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The Basics: Verizon’s New Share Everything Plans

After Verizon dropped their new Share Everything plans on us this morning (aka shared data tiers), it took a minute for us to fully process exactly what we have going here, but we think we have a good grasp on it now. To help everyone understand this new focus on data rather than minutes and texts that goes live June 28, we thought we would lay this out for you in the simplest of ways. Ready? 

Step 1:  Smartphones

Do you have more than 1 line on an account that includes a smartphone? Proceed to “Step 2” and the Share Everything plans. If you have an individual smartphone account with 1 line, there are standalone data packages for you starting at $30 for 2GB of data. If you only have feature (basic) phones on your account, you get a whole new set of plans that you can find at the very bottom of the post

Step 2:  Number of Devices

How many devices do you have? Each one comes with its own “Monthly Line Access” fee. Prices below:

  • Smartphones:  $40 per device
  • Feature phones:  $30 per device
  • Jetpack / Netbook / Notebook / USB:  $20 per device
  • Tablets:  $10 per device

Step 3:  Data Package Selection

Choose a data package for your entire family/account or what Verizon refers to as “Monthly Account Access”:

  • 1GB for $50
  • 2GB for $60
  • 4GB for $70
  • 6GB for $80
  • 8GB for $90
  • 10GB for $100

Step 4:  More Data

Not enough data? If 10GB is not enough, you can add on an additional 2GB for $10. If you go over your monthly allowance, you pay $15 per 1GB of data.

Step 5:  Mobile Hotspot

Want to add mobile hotspot on? It’s already on there. Mobile hotspot is now included with all capable devices at no extra charge. Just remember that using a hotspot on any of them will pull from the data package you selected in “Step 3.”

Step 6:  Minutes and Texting

You do not have to select a minute or text package as they are all unlimited on these new share everything plans, and that includes picture and video messages. From what we can tell, this isn’t just mobile-to-mobile either. You can call anyone across this great nation for free on any phone.

Step 7:  Add It Up

To figure out what your bill will look like, add up your number of devices along with their per device price from step 1, then add on a data package and you are done. That is now your monthly bill, minus taxes and fees.

Here is an example:

You have 6 devices in your family – 3 smartphones, 1 feature phone, 1 Jetpack, and 1 tablet. You will pay $40 for each smartphone ($120), plus $30 for the 1 feature phone, $20 for the Jetpack, and $10 for the tablet. The total monthly line access for your devices comes to $180. Since Verizon seems to think that the average user users 1-2GB of data per month, you would probably choose no less than the 8GB plan for $90. Add that to the $180 total for your devices and your bill will roughly be $270 per month, which includes unlimited talk and text.


Feature or Basic Phones

If you do not have any smartphones on your account, you get two choices going forward:  700 minutes for $40 or unlimited talk and text with 300MB of data for $70. The $40 does not include data or texting, so you would have to purchase those separately starting at $10 per 1,000 messages per line. If you have multiple feature phones, you can add each one to the pot for an additional $30.

Data-only Plans

If you don’t need Verizon for calling or texting and simply want to purchase a Jetpack/netbook/notebook/USB or tablet, you have a separate set of plans as well. Each Jetpack/netbook/notebook/USB will cost you $20 each. Each tablet is just $10 per month. The data packages to attach to those are as follows:  4GB for $30, 6GB for $40, 8GB for $50, and 10GB for $60.


Say you have 1 Jetpack, 1 USB dongle, and a tablet. You would pay $20 each for the Jetpack and USB and $10 for the tablet bringing your monthly line access charges to $50. Verizon claims that the average user users 1-2GB of data per month so you would want to go no less than the 6GB plan for $40. Your total bill for data-only would then be $90 for 3 devices.

Other Notes

Verizon has made a bunch of resources available to you to decide if shared data is for you. Here is their breakdown of all the plans including pricing. Here is the main Share Everything page. Here is the new data calculator, so that you can figure out your perfect plan.

  • Denvertick

    Just get an Obamaphone…free, problem solved

  • Instead of 15$/month I’ll be paying 50, which I can’t afford. Maybe its time for an O-bama phone. Brand new phone with full service courtesy of the taxpayers. Not having a cell phone makes me depressed, which makes me eligible. Thank you Mr. O-bama!


  • Instead of 15$/month I’ll be paying 50, which I can’t afford. Maybe its time for an Obama phone. Brand new phone with full service courtesy of the taxpayers. Not having a cell phone makes me depressed, which makes me eligible. Thank you Mr. Obama!


