I’m running the .211 leak but still check wifes and daughters razr and nothing yet.

  • i demand NJ gets ICS…its not fair for us to be waiting

  • chef4life

    Really, I got my update on Saturday, TN

  • Slosh

    Got the update this morning but it will not install.

  • Suralin

    I got tired of waiting and flashed the latest leak using Droid Utility 1.7 from DroidRzr.com I’ve been a happy customer since – no flaws that I’ve found.

  • Nothing in Cabot, AR. Why did I Switch from Samsung to Motorola?

  • Jelly bean

    Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time. My phone its lying to me. I want my ice cream! If you ever saw ringers…when the f%*k did we get ice cream? Haha

  • baciar1

    verizon sucks

  • ash

    My husband received it this morning. but not me:( that’s the worst he is messaging me from work telling me how great it looks and how excited he is!

    • damn that’s cold haha

    • ryan

      Wow that’s gotta stink!

  • BigRed4X15

    In the email from Motorola, they said the soak test ended last night, and the rollout would begin SOON. It never gave a date for the roll out. FYI unless they made some changes from the soak test build, there are still a few bugs. But the ability to disable the mojority of the bloat is nice!

  • ryan

    Guys I heard it will be available Monday.

  • Nothing yet for me… I’m in Chicago

  • Reciprocator

    I’m in Arizona. “Your device is up to date! To push out Jellybean before ICS is a punch in the stomach. No update yet.

  • ryan

    well I heard on July second, Monday, you can pull the update…

    • pull the update?

      • Ryan

        It means check for it again…

    • Corey

      ^this is true. Ten days after June 22nd you can go to system updates and manually pull the update. At least that’s what a Verizon Customer support lady told me.

  • technically they didn’t lie, they did start the rollout before Q2

  • Where the eff is my rezound update

  • NomNom

    You’re strung a little tight, son. I love this phone – yeah, I’m anxious for the update, but when was the last time you bought a car and they upgraded something in it without charging you? Did your PC get a Windows upgrade for free?

    • Anthonypissedof2.3.6user

      this phone was marketed around the world as going to be updated to ics when it was released so really what you should say is when was the last time u bought a car they said was gonna have a type of engine that isnt ready yet………


  • Tlez

    Yeah, I didnt wait.. Side loaded the damn thing.. Yeah, im the fat kid who couldnt help himself and ate the ice cream sandwich.. ITS GOOD! 🙂

  • Tim

    I got my update this morning

  • DavidH

    I’ve been checking several times a day since Friday. Still nothing. It would be far more honest if Verizon’s message was simply “No update is available at this time.” My Razr clearly isn’t up to date.

    • guest

      I would give up on the up to date option. It does nothing. Patience folks and I think location does matter…. Middle of no-where NYS (south of buffalo) and I got it this morning.

  • Nothing yet in Salt Lake City

  • akap54

    Nothing yet in Camarillo, California

  • C-Law

    And to be a jerk, vzw gnex users are already installing jelly bean. So much butter

  • JD

    No love in B’ham, AL yet!! Maybe its because of the heat

  • GilaMonster

    No joy on Razr Maxx in AZ – been checking consistently for 3 days

  • woke up to the update this morning

  • Mark

    Still nothing yet… damn you verizon and your lies!!!

  • Peter

    Woke up to it this morning. I’m in PA so who knows how they are rolling it out. Might be based on meid.

  • Matt Lazaraus

    I’ve been waiting like a week when it was announced the 22nd…

    • ryan

      Most of us have been waiting for 6/7 months!

  • Stavros Papastavrou


  • Steve

    12:35 pm Thursday June 28 , NO UPDATE in PA !!!!!

  • Jerry

    Yes!!!! totally awesome!!

  • Received this morning 3:30 a.m. central standard time in middle Tennessee

  • Gonna buy a tub of ice cream and sit here refreshing the System Updates button until I get it 🙁

  • snozberry

    when i check for an update my razr is stuck on “checking for available update” forever!… anyone know whats up with my phone?

    • Gymrat84

      Nothing…..it’s perfectly normal…..your phone is patiently waiting for the rumors to end and receive the update…..so it will be another 6months before it stops checking for updates….GOOD LUCK

  • Barron

    Got it this morning. Hung up my phone. Had to soft reset twice. Seems to be okay now. Jury still hot. My phone is running hot though. Will continue to monitor.


    • Gymrat84

      Just like the guy on the phone in Taken said……GOOD LUCK…….

