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Right in Time for Google I/O, Android Developer’s Site Gets Facelift

Knowing that Google I/O is all about the developers, the official Android Developers website is sure to see lots of traffic in coming weeks. In anticipation of this spike in traffic, Google has just launched a newly redone site and so far, it looks fantastic. The site is based on the three steps that developers follow when creating applications: Design, Develop, and Distribute. Google has spent a lot of time making sure developers have everything they could possibly need to create the next big hit app for Android.

As a cute note, in the top right of the site, you will see the settings key and search function that you would on a device running Ice Cream Sandwich and they work just as they would on your phone or tablet. It’s a really fun site, so go check it out.

Android Developers Website

Via: G+

  • Trev

    The website design itself is certainly very cool, but from a developer point of view I immediately dislike the colours and layout of the API documentation pages. I really miss the familiar old style with the white background, which I personally found to be so much more functional and nicer on the eye.

  • nightscout13

    Any Dev out there that can’t make I/O that wants to give away the ticket?

  • Derrick James

    if only my droid x on ics moved that swiftly…

  • That is a damn classy website.

  • zUFC

    does anyone know where we could get a wallpaper like that one? I saw it before on here.

  • KleenDroid