  • Instead of 15$/month I’ll be paying 50, which I can’t afford. Maybe its time for an Obama phone. Brand new phone with full service courtesy of the taxpayers. Not having a cell phone makes me depressed, which makes me eligible. Thank you Mr. Obama!


  • Nicholassss

    i average 8-13gb data a month on an unlimited data plan. So if i renew my contract i’m going to go from about 90 a month plus taxes and fees to somewhere around 160+ no thanks…noooo thanks, If i buy unsubsidised phones fopr the rest of my life i’ll be saving money in the long run updating ever two years.

  • Baystray

    Sadly, it seems that I am in the minority. I have 2 smart phones that (sadly) requires unlimited talk and text making that together $149 a month. Then a $50 6GB plan and a grandfathered $29.99 unlimited plan (thank you blackberry glory days!). It comes out to be $228.99. With the new plan, if I kept the 6GB and 2 smart phones, I should be at $160 a month. Now if only that wasn’t all in theory until we see what other fees Verizon decides they need to make this all work.

  • Aaron

    Persons on voice-based family plans CAN still keep their phone subsidy and unlimited data. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57454463-94/confused-about-verizons-family-share-plans-youre-not-alone/

  • Mj
  • guest

    This is stupid on verizons part, me and my wife currently only have feature phones, i was going to bite the bullet and get us smart phones next time around. If i got us each 3 gig plans my bill would go from 70 to 130 dollars, now it would be 150 instead, or half as much data. No thanks, if we even get smartphones now i will go to t-mobile or someone else.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    Just another complete rip-off of the customer.
    On my current play we have 3 smart phones and 1 basic. Our data usage on high months is over 4GB but just under 5GB. Our current billing with discounts and tax etc is $217 per month. On the new share plan I would have to pay $230 before the additional $15-$20 in taxes and bogus fees. So my plan may jump from $217 total to $247 total. A $30 dollar a month increase because the Verizon bozo’s can’t make a profit on the billions of dollars of revenue they currently pull in. The economy is bad, a record number of people are out of work and Verizon has the gall to come up with a plan that does nothing for the customer but certainly puts more cash in their pockets. This is just another rip-off that Verizon is pulling on the customer whose only recourse is to switch providers and get the same.

  • ok so what if i buy a phone from craigslist an I choose to renew my contract will i still be able to keep my unlimited data?

    • You can just buy a phone from craigslist and get the phone programmed to Verizon and not have to sign a contract… basically going month to month on your current plan… would be same as if you bought a phone from Verizon full price. The 2 year contract is to help discount the phone.

  • Alexander Garcia

    My solution to this insanity… Start savin’ up to pay the full un-subsidized price for my next smartphone and keep my grandfathered unlimited data.

  • chryptic

    It will be cheaper for me to pay the early cancellation fee and go to another carrier.

  • BuzB

    Step 1: “If you have an individual smartphone account with 1 line, there are
    standalone data packages for you starting at $30 for 2GB of data.”

    Anybody have a link to this?

  • I’m just learning about this today… I know, a little behind. I was freaking out at first: How am “I going to use my Google Navigator?! I’m on the internet all the time!”. My upgrade isn’t until July 7th, go figure. So, a little panicked. I don’t like change. Over the last 6 months, between two adults with smartphones – we’ve never broken a gig. Not even close. What I didn’t initially realize is that we spend a lot of time at home, and we use our wifi. So, if I’m understanding correctly: $40 per smartphone = $80. If I choose 2 gigs, just to be safe that’s an additional $60. That’s $140 before taxes/fees. Let’s say those are $30, just an estimate. So, $170 with the new plans. We pay $213/mo now. In theory that’s around $40 in savings. Did I do that right? Please feel free to let me know, lol. We barely talk on the phone, but we do send a lot of texts (less since the husband deployed). From my understanding talk and text (to include picture/video msg’ing) is unlimited. So, for us – it seems like it’d be a bonus. Now, my question is about phone upgrades… Do we still get those with the new plans?

    • Yes, you are right. $40 per smartphone… then add the data plan you choose.. 2gb is 60. Taxes will be around $15 to $20 and then you have to factor in if you have insurance or not. My wife and I have the full insurance for $6.99 per phone.

  • Guest

    We used Verizon’s own “price calculator”.

    Not sure why they even have all the choices for “how many minutes” and “how many texts” do you want? We tried all 9 combinations… and all the prices came out EXACTLY the same.