  • Shadowcell
  • Backstabbles

    Nothing here in southern NJ yet D’:

  • I got the update at 1:30 a.m in toledo ohio. i have been checking for updates everyday for months. i decided to check before i went to sleep and i got the update. even though i had checked for an update an hour earlier. i would post screenshots but dont know how to post them in a comment. to do screen shots on the phone is the power and volume down keys together. im guessing is that it will be sent out in waves over the next week

    • For all you people that think we arent receiving the update and that we are trying to stir up stuff is crazy. why would i lie about getting the update. dont be jealous. ICS isnt even all its cracked up to be. gingerbread had settings in the messaging apps and contacts app that is now gone and i dont like that i cant hide apps from the app drawer anymore. if you want a screentshot to prove i have 4.04. let me know

      • Doesn’t power + down volume hard reset the phone?

        • BigRed4X15

          It will do the screen shot almost instantly where to do a hard reset you have to hold for like 5-10 seconds.

          • yeah the screen shot feature is really nice. havent had a need for it yet though. the lock screen is also pretty laggy and i dont like that i cant turn the vibrate off when i slide to unlock

          • thanks

      • BigRed4X15

        Yes but instead of just simply hiding the Verizon bloat, you can disable it, which completely removes it from the drawer all together.

        • some of the apps such as the guided tours, device setup, emergency alerts, help center. i want to hide those ones. you cant even disable them

  • ECD

    Had it waiting at 6am PDT when I got up this morning. Awesome

  • Rusty

    Got it here in Central Florida this morning. WIfe’s phone on same account did not. Mine is registered in the beta program.

  • jman

    nada in Houston

  • Dwhite89

    Everything is fine, except for my 3g. It won’t switch to 3g.

  • Nothing in St. Louis Mo. still waiting, checking every hour.

  • yellowcanary73

    Nope but their more worried about jelly bean now. Which will be out for phone by the end of next year right before kiweed.

  • Gymrat84

    Why does everybody who claims they got the update have a different story as to how they got the update….if you didn’t get the update stop speading fabricated stories as to somehow stumbling across the update……all these “i was flying in an airplane and had to do three hard resets five hail Marys and eat a bowl of rice then got the ota update” type of stories…..smh….

  • Jeff

    Nothing here in Raleigh…

  • Joe

    Nothing in central pa

  • Geeb

    My wife got it OTA after midnight, but I haven’t received it yet. I also have not been successful getting it manually. I guess they are rolling it out in the early morning because of bandwidth issues?

  • Ant

    Nothing in northern Cali.

  • DucatiMon

    Nothing here in SoCal! Checking non stop!

  • Joao Henriques

    Nothing in West Memphis,Arkansas as yet. I’m really tired of all the hype, and no follow through by Verizon/Motorola. Why do I stay loyal to these institutions?

  • Nothing yet here in NC.

  • Jai84

    was trying to download but couldn’t complete the download because my Razr is rooted. I didn’t know that was going to be an issue?

    • baciar1

      use ota rootkeeper to unroot

      • I got it this morning only after I got a message yesterday evening that I would be getting it in less than a week. The message came from moto.

  • Eli g

    got it this morning springfield mo

    • rd

      I’m in springfield mo … no update yet!

  • vahe boyajian

    No ics yet, checking the phone 3x/hr. Los angeles

  • mc

    I was reading these comments, I look over at my Razr……it’s downloading right now.

    • Gymrat84


      • mc

        Nope. It took about an hour to download and install.

  • I ended up manually updating my buddy’s RAZR Maxx last night. Had to wipe data, but he was alright with that, and gotta say I’m liking ICS on the RAZR. He was incredibly happy that he could disable a bunch of the Verizon crap-ware now

  • bob

    Nothing in Houstalantavegas

  • John G

    No same here in New Jersey

  • anonymous

    I got mine this morning about 5:00

  • phssthpok

    I received it around 3 am, downloaded about 10 times, and the update failed every time. Called Verizon at 6 am, was told to factory reset the device, and then told it might be 48-72 hours before I see the update again…even if I did manual update. Not happy.

  • Trung Vu

    Got mine last night around 11pm

  • I got it (from Boston)

    But the update froze on the last step had to reboot

  • How about instead of “yea i got mine is kewl lol” we say “I got it, atlanta area, at about 9:30 this morning”? People are stupid.

    I’ll start “I did not get it yet, central california”.

    • Gymrat84

      That’s because they are lying about getting it…….internet trolls……everybody has a different story as to how they got the ota update

  • bakes

    do you think you can force the upload like the GNEX?

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      I’ve actually tried that trick a few times to see if it would work, no dice (although I did have a Nexus for a week and it took me a few times doing that trick to get the update)

      Philadelphia area, still no update

  • punkroyale

    Nothing here in SoCal.

  • martinezs89

    got mine last night odd part was that i was rooted and use ota rootkeeper to un root and i was able to update

  • sevm

    got it about 9am this morning – suburban philly. looks great!

