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Quick Look: Ringke Slim Lite and Tridea Galaxy S3 Cases [Contest Too] (Updated)

The folks over at RearthUSA were kind enough to send over their first set of Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, and since they created one of the better Galaxy Nexus cases of all time, we thought we’d give them a look. In our box of goodies was a Ringke Slim Lite case, Tridea Flip Case, and a Tridea Bumper. We slapped each of them on our white GS3, took some pics, and are ready to share some thoughts.

As a reminder, this is the beauty of the Galaxy S3 having one design and form factor across the globe. It doesn’t matter who is producing a case for this phone, it should fit. There aren’t slight thickness tweaks or screen adjustments or volume rocker changes – it’s the same exact phone no matter the carrier, it just runs on a different network. You may recall the painful accessory situation for the Galaxy Nexus and its LTE and GSM variants? That won’t be a problem here. 

Ringke Slim Lite Case


The Ringke Slim Lite case is my favorite of the 3 that we received. It’s ultra thin, adds very little bulk, and has a soft matte black finish that feels great in hand. The glossy backing of the Galaxy S3 can be semi-slippery at times, so something as minimal as this case isn’t a bad idea to have laying around. This case reminds me a lot of the G-Nex Ringke Slim that we fell in love with. At $13.99 for either the white or black versions, along with free shipping code “freeshipping,” this won’t break the bank. [Buy]

Tridea Flip Case

The Tridea Flip Case is a lot like the OEM Galaxy S3 case, but it has a magnetic latch to hold it closed and a card slot for business cards. It comes in white or black themes, has this mini mirror on the back for those post lunch teeth checks, and feels like it’s made with quality materials. I personally am not into flip cases, but I understand that they provide both screen protection along with a level of device drop security. At $39.99 though, it better pay for lunch too. [Buy]

Tridea Bumper

Ahh bumper cases. When was the last time you sported one of these? Tridea’s Bumper is pretty traditional in the fact that its made of rubber and should save your phone from a drop thanks to its squishyness. Other than that, you have to decide if you like rubber on your device, if pulling it in and out of your pocket is going to be easy or difficult, and whether or not baby blue is your color. It’s only $10.99. Hopefully they have more colors in the works.



Let’s give all of these away, along with some screen protectors! We know that many of you pre-ordered the Galaxy S3 and are looking for some form of protection, so we thought we could help a few of you out by saving you some of that hard earned cash. Ready?


1.  Leave a comment by telling us which Galaxy S3 you ordered (or will order) – carrier, color, and storage.
2.  Then tell us which of these cases or screen protector you would like. Your choices are:

*We have 1 black Slim Lite, 1 white Slim Lite, 1 white Flip Case, 1 black Flip Case, 1 blue Bumper, and a Ringbo Ultimate ClearPlus screen protector.

3.  Today at 4PM Pacific, we will choose our winners.

Update:  Winners:

We picked our winners! Be sure to check your inboxes to see if you won!

Good luck!

  • eddie k

    im getting the 16gb verizon s3 white.. . cant wait till i get it and would love the
    Tridea Flip Case..

  • Pre-order the Verizon 32gb Blue one, I like the Black Slim lite cover

  • hey everyone. So I pre-ordered mines at Verizon. Its the 16 gb pebble blue. I would love to have the White Tridea Flip Case. Its way out off my budget so getting it for free would be awesome.

  • gkinsella2

    I pre-ordered the VZW 16gb in Pebble Blue. I would like the while Slime Lite case please! Thanks!!! Any chance you could post pics of the the white and black on your TMobile Pebble Blue GS3? 🙂

  • James Murray

    I pre-ordered the Verizon 16gb in Blue, would like the Black Slim Lite

  • Daryl Batson

    Me and my pops ordered a Verizon GS3 in pebble Blue at 32GB.
    Mostly to keep our data and use our upgrades one last time.

    Any case would be wonderful but I personally like the black slim

  • Verizon 32gb in Pebble Blue Black flip case please.

  • Megan O.

    White flip…already rockin’ the white 16gb….big step up from my original Galaxy

  • I Pre-Ordered the Verizon 16GB in white, Would love a black Slim lite case to accent it.

  • Usty

    preordered the Verizon 32GB in Pebble Blue and I’d love to wrap it in that sweet black flip case.

  • i got teh verizonz, pebblez bluiez, sexteen gegabyte. i want teh brlack srim lite.

  • Kayleigh

    I pre-ordered the AT&T 16GB in marble white, and I absolutely love the baby blue tridea bumper!

  • Nick

    I ordered a Verizon Pebble Blue 32GB Galaxy S3. I would love to have the Ringbo Ultimate ClearPlus screen protector please. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • YariCavi

    Verizon, Pebbble Blue, 16GB
    Ringbo Ultimate ClearPlus screen protector

  • pizzaparties

    I pre-ordered the 32gb pebble blue on Verizon. My preferred case of those three is also the Ringke Slim Lite in black.

