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The Basics: Verizon’s New Share Everything Plans


After Verizon dropped their new Share Everything plans on us this morning (aka shared data tiers), it took a minute for us to fully process exactly what we have going here, but we think we have a good grasp on it now. To help everyone understand this new focus on data rather than minutes and texts that goes live June 28, we thought we would lay this out for you in the simplest of ways. Ready? 

Step 1:  Smartphones

Do you have more than 1 line on an account that includes a smartphone? Proceed to “Step 2” and the Share Everything plans. If you have an individual smartphone account with 1 line, there are standalone data packages for you starting at $30 for 2GB of data. If you only have feature (basic) phones on your account, you get a whole new set of plans that you can find at the very bottom of the post

Step 2:  Number of Devices

How many devices do you have? Each one comes with its own “Monthly Line Access” fee. Prices below:

  • Smartphones:  $40 per device
  • Feature phones:  $30 per device
  • Jetpack / Netbook / Notebook / USB:  $20 per device
  • Tablets:  $10 per device

Step 3:  Data Package Selection

Choose a data package for your entire family/account or what Verizon refers to as “Monthly Account Access”:

  • 1GB for $50
  • 2GB for $60
  • 4GB for $70
  • 6GB for $80
  • 8GB for $90
  • 10GB for $100

Step 4:  More Data

Not enough data? If 10GB is not enough, you can add on an additional 2GB for $10. If you go over your monthly allowance, you pay $15 per 1GB of data.

Step 5:  Mobile Hotspot

Want to add mobile hotspot on? It’s already on there. Mobile hotspot is now included with all capable devices at no extra charge. Just remember that using a hotspot on any of them will pull from the data package you selected in “Step 3.”

Step 6:  Minutes and Texting

You do not have to select a minute or text package as they are all unlimited on these new share everything plans, and that includes picture and video messages. From what we can tell, this isn’t just mobile-to-mobile either. You can call anyone across this great nation for free on any phone.

Step 7:  Add It Up

To figure out what your bill will look like, add up your number of devices along with their per device price from step 1, then add on a data package and you are done. That is now your monthly bill, minus taxes and fees.

Here is an example:

You have 6 devices in your family – 3 smartphones, 1 feature phone, 1 Jetpack, and 1 tablet. You will pay $40 for each smartphone ($120), plus $30 for the 1 feature phone, $20 for the Jetpack, and $10 for the tablet. The total monthly line access for your devices comes to $180. Since Verizon seems to think that the average user users 1-2GB of data per month, you would probably choose no less than the 8GB plan for $90. Add that to the $180 total for your devices and your bill will roughly be $270 per month, which includes unlimited talk and text.


Feature or Basic Phones

If you do not have any smartphones on your account, you get two choices going forward:  700 minutes for $40 or unlimited talk and text with 300MB of data for $70. The $40 does not include data or texting, so you would have to purchase those separately starting at $10 per 1,000 messages per line. If you have multiple feature phones, you can add each one to the pot for an additional $30.

Data-only Plans

If you don’t need Verizon for calling or texting and simply want to purchase a Jetpack/netbook/notebook/USB or tablet, you have a separate set of plans as well. Each Jetpack/netbook/notebook/USB will cost you $20 each. Each tablet is just $10 per month. The data packages to attach to those are as follows:  4GB for $30, 6GB for $40, 8GB for $50, and 10GB for $60.


Say you have 1 Jetpack, 1 USB dongle, and a tablet. You would pay $20 each for the Jetpack and USB and $10 for the tablet bringing your monthly line access charges to $50. Verizon claims that the average user users 1-2GB of data per month so you would want to go no less than the 6GB plan for $40. Your total bill for data-only would then be $90 for 3 devices.

Other Notes

Verizon has made a bunch of resources available to you to decide if shared data is for you. Here is their breakdown of all the plans including pricing. Here is the main Share Everything page. Here is the new data calculator, so that you can figure out your perfect plan.