    Changing the “data amounts” was the *ONLY* thing that changed any of our pricing at all.

    One very deceptive web site.

    • Well the new plan it is unlimited Talk and Text… so yeah it will stay the same. Data will only change the price.

  • Dale

    I’ll be damned if I’ll pay those ridiculous prices for data. I’ve been a Verizon customer as long as I’ve had a phone, but these new prices are so insane, maybe I will have to jump ship. 30 dollars for unlimited data is reasonable. 50 for ONE gigabyte is a crime.

  • Steven

    Ok if I have 4 lines now and two of the lines have smartphones and the other two have dummy phones on them do I have to pay the 30 dollars each for those dummy phone’s?

  • JustAnAngryJOE

    Funny little facts i noticed about there whole consumer only uses 1-2gb worth of data before they got rid of me. 1: The entire nation for one is not on 4g yet so for those that are still on 3g “that barley use 2gb a month”, did vzw ever stop to consider that maybe the people had to use WIFI the majority of the time to get a decent connection in the first place?(wait that requires thought). 2: out of that so called majority of consumers that do only use that much, how many of them are completely versed in the use of their tech in the 1st place? 3: this data pricing crap is for the birds. To be honest whats the point of saying you are Americas Fastest NWK when hmm lets see, people are strong armed into being barley able to use the thing. Then you contradict nearly every thing you advertise by saying well your alternative to not using your data is Wifi. I mean unless i missed something wasn’t your whole reason from having smartphones to free consumers up from having to always depend on a WIFI area. But digress, seriously though this GB pricing crap is stupid and the messed up thing is, eventually every carrier will begin to follow suite. OY VEY there goes my metaphorical wallet.

    • I do like how they marketed 4g as being able to download music and movies and all that but 1 movie would put you over your data limit. 4g is great but almost useless with capped data. All 4g really means is you can reach your limit faster with crappy battery life. Why create something you don’t want anyone to use?

  • MKuras

    This may be a stupid question, but does the $40 Monthly Access fee cover the talk and text fee, or is this going to be yet another expense on top of the access fee and data fee?

    • $40 for a smartphone will cover unlimited txt and talk

  • Knlegend1

    I could save some money doing this with my mom but do I really want to give up unlimited data…

  • Don’t_Shoot_The_Messenger

    All i have to say about this, is keep in mind that the sales people at your local stores didn’t make this change. Corporate did. So before you go running right over to the nearest Verizon store to scream at all the reps, remember, They have nothing to do with it and all we are allowed to do is give you customer services number and apologize.
    As soon as i finished reading this, all i could think was “Oh No….I am going to have so many people scream at me about this. -_-”
    Verizon Customer Service: 1(800)922-0204 🙁

  • Well now..

    Does anyone have a smoke I could please get off of them?
    I like to relax a little after getting f**ked like this.

  • Jmo

    So, do we still have to sign a 2-year contract after June 28th? If we aren’t getting a discount on the phone, seems like there isn’t any reason to commit to 2 years with Verizon.

  • ABerry5

    I actually think I will save money this really is not as bad as I thought since they are giving unlimited everything but data

  • 216monster

    Im going to be saving 50$ a month 😀

  • I have one smartphone and 3 other phones on my account. I’d like to upgrade my Wife’s phone to a smartphone because I don’t use anywhere near my allotted data limit ( I have no problem with sharing the data plan with her smartphone). But this sounds like they’re going to charge me more for sharing my data plan. If so, this is just gouging and after I call their cust service people, if they don’t tall me any differently I’ll be dropping Verizon the MINUTE my smartphone contract is up.

  • cpomike13

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if Big Red would start to roll-over unused minutes, text, and data, then I might break even. I’m glad have grandfathered unlimited, but that will only last until I upgrade. I might have to consider changing carriers when my contract is up.

  • vega25

    Ok, relatively simple question. What if I don’t upgrade my phones when they are eligible for an upgrade? Do I still get booted off my current data plans (Unlimited on 1, and 4GB on a 2nd line) on that date, or at some point between now and then?

    • You do not get booted off. From what I have read you will keep your current plan as long as you dont re-up your contract. The trick is getting a newer phone, you will have to buy full retail or buy used. You wont get discounted phones ($700 for GNex vs $199 discounted when you sign up for contract)

  • you guys dont have to read it, just say VERIZON WANTS MORE MONEY. now i think my family should switch

  • niteperson

    This comes out to about $10 more per month for my family (3 smartphones, 1 feature phone, with 4GB data). If we can call any phone, mobile or land line, without a minute limit, it would be okay. We don’t use a lot of data, thank goodness.

