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Galaxy Nexus Portrait Dock Officially Discontinued at Verizon

The portrait-style HDMI dock for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has officially been discontinued through Verizon. Actually, that’s a funny way of putting it since the dock was never made available in the first place. It appeared through back alley channels in Big Red’s store at some point, but if anyone tried to order it, they were usually sent a cancellation notice days later or told that it was backordered. For those, like me and a couple of other readers, who had not heard back, you may have received the email that we attached below which delivers the discontinued news. 

The dock was available for a while from sites like Expansys at around $60. We picked one up and came to the conclusion that it was not worth that much since it lacked almost any useful functionality. While this may seem like sad news, I’m sure you have already all moved on by now. Save your cash for your next full retail phone purchase.

Cheers Chad!

  • Tom Snyder

    quit forcing your website

  • sonicyoof

    Verizon HATES the Nexus…

  • Guest

    GNex is great for people that will drop the stock rom immediately and experiment. Otherwise, pretty shitty for ordinary customers.

  • Arthur

    Cant wait to get rid of this damn phone, im waiting for whatever is coming after the sgs3

  • Rawson815

    Verizon never wanting to sell this phone should come at no surprise seeing that they did away with unlimited data for all of us tech associated people that bought this awesome unlock able flash able do whatever I want with phone …. my question is why do people buy anything but nexus phones…. pure android pure mine all the time … enough said…. if you want a skin go with apple I’m sure than don’t want you messing with their os.. signed a NEXUS user !!!!!!

  • The way Verizon has handled this phone has been atrocious at best. {{-_-}}

    • InyRules

      Samsung hates the LTE model as well. $90 desktop dock, no POGO pin car dock, and now Verizon “drops” the media dock. Let’s also not forget the 5 months of not even a small radio update to patch up the signal drop issues. Shame, because I love the crap out of this phone, but the issues it continues to have, and the lack of support from its own manufacturer is too much. It’s time to see if another manufacturer has greener pastures. I’ll miss you, stock ICS. You’re beautiful.

  • Butch Yon

    That’s exactly why I’ll be getting rid of this VSGN POS as soon as possible. It’s been the biggest disappointment of any smartphone I’ve even owned. Despite all the hype, the phone just simply SUCKS…

  • nightscout13

    Available accessories make phone owners keep their phones longer. Verizon screwed us GNex owners.

  • ufmd

    On my 4th gnx, this one rides
    4G like a champ, first three not
    so much. This one came with.04
    already installed, also. Sweet, 4g.
    Battery life much better on this. Chinamade.

  • One would think that a nexus would have come out with the best of everything,speaker, radios , camera etc etc, but it was just the opposite, S 3. Should have been what the nexus was made of

  • Me

    Was the second person in the county to have a Gnex…last time I wait for a Samsung product. I guess its back to Moto 🙁

  • ChuckDz3

    I think I’ve came to the conclusion, unless you are getting a SGIII or an i*hone you will not be getting the full support you should on your 2 year contract regardless of what carrier you are on.

  • Tatsuo

    In hindsight the LTE Nexus has been a flop. I’m disgusted with the regular clicky-call-drops even after 4.0.4, the docks with their lack of availability and/or quality, the update delays from Verizon. Sadly, I envy my friend’s RAZR Maxx. (I never thought i’d ever admit that).

    • The phone was a terrible flop, never should have been released

  • EC8CH

    Makes me wonder if I should keep waiting for the landscape pogo dock price to drop or if they’ll just sell it for $90 until the day they stop making it.

    This dock mess is really the only disappointment that I’ve had with the G-Nex.

    • moelsen8

      seeing as it’s only available at samsung, i doubt it’ll be dropping anytime soon or at all. otherwise it’d probably be discounted and on the way out already.

      but agreed that it’s really my only disappointment too.

  • zepfloyd

    So what’s the consensus? No one cares cause everyone pre-ordered the GSIII to squeeze out the last ugrade?

  • If you want a portrait dock that will charge only, I bought this one:


    I’ve got the LTE version with the Extended Battery, and it fits fine. $20 is much better than $60.

