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Frisbee Rush for Android, Controlling a Web-Based Game with Your Mobile

It is easy to get excited when game developers look outside the box and change up the way we think of mobile gaming. This newest title, Frisbee Rush is a fantastic example of how to bring the web and your phone together. With the controller app and Adobe AIR downloaded from Google Play, you control the game on your phone that takes place through your browser on the computer. 

The game itself is simple. All you do is flick or fling Frisbee discs at the monsters, but it is a fantastic start of things we could see down the road. I for one would love to see a shooter based on this type of control layout. To play the game yourself, download the controller app from the link provided (you must also have Adobe AIR installed) and then navigate to the webpage listed below.

Play LinkWeb Link

  • claire

    i tried the game and it’s quite fun! i think it’s an interesting concept as well. i imagined it as a mix of console gaming and mobile gaming. the first thought that came to mind was actually a scene from the Nintendo WiiU trailer, i think in some ninja game where you flick shuriken on your controller and cut down trees on your tv screen. it’s an awesome way to play multiplayer with friends. good job. i’m using this app called Applorer to look for good free games (i found frisbee rush through this app as well!) and i think everyone should use it ‘cos it’s helped me a lot. check it out for free from Google Play 🙂

  • ChrisTraeger1

    lol hipsters

  • EvanTheGamer

    Ohhh…sounds intriguing. I will definitely download and play this game later today. Nice find!

    EDIT 3: Finally got the game to work after a few tries. It’s quite the fun game. No ads and it’s free? Never thought a free game with no ads even existed, and yet there’s Frisbee Rush. NICE!

    EDIT 2: After restarting my Nexus, then opening the app once again, and waiting a few minutes, the code finally appeared. Reloaded the site, hit Play, then entered the code. Everything finally seemed to be working. Went with the Training mode first. Then ran into another issue. Was throwing the frisbees on my phone, but nothing was going on on my monitor, ie, no frisbee action. Weird. I’ll keep at it and see if I can get this damn game to start working.

    EDIT: For some reason whenever I launch the app on my Nexus, all it says is go to the site, then has an empty box with “Enter Connection Code”, so yeah, kinda not sure why there’s no code. Strange.

  • Stephen Peek

    brass monkey has been around for a little while now, although their android app only just launched a few months ago, works as a framework to do the same thing on all devices

  • how do you sync the controller? i entered the code on my desktop and its
    not syncing when i press connect. do i need adobe air on my desktop?

  • Cookin

    Hmm. I’m thinking this probably won’t work kwith the lapdock.

  • just tried it, not bad, funny thing is that the people in the video prolly think the phone needs a a line of direction or whatever. like that one guy that pushed the girl. the phone can point anywhere dummy.

  • Inquizitor

    Interesting concept. Works surprisingly well, but I don’t think it likes me throwing lefty…

  • looks really really boring.