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Angry Birds Seasons Updated, Piglantis for Android is a Go

Fans of Angry Birds can go pick up the newest Seasons update which features the awesome Piglantis levels. What’s neat about Piglantis is the addition of the water levels that add a new sense of physics, just like Angry Birds Space. You dive the birds into the water where they become weightless, and as they near the surface, they pick up speed and come flying out of the water. It’s a really neat update which is good way to freshen up your AB skills. Go grab it. 

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Cheers DoA!

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  • Raven

    A lot of people seem to be upset that they added “Read phone state and identity” and Coarse location” and more ads to the free version without mentioning anything in the “What’s New”.

    I guess you get what you pay for.

  • picaso86

    I rather play Scramble with Friends…

  • droiddd

    lame, angry birds is dead

  • hkklife

    Just wanted to confirm that the updates are live for the Amazon App Store too. And not just Seasons but Space has finally received its update on Amazon, nearly 2 weeks after hitting the Play Store. And I’ve gotta admit, the new Seasons levels are pretty awesome. Now, to play AB or watch game 2 of the Finals tonight…hmmm…


      just wanted to confirm that no one cares

  • EvanTheGamer

    Oh, cool! Maybe this new update will make me want to play Angry Birds Seasons again. Has definitely been awhile.

    Also, when are ya all going to start doing those fun “Angry Birds Seasons Highscores” posts like ya did last year? They did get kinda old after several weeks, but would be kind of fun to restart something similar to that..maybe with Temple Run or some other game this time around. Just a thought.

    • Kevin

      I agree, I’m probably one of the few, but those were fun!