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DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Build 6.16.211 Leaks, Could be Official

According to Motorola, the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX should have an official Ice Cream Sandwich update available by the end of Q2. For those keeping track, that gives them until next Saturday to squash any last minute bugs from test builds, hand it out to Motorola Feedback Network members for a few days, and then make it available to the public. If the photos above are any indication of where the process is, the end of next week could be do-able.

A reader of ours says that this new 6.16.211 build is the latest to hit test devices and has been spotted through Cheesecake over at DroidRzr.com, so assuming there aren’t any major flaws, it could be the version that goes public. Once these are made available to testers and then approved, there is a chance that they could be ready within 1-2 weeks.

  • taz

    So i updated to this, about an hour ago. And i have yet to figure out why it wont let me send text messages anymore or even receive any.

  • It is good. I have question. It will be Czech Language i this update for Motorola RAZR in EU?? I want to buy it, bat only with czech language update.

  • SoakmyRazrMaxx

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  • razrman


  • RazrOwner

    FYI Soak invites going out right now. Just submitted mine.

    • Jack

      How can i become a soak invites?? Thanks

  • Razrboy98

    Just got my ICS update for my Razr 4g lte(verizon) Am i the only one?

  • Jackson

    This has to be the finally one its so smooth and nice and no lag and my bench mark was more than 1000 over my ginger bread run

  • Mike Agapito

    There’s people out in the wild that get it right? My friend just got offered the update and he is NOT part of the Motorola Feedback Network.

    • jared h

      no picture, it didnt happen.

  • Heartless12

    About tired of waiting …..no now im like,what ever it comes it comes it dont it dont

    • sgtguthrie

      Not quite sure what you said there…ur engish es a liddle auf…LMFAO!!!

      • Heartless12

        Can’t read? Cool ill write it again “about tired of waiting …now I’m like “it comes it comes, it don’t it don’t ” Smh corny ass

  • Greg Peterson

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Not one second before then.

    • Chris Cook

      Fool me once, shame on tranny. Fool me twice, …awe screw it.

  • Ravi Shanghavi

    Now a big question is, when is Rogers and Fido going to get their carrier builds done. Further, is ICS going to activate the NFC chipset that’s present in the hardware? Because I’m itching for some NFC tiles for performing actions.. circa S3. Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

    • evltwn

      I don’t think it has an NFC chip.

    • BlueLetter

      Like evltwn said, I don’t think there’s any NFC hardware in the Razr. You’ll have to buy one of those NFC SD cards

  • Jackson

    Downloading now

  • It could be sooner than 1-2 weeks. If you mean “soak testers” when you say “testers”, it could be a matter of hours/days. The 5.9.905 build for the Bionic soak tested for 3 or 4 days, and was pushed immediately after.

    • Although a certain website which will remain nameless (but rhymes with “Noid Wife”) had a headline awhile ago which read the same way about 6.14.84

  • suicidesilence4444

    It’s really annoying how whenever there is an article about the droid razr and ics, there has to be atleast one person talking about the bionic. You’re bionic is getting ics. Read the damn ics list. The bionic is not getting it in quarter 2. Shut up.

    • BlueLetter

      I’ve got a Bionic too, but I don’t understand where this sense of entitlement comes from when it comes to some of the others on this site.

    • Bionic

      Blow me

      • michael arazan

        Don’t forget about those photon fans who got their phones 2 months before the bionic ; P Photon came out in july 2011 and is the last of the oldest phones to get ics. And the bionic and photon are pretty similar.
        Seriously my friend got the photon and it has been pushed back from Q3 to Q4 on mto’s site, he thinks it won’t be till december.

  • lakerkev

    I’m sure the bionic release would have been first if it would’ve had more success. When u bought the bionic there were no promises of ics, unlike the promises made to us RAZR owners for almost 7 months now.

    • moto came out with too many phones too close together without fixing the problems the previous had in a timely manner. the bionic was a pretty good phone. still is

  • What about my damn Bionic!!! i effin hate moto/verizon

    • Big Red

      And you know what I hate?? People like you who complain about your BIONIC on a DROID RAZR Post

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    3G Sucks balls on this build.

  • Trevor

    I really do NOT understand why it takes companies so long to get these updates out. ICS has been around for at least 6 months (actually more, I think). There’s really no excuse for this. Granted, I know nothing about all the coding that goes into these updates, but this seems to be an excessive amount of time.

    • Droidzilla

      It’s Verizon’s testing procedure that makes it take so long; they have a very long vetting process that’s unnecessarily cumbersome. There was an article on it a while back, but it makes it so there’s something like a bare minimum 6 months for an OS update on Verizon (sans little patches, of course).

      • Trevor

        Ok, so I shouldn’t blame Moto, HTC, Samsung, etc (though I’m sure they are part of the problem on certain occasions, too); I should blame VZW. Check!

        • Droidzilla

          When in doubt, it’s always safe to blame Verizon! They may not be the whole problem, but it’s very rare that they’re not part of it (and they’re often at the bottom of issues like updates, missing features, models not being released on their network or not released to them in a timely fashion, etc.).

          • jmmap

            The reason these OS updates take so long is entirely Verizon’s doing. They do have a very long testing phase and they constantly send back an OS to the manufacturer for tweaking before they release it. Believe it or not, they do this in an attempt to limit the number of issues people have once it is officially released. They have no other motivation. Personally, I say take as long as you need to make sure it’s good to go before sending it to my phone. 2.3.6 works just fine for me.

        • GazaIan

          Well, all of T-Mobile’s Major lineup has gotten their ICS updates, HTC already updated the Vivid on AT&T, Intl. EVO 3D got it’s update, Sensation XE. Meanwhile, carrier branded phones are behind, and Verizon, who gives zero fucks about anything, is in dead last.

