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Video: Samsung Galaxy SIII Vs. iPhone 4S Drop Test

Attention future Galaxy SIII owners, do not attempt this at home. We have seen these “drop test” videos in the past and they’re always sort of fun to watch. In this edition, we have the new Samsung Galaxy SIII taking on Apple’s iPhone 4S. Keep in mind, the SGSIII features the popular Gorilla Glass 2, which doesn’t seem to fair very well after a few of these drops. Don’t be a fool, wrap your smartphone tool. 


Cheers Andrew!

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  • K. Nelson

    None of these test are repeatable and therefore no conclusions can be drawn.

  • suicidesilence4444

    Gorilla glass is scratch proof, not shatter proof.

  • amy

    Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides exceptional performance and protection, with distinct advantages over other materials.
    Damage resistance: Gorilla Glass is chemically strengthened through an ion-exchange process that creates a deep compression layer on the surface of the glass substrate. This layer acts as “armor” to reduce the introduction of flaws by end users.

  • Artistan

    Ever hit the side of a tempered glass; it pretty much shatters. From my what I understand, isn’t Gorilla Glass very similar to tempered glass.

  • JulianZHuang

    scratch and break is 2 different thing.

  • Dropping phones…FOR SCIENCE!

  • interstellarmind

    superficial damage to the casing is one thing… what they should really “test” is the damage inside.

    I’ve never used a case on my phones. then, i dropped my gnex onto a marble floor from about waist high. no physical damage to the outside… but my wifi chip is shot. haven’t been able to use wifi since…

  • ababypenguin

    Just lost my phone on a rollercoaster this weekend, this video is not very comforting haha

  • TheT

    It’s unfortunate how GG2 is so much stronger than the original, yet it still breaks just as easily from a simple drop, which is the most common scenario of all, it seems pointless for them to demonstrate its strength the way they did at CES when nobody is going to have their phone in a vice until the screen cracks.

  • Prime7

    We need an Apples-to-Apples comparison: drop two iPhones.

  • Charlie P

    Get a Ringke Case for the Galaxy S3

  • Knlegend1

    Why isn’t there a PETA for stuff like this? I could have used that GS III.

    • Doron Zehavi

      I don’t get why people say stuff like “I could have used that ______”. I also hear “That could have helped me pay for my college tuition.”

      It’s as if people think that if they didn’t drop test these phones, than they would have just given them away for free to you.

      • Knlegend1

        My God it was just a comment get over it!

  • Crakalakin

    I think I just figured out why Apple sells so many iPhones. It’s all these people buying them to drop test them against some other phone of the day.

  • This video just made my decision this week that much harder…. SG3 or Razr Maxxx ughhh

    • Heartless12

      if u waited this long u minus well wait a little longer for the droid razr hd

      • I can’t pay $600-700 for a phone right now, so I can save my unlimited data… so it’s between the two unfortunately… the razr HD is the phone I wanted though

        • Heartless12

          true that but as a razr maxx owner the phone is pretty beast i i only charge it one time a day (heavy use) but it really depends on your style really if u are interested in a phone that u dont ever have to keep worrying for a charge and u have alot of busy days out where u dont have the time to keep charging then go for the maxx, but if ur interested in the extra space (2 gb of ram) and the lastest technology than go towards the sgs3 (i personally have my razr maxx tuned up lol i have it with an otter box with a 64 gb micro sd that i bought from amazon)

          • Well thats the problem, I am on my phone all day long and when I have a late night out worrying about my phone dieing at 5am is the last thing I want on my mind… But I am a huge nerd and love a lot of the new technology the SG3 is offering, but I feel like the size is pushing the limits… decisions decisions …. You use LTE a lot on it?