  • Heartless12

    I have ics on my phone but my trick was to install the zip file from my sd card because I got tired of waiting if anyone would like I could post up some screen shots

  • bigjon

    i got mine here in california its upgrading as we speak

  • zach

    I got the update last night at 1:30 a.m. not as good as I was hoping. Definitely better than gingerbread though. Looking forward to jellybean now…

  • Knlegend1

    I got nothing and now my Razr is asking me to resign into my google account. It says that I’ve entered an incorrect password, which BS and annoying. I know my password lol damnit. LR, Arkansas btw!!!!

    • I haven’t gotten it. (cabot,ar)

    • I am having the same issue, all of a sudden last night it started giving me a notification that my password is incorrect, however gmail, play, music and every other program that requires a google password just fine, I don’t get…BTW nothing yet…Nor Cal

    • Matthew

      The same thing happened to me this morning!!! I hope it didn’t skip us!!!

    • psycho_nole

      Same thing happened to me yesterday. I called verizon and after getting to level 2 tech support they didn’t really know what was going on. We tried a couple things and he would call back an hour later to see if anything had worked.
      I ended up just changing my gmail password from my desktop computer, and then updating it on my maxx. Stopped getting the notification so maybe you should try that.
      Also, still no update here in North Florida…

  • Ayush

    Here in Virginia I think it’s been pushed out. I saw a lady at the Bowling alley yesterday running it. Doesn’t matter to me though, I’m running a working ICS on my OG Droid ^___^

    • Tcali


    • DavidH

      Nope on your Virginia theory. I’m in Richmond area, and no ICS.

      • Ayush

        Interesting, I’m in Richmond too and I swore that she was using the ICS keyboard.

        • manics

          You can download ice cream sandwich keyboard from android marketq

  • maxxwright

    Nothing here in Dayton, OH…..well this is one of the forgotten cities.

  • dangolds

    No update yet in Rhode Island. Wish they would have delayed the timing of the jelly bean announcement until next month, after the ICS rollout came through. It really is aggravating as a consumer to buy a carrier’s flagship device in May, and yet somehow be 2 versions behind on the software within 7 weeks of purchase. Obviously it’s a bit of an exaggeration since I’ll have ICS soon, but observing this process from afar doesn’t give me great confidence that my Razr Maxx will be getting jelly bean anytime soon, if ever. For those who say “get a Nexus” as the solution, my counter argument is that the Galaxy Nexus is not even Verizon’s best android offering. You can debate whether it’s better than the Maxx but the Galaxy SIII is supposed to be the new flagship device for Verizon in H2 2012. It’s insane that a device of that caliber will immediately be behind the curve from a software perspective 4 weeks after its launch. Same thing with the HTC One X and Evo on ATT and Sprint.

    Say what you will about Apple, but those guys have a better handle on how to keep their software updates aligned with their new device releases year after year. Yes, I know there are many more android devices to account for than iPhones, but realistically there are 4 or 5 high end android models that are the primary competitors to the current iPhone model in a given year. Is it really asking so much as a consumer for Google, its OEMs and the major carriers to instill a more consistent and timely software upgrade process for purchasers of these high end devices? As someone who has used and enjoyed both Apple and Android products, I can tell you that this is one of the biggest drawbacks to the android platform.

    • enigmad

      i don’t remember any of those phones being flagship phones except for the nexus. which makes the nexus, the nexus. they are usually the flagship for the newest versions.

      • LiterofCola

        You honestly believe that the Razr/Maxx aren’t flagship phones? Really? Not taking anything from the Nexus, but you would be seriously mistaken if you believe this.

        • ERIC REED

          Flagship for Motorola…Yes
          Flagship for google…No

          • LiterofCola

            Right, the OP mentioned it being a “carrier flagship” which it is. But yeah, you’re right, it’s not a Google flagship device.

          • jman

            I would lean more toward Verizon vs. Moto for Flagship.

          • Nick Gornick

            well the razr maxx was verizon’s top selling phone even over the iphone this quarter. if that doesnt scream flagship then i dont know what does.

          • ERIC REED

            That was according to one analyst report, most others still say the iPhone was Verizon’s biggest seller. If you need further proof just look around and see how many people have a Razr Maxx. I know exactly none..

          • Diablo81588

            Well it definately wasn’t the “flagship” Nexus…

          • chuck

            I have the Razr Maxx. No upgrade yet though.

          • droidfansofar

            Unless apple does something DRASTICALLY different with there iPhones im sticking with RAZR Maxx(the best smartphone to hit the market so far) . Just yearning to satisfy its sweet tooth, after that it will be even better.

