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Contest: Win an Official Galaxy Nexus Car Dock, Already Modded for LTE Version Fun (Update: Winner Picked)

So as most of you know since you watched our “how to” video, I have this official Galaxy Nexus car dock that has already been modified to work with the LTE version. Unfortunately for my LTE Nexus, I’m currently addicted to the HTC One X and will also have a Galaxy SIII in a couple of weeks to play with, so I’d hate to see it sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Well, what better way to fix that problem than by giving it away to a DL community member? These suckers retail for $54 in the Play store, but with shipping and taxes (depending on where you live), they can run you upwards of $70. How about we save one of you that cash to put towards your next full retail phone? 


We have our winner and his name is Jason Brown, whose favorite movie so far this year is The Hunger Games. Thanks to the 1700+ of you that entered to win this great accessory!

Contest Entry:

1.  In the comments, tell us what the best movie was that you saw this year.
2.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter too.


Tomorrow (June 14) at 12PM Pacific, we will randomly choose a winner.  Good luck!

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  • The Avengers IMAX 3D

  • Josh Bernier

    Avengers is the best movie I’ve watched in theaters so far this year. I’ll probably go check out Prometheus today

  • patrickmaher

    The Avengers

  • Prometheus of course 😉

  • Joseph Karpinski

    The Avengers with Prometheus as a close second!

  • “The Cabin in the Woods” was absolutely fantastic! I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s not anything like your typical horror / suspense / thriller. It’s so good!

  • Ghost in the Shell (again)

  • tehserver

    The Avengers

  • Avengers… got my kids hook… now they want to see all the other movies that lead to this… LOL

  • The best movie(s) I saw this year were Hobo With a Shotgun and Rubber, It was a tie so I can’t just pick one! If you haven’t seen either, they’re quite entertaining and are on Netflix. All Hail Nexus!

  • raoul duke

    moonrise kingdom from wes anderson. great movie, director, cast, story, all of it. i am seeing prometheus tonight and am very excited but moonrise was stellar

  • maslan

    Best by far – Avengers. Love it.

  • i would definitely have to say shame as my favorite movie i saw this year.

  • DanSan

    Titanic in 3D… come on…who doesnt like 3D boobies?

  • Doug Plowden

    The best movie I saw this year is Act of Valor. Thanks for all you do DL!!!

  • Best movie I saw this year was chronicle. If only I could fly around the world with my 4g lte galaxy nexus

  • Best movie I have seen this year is the Avengers. Prometheus was pretty good also but loved the combination of action and humor that the Avengers had.

  • Poot Klopp

    so far the avengers. Waiting for the dark knight rises!

  • MikeOliveira

    I rewatched Gone in 60 seconds, i forgot how great that movie was. And i finally watched Fast Five i know its cheesy but i love the series.

  • No doubt the avengers.

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    the only movie I saw: The Avengers

  • Sheldon Henman

    The Avengers was the best thing this year! I crapped my Hulk underpants

  • Sebastian Encina

    I re-watched Goodfellas and Fight Club this year. Damn good movies.

  • The Avengers!!!

  • M_2the_B

    I’m not one to rave about super hero movies, but The Avengers is definitely the best I’ve seen. Also happens to be the best flick I’ve seen this year

  • ranger

    the avengers

  • MK42


  • OscarL


  • Michael Wilson

    Puss N Boots 3D. THAT was a hilarious movie.

  • Best movie was Tangled. I don’t get out much.

  • Alex

    The Avengers is the best movie hands down!

  • Dee Mann

    Most definately the best movie of this year had to be 21 Jump Street! that movie was halarious…especially when they were high on the pills haha