          • Heartless12

            well for the razr maxx with out lte my phone can go from 8am to 5am heavy use on 3g with brightness on 10-15% but with lte i can go on a single charge from 8am to about 10pm or 11pm heavy use because lte kills (trust me lte is really a battery drainer) but even those are still good numbers on the maxx while using lte

          • Yeah they are, I might have to end up with the maxx because all of the battery tests out with the SG3 are flawed too because they have all been done with the quad core and not dual… thanks for your input ! 😀

          • Heartless12

            No problem I’m glad I could help

  • mcdonsco

    My phones have all taken beatings like this many MANY times…I’ve done everything from just pure dropping it from butter fingers onto tile and concrete, pulled it from jacket pocket where an edge got stuck so I sort of jerked it out and ended up throwing it down a driveway (bounce bounce skid etc)…dropped out of lap getting out of the car, stairs (bounce bounce bounce)…you name it…Only once did I crack a screen (Droid X) and that was the one [recent] phone I didn’t have in an otterbox (but it WAS in a case).

    I think the defender series is complete overkill protection though unless you’re in an industry where your phone could potentially take a massive beating, otherwise commuter series is perfect.

    I don’t know how otterbox does it, but even when I have a really brutal drop with a phone not even the otterbox itself shows where the phone hit…I mean no marks, at all. Strange; but in a good way 🙂

    I love these phone inusrance companies, complete rip offs. I could have bought 2-3 razr maxx’s at retail pricing for what I would have by now paid for the insurance since I started using smartphones…and not once have I needed insurance/replacement of a phone due to a drop, lost or stolen…Cracked a screen once, $80 = new screen, done. Several “warranty” replacements for the phone just not working right (VZW = Free) … Plus, you pay X / month for the insurance, then a deductible, then a process to get it replaced that’s adbsurd (from what I’ve heard as again, I don’t do it)..

    Personally, you have to be either incredible clumsy and accident prone or just plain stupid to pay for phone insurance.

    • JazzoRenee

      Hmmmmm that’s not true, I’ve replaced almost all of my phones once and I never had to pay anything. 1.99 insurance on Verizon. Although, they were always software/ hardware related issues (not a busted screen).

      Maybe I’m lucky,

  • m6droid

    What I learned from this video: Do not drop S3. Use e-brake when phone is on trunk.

    ….it is OK to throw it up in the air because it’ll be fine. o/

  • nightscout13

    Needs to be done in a controlled environment, along with exact parameters for both phones such as temperature, hours of usage. Both phones need to be dropped directly on screen, and then both be dropped directly on corner.

    • JazzoRenee

      And both dropped directly on their backs.

  • Allen Byrd

    Don’t drop your phone.

  • Pat Hamilton

    I go more on how many people do I know with an iphone 4 that doesn’t have a broken screen. The answer is none. I will do this same scientific test when more people have the sIII

  • Trevor

    So, I’m assuming this means they bought three GSIIIs and three iPhones. Those lucky, rich bastards.

  • The only thing I got out of this video is the GS3 doesn’t photograph well…but damn is it sexy IRL/videos

  • Trevor

    Moral of story: Don’t drop your >$500 smartphone. Or throw it giddily into the air.

  • lolcoaster

    but, but.. the iphone is glass and it breaks all the time..
    Oh, and samsung makes cheap shit.

  • MKader17

    I love how people are getting offending like squaretrade made this video to prove the 4s is “stronger” and not to sell warranties.

  • Liderc

    People saying it’s not scientific, it doesn’t matter. It’s realistic. This is what happens when people drop their phones, so whether you find it a fair test to compare each device’s results, it’s a realistic test for each device on its own.

  • testtest

    Wow that was a waste of time!

  • SKG

    if you’re the kind of person that’s clumsy enough to drop phones as shown in the video on a daily basis, you should NOT be buying a smart phone in the first place !

    • mustbepbs

      It’s called an accident for a reason. Also, you must not have children. They do this thing called “brain-less” every once in a while.

      • SKG

        im glad i dont have kids.. and even if i did, i wouldnt be a stupid parent to hand them my phone .. so that part in the test is irrelevant to more than half of the population owning smart phones

        • mustbepbs

          You don’t have to “hand them your phone” for them to get it. They’re creative, they’ll find where it is eventually.