          • dangolds

            See, I’m really torn on that right now. Razr Maxx is a great phone but if over the next 18 months it’s not kept current on the software front, I may be going back to iOS on the next go around. Jelly Bean and whatever software version follows it will probably be awesome, but this means very little if none of the top tier android phones are running them in a timely manner.

          • Kyle

            Flagship for the largest career in the united states, yes. The Droid razr may not out due the over hyped iPhone but it has certainly out sold the nexus. Not only that but take the 5 commercials for the razr maxx to a single one about grouping friends for the nexus. Verizon is well aware which phone will make it more money.

        • jman

          it’s not. Goto Google search and type “Google Phone” see what you get back.

          • LiterofCola

            Read it again….

      • dangolds

        When you watch TV or go to the carrier stores, what phones do you see most heavily promoted? Razr Maxx, Galaxy SIII, HTC One….those are the flagship phones, regardless of the software update pecking order.

    • jman

      The problem is you are criticizing Google when they are just the OS maker. You can’t blame Microsoft for Dell hardware or bloatware. Motorola is decides what it wants on it hardware, not Google. If you want the latest and greatest OS, stick with the Google current flagship phone. Hopefully Motorola will soon transition into the flagship role since Google bought it’s mobility division.

      • dangolds

        As a consumer, I evaluate the end product I’ve purchased and the subsequent hardware and software support I receive over the following 18 months. I don’t care whose fault it is, per se. All I know as a customer is that I’m receiving poor post sale support on a high end device. The way things work in 2012 is that multiple top tier phones using Google’s android software are creating these types of issues for customers. It’s the entire go to market model that’s at fault, but Google plays a major role in that model. If Google truly wants to get the upper hand over Apple as a business enterprise, they need to find a way to improve the end user customer experience over the 18-24 month lifecycle of the technology products that heavily leverage their software. You can argue tech specs all you want, but agnostically the average consumer probably would find the hardware design and software interface of both the iPhone and the best android phones to be excellent. So the key is, how do you keep those customers loyal to your platform and the ecosystem you’re trying to build going forward? The OEMs might not have that incentive but Google certainly does, and with Google’s size and resources they need to determine whether to push harder on their OEM partners to improve their customer support or simply stay passive and hope for the best. As a consumer, this is the downside of the total android experience, just as limited freedom in terms of customization is the downside in the Apple/ios experience.

      • Josh

        just so you know Google bought Motorola less than a year ago for something like 13.5 mill. just saying

    • tracey

      Amen to that!

  • I received it at about 10:30 last night PST in Orange County, it’s very nice! No push, just popped up, this was after receiving a text message earlier in the day that it would be updated within the week

    • ethan

      I’m in OC and still haven’t gotten anything. not even the text

  • cgmartin33

    I’ve been enjoying it for 6 months now so I don’t have to use words like patiently, frantically, crackhead or balding. Its really cool all you stress cases…and thanks Cyanogen;)

  • Demonhunter

    Nothing in Oklahoma City 🙁

    • Ponokyo

      I’m in Owasso and got it this morning at 1am.

  • where’s my ics

    Nada in san francisco…
    Still waiting …

  • Dustin B.

    Side loaded it last weekend, works awesome.

  • antonio

    Got it last night. Idk if its my area but since the update my phone service dies every now and then. But its ok so far. It takes a few tries while watching YouTube to switch over to full screen.

    • Antonio

      This is in Clovis, NM. The face lock is kinda cool. I like the feature of the pin or pattern security if the face isn’t recognized. It’s a little laggy when i’m typing in the browser. My phone powers on to the lock screen randomly. I don’t touch it and it pop ups like i pushed the power button and goes to the lock screen. once i downloaded and installed ics, i got a lot more updates for my apps. google music, facebook, youtube and more.

      • antonio

        I’ve got system version 6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US
        Android version 4.0.4
        Build number 6.7.2-180_DHD-16_M4-31
        Build Date Thu Jun 14 14:57:16 CDT 2012

  • Poker_Vol

    I got the pre-update announcement last night at 7:30 and the update was waiting on me when I turned my phone on this morning. In Knoxville TN, if that matters to anyone. Large file, took about 20 minutes to download and install. Had to go into downloads to install, not an automatic installation.

    • jhlinka

      I think I might’ve gotten that last night, did the announcement show up in your notifications bar?

      • Im saying what Downloads area? Like in the play store or what?

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          The Downloads app in your app drawer.

    • Downloads where?

  • tyson

    nothing here….wichita ks

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Girlfriends phone received a notification last night saying it would come within a week. This morning (early) it was available download. She didn’t manjly fetch it or anything. She doesn’t like how dark it is, but I think its very well done!

