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Tasker App Factory for Beta Users, Turn Tasks into Standalone Applications

Tasker is an application that many Android lovers can’t do without. You can program the app to complete tasks depending on what time it is, where you are, or even through gestures. It has received high ratings and is a great app for people who want to get the most out of their devices, but without lifting a single finger. The developer is back with another fantastic concept called, Tasker App Factory.  

With App Factory, users can turn their tasks into individual and standalone applications. According to the Play description, creating an app takes only seconds and no programming experience is required. For example, if you want your WiFi to turn on as soon as you arrive at home, configure the settings for where your home is, and it will create the application so you don’t have to launch the actual Tasker app. App Factory is only available for Tasker beta users at the moment, so you can download the beta right here if you want to try it all out. Go have some fun.

Play Link

Via: Android Police

  • MKader17

    That is so weird, I was literally thinking about this today on my way home from work.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Love this app, used it for as long as it has been out.

    However, I will just stick with Tasker itself as no need to clutter things up with pseudo apps.

  • dsass600

    They just couldn’t make the app look uglier, could they…

  • NFC tag integration is what makes Tasker awesome for me. Without that…the constantly bliping my location or searching for whatever variables you set seems like a waste of battery.
    I’m super OCD about constantly running processes ~:|

  • This app compatible with ICS?
    The website shows Android version as
    Donut, Eclair, Froyo

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I use in on ICS no problem

  • I’m getting a “permissions denied” error when I try to create my app 🙁

  • They have to do something about that interface.

    • Mike

      When your app makes over half a million USD’s you don’t care about the way it looks.

      • you obviously have no clue buddy! lol developers have pride too

        • Mike

          Yet tasker has had the same horrid colour scheme and layout since it first appeared and no sign of it ever getting better.

          • Larry

            Why don’t you cry about it.

  • dmoto

    Does anyone know if Tasker or any other app, can automatically turn my face lock or basically turn my phone lock on when I leave my house? I will buy Tasker right now if it can do this feature.

    • Pretty sure its possible I think I have done it before. I will program mine up this afternoon and let you know

      • dmoto

        Thanks, I’m assuming that Tasker does drain your battery, but what percent? I tried AutomateIt for a week, and it was draining 25% of my battery.

        • Tasker really doesn’t drain battery, because it doesn’t really do anything until the trigger conditions (for your task) are met. It’s not sitting waiting for the trigger conditions, the condition happens and it wakes up Tasker. It’s really quite well done.

    • I’m pretty sure you can. I would recommend going to their website and downloading the trial. Then you can mess with it a bit, and see some of the things that are possible.

      • dmoto

        I went to Wiki site, and wow, so much information to go through to find if it can do this one feature I want.

    • b00ky

      Delayed Lock can do that based on Wifi, Bluetooth or GPS.

      I am sure Tasker can do that (since it can do so much already) but I am not sure how to set that up in Tasker.

      • dmoto

        Thank you, I think this app will do it. I’m testing the free version to see if it will work.

    • SecurityNick

      There is a lock delay setting that you could potentially turn that on when you’re at home, or off when you’re away. I use it in my car dock. I use an NFC action to run this task to keep the screen from locking while in the dock (as well as to not time out), then another one to reverse the action when I take it out of the dock.

    • John Burke

      I use MyProfiles for that & a bunch of other things.
      When I leave the house it locks my phone & turns Notifications to “Vibrate” then when I get home it unlocks it & turns Notifications back on.

  • As many good things as I’ve heard about Tasker, it just wasn’t for me 🙁 I’ve been glued to Locale ever since I saw my boss use it on his OG Droid

    • mondeca

      I used Locale with my Nexus One way back, but it was so much worse on the battery than just leaving wifi/bluetooth on, so I uninstalled it.

    • Tasker took me a while to use effectively. There’s definitely a learning curve. But once you figure it out, it can do some crazy cool things.