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Video: Motorola Introduces DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Owners to Ice Cream Sandwich


With the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX ready to begin rollout today, Motorola jumped in on the action with a welcome video that highlights all of the big new features. Most of these have been posted here in the past and were also listed in the official changelog, but why not see it all again? It’s going to be a big weekend for RAZR owners.


    when will i get my ics update, or am i just looking in the wrong place

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Seems like good things have been happening since Google bought Moto 🙂

  • Akashshr

    This is definitely the closest looking thing you can get to Stock ICS, Absolutely gorgeous this combination is perfect! Awesome Motorola!

  • kgballa

    Wow just did the manual update and ics is a game changer for the maxx its ridiculous every aspect has improved bluetooth, lte, browser, ui, overall speed has gone through the roof. Again WOW

    • mike

      What state do you live in

    • jayrod

      I tried it right now and it is stuck on patching boot image, I put it on the sdext card and booted into stock recovery and loaded. Its stuck at patching boot image for about an hour now. Ideas?

  • Jonathan

    Can we get an update if anyone has it yet or where in the states it’s happening? Send it my way dammit! lol

  • angermeans

    Yay, and just in time for Jelly Bean (which the Razr and Razr Maxx will sure to never get more than likely only the HD). /Sarcasm (in case you couldn’t tell)

  • balthuszar

    it’s changing the feel of my phone? am i going to have to buy a new case for it?

  • Trevor

    That guy’s voice did not go with the music in that video at all. He kind of sounded like he was trying to be a badass movie trailer voiceover guy. I didn’t like it.

  • Anyone get it yet?

  • Has anyone received the update yet

    • Heartless12

      Im wondering the same thing

  • zaqwsx

    *cough cough* DROID 3 *cough cough* you bunch of wankers *cough cough*

  • Droidfan

    This is the first Android commercial that really targets what our OS is all about. PRIMO. Verizon, Motorola and Google need to saturate the media with this add.

    • Larizard

      Because I don’t think this ad is meant to be aired on TV. It’s more like a promotional ad catered to people who actually look for it online.

  • T4rd

    I just realized something; that data management feature that they’re touting in the ICS update is useless with the new shared data plans, lol. Because that only tracks data usage for your specific phone and not the shared allotment on the account. Who asked for these shared data plans again..?!

    • mustbepbs

      Nobody asked for THESE shared data plans. However, I’m sure a lot of people were interested in a reasonably priced solution for data sharing between lines. I know I was looking forward for information to cut costs between 2 smartphones on 1 plan.

      • LowellMcadam

        Regular people and Families asked for the tiered data. Like the regular people and families of the CEO and CFO and EVP and SVP and all the other acronyms of those who run verizon.

  • Raven

    I think they made a marketing mistake with the last line of that video when they said, “There are many other changes as part of the upgrade that you’ll NEED to learn about.” That could be rather scary to the average Joe user. The upgrade should not really be bringing that much change that they will NEED to learn about it, but they may WANT to learn about it to take the most advantage of the new features. Semantics, I know, but it seems to me like that one key word there could make a lot of difference in perception.

    • I dont think they did, cause Verizon has workshops where it will teach you everything about the phone that you may not know.

    • TMadd

      I agree. I picked that word out when I watched it and thought the same exact thing.

  • victor

    I get update unavailable at this time please try again later

    • honestly, mines keep searching for an update, please wait. And it’s been going like that for about 20 mins now.

      • Maggs

        My Maxx says: Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time

  • @Motorola
    Some DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX owners will upgrade to ICS this wk. Wider upgrades will deploy over the coming days. More:

  • Thinking about upgrading my DInc2 to Razr Maxx or GNexus… any recommendations on which one is better?

    • EC8CH

      *puts on hat… prepares for $h!tstorm*


      otherwise get a SGIII or wait for the RAZR HD

    • Raven

      Depends on if you intend to ROM or not. For the average user I would now recommend the RAZR MAXX over the Galaxy Nexus. For the advanced ROMmer, I am sure the Nexus is still the best choice.

      • I am not into rooting and stuff… Just enjoy having flexibility of Android. So Razr might work out well. Also like @Droidfan:disqus mentioned, may decide to wait for Razr Maxx HD. Thanks for your comments!

        • jmodawg

          I just got the RAZR Maxx and it’s pretty awesome. I like it much better than my Thunderbolt already. The Smartactions and messaging are cool, the battery is ridiculously awesome (can go full two days without charging, minmal use during the day though) and it would have no problems with making it past bed time for a heavy user. I wanted to wait for the HD but I would have lost my unlimited data because it doesn’t release until after the June 28th cutoff to keep unlimited and upgrade. If that is not an issue for you, I would definitely wait for the RAZR HD.

          • @jmodawg:disqus Thanks for that info. I certainly do not want to loose my unlimited data plan.

    • r0lct

      Looking for attention I assume?

    • Droidfan

      Wait for the HD Razr Maxx. You won’t be sorry. I have the Razr Maxx and absolutely love it. Battery life makes all the difference.

    • Droidzilla

      SGSIII. I love my RAZR and got it over the GNex, but if I were buying right now it would definitely be the SGSIII.

  • I don’t want video…I want zip!