    • Ponokyo

      Three words: Go Launcher Ex. Or ADW Launcher. Or any of the numerous launchers in the market. Okay, so more like 15 words.

  • sneezyster

    nothing yet and i keep checking about every hour.. central mass

  • CJonesEngr

    Nothing yet here in Alabama. (RAZR)

  • motionmist

    I got it at 5 this morning MST. Loving the new keyboard and features. Lost root but I’m sure there is a way to get it back.

  • HC

    I was told by Verizon last night that anyone who sets up a new Razr Maxx for the first time from today, they will automatically get ICS. Can anyone confirm?

    • I wonder if we factory reset if we would then get ICS

      • Reedster

        That didn’t happen for me. I factory reset mine and no luck.

      • jeesung

        factory reset uses what’s on your phone. it’s like a restore partition on your PC

    • Not true, atleast in Southern Illinois region. I work at a Verizon store and just activated one, no ICS. Still waiting on mine as well..

    • PJ

      i received a replacement phone today that i activated. still have GB

  • Nothing I’m in Sacramento, CA

  • Nothing Central NJ

  • A friend of mine just got hers. She can’t put her phone down now.

  • Doc Holliday

    Nothing yet. Dragging their feet with this download!!

  • MyStroPro

    I’ll have to flash back to get back on the path… and then wait for the new Axiom to come out for ICS

  • Ponokyo

    I got the notification yesterday that my phone would be updated within the week. I received the actual update at 1am cst and I am loving it! The UI is awesome and the phone is really smooth. The Google Chrome browser(downloaded from the market) is definitely better than the stock browser, and the sync feature is great. I also kept my phone off of the charger after the update. The battery definitely seems to be lasting a little longer. Won’t know until this evening exactly how much longer though. I’ve been playing with it all morning and I haven’t found a single issue with it so far.

  • Harold

    Tucson Arizona…. Nothing yet

    • Harold

      Who the & #* you talking to you don’t know me

  • Gymrat84

    Frstsaxman is a troll……several different contradictory comments…..

  • Nope, I think it’s all just a fabrication. I siri-ously hope they speed this up.

  • amyv

    Anyone try manual check in?

    • amyv

      I’ve used it to pull updates before, no luck for me now


      • What does this code?

        • amyv

          Manually checks your phone into android system to check for updates, kind of like going to system then update

          Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

          —–Original message—–

          • Oh… Nice… Anyway, I tried it, no update for me at this moment! :S

          • amyv

            Its worked for me a lot in the past when there’s an update that didnt get pushed to me yet, just a little bit better than checking in your settings>about phone>system update

            Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

            —–Original message—–

        • amyv

          It has to be dialed from the phone

          Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

          —–Original message—–

          • South West Washington

            Are you talking about manually checking in ‘about phone’ on your phone? or is there another way?

  • mustbepbs

    To be fair, the jump from ICS to JB seems like the jump from FROYO to GB, not GB to ICS. I don’t think it’ll be such a long wait. I can see why the jump from GB to ICS took so long, it’s basically night and day.

    • Jason Purp

      Jelly Bean seems to be very different as well. Obviously it’s not like GB vs ICS, but it’s still a significant upgrade. I think JB should have been Android 4.3 or 4.5.

      I’m sure it will still take a long time for the OEMs to send out updates to 4.1.

      • mustbepbs

        I think it’s more of under the hood stuff, and not something that they basically have to start from scratch on like the jump from GB to ICS. And the new features shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate. I’d say for flagship devices we’ll see updates in Q3.

  • sdsciko

    Just checked n nothing! San diego

  • wantICSguy

    Yes!! I got it and it is awesome! …just practicing. Nothing in San Diego

  • jdubbs

    Nothing yet in Atlanta, I swear its muscle memory to check for updates now I do it so much…

    • jmodawg

      I find it strange how that works because I got it last night at some point and it was waiting on me this morning when I unlocked my Razr Maxx and I’m in Atlanta.

      • 54321start

        My update checks dont give me any response whatsoever. That and no ICS. Droid Razr OG, ATL

    • Teyasophia

      Nothing in Columbia, SC….and I seriously check once an hour….at least!

  • Tay

    I have it and its beautiful!

    • ryan


  • Trav

    Still waiting here in NC. I prolly check 5 times a day in hopes that ima get that pop up that says Update Available!

  • I read on another website yesterday that it was being rolled out on 27th, 28th, and 29th based on geographic location. No idea if that is true or if it is how they break it up geographically.

    • Gymrat84

      Well im we are two days deep and majority of RAZR owners haven’t received anything…..which makes me believe that the people who claim to have received it are selling pipe dreams…

      • I mean your sentence makes sense…you may be the whose smoking the dream pipes

  • Gstyc

    No update yet in Southern New Jersey.