  • Denvertick

    Just get an Obamaphone…free, problem solved

  • Instead of 15$/month I’ll be paying 50, which I can’t afford. Maybe its time for an O-bama phone. Brand new phone with full service courtesy of the taxpayers. Not having a cell phone makes me depressed, which makes me eligible. Thank you Mr. O-bama!


  • Instead of 15$/month I’ll be paying 50, which I can’t afford. Maybe its time for an Obama phone. Brand new phone with full service courtesy of the taxpayers. Not having a cell phone makes me depressed, which makes me eligible. Thank you Mr. Obama!


  • Instead of 15$/month I’ll be paying 50, which I can’t afford. Maybe its time for an Obama phone. Brand new phone with full service courtesy of the taxpayers. Not having a cell phone makes me depressed, which makes me eligible. Thank you Mr. Obama!


  • Nicholassss

    i average 8-13gb data a month on an unlimited data plan. So if i renew my contract i’m going to go from about 90 a month plus taxes and fees to somewhere around 160+ no thanks…noooo thanks, If i buy unsubsidised phones fopr the rest of my life i’ll be saving money in the long run updating ever two years.

  • Baystray

    Sadly, it seems that I am in the minority. I have 2 smart phones that (sadly) requires unlimited talk and text making that together $149 a month. Then a $50 6GB plan and a grandfathered $29.99 unlimited plan (thank you blackberry glory days!). It comes out to be $228.99. With the new plan, if I kept the 6GB and 2 smart phones, I should be at $160 a month. Now if only that wasn’t all in theory until we see what other fees Verizon decides they need to make this all work.

  • Aaron

    Persons on voice-based family plans CAN still keep their phone subsidy and unlimited data. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57454463-94/confused-about-verizons-family-share-plans-youre-not-alone/

  • Mj
  • guest

    This is stupid on verizons part, me and my wife currently only have feature phones, i was going to bite the bullet and get us smart phones next time around. If i got us each 3 gig plans my bill would go from 70 to 130 dollars, now it would be 150 instead, or half as much data. No thanks, if we even get smartphones now i will go to t-mobile or someone else.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Just another complete rip-off of the customer.
    On my current play we have 3 smart phones and 1 basic. Our data usage on high months is over 4GB but just under 5GB. Our current billing with discounts and tax etc is $217 per month. On the new share plan I would have to pay $230 before the additional $15-$20 in taxes and bogus fees. So my plan may jump from $217 total to $247 total. A $30 dollar a month increase because the Verizon bozo’s can’t make a profit on the billions of dollars of revenue they currently pull in. The economy is bad, a record number of people are out of work and Verizon has the gall to come up with a plan that does nothing for the customer but certainly puts more cash in their pockets. This is just another rip-off that Verizon is pulling on the customer whose only recourse is to switch providers and get the same.

  • ok so what if i buy a phone from craigslist an I choose to renew my contract will i still be able to keep my unlimited data?

    • You can just buy a phone from craigslist and get the phone programmed to Verizon and not have to sign a contract… basically going month to month on your current plan… would be same as if you bought a phone from Verizon full price. The 2 year contract is to help discount the phone.

  • Alexander Garcia

    My solution to this insanity… Start savin’ up to pay the full un-subsidized price for my next smartphone and keep my grandfathered unlimited data.

  • chryptic

    It will be cheaper for me to pay the early cancellation fee and go to another carrier.

  • BuzB

    Step 1: “If you have an individual smartphone account with 1 line, there are
    standalone data packages for you starting at $30 for 2GB of data.”

    Anybody have a link to this?

  • I’m just learning about this today… I know, a little behind. I was freaking out at first: How am “I going to use my Google Navigator?! I’m on the internet all the time!”. My upgrade isn’t until July 7th, go figure. So, a little panicked. I don’t like change. Over the last 6 months, between two adults with smartphones – we’ve never broken a gig. Not even close. What I didn’t initially realize is that we spend a lot of time at home, and we use our wifi. So, if I’m understanding correctly: $40 per smartphone = $80. If I choose 2 gigs, just to be safe that’s an additional $60. That’s $140 before taxes/fees. Let’s say those are $30, just an estimate. So, $170 with the new plans. We pay $213/mo now. In theory that’s around $40 in savings. Did I do that right? Please feel free to let me know, lol. We barely talk on the phone, but we do send a lot of texts (less since the husband deployed). From my understanding talk and text (to include picture/video msg’ing) is unlimited. So, for us – it seems like it’d be a bonus. Now, my question is about phone upgrades… Do we still get those with the new plans?

