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RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Builds Rooted Before Official Release

We may still be waiting for the official launch of the update to Ice Cream Sandwich here stateside for the DROID RAZR, but when it does get here rooting it should not be a problem. XDA user hacker812c has posted a myriad of ways for users to root their RAZRs, and it seems to be working on many different builds from many different countries. Whether or not you like using the one-click exploit methods that have become popular these days or you want to get your hands dirty in some adb lines, the thread at XDA has full explanations for you. As a reminder, this is for Android 4.0 on the RAZR which means you’re running a leaked build of some kind. Hit the link below if you’re feeling adventerous.

Via: XDA

Cheers JON!

  • kevin hudson

    if i root my razr on ics can i use the gsm service?

  • Not yet released, but rooted!

  • rafael silva

    hahaha esse é meu amigo hacker hehehe num eskece de ver o razrbr.blogspot.com.br lá tem um pouquinho de exclusividades tamnbém

  • hacker812c

    thanks for publication.

  • nb

    does this allow us to use the gsm functionality of the verizon phone?

  • Arcanexvi

    We have had a root method for the razr for about a month now for the new ics builds. Maybe longer actually…

  • InyRules

    Thanks for all the great comments and advice on switching from my GNEX to the RAZR MAXX. I’ll be hitting up a Verizon store this weekend to play around with the RAZR. Any good, completely stock ICS ROMs out for it? It’s hard to give up…

  • barkleyfan

    Lol motorola knows about motofail, Matts utility, and cheesecake. They didn’t get where they are by being oblivious.

  • Steve S.

    I long for the day that ICS is pushed out…

  • Andrew

    i installed the ICS .206 leak on my Droid 4, it doesnt look so bad. lock screen has more options, moto’s blur looks more like stock AOSP. the only difference is the icons and bloat, most of which you can disable using the built in ICS function!

  • Paolo_Ozaraga

    Hopefully OTA Rootkeeper will help me regain root after the update. It always freaks me out a little bit rooting a device because I’m still on a cell phone plan with my mom and she would legit murder me if I bricked my device

    • OhAaron

      🙂 Bahaha, I know how you feel, dude! I’m a college student, and I would feel awful!

      • Tom Snyder

        @Paolo_Ozaraga id recommend unrooting it for the OTA then reroot it when its installed…just my opinion wink wink

    • RobMorris

      Your fine man, I don’t think anyone has ever bricked a phone from just rooting it. Especially a razr where you can just sbf back to stock

  • LivinOnthe Edge

    Why in the world do these ppl post this stuff before the push out is even done. All this will do is get Moto to patch it now and stiff everyone on rooting after we see official ICS rolled out. Some ppl just make no sense what so ever.

    Besides this is old new anyways as there was others devs who figured out how to root 4.0.x weeks ago but were smart enough NOT to post it until after the roll out.

    • GapUp

      Guess you would call them STUPID!

  • InyRules

    Debating on trading in my GNEX for a RAZR MAXX. The call quality is getting on my nerves. What do current RAZR owners and/or former GNEX owners think?

    • Keith

      No problem with call quality on my Razr (regular).

      • LiterofCola


    • I just returned my Gnex for Razr Maxx best decision ever…

      • InyRules

        Do you miss ICS? It’s a huge thing for me. I don’t think I can go back, and who knows when ICS will rollout to the RAZRs.

        • Apostrafee

          Just load an ICS Rom on there, I’m using Kejar’s Gummy Resurrection I think it’s called….Gummy whatever it works and has all features I want out of ICS. I have a Nexus and Razr and truly see no difference in reception but the battery life was pretty bad on Nexus so for the time I’m on the Razr.

          • InyRules

            Yeah, my battery life is pretty bad on 3g, AWFUL on 4g. On wifi I can go 9 hours at work and leave with 65% battery. On 3g, more like 40-30%

          • Apostrafee

            What did it for me was I was waiting 2 hours while my car was being worked on I made a 30 minute phone call, checked facebook twice sent around 10 texts and played google music and my battery went from 100% to 0….I couldn’t handle. I love my Nexus but Razr is also a really great device

        • Big_EZ

          I’ve ran ICS on my RAZR since about 20 mins after I got it in the mail back in Febuary. The ICS OTA is supposed to be out by the end of this month.

        • the .79 leak is 4.0.4, fastbootable back to gingerbread, and awesome. and there are a few roms built off of it. droidrzr.com

          • barkleyfan

            Did last Flash update fix it for.79? Fellas gotta have his pr0n.

          • mcdonsco

            Linky? Can’t find it there…was wondering which was newest fast bootable leak..

          • Not that it matters anymore, but it’s under forum, cdma razr development

        • picaso86

          I had the Gnex and traded it for a Maxx – you wont regret it… battery life is just phenomenal… I can pull 20 hrs

    • Maggs

      Love my Maxx, have had it a month now. I use the speakerphone quite often too

    • Big_EZ

      Motorola will give you the best call quality and reception. Gnex has an unlocked bootloader (I only care because that’s what the developers flock to) but after having a high end phone with an unlocked that is still more limited than my locked RAZR the bootloader means nothing to me. On my HTC phones I could change the kernel but the improved kernels weren’t as good as stock moto, it was either choose performance or battery life. With moto I have both performance and battery life.

    • I got the GNEX back the day it came out in December. I ended up returning 3 of them because of terrible signal strength. I ended up getting the Razr Maxx. it’s a great phone but I wish they had ICS already.

    • Jocelyn8288

      I have a razr but I wish I had a razor maxx but I never have any problems at all with my phone

    • OhAaron

      I just did that. It’s nice not to have to worry about cell connectivity, GPS lock times, or battery life. I don’t miss my GNex at all. It’s too bad, because the interface was cool.

  • I don’t even need my phone rooted. just need ICS released.

  • otter34

    Has the RAZR maxx been rooted?

    • John

      Isn’t it the EXACT same thing besides the battery?

      • stupidllama

        yes, razr maxx same thing, if ones rooted they both all.

        • John

          Ya that’s what I figured.

      • otter34

        Honestly I don’t know

    • Wolf

      Same device, nothing different other than battery

  • Im still on the fence if I should grab this phone before Verizon kills my unlimited. Or should I wait for the Razr HD and pay full retail…ugh I really needed more than 14 days to decide

    • JoshGroff

      You could always buy the RAZR/MAXX on contract through Amazon or wirefly and sell it through swappa or eBay and turn a profit if you decide to buy the HD.

      • C2Cab95

        Doesn’t Amazon require you to keep the phone for at least six months, or pay the difference in the subsidy?

        • JoshGroff

          You have to maintain the contract for 6 months, keeping the phone has nothing to do with them. I did the same thing with a Bionic at NTX wireless to take advantage of a coupon I had and the double data promotion.

          • C2Cab95

            Okay… thanks for the clarification.

    • buy this phone, sell it, buy the Razr HD full retail. Unlimited + Awesomeness.
      sell it as mint condition 😀

      • MotoGuy

        That’s a brilliant idea. I may do that myself now.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      If you have an upgrade ready now, do what JoshGroff suggested. Take advantage of the subsidy for the last time even if its just to sell the phone. You spend 230, sell it for 500-550, that money goes towards the HD to make up for having to pay retail.

  • Great now the update will be delayed to bath up this method.

    • Brando

      If you’re all that up in arms about it, try loading the leaked build…

  • Chuckers

    Welcome to the party RAZR owners 🙂