  • nsbjj

    Your device is up to date!
    No update is necessary at this time.

    5 minutes later…
    Your device is up to date!

    No update is necessary at this time.

    5 minutes later…

    Your device is up to date!

    No update is necessary at this time.

    5 minutes later…

    • ryan

      So true!

    • ^^^ THIS ^^^ times 100

    • Mungo

      No update yet in Boise, Idaho!

      • Captain Badass

        im in Boise and I havent got anything. Everything is up to date which i think is bullshit my friend. 208

    • Jelly bean

      Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time. My phone is lying to me. I want my ice cream! If you ever saw the movie ringers…when the f%*k did we ice cream? Haha

      • jeesung

        You’re already Jelly Bean. You skipped ICS 😉

      • Po66

        Haha….I didn’t get my ice cream either!! Nice reference Jelly bean!!

        • Jelly bean

          Thanks po66. I though that quote match perfectly of what’s going on with our already outdated upgrade software issue. Were all waiting for a upgrade which is already almost a year old for ics and jelly bean is going to be out soon. F android. Apple is my next phone.

          • Jelly bean

            And it won’t be with verizon with there new craping as share plans either. Two lines with 10gigs 200month and they charge us extra taxes to pay for there new cell tower. I might just go back to writing letters again.

    • forget every 5 mins i check every 15 secs….

    • link didn’t work

    • Motorola update their website status on the Razr and Razr Maxx

      • [IMG]http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r279/chocho_n_buddy/motoupdatedtheirsite.jpg[/IMG]

        • amyv

          That’s been like that for a few days 🙁 I’m hoping they’re pushing it and just haven’t updated again

    • blade

      I feel ur pau 🙁

  • Yagermeister

    Nothing here in Dallas yet

  • Gymrat84

    I think those people saying they got it are just trolls trying to stir up the people who haven’t gotten it……so much random information out there it’s hard to believe who got it without a screen shot…..

    • And I heard you can take screenshots with ICS right? Shouldn’t be that hard.

      • Gymrat84

        Yep…..but people would just rather stir up the crowd and claim they got it…..I haven’t gotten a notification text or anything similar to an update….

        • Ponokyo

          Not just trying to stir up the crowd in the least. I got the notification at 1am. It took almost twenty minutes to download and another 15 minutes or so to actually install. I’m in Oklahoma so maybe your location has something to do with it.

          • Gymrat84

            Supposedly location has nothing to do with it…….

          • Jon

            Driving to Oklahoma!!! I’m in New Mexico..

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          It is rolling out. Members of the MFN who were part of the soak are now permitted to speak about ICS in the Motorola Support Forums. Forum Admin Matt is even in on the discussions.

          • Gymrat84

            Sure……..Im usually an optimist…..but at this point my attitude is i will believe it when I see it…..

    • Geeb

      No, I am pissed that my wife got it and I didn’t…she doesn’t even care! I have been waiting since late November for it and she gets it first. She is rubbing it in because she knows how much I want it. I am also the main account holder!

      • TC

        you’re still talking about ICS, right?

      • Alex Juwong

        you could just switch sim cards… and take her phone… with ICS

    • I’ll be happy to show you how the fancy legitimate FROM VERIZON because I never root SCREEN SHOT feature works.

      • fyn

        No sense was made.

    • suicidesilence4444

      Nah i really did get it. It was already downloading just like an app would. I live in maryland.

      • Terminus

        You sir are a liar.

      • Reedster

        It wont just download like an app. It’ll pop up and ask you if you want to update it.

        • if hes an idiot it would appear that way after he hits download, he may be a fool and not a liar, everyone is so doubtful because they are so impatient…i am too but i believe these people because theres not this many trolls around, check out other sites, too many people

    • jmodawg
  • Howie

    Nothing yet. Waiting patiently.

  • jm

    My razr just finished updating to ics. I’m bummed I don’t
    have time to play with it. I came ota with no help from me.

  • stupidllama

    just like verizon and 4G i got nothing on my razr in montana

  • Tybalt39

    XDA has a side-load OTA full Verizon version with radio upgrade available for download/installation. It was just posted Monday and is the current release that is slowly making its way to us. It requires the phone to be returned to factory condition (unrooted, no CWM, etc.) before it can be installed.

  • Tom

    I got the update yesterday, it was a very big download. After d/l you have to go into your “downloads” to let it execute. That’s where my problems came in, the file was stuck on “executing” for hours and never loaded properly. It did create a sub-folder with data but never finished the install. I have since deleted the file and will await the update again. If I try to d/l again I am being told phone is up to date, but still running 2.3.6. No adverse problems were caused by the d/l and deleting the files.


