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DROID Incredible 2 Update 6.01.605.05 is on the Way

An update for the DROID Incredible 2 has been approved as build 6.01.605.05 710RD. It’s about as minor as it gets and is definitely not Ice Cream Sandwich. It takes care of a picture downloading issue through social networks and enables the wireless alerting system. See, very minor.

Still no word on when or if the device will see Android 4.0. HTC is still keeping this device as “on the fence.”

It’s a whoppin’ 32MB in size. More info.

  • confused

    how do I update it? where do I go?

  • JoTan

    I downloaded the update today and now when the screen times out it doesnt turn off completely. The screen stays very dim until I have to manualy turn off the screen. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • kewllllll

    you are now able to take screenshots on the device.

    • Big m

      how do you take screenshots on the phone

      • kewllllll

        you hold down the power button and then the home button

        • 4evergr8tful

          Thank you for saving me the last hour and a half of frustration!

  • Jody Harvey

    No ICS for a phone just over a year old….when my contract is up, iPhone5 here I come.

  • bduncan6

    I downloaded it, and the only thing I have noticed is that in Messages, the contact picture is no longer being displayed. The contact picture is still in the phone/contact information because it is displayed when viewing the entire SMS conversation with that one person or the contact in People (it’s just that none of them are seen when viewing the list of all SMS conversations).

    Anybody else? Help?

    • Jenn5136

      Has anyone been able to help with this? Its the same for me too, and I am frustrated!

      • Also the same for me, I thought it was just a hiccup on my phone but I restarted it and it’s still the same. Looks to be an issue with this update.

  • Trevor

    Wow, HTC really outdid themselves with this update.

  • KatsumeBlisk

    If you install this, you need to use Taco Root to get S-OFF in the future. There’s a guide on RootzWiki. I had no problems when installing this update, unlike other commenters. Also, HTC has confirmed that the device will get ICS by the end of August, When is a different story.

  • Justin

    My phone updated, ran really laggy, and now it won’t turn on. Even when I plug it in there is no LED light on it. Anyone else had problems?

    • Justin

      Had to remove the battery to get it to restart, hopefully there are no more problems

  • Eeyore

    I didn’t have any social pictures to download anyways

  • zaxwashere

    If you enjoy your rooted dinc 2 don’t download the OTA. It patches zergrush which is required for our bootloader downgrade exploit to get s-off.

  • lololololol

    I remember when we were all waiting for Gingerbread and Kellex would point out that “this is definitely not Gingerbread”. Now I guess we’re doing the same thing for ICS. Oh how things never change..

    • michael arazan

      everything is cyclical

  • Can I install it if I am rooted running CyanogenMod 7?


      no.. also this isn’t the place to ask this and if you need to ask this question, you probably shouldn’t be running CM in the first place

      • Yeah, actually, this is the place to ask this, and I’ve been using rooted phones with custom roms since the eris.

  • iPhone rules!

    Well if u haz da iPhones 4s with da Suri you wouldn’t haz dis problem

    • Trevor

      I hope Siri can help with your spelling.

  • matthewurbanjf

    my phone keeps sayng that there is no software update 🙁

  • Question what does this wireless alert system do?
    My mom has this phone and was asking me.