  • Q

    Hmm.. I got the Verizon Nexus landscape doc.. It was crazy expensive, but a very nice product

  • Please release car dock 3 pin dock

    • 4n1m4L

      Just buy the normal one from the play store. A tiny amount of whittling and it fits fine. I did.

      • summit1986

        ^^^this^^^ works like a charm!

      • TheWenger


        EDIT: ExpansysUSA is actually cheaper. They don’t charge for shipping.

  • I bought the GSM version for my Verizon Gnex and it fits in just fine. It was ~$50 from Google Play. Not sure its worth it even at $50 tho. Maybe $20 is reasonable for just a charging dock sans the HDMI port.

  • I hope the phone goes next!

    • Wow, 15 downvotes and no upvotes. That’s an impressive comment there.

      • La2da

        Jose is a turd. Not that impressive for such a large turd.

  • Who actually bought theirs through verizon?

    • mustbepbs

      Nobody. It was never made available.

  • Sebastian Encina

    The support Verizon (and others) gave the GN was laughable and just plain horrible. With such great anticipation, why was this phone so poorly received?

    • moelsen8

      samsung’s not verizon’s b*tch like moto is? not enough crapware to make them any money? i dunno.

      • You are right. The Gnex does not have bloatware and does not carry the Droid brand. That’s 2 strikes against it in the land of Big Red. It doesn’t matter how popular it is, or good it is, it will get no support if it doesn’t help Verizon’s bottom line.

        • its also has no quality componets inside the case

        • and now they’ll say that it didn’t sell well and won’t have the next Nexus device

    • Former GNex Owner

      The GNex for me has been a big disappointment. I got it in December with great anticipation. I was coming from a Droid X and swore I would never buy Moto again. Now, I have a MAXX coming tomorrow to replace my 3rd GNex. The lack of signal strength just couldn’t be tolerated anymore.

      This phone felt like Verizon never really wanted it, but reluctantly sold it. I am not sure why.

      • moelsen8

        because they never really wanted it, but reluctantly sold it, me thinks 🙂

        • Why would they do that?

          I was a a Verizon store the other day and the Gnex was sitting there with no Verizon Service at all. I’m not talking about signal…just like it was not hooked up at all. It still had 4.0.2 on it. It pissed me off that they would just let the phone be on display like that. I left and didn’t buy anything from that store.

          • moelsen8

            they piss me off every time i have to go into a store. no one who works there really, truly seems to know what they’re talking about. it really pains me to have to have a even a small conversation with them about android and phones. i spend too much time on sites like this.

          • Why? Why do you worship this dog? Grow up

      • Andy Christiansen

        your third gnex? does verizon keep replacing the broken one for free?

        • Former GNex Owner

          Yep – they replaced it twice with certified like-new devices. My 2nd one had the bad radios – constantly dropping all signal randomly, even in strong signal areas.
          The 3rd replacement didn’t have that issue, but the final straw was being at dinner with my wife and her Razr MAXX had great 4g and my phone had 3G with -120db signal for no reason. It never dropped the signal, but it was barely usable.

    • GNEX

      Verizon makes less money on the Nexus than other devices (Having no bloat and all)

    • The way Galaxy Nexus was handled was a mess. And really, with the GSIII here being technically global in design, I think those troubles are over.

  • sc0rch3d

    i had high hopes for the POGO….more like NOGO if you ask me 🙁

    • I guess accessory manufactures do not know how to use the three seashells either.

      • “haha, he doesn’t know how to use the 3 seashells…. (throat clear), although I could see how that may be confusing”

      • Seth Morabito

        HAHAHAHAHAHA thanks for the laugh. needed it today.

      • moelsen8

        that’s what kills me. you mean to tell me no crappy third party accessory maker decided to make these? not one? even ebay returns no results for “nexus pogo dock”. the official lte pogo dock exists in one place, on sammy’s website. i still can’t believe that.. this is the internet.

  • how do you kill that which has no life?

    • Josh Flowers

      da*n double-post

    • Josh Flowers


  • moelsen8

    shenanigans. guess we shouldn’t count on the pogo docks being available anywhere other than samsung’s website now huh