  • Steven F

    Ordered Verizon Pebble Blue, with 32 gigs of storage!! I like the Tridea Flip Case in black . Looks pretty cool and I have never had a flip case!

  • jk43235

    One in Pebble Blue and one in white. Both 16GB. The wife got the white and I got the blue.
    The Ringke case looks very clean! I want one! Thanks in advance! You guys are my number one source!

  • Raymond P.

    16gb white on Verizon; black slim lite plz 😀

  • Paul B

    I ordered the Verizon, Pebble Blue, with 16 GB storage. I would love the black Slim Lite case.

  • Travis Penick

    I preordered from Verizon Wireless the 16GB version in pebble blue. I would love the black flip case for my first Samsung phone. Switching from Motorola after all these years way back from the Motorola StarTAC in the late 90’s (high school days) all the way through my Droid OG and Droid X.

  • Craig White

    G3 – 32GB Blue – Verizon preordered. White slim cover – thanks

  • timskis6

    Pre-ordered the verizon 16gb gs3 in pebble blue. I’d love to sport the black slim lite case! 🙂 Cheers!

  • McDroid

    I bought an original Droid in December 2009 and have used it daily ever since. Last week the power button finally gave out but thanks to the amazing dev community, I rooted it (finally), remapped the camera button and it lives to see another day! However, since I cannot bear to either give up my unlimited data plan or pay full retail for a handset, I have pre-ordered the 16GB S3 with Verizon in Pebble Blue. I would love a black Slim Lite case to protect it for years to come!

  • Themanhere10

    Preordered the pebble blue 16 gb verizon s3. black Slim Lite case Please!

  • Mimi H

    16GB Marble White from Verizon. I would like a Ringke Slim Lite case (black or white, either one). Thanks!

  • ostensibly

    preordered the 32GB Pebble Blue on VZW. That Ringke Slim Lite in black is pretty smooth – if I end up using a case it will probably be that one. Even if i have to buy one 😉

  • conner g.

    Preordered the pebble blue 16 gb verizon s3! Cant wait to get it as an upgrade to the disappointing d2 that’s still awesome. Ringke slim lite case in black pleaseeee

  • John

    I got the Pebble Blue 32 gb gs3. I would like the black Ringke Slim Lite Case.

  • legalkill

    Verizon blue 32 GB
    Ringke Slim Lite Case – Black

  • I ordered the white, 16GB, on Verizon for my gf. I would like the white Slim Lite.

  • Pre Ordered Verizon Pebble Blue 32GB, Blue Bumper so i can show off the sexy beast! should look good on blue.

  • I pre-ordered the 16GB BLUE SIII (or is it S3?) From Verizon! It would look bad-ass with the Black Slim Lite case!!!

  • Jamie Horne

    I pre-ordered the 16gb White from Verizon, I would love the white flip case!

  • mac

    I ordered the Marble White 16GB with Verizon. Hook it up with the white flip case! Thanks

  • wxlidar

    Pre-ordered a 32-GB Pebble Blue S3 on Verizon. The black Slim Lite would be my preference.

  • Aftermath

    1 black Slim Lite, I ordered the 32 gb white. hopefully getting it 2013

  • i ordered a blue S3 from verizon with 32gb storage and would like the white flip case

  • Micah Gemmell

    I preordered the pebble blue 32GB on verizion, I think I’d like the look of the black Flip case… Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Marc M

    I ordered the Verizon Pebble Blue with 32gb storage. I would like the Ringke Slim Lite Case. Thanks!

  • Justin Corey

    I ordered the 16gb At&t gs3 in white. I would any of them in white please

  • Greg M

    Ordered 16GB White from Verizon.

    Would love white flip case to go with it!

  • Ali I.

    I ordered the S3 on Verizon 16GB in white. I’d like the Ringke Slim Lite in White. Thanks.! 🙂

  • MooseCat

    Verizon 16GB Blue. A black Ringke Slim Lite Case would be fantastic.

  • BMc

    I ordered the Verizon 16GB in marble white and would love to snag the Ringke Slim Lite in White.

  • Bobby Schmidt

    Pre-ordered the Marble White 32GB on Verizon. I love the look of the Blue Tridea Bumper on White.

  • I ordered the Verizon,
    marble white , with 16 GB storage. I would love the
    Ringke Slim Lite Case

  • I got Verizon Pebble Blue 16GB. I’d love the bumper one!

  • Jarrett Hickman

    I preordered the blue 32GB version of the S3 for Verizon last night. Would love to get a black Slim Lite along with a Ringbo Ultimate ClearPlus screen protector for it since it looks like I will be stuck with this phone for a longgggggggggg time;0)

  • Brady

    I’d like the Ringke Slim Lite case. Ordered the white 32GB Verizon version. I figured since it’s my last discounted upgrade, I might as well go all out! Locked into unlimited data, so that was the deciding factor.

  • SubMatrix

    I preordered the Verizon, marble white, 32 GB. I’d love the white slim lite case!