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EA’s Mass Effect: Infiltrator and NBA Jam on Sale for $.99 Each

For reasons unknown, EA Games is listing their popular titles Mass Effect: Infiltrator and NBA Jam for just a single buck. Seeing as how Mass Effect is usually listed for $6.99 and Jam goes for $4.99, you may want to snatch these up before they return to their usual prices. Both titles are rated quite well in the Play Store, so you know you will at least be getting your dollar’s worth.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator | NBA Jam

Cheers Chris, Brian, and Nick!

  • JohnPA2006

    How did Pauly Walnuts from the Sopranos get into a Mass Effect game?

  • lovehate

    Now if there was a bluetooth controller i could use without root access. I would start buying games

  • Tweekex

    I bought this today, yet it was $4.99.. Must’ve been before the sale, FML.

  • Huh, ME is not compatible with my One X, but compatible with my old Inspire 4G. I am buying it anyway in hopes they add support, but WTF?

  • Michael Gomez

    GTA 3 is also $0.99

  • Michael Gomez

    Just bought NBA Jam. Nice Gameplay.

  • Masterminded

    GTA III is also a buck

  • Masterminded

    Thanks for the heads up, just snatched Mass Effect

  • CountChocula1188

    It works just fine on my regular Old Razr!

  • Dain Laguna

    just picked up mei. at 99 cents this is a steal!

  • Zach Wagner

    Neither are compatible with my US Celular Samsung Galaxy S II.

  • jtodd12

    I have a Razr and a TF300, so I’m not buying either one. Too bad EA.

  • EvanTheGamer

    HOLY WHAT?! $.99 app down from the $6.99 price tag?

    HOLY WHAT I say again!?

    Count me in, buying this as soon as I can find my phone!

    EDIT: Found it, and bought it! Oh joy of the $.99 app sale! How great is thee?!

  • Nope. Even at this price I will not support EA.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Haters gonna hate.

      • Jesus Malena

        Is not haters going to hate. I bought a couple of games that are not supported on the Galaxy Nexus. I have requested and requested for them to update their freaking games and they will not, so I will not waste my time and money on them.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Both of these games work on my Galaxy Nexus though..can’t speak for those “other” games.

          • What can I say? I don’t like their business practices.

  • ditto with my Razr Maxx

  • Bought NBA Jam. Great another game I won’t have time to play. Stupid irresistable $.99 sales.

    • Michael Gomez

      LOL same thing with me.

  • Heartless12

    NBA jam isn’t compatible with the DROID RAZR MAXX

  • Higher_Ground

    Yeah Mass Effect isn’t compatible for the transformer tf 300 either

  • Chris

    Same here. Not compatible with the Transformer. No joy.

  • I also got a server error for NBA Jam…

  • peen

    I got a server error after downloading nba jam. it was also a quarter of the size the market said the game was. weird

    • jtodd12

      Edit to remove, wrong location.

  • NBA Jam is incompatible with the Bionic and Asus Transformer 300. Guess they won’t be getting my buck