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Asus Rolls Out Transformer Pad 4.3.30 Update, Camera Improvments and Fixes

Asus is on a roll as of late, with constant updates being pushed to their line of Transformer devices. The newest to receive love is the TF300 aka Transformer Pad, which is getting the bump to firmware number With little bug fixes for Chrome, WiFi, and camera improvements, put another notch in Asus’ belt for being one of, if not thee best Android tablet manufacturer to date. If you haven’t already, go grab the update now. 


TF300T ICS v9.4.3.30
– SYSTEM – improve stability of Chrome browser
– SYSTEM – improve camera performance
– Pictures more colorful
– better audio- white balance(AWB) and auto-focus(AE)
– better continues-auto-focus (CAF)
– SYSTEM – fix the bug “wifi occasionally fail to connect after resume from suspend status”
– Appbackup – fix the bug “have to key-in password again after change screen orientation”

Via: Asus Finland

Cheers Scott!

  • Russell Sprague

    fix the bug “wifi occasionally fail to connect after resume from suspend status”
    It should say always fail to connect

  • Cool there’s another update but my friends still complain that battery life and other stuff went to shit with ICS update and all these updates never seem to help

  • Either ASUS has a seriously buggy device or they are really in to supporting their platform. They update more than any Android maker I have seen.

    • Buggy from what i hear

      • There is really only one Bug…and i believe it is mostly due to the 5th companion core of the Tegra 3. during web browsing, the browser will completely freeze for like 5 seconds. then it will work fine. it really a PITA. it is the one bug that pretty much everyone has, that ASUS hasn’t taken care of yet. hopefully they can fix it.

        other than that, i am completely happy with my purchase.

        • Higher_Ground

          Lately I’ve had the widgets disappear from my homescreen. you can still press them and then they reappear but that’s about the only reoccurring bug I’ve noticed

    • They just care more, I’ve used a few ASUS devices, they are all very high quality and very well-supported. Wish Motorola would take some notes.

      • I’ve predominantly used Asus hardware in computers and they have always been very high quality and reliable. When I did have a bad component one time they shipped me out an upgraded version for free. I’m going to go with good customer support.

        • Master O’Disaster

          I don’t think Asus makes a buggy device. I’ve been very happy with our Asus Transformer, and I love the frequency of the updates.

          The main reason that Asus can pump out updates so quickly is because their units are almost entirely Android Stock UI. There is a very short list of add-ons (such as support for their docking keyboard). So, when Google has updates available, Asus can incorporate the updates and test their short list of mods fairly quickly.

          This is not the case with other manufacturers who want to come up with their highly customized UIs (think HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc.) Updates to the OS & APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) will require a lot of testing by the manufacturer (which translates to MONEY) to see how the updates affect (or, break) the previous customizations. This results in a significant loss for the manufacturers. They already sold you a device, and won’t get any more money for the update. Indirectly, they may build brand loyalty for being known to update their devices, but that’s a fuzzy thing.

          The frequent Asus updates show that they are more customer-centric, since it doesn’t provide more revenue. For me, I’ll buy Asus products when I can. A lot of my stuff bears the Asus logo. 🙂

  • SD_Scott

    Bucket List: Contributing to DroidLife (CHECK!)

  • Jeff Tycz

    At my work we just got one to start developing on and this is the best android tablet I have used, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at home and the transformer blows it away for sure