  • yeh

    wow! one whole week before the next version of android is revealed!

    • Butters619

      Let’s ask Rezound users how they are doing.

      • Diablo81588

        It looks just like sense on gingerbread so it doesn’t matter anyway.

    • LiterofCola

      Honestly, it sounding like it’s gonna be more of an ad-on than an overhaul like ICS was

    • Larizard

      Verizon had to get it out before Jelly Bean is unveiled, or they will look bad. “Wait, I’m receiving an update, but it’s not Jelly Bean???”

      Of course, they’ll only care about the best-selling smartphone on their line-up.


  • gabe


  • RAZRMAXX-lover

    YAY!!! 😀

    Honestly, ridiculously overdue. With Samsung and HTC sticking it to Verizon every now and then, I hope Motorola can learn to stand up for itself a bit more. I really hope Google can force more power from carriers back to the OEM’s. It really would do wonders for the OS. ^_^

  • It sure is! I sent a tweet to VZW and they did infact confirmed it.
    @VZWSupport just read an article that VZW is pushing the ICS to Droid RAZR & Razr Maxx today, is that true?
    @chochopr You will be notified on your specific device when the update is available, as it is being released in phases. ^JHK
    @VZWSupport JHK What you mean in phases?
    @chochopr The update is available starting today; however, it is being pushed to customers periodically over the next couple weeks. ^JHK

  • rp780

    I’m ready to get my taste of “official” ICS!

  • OMG It’s about damn time.

  • Towelie420

    They crapped blur all over ice cream sandwich and made a mockery of it. Nothing different than what they always do. What a joke.

    • Personally, I think they improved it substantially. Your opinion is, of course, just as valid as mine. I’m glad that you are enjoying stock ICS, though I like having the option to switch over to Gummy/AOKP/CM9/AOSP/Eclipse when I feel like it, and run stock/stock debloat/modified stock as well.

      • Towelie420

        Its not as bad as they’ve done in the past. But the dialer and icons look atrocious in that video. And blur is far different than a custom rom such as aokp

        • EC8CH

          What’s left of blur appears to be a mild “cartooning” of the more minimalistic ICS style. I agree that I prefer stock.

    • Sp4rxx

      Apparently you haven’t seen the videos or screenshots of leaked builds. Blur hardly touches ICS, or has nearly flawless integration.

      Read up before making dumb comments.

    • Jeff Tycz

      its really not all that different and this is coming from an owner of a Galaxy Nexus

    • Droidzilla

      It’s barely even themed and it has a few apps thrown in. Are you honestly saying that you never run themed ROMs with some apps? You never tweaked your lock screen? If you’re saying that “it’s perfect stock and no one should ever mess with it,” you just might be better off using that other operating system.

  • Is there a way to force the update?

    • Michael Gomez

      Try force closing “Google Services Framework” in apps setting of Android.

      • Michael Gomez

        And clear data.

        • Data? As in?

          • Michael Gomez

            As in tap the “clear data” button when you go into App info for “Google Services Framework”

    • Michael Gomez

      Try force closing and clearing data on “Google Services Framework” in apps setting of Android.

  • fierywater

    I like this. I bought a phone with Motoblur and now it’s getting an upgrade to virtually stock ICS. And really, what more could I want? Other than the same thing but sooner.

    • Have you never seen stock ICS before?

      • fierywater

        Have you? I see a modified lock screen, support for Blur widgets on an otherwise stock-looking launcher, and a few additional apps (e.g. Smart Actions).

        Otherwise, the UI looks mostly untouched all around; the settings menu, notification drawer, browser, and launcher look very similar if not identical to stock ICS. It even looks like we’re getting the stock ICS keyboard, unless they skinned the Motorola keyboard to look just like it.

        • Michael Gomez

          If you have to use the word modified it is not (pure) Stock ICS, which means nothing is modified. Got it?

          • Knlegend1

            You said (pure) he said virtually. Not sure if you got buddy!

          • Michael Gomez

            Got it. I taught he meant pure. My bad.

          • Tobi De la Cuz

            But he didnt say ” I bought a phone with Motoblur and now it’s getting an upgrade to pure stock ICS” did he? Or did I read that wrong? From what my semi-college educated reading skills are able to interpret is that he said an ALMOST stock ICS.

          • Jackson

            Yes you read that wrong even with all that semi-college reading ability you say you have.

          • Michael Gomez

            You didn’t read it wrong.

        • angermeans

          Having the icons modified (which are still the same old ugly ones they have had since the X), blur widgets, menu screens, bloat ware, and a locked boot loader(among other many things) is very far from stock. You can’t say well the launcher looks almost the same but jot quite and call it stock. It’s still blur through and through And still ugly as ever and more than likely buggy to the point of unusability like all their other updates on all their other phones.

        • MooleyBooleyTroll

          You have to remember… To these people Google can do no wrong.. It is impossible to enhance Googles UI. With that said, it’s funny how people will run out and install cm9/aokp and install themes.

          • LiterofCola


      • Cameron_Watt

        i ran the .79 leak. its pretty close to AOKP on my incredible.

    • angermeans

      I don’t know what you think is stock but this is far from it.

  • John

    Not too shabby.