          • SKG

            well hate to say it, but you’re one crappy parent if you cant even keep your things away from your kids .. things you know would be broken if they got a hold of it! haha

          • Crakalakin

            @SKG: LOL. I can tell you’re a happy person because ignorance is bliss. It’s good that you don’t have any because if you ever do, you’ll have plenty of words to eat. As brilliant as you think you may be, you do not have the stamina or fresh perspective of a child and that, ultimately, wins.

          • SKG

            is it brilliant to decide against having a kid and forking over nearly $300,000 towards them for the ultimate risk that you may not raise them properly or shit wont turn out as you intended in the end with them? it very well is brilliant!

            to each their own dude ! .. some prefer having them, some dont 🙂 .. its not about stamina or perspectives.

          • mustbepbs

            You’re an idiot.

  • I’d like to see some drop tests with different brand cases and see what cases are actually helpful and which are just ugly and annoying.

  • areffes

    Its not news that glass breaks when dropped, lol…I don’t care what animal you name it after. All Gorilla Glass does is resist scratches a bit better than other glass….but it is s till GLASS and it will shatter if dropped. I’d never carry around a naked phone!

  • Rob

    The next time they want to do a drop test, just give it to me, and if I drop it I promise I’ll let them know how it went. 😀

    Poor SGS3!!

  • These tests were (gulp) interesting the first couple of times around, but after a while it’s kinda like watching Faces of Death. Even if you could stand to sit through a few casualties, watching it over and over again becomes unbearable. Let’s not lose sight that these “tests” are/were conducted by a company that sells insurance for devices. No better way to scare people into buying some insurance than to show the screen of their believed device with more fractal lines than a snowflake.

    No matter how hard we try, accidents happen.The bottom line is … be careful with your stuff.

    Sidebar: If your child tosses $600 smartphones into the air like fall leaves, you have bigger issues than a cracked screen.

  • HueThree

    Gorilla Glass…just as good as any other piece of glass ™

  • amy

    So much for “Gorilla Glass”

  • QQpayne

    The only good way to do drop tests is to have the phones mounted and drop weights down a rail from set heights. That way it is a controlled amount of force to a specific area showing the true resistance of the phone.

    • Liderc

      Sadly, this isn’t what happens in the real world, so it’s also useless.

      • Yep, so the statistically correct real world test would be to take a few hundred phones and drop them same way. Then calculate an average damage.

        • JazzoRenee


  • mini-me

    Damn…Even the hyper glazed lost its glaze up top. Gonna make sure I find a seidio defender case when mine gets here

  • TD

    I’ve got a better idea, seeing how Droid Life is a big Android blog with a lot of followers, I’m proposing the DL staff e-mail Corning in regards to screens breaking like this and whether or not this is typical behavior of Gorilla Glass 2. Why not?

    • chris125

      you act like Corning would admit if it was typical behavior? Of course they will deny it is otherwise that would be some bad press if they openly admit it was common for this to happen if that was the case.

  • Count Chocula

    Ugh, I can’t bear to watch these videos!

  • Ben

    So it might be worth pointing out in the article that this video was posted by people trying to scare people into buying a phone warranty from them.

  • SurgicalTech

    These drop tests are so stupid. Who doesn’t put at least a $10 rubber case on a $600 phone?

    • MKader17

      *Raises Hand*

      Unless I’m going out for a night that might get crazy, then I slip on my Cruzer Lite

      Unless I’m going to the beach or doing something more crazy then I put on my Otterbox case.

    • sinofueramos

      *Raises hand, too*
      Nothing but screen protector on mine. It’s a thing of beauty – why cover it with a cheap-looking piece of plastic?

      • SeanBello

        yup…I didn’t buy a nice phone to hide it. it’s like buying a Corvette and putting a bra on it. you got insurance on your expensive toy, I’m sure you can afford it if something goes wrong.

