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Thursday Poll: Do You Use Your Front Facing Camera?

Exactly one year ago today, we asked in a poll if readers actually used the front-facing camera on their devices. The feedback was actually interesting, with a majority 34% of 10,000 voters stating their devices didn’t even have a front-facing shooter, but that they indeed wanted one. Coming in a semi-close second were folks who mentioned they only used their front lens for special occasions.

With the introduction of Face Unlock in Ice Cream Sandwich and many readers having upgraded to devices since then and now, we’re back to re-visit this question and get some updated numbers. So tell us, do you use your front-facing shooter?

Do you use your front facing camera?

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  • lamenting

    Until this article, I completely forgot about Face Unlock on my Galaxy Nexus. Before I got it, I thought I would use it to replace a PIN or swipe to unlock. Turns out it sucks and I stopped using it after a day.

    The only thing I use the front-facing camera for is when I let my almost-3-year-old son play around with it. He loves checking himself out, the little narcissist.

  • Video chat only

  • Justin Schmiesing

    I don’t have enough friends with a front facing camera 🙁 Although i just gave my brother my old xperia play, and my mom just got a razr maxx. As more people get front facing camera’s, i’d like to think i’ll use it more.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I use it as a “mirror”. It’s a good tool for making sure I don’t have any nose bats before a meeting.

  • dbam987

    I use it to see if I remembered to brush my hair (mostly forget to do so before I head out). Seriously though, it is beneficial to have and I’m glad to have it.