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Have You Received ICS on Your DROID RAZR Yet?

From what we have heard, the soak test of Ice Cream Sandwich for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has come to a close and the rollout to the public should be happening at any time. At least a handful of readers are claiming to have already received the update this morning (or late last night), so we wanted to toss out a post to try to capture the situation as it progresses. As soon as you receive it, be sure to pop into the comments and let others know. If you had some trick that forced it onto your phone, feel free to share that as well. If you haven’t seen it yet and are pulling hairs from your head, snap a photo of those hairs so that we can feel your pain.

Let us know!

  • mwentz58

    I updated my Razr maxx with NO Problem what so ever! ICS works GREAT!!!

  • april

    i’m in augusta, ga and i was able to update last night..but for some reason, it seems like it’s using the battery up a lot faster

  • ALSO all day long, over and over, I get error update messages!

  • I HATE IT – I’m so unhappy with the update on my droid razr! I’m having conflicts with the draw something application, my photo’s aren’t uploading to my photobucket album, and the sound controls are screwy! Can I uninstall the update? I will hate to have to go to the verizon store again :/

  • AdEdProf

    ICS is a mistake intended for those whose Droid devices are
    playthings. The Universal inbox (all email accounts, messaging, etc) has been
    removed, Widgets can no longer be added to the home screen, and “charging
    mode” has been removed when USB’d to a PC. Charging mode was crucial for
    business people who sync with a real organizer like MS Outlook. We had to
    purchase 3rd-party Companion Link, since Android (Google) refused to
    communicate with Outlook, and CL was used in Charging Mode. By removing that
    mode, Android has made an additional statement in their “you play by our
    funky, anti-Microsoft rules or you don’t play with us” attitude. And that makes
    sense when you remember that Android OS is not conducive to business users.

    So all you soccer moms and 23-year-olds have a ball with your
    new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We business users have just been told to shop
    elsewhere for a serious mobile device.

    • Mine wirelessly syncs wtih MS outlook (mail, calendar, contacts,etc.) using my ActiveSync account that my IT dept set up for me. I just enter the credentials in the corporate sync mail account under: system settings>accounts & sync>corporate. Though I agreee with the PC charging only option being removed is a bit of hassle.

  • OK I like the ice cream but have a lot let down. am i the only one that think this software is slow and delay with apps

  • sleepless in isanti

    Got it in Minnesota!!

  • AMJ

    I recieved my ics late last night its amazing so far but i also got the droid razr yesterday which i love i do gotta say great job!

  • John

    Updated this morning. It went smooth. It’s like having a new phone!

  • manithree

    Got mine last night. Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich goodnes on my Verizon Razr in UT.

  • sjr

    Just got the ICS upgrade on my Razr this morning. I had checked for updates last night and it said no updates available, but when I checked this morning I got the update. So, just keep checking, it will come. (i’m in the nyc suburbs area)

  • Max Wright

    Just got it today.

  • (Looks around and sees RAZR owners across the US crying and hugging each other in fits of joy)

  • Just pulled the update through settings!!! downloading now.

  • christi

    I got the ICS upgrade last Saturday (6/23), but my sister hasn’t. Doesn’t make sense because we got our phones at same time?

  • blake bootz

    Just got ics sandwich today!! Awesome

  • Raymond

    Got mine today. Works fine. Pretty cool.

  • Br00ksY in Birmingham Alabama

    Waiting on me when I got up this morning. Download & installation was flawless. 4G reception is slightly improved. Very smooth so far.

  • way2excited

    Its downloading right now!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • I confirm got ICS on my Motorola Droid Razr. After upgrade to Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), I can use my GSM SIM Card in Indonesia without buy unlock code. Great.

  • BigDogg795

    I was able to pull it this morning at 0730.

  • Bobbynbr

    Got it louisiana this morning