      If you are rooted it will not install, even if you are completely ‘stock’ but rooted for backups or whatever. HTH

      • mark

        on that note, any ways around this without unrooting? So, unlike other updates this update will not run right (finish, start, etc.) if rooted, rather than simply unrooting the phone?
        Are rooted people being blocked from the download or is this an install time issue only?


          Lots of folks in the soak got the update downloaded and it failed during install. All of them (including me) had to completely unroot for the installation to work correctly. Post install re-rooting was easy enough, but keeping VoodooOTA on the device was a cause for failure.

      • phil

        That is not true. I updated stock rooted and kept root through upgrade.

  • frosty07

    Not yet, I check every 15 minutes or so and all I am seeing is that now annoying message of “your device is up to date!”, kind of frustrating because I know it is not up to date

  • frstsaxman

    I keep checking but nothing. Just kinda want to get it and be done. Hopefully with ICS google can start forcing OEMs to update phones to JB faster now

    • juniorsgv

      you do realize ics 4.0 has been out for lil more than 6 months already. its not going to force anything. most people don’t care that less than 10% of android users now use 4.0. and most will never get it without purchasing a new phone and restarting the cycle.

      • frstsaxman

        I suppose that an incentive to buy a nexus device then. I love my Xoom tablet because I get every update quick. Balls in your court Moto, make us a Nexus RAZResq device

        • juniorsgv

          Well we know we should receive jellybean we just dunno when. Since Google makes it available fast but Verizon drags their feet. Makes me wanna go back to T-Mobile or the dreaded at&t since GSM versions get instant updates on Google nexus versions

  • It’s not out yet. I expect tonight at Midnight – anyone who got it was on the soak test list.

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      Not true. Soak ended and roll out started yesterday. Go look in the Razr forums on Moto’s site.

  • juniorsgv

    frantically refreshing isn’t gonna change fact its pushed. you’ll get it when verizon deems you worthy lol. i’ve been hella tempted to go alternate route to update mine.

  • Cin

    Nothing as of yet on mine in NC…..

  • Mchl496

    So is my HTC Thunderbolt going to make it to JellyBean?

    • sgtguthrie

      LOL! I highly doubt it. It’s already on its second os upgrade once they push ics. I think they can’t wait to drop that device 😉

  • Joe

    Nothing yet. Idk why it takes so long

  • Nothing for my wife’s RAZR yet.

    • John

      Ya my wife said if I ask her to check one more time she’s going to punch me in the balls. Not sure if I should continue down that path or not =/

      • Keegan

        Just go to your college football back, throw on your cup, and ask her again 🙂 (better have an ice pack ready for her hand)

  • ryan

    Nope, and I’m following every forum out there. I want some ice cream

  • Still no ICS here. Sacramento, CA. Have been clicking system updates about every 2 hours hoping I will get it lol. Stock+root RAZR(not MAXX)

  • jhlinka

    I had something pop up yesterday, but I’m not sure it was the update. It said something in my notificaitons bar, but I exited out of it accidentally. I then went to check in my settings for an update and there was nothing… disappointed

  • Drtechy

    Not yet, still waiting

  • Nothing on my wife’s phone yet. I check a few times a day.
    edit: This is in San Antonio.

  • Scott H

    I got ICS on Saturday and have grown tired of it. Where’s my Jelly Bean? 😉

  • Jason Purp

    inb4 20 votes down

  • sgtguthrie

    I have no way of knowing, I loaded it up about a week ago 😛

  • Nothing yet. Suggest changing message from “Your device is up to date!” to “We haven’t sent any updates yet!”

    • Droidzilla

      Or, “Your device is up to date! [snicker]”

  • JR

    Middle Tennessee…Still Waiting…

    • John

      Same. Middle TN & nothing yet

  • atr


  • wfsticht

    Not yet. (RAZR)

  • kev

    What wallpaper is ghat

    • Tcali

      *whispers* Hurry correct your spelling before the grammar Nazis notice!

      • sgtguthrie

        Ya, that dick corrected me yesterday, saying that he wasn’t technically being a grammar Nazi, but instead a spelling Nazi :-

        No life!

  • I had it waiting for me at 5:30 this morning EDT! Awesome!

    • Gymrat84


      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d


      Its true. I’ve been vigorously checking for GB everyday until I woke up this morning and the popup was on my screen to install now. So far loving my day and Razr. Not to mention the stock browser is not Chrome, but best believe I have it on here now. Thumbs up for ICS…now the wait begins for JB.

    • boxxer27

      Same here in Richmond

  • Jimbo


  • herach

    I got mine this morning. No time to play around with it yet but it looks really smooth.