        • sk3litor

          Exactly. Like buying a couch and putting plastic on it. I understand that accidents happen but when you have a baby ya don’t wrap it in bubble wrap cuz “accidents happen” do you? No ya just learn to be careful. My satirical 2 cents

  • AE35

    This is a silly attempt to get attention at the cost of a few nice phones. Basically the same as ifixit but more pointless.

    • MKader17

      Its the cost of advertising and it definitely works because I know a lot of people who have gotten warranties through them.

    • mustbepbs

      Wait..what? How is ifixit pointless? It’s fantastic for DIY repairs. Not sure if serious?

  • azndan4

    This was a pretty unscientific test

  • Butters619

    Every new phone that comes out they do a drop test and we always learn the same thing….

    ….when glass hits concrete, it might break…

    Thanks captain!

  • I drop my phone a lot. I’m now rethinking the SG3

    • I’ve dropped my Thunderbolt more times than I care to admit but I do have it in a Trident case. Almost as safe as an Otterbox with half the bulk.

    • mustbepbs

      Buy a case?

  • TD

    The video is made by SquareTrade the electronics warranty company, so of course they are going to make sure it breaks. Not saying it won’t break, but there is obivious bias here. If the phone didn’t break they probably wouldn’t have even shown it.

    • S23

      Yeah…they would make sure the newer phone that just came out looks like crap when dropped so people would buy warranty with it.

    • SKG

      yea i wouldnt be surprised if the phones have gone through some pre-abusing before the tests were actually recorded to make them seem so fragile !

  • Glen49

    I always look for rugged cases with raised edges to become the first point of contact in the event of a fall. Matt screen protector to reduce glare and fingerprints and to take scratches. Much easier to replace case or screen protector than phone. A good sturdy carrying case to round it all out. I would rather deal with a little extra bulk or weight to protect my phone. A good body case like Seidio Innocase can also solve the slippery plastic shell on some new phones.

  • S23

    So Stupid.
    If the Iphone fell screen first it would absolutely shatter making this test utterly useless. Even though I don’t like the GS3…its hands down more sturdier.

  • What do you know… the phone that lands on the front screen seems to take more damage

    • Mike

      Disregarding that the 4S is glass on both sides…and has weaker glass on the back than the front?

      It’s all pointless anyway. ANYthing with glass in it CAN break depending on how it hits the ground.

      I just think it’s funny that if the SIII had not broken and the 4S had, everyone would be in here “haha piece of shit iPhone!”

      Before everyone grabs their pitchforks, Galaxy Nexus owner here, just hate to see people so bias.

  • MattInPDX

    I’m sorry but this is the most unscientific, worse test ever when comparing multiple items. There is no consistency between the 2 items when they drop, they hit in different places.

    To do an apples to apples comparison the phones need to land on the same spot on the ground and they need to hit on the same spot on the phone. Worthless video.

    • Gimp_Ninja

      Agree! (except for the worthless part – I did enjoy watching it)

    • Take a step back and try to realize that this is not being used for science. It’s marketing for a company that sells smartphone insurance. Let’s try to enjoy the video for what it purely is, entertainment. 🙂

      • while I agree with @295890d7524da83c301c655c334aa3d0:disqus , I see what you’re saying as well.

        • I agree too, just making sure everyone looks at this through a different perspective than just “this isn’t scientific!” 🙂

          • Zach Shuford

            If that was the first drop, though, it’s still kind of scary that the S3 broke on the first hit. I’ve never really trusted hard plastic phones, though. I still have my Droid X, and I’ve dropped it from that height onto concrete many, many times (I’m a klutz) and it’s still just fine. The soft-touch plastic is worn, scratched, and overall looks like absolute crap now, but I think it absorbed a good bit of the impact each time.

          • I was getting out of a car with my Nexus S in my lap – it hit the cement from maybe 2 feet up and the whole front was shattered. It’s scary how fragile these devices can be 🙁

          • michael arazan

            My droid 1 has fallen at least 20 times on wooden floors, tiled, concrete, everything except water damage, never a scratch on device or glass, but i did have a screen protector and top and bottom case for it as well, wonder if they give you a discount for using cases and protectors?

