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Flipboard Gets Access to Google+ API, Tight Integration on the Way

Google is playing their social network very close to the company vest, and haven’t really opened up the ecosystem to anyone yet. That’s why it’s big news that Google+ will soon be coming to Flipboard, at some point in the future. At a conference in London Bradley Horowitz, the Google vice president of product management in charge of Google+, showed off some basic functionality of how G+ would look and work on Flipboard.

He was also quick to point out that they would be taking their time until it looked good, saying they wanted to wait for the point “when we can do it in a way that we know is good for users.” This will certainly be good for the growth of G+, we hope to see it sooner than later. Do you use Flipboard for Android since it came out a few weeks ago?

Via: CNet

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  • Hooray! Now all 12 people on Google+ can be in the loop!

  • I installed the first leaked Flipboard app, but barely used it. Count me in amongst the Current fans, as the fact that I can’t share articles to G+ with Flipboard was a dealbreaker.

  • Stephen Morrison

    I like the customization of Currents way more. The only thing I’m not a fan of is how I can’t make it default to my browser of choise when I open a link in it. Flipboard is nice, but I can’t find specfic info that I want. It’s probably me not using it right.

  • steven sullivan

    Love flipboard, very polished and easy to read with fb and twitter pictures integrated without having to click on link.

  • This isn’t even in the Store yet. Why would Google go this route and ignore their Currents app (which still hasn’t been updated to holo…)?

    • ChristopherLeMeilleur

      Very good question, imo. Currents is still lagging behind. Why embrace a 3rd party?

      • EC8CH

        i*hone users?

        • ChristopherLeMeilleur

          True. Wasn’t really thinking like that, but it’s a fair point. I was just thinking, why not at least focus the same amount on your own product?

          • Google I/O in one week and this may not be ready by then maybe?

          • crstamps2

            I bet a Flipboard acquisition is in Google’s future.

          • Maybe but aside from the design it is nothing revolutionary, seems like a pointless acquisition. I still think it may be that Google will revamp Reader/Currents before they can finish it. But who knows

    • emrikol

      I can’t stand flipboard but I’ll spend an hour or more in Currents.

      • Agreed. Currents is much better for staying “current”.

    • r0lct

      Maybe they realize they are better off focusing on other projects and letting currents die as there is enough quality options and no big reward for making this type of app. Or they just lack focus, one of the two.

      • I actually really like Currents and find that its layout/interface is better than Flipboard’s. I just wish Google would update it more than once a year to increase its performance and change it to be ICS themed.

        As you said, it shows a real lack of focus that it’s been over 6 months since ICS was announced and there are still a few Google apps that haven’t be upgraded to the new design guidelines (and some apps only upgraded very recently). I think Matias needs to be put in charge of the overall vision of Android and any Google apps teams need to report to him. They need a unifying figure to get this stuff done.