  • Matt M

    Nope, I keep checking, but nothing 🙁

  • Tcali


  • no update as of now on my MAXX in Boston — checking at least 2x daily just in case

  • Forget ICS when is it going to get Jelly Bean!!

    • Gymrat84

      They can’t even release ics in a timely manner…….receiving jelly bean will be like the second coming of Christ……

      • Droidzilla

        Which phone on Verizon has ICS, other than the Nexus?

        • Sanderson

          none until the rollout is complete or samsung galaxy 3 comes out first. My guess is galaxy 3 comes out before the razrs get finished.

          • Droidzilla

            This is why I don’t get the hate against Motorola for their “slow” update to ICS. Looks to me like it’s as fast as Verizon would possibly allow (and knowing how long they’ve had ICS ROMs on Cheesecake, this is highly likely a Verizon issue).

  • Minister of Funny Walks

    Nothing yet on my MAXX, however a co-worker of mine got his on his RAZR when he woke up this morning.

  • JDHokie

    Cool Camera icon

  • CrazyEddie

    Nothing yet in Atlanta…

  • juniorsgv

    nice cuz this is exactly what i wanted so i could reason why i should keep my razr maxx.
    i love my nexus. but maxx battery is amazing.

  • JT

    Not yet and I am checking religiously.

    • LiterofCola

      What he said^

      Saw this article, claiming that “sources” revealed there to be a battery issue that was being worked on. Goes on to say maybe this weekend? Like I said, who know’s if it’s accurate….


      • srn-mco

        Same here – Negative Ghostrider.

    • I feel your pain I had to use my brothers Razr the other day for something when I was upgrading my Gnex to JB. Speedy update wishes to all of you Razr owners out there.

      • phssthpok

        I so wish I could have kept my Gnex but the signal on my original and replacement units was *horrible*. Having the latest software and custom ROMs is awesome, but being able to make and receive phone calls is even more so.

        • Drew

          Couldn’t agree more! If it wasn’t the battery of the Gnex that got the best of me, that signal (or lack thereof) was extremely unbearable. Just aweful aweful reception. Worst of all was when it would get lost in that 3g/4g limbo period and wouldn’t have a data connection for minutes on end…for no reason!

          • echeck

            That’s how I wound up with my Maxx too. GNex was a turd in terms of reliability and battery life. I gave it an unbearable 8 weeks, thankfully long enough for Moto to release the Maxx, before I sold my GNex on CL for a profit. Had the Maxx not come out to “fix” the horrific battery life on the Razr I don’t know what I would have gotten. Def NOT a 3G 4s.

    • same here. nothing in South Florida

      • Pfigurella

        Sadly true!

    • Shadowcell

      Moto be praised if I shall ever receive it before the end of the week.

    • No update yet – Minneapolis-St Paul

      • I got the update and i am in this area

        • suicidesilence4444

          Because obviously people dont understand that it does not matter about location

          • Well I know it doesn’t but it is nice knowing where my fellow techies live

        • You got ice cream ??

          • It’s true. Woke up and saw the update downloaded and installed it right away

          • I live in New Jersey in still nothing I’m so upset of waiting

          • Sweet Tooth Waiting

            Same.. Central/North Jersey, nothing. Maybe all the ice cream has melted in this heat wave 🙁

          • How is the Ice cream ?

      • None for me either MSP area.

  • Jack Coleman

    not yet, thinking about trading it out for a nexus, due to the jelly bean announcement.

    • sgtguthrie

      Really? That’s a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think? Just stop…

    • How big is the screen on the Nexus? Idk if I’d be able to go back after the weight. Or we could wait and see if the SGSIII gets JellyBean OR wait for the RAZR HD an see if it gets it. That wait might be as long as this one for us though. I blame Motorola.

      • Ponokyo

        I read an announcement this morning that Samsung has decided to update the GS3 so that they will be able to update to JB. I hope so because I’ve preordered from Verizon. It just sucks that I finally get ICS on my Razr, now I’m probably going to have to wait another year to get JB on my GS3.

    • SirWilly

      Its a Nexus phone, Google will always update it first, as with all other “Nexus” devices

  • NO ICS

    Hell no! Ain’t got ish yet! I don’t know why I listen to all the hype on this website.

  • I went bald from waiting! No hairs left to snap.

  • JKRC

    no ICS yet. Droid Razr Maxx.

    I did just get it on my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet though. Not bad at all….

  • No not yet on my Razr MAXX from Chicago, IL

    • thegame6903

      North side Chicago over here…..nothing yet as well 🙁 let me know if u get it!

  • udispyn

    not yet i keep checking for it too…sad face!

    • Got mine about 1 a.m. last night in West Texas area. Very cool and runs smooth.

      • Ponokyo

        I got mine at 1am also. I’m in Oklahoma.