          • Yeah my DX has fallen plenty of times, and I have very minimal scuff marks…. it’s actually the longest phone I’ve owned with out breaking (got it on launch day)

          • michael arazan

            wth, No “dropped in a urinal/toilet test?” Now this is the most common ways smart phones get damaged, in the bathroom.

          • Ain’t that the truth…. ugh

          • Chris

            i dropped my Dinc2 in the toilet a week ago. its working fine. thank god i had just flushed lol

      • Yeah, exactly. What good would a scientific drop test be, anyways? Phone drops in the real world do not occur under strictly controlled conditions.

    • Exactly

    • radiohead14

      i thought that this drop test was better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7e9ebi41Wc

  • paladaxar

    This is possibly one of the most useless tests ever. It all depends on how the phone hits the ground…and there’s very little that can be done to control that.

    The only result of this test: wasted money (and a few hits on youtube)

    • Win in my book! 😛

      • paladaxar

        Haha…I guess I should have commented in the comments section of the video itself…not in the comment section of this article. I guess I can’t blame you for making a few dollars of advertising money off of someone else’s stupidity 🙂

        …I mean, after all, I DID click the link and watch the vid. Enjoy the pretzels and coke 🙂

    • picaso86

      I hate watching these videos, instead of dropping them give them out (to me preferably) 🙂

  • You have to admit, Apple did build a sturdy phone.

    • Stephen D

      What? It has glass on both sides of the phone, and practically every other iPhone I see has at least one side broken. It may look nice, but the iPhone is far from sturdy.

      • Looking nice has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. The tests in the video are far from scientific, but the results shouldn’t be ignored either. My brother in law has dropped his phone multiple times and the thing has only gotten a few scuffs on it, but it all really depends on where and how it hits. I fear that if I drop my nexus that any impact would damage the screen.

        • Droidzilla

          Your anecdotes and fears are not statistically significant.

    • Sam Carroll

      i thought so until i dropped mine. It was probably a 2′ fall. It hit the corner and both front/rear glass shattered.

    • Dude

      That’s funny… The only iphones I’ve seen without cracked screens are the in store display units… and even they have had scratches on them.

      • My brother in law has dropped his phone several times and it has at most some scuffs on the back. I’m terrified to drop my nexus because it doesn’t feel as solid, but even with a case I fear the screen will still go south.

    • Tell that to my friend who has been using one with a cracked screen for a year.

  • One day they will mfgr smartphones that you can drop without possibly destroying them.

  • somehow,,,, not surprised

    • I’m surprised at the lack of consistency and scientific method behind these tests. It’s clear that how a phone is damage is dependent on the angle and velocity of the strike. You can’t just have some silly kids throwing the phones up willy nilly and call that an “experiment.”

      Unless you have have the kids throw the phones up a hundred times, only then can you begin to make statistical analysis of the drop results.

      This article leaves the drop results completely up to change. No two drops are alike, and I feel like I just wasted my time watching, and replying to this video.

      • ocdtrekkie

        Agreed. In most of these tests, velocity, height, distance, angle were all different.

      • Dude

        What exactly do you think this is? It’s a dude dropping phones, not Nasa dropping phones…

      • Droidzilla

        The videos are done by Square Trade. They’re more to sell insurance than to actually make a true finding on smartphone durability in a drop situation.

    • geedee82

      I don’t know how anybody could possible be surprised by the fact that cell phones break when dropped.

  • liquidsense

    Not a lot of consistency between drops of the two phones, but interesting nonetheless.

    • Droidzilla

      The sample size for these videos is hardly significant, and the methodology is hardly precise. The video’s made by Square Trade (insurance company), so it’s really more of a sales tool than an actual drop test.

  • Greg Morgan

    “Don’t be a fool, wrap your smartphone tool.” lol

    • sc0rch3d

      trojan man!