    • Yes, you are right. $40 per smartphone… then add the data plan you choose.. 2gb is 60. Taxes will be around $15 to $20 and then you have to factor in if you have insurance or not. My wife and I have the full insurance for $6.99 per phone.

  • Guest

    We used Verizon’s own “price calculator”.

    Not sure why they even have all the choices for “how many minutes” and “how many texts” do you want? We tried all 9 combinations… and all the prices came out EXACTLY the same.

    Changing the “data amounts” was the *ONLY* thing that changed any of our pricing at all.

    One very deceptive web site.

    • Well the new plan it is unlimited Talk and Text… so yeah it will stay the same. Data will only change the price.

  • Dale

    I’ll be damned if I’ll pay those ridiculous prices for data. I’ve been a Verizon customer as long as I’ve had a phone, but these new prices are so insane, maybe I will have to jump ship. 30 dollars for unlimited data is reasonable. 50 for ONE gigabyte is a crime.

  • Steven

    Ok if I have 4 lines now and two of the lines have smartphones and the other two have dummy phones on them do I have to pay the 30 dollars each for those dummy phone’s?

  • JustAnAngryJOE

    Funny little facts i noticed about there whole consumer only uses 1-2gb worth of data before they got rid of me. 1: The entire nation for one is not on 4g yet so for those that are still on 3g “that barley use 2gb a month”, did vzw ever stop to consider that maybe the people had to use WIFI the majority of the time to get a decent connection in the first place?(wait that requires thought). 2: out of that so called majority of consumers that do only use that much, how many of them are completely versed in the use of their tech in the 1st place? 3: this data pricing crap is for the birds. To be honest whats the point of saying you are Americas Fastest NWK when hmm lets see, people are strong armed into being barley able to use the thing. Then you contradict nearly every thing you advertise by saying well your alternative to not using your data is Wifi. I mean unless i missed something wasn’t your whole reason from having smartphones to free consumers up from having to always depend on a WIFI area. But digress, seriously though this GB pricing crap is stupid and the messed up thing is, eventually every carrier will begin to follow suite. OY VEY there goes my metaphorical wallet.

    • I do like how they marketed 4g as being able to download music and movies and all that but 1 movie would put you over your data limit. 4g is great but almost useless with capped data. All 4g really means is you can reach your limit faster with crappy battery life. Why create something you don’t want anyone to use?

  • MKuras

    This may be a stupid question, but does the $40 Monthly Access fee cover the talk and text fee, or is this going to be yet another expense on top of the access fee and data fee?

    • $40 for a smartphone will cover unlimited txt and talk

  • Knlegend1

    I could save some money doing this with my mom but do I really want to give up unlimited data…

  • Don’t_Shoot_The_Messenger

    All i have to say about this, is keep in mind that the sales people at your local stores didn’t make this change. Corporate did. So before you go running right over to the nearest Verizon store to scream at all the reps, remember, They have nothing to do with it and all we are allowed to do is give you customer services number and apologize.
    As soon as i finished reading this, all i could think was “Oh No….I am going to have so many people scream at me about this. -_-”
    Verizon Customer Service: 1(800)922-0204 🙁

  • Well now..

    Does anyone have a smoke I could please get off of them?
    I like to relax a little after getting f**ked like this.

  • Jmo

    So, do we still have to sign a 2-year contract after June 28th? If we aren’t getting a discount on the phone, seems like there isn’t any reason to commit to 2 years with Verizon.

  • ABerry5

    I actually think I will save money this really is not as bad as I thought since they are giving unlimited everything but data