          CDMA Sucks.

        • Benny

          If you’re not happy with Big Red, why stay with them then? I’d much rather have a stable OS than a buggy one. Same kinda thing with Windows 8 Beta…sure it’s nice to have an updated OS, but if it’s full of bugs that ultimately slows your device, is it really worth it?

          • Trevor

            I do agree with this in that I would rather have them (whoever “them” is) take longer with the updates and get them right/bug-free. The issue I have is that they are rarely to never bug-free, even after taking forever to be released.

      • Dain Laguna

        its bullcrap and i hate it. even google knows they suck at it.

  • who cares ? the razr xt910 is still on gb 2.3.5…. and we are almost in q3 now. i guess that moto has hired ppl from lg, to update software… such a shame…

    • sgtguthrie

      They still have 11 days 😉

      You shouldn’t be surprised, they always take it to the last couple days in their timeline….

  • HuskerHog

    4.0four. Cool.

  • LiterofCola


  • RazrRamon

    Will this update break root, even if using Voodoo?

    • mcdonsco

      I did the 210 leak (came out just a few days or something before this 211 one) and voodoo kept root without a problem.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Not fair Bionic should have been first…

    • I agree, just like I think the Droid 3 should at least get the update. But the Razr and Maxx are going to be the top of Moto’s list right now, then it’ll trickel down to the 4.
      As others have said in the past, its not really Moto’s fault but Verizon.
      I mean look how long it takes the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to get an update, when the GSM Nexus gets it way before. Hopefully they don’t drag their feet for your bionic :/

    • Droidzilla

      I think it’s unfair, too (RAZR owner here). Let’s see what Google does with Moto and updates over the next, say, 8-12 months. I don’t expect an immediate change, but we could see legacy device updates roll out at a later date once Google’s influence comes to bear in the day-to-day operations (maybe even web-based updates to vanilla AOSP; a guy can dream, right?).

    • Knlegend1

      Droid 3 in that case. First phone out with the current form factor and features that the Bionic, Razr and Maxx have adopted/improved.

    • BlueLetter

      I think they decide who gets it first based on the number of sales, in which case naturally the Razr/Maxx gets it first due to the sheer amount of marketing muscle Verizon put behind it.

  • fauxshizzl

    Bout my Bionic..

    • LiterofCola


    • storm34x

      The bionic is garbage just like the gnex

      • fauxshizzl

        Yeah…I know, the bionic at least. But ICS can’t make it worse.

      • sk102704

        The Bionic and GNex are great phones. If thats what you think than you know nothing about Android.

      • you must be an iphone fan

  • I was getting ready to install one of the various leaks, but I think I’ll hold off right now and wait and see. I’ve waited for months for ICS. Another week or two, possibly, is a piece of cake.

  • Nemesis099

    Can’t wait for this update as I just got the Razr Maxx for the large battery rather then put in an order for the SG3.

  • Android1997

    Is that a case on his razr or did he replace the outer frame? Looks pretty cool would love that on mine

    • CivilDroid

      Looks like a silicone or TPU case of some kind. The power and volume buttons would show if it were a different outer frame. A clear frame like that would be sweet though!

      • Android1997

        Yeah that would be awesome. Too bad they dont have a Colored Maxx, i would go for the blue, looks nice


      That’s a case…I have one that looks just like it too. It’s a CruzerLite one, they’re really durable and sell for only like $10 or something like that on their website.

  • If you are part of the Motorola Feedback Network do you always get the soak or is it just a select few? I have been signed up for months for my Razr and haven’t received a soak test before.

    • Dain Laguna

      Even if you are part of the network, they only choose a select few

    • Droidzilla

      I don’t know what the criteria are, but I’ve been in every soak since I signed up (basically every soak for the RAZR thus far). Still no word on this one, though.

  • I wish I could be a tester

    • owner.and.tester

      If u don’t know how to be a tester u probably shouldn’t be testing. I wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t even know how to sign up for something so simple to be testing the software that goes into my phone

      • Big Red

        Don’t be an , you can’t learn if you don’t start.It’s not like it would just be his thought going into the update there are many others.

  • collinjw51

    Does anyone know if this build would work for the D4? From my experience, the D4 is just a razr with a physical keyboard.

    • The two share similar hardware, just like the Razr and Bionic, but the differences are large enough that they require separate builds. Theoretically this could be ported on top of the D4 ICS leak kernel and forced to work, but it would be sub-optimal. Best to just wait for the D4 leaks; they’ll happen eventually.

      • collinjw51

        Yeah that’s what I figured. Probably better off to just be patient.

    • They are different enough that it requires a separate build, but similiar enough that the D4 ICS build SHOULD be right on the heels of the RAZR builds….here’s to hoping

    • john doh

      it will work, but only as a paper weight

      • john doh

        sorry 🙂

  • Droidzilla

    Any word on a soak for this?

    • Hmm….


  • evltwn

    It’s getting close, I can taste it.

    • Michael Schnider

      I see what you did there…

  • richcricketz

    If they hadn’t given themselves this Q2 deadline months ago, how much longer do you think we would of had to wait?

    • Obviously they were confident they’d have a stable build tested and ready by the end of Q2 or they wouldn’t have committed to it. If they hadn’t, then they would likely have pushed back to Q3, like they did with the Bionic/D4/Atrix(2)/Photon

    • tc

      when’s your next upgrade?

  • john doh


  • chris125

    Cutting it close with q2

    • paul_cus

      You knew they would.

      • sgtguthrie

        THEY ALWAYS DO 😉