  • Fantastic post, DL. Really well done.

  • i save about 300$ a month from this.. done.

  • bob

    It is cheaper to Fex-Ex Overnight 4GB on a SSD than it is to send it on Verizon Wireless

  • Here’s the info I got from my rep regarding how the discounts will be applied (for those with discounts through your employers)…

    For personal line accounts, customers (with 10 lines or less) who take advantage of Share Everything, they cannot have additional bolt on data features.n The 19% discount applies towards the Monthly Account Access at $34.99 or higher, and do not apply towards Monthly Line Access.n Example: a customer with a 19% monthly discount who subscribes to Share Everything with a smartphone and 2 GB of data would have their discount applied in the following way:n Monthly Line Access= $40, no discount appliedn Monthly Account Access = $70, 19% discount would apply to this monthly charge.

  • mommasaurus009

    I get a corporate discount but it applies to the main line. Its 21% off $89.99 1400min/unl txt &Unlimited data. 2nd smartphone $9.99+$30 unl data and 2 basic for $9.99ea. So now will that discount only b offthe main line at 40? That means Im even getting less of a discount…Hello Sprint!

    • You will get the discount on the Data Plan. So if you buy a 4gb data plan you will get your 21% off that 4gb data cost of $70

  • jean

    And don’t forget the $30 charge for each phone upgrade!

  • stang6790

    I have unlimited data now but would not be upset losing it since I am usually about 1GB anyway. The problem is I have 1 smart phone and 4 flip phones on my plan with 700 minutes and by going to the new plan my bill will increase by at least $40 depending on how employee discounts are calculated. I have sent an email to customer service to see how the discount is calculated but I’m guessing they are pretty swamped right now.

  • Eric Snyder
  • Read ‘step 1’ and I’m done.

  • I hope Verizon can answer this question:

    If I bought a smartphone but I didn’t want voice and text, and I bought
    it at full price, could I treat it as a tablet and thus, pay only $10 a

    How can Verizon shamelessly charge me $40 instead of $10 if data is just
    DATA and I don’t want voice and text on my smartphone, making it
    nothing more than a small tablet? Hell, an Android ICS smartphone runs
    exactly the same OS as an ICS tablet!

  • Is there any way we can petiton this?!?! These plans are so stupid and overpriced! I like Verizon for the reliability and CS, but when these plans hit, our family is going to move to ATT which is horrible!!

  • while I like the concept of a plan with shared data, the costs listed are way too high for us to consider picking up smart phones and switching from AT&T to this. 40 bucks per person is ridiculous. So is 50 bucks a month for 2gigs. (All my family would need. We know how to use WIFI!)

  • Well this sucks balls. I have 3 lines on my account. I use 10GB+ a month, my wife uses 5GB+ a month, and my sis around 2-3GB a month.

    • bvgillis

      What could you possibly be doing to use 10Gb per month?

      Do you really think it’s sustainable for any wireless network to allow all of it’s customers to use 10+ gigs a month and not charge them anything more than the guy using 1GB per month?

      Data actually does cost money to transfer and as much as we would all like to live in a world where we can cost Verizon as much money as we want and give them basically nothing in return- it isn’t sustainable.

  • Am I doing this wrong? i have my doubts that VZW would actually come up with something that would SAVE me money. My monthly bill is about 160 bucks for 2 android devices both with unlimited texting (10 bucks), shared minutes, data on each and VZW roadside assistance on one and a 20% discount for a costco employee.

    If my math IS correct, for 2 smart-phones and let’s say 4GB of data (not going to include the VZW roadside assistance anymore) that would be 80 + 70 = 150. Figure in the 20% discount and that would be 120. I’m just flabbergasted that this would save me money… Verizon Wireless is saving me money… I can’t even type that without laughing.

    • 20% off the shared data plan only.. not the $80

  • chris125

    Quite a coincidence these plans start the 28 since that is when sgs3 was rumored to be released.

  • My upgrade is on the 29th… I wonder if they’ll let me upgrade early.

  • PixelDestiny

    Serious question: My mom and my sister both have upgrades due exactly on June 28th, will we be able to upgrade on the 28th and keep their unlimited data plans, or will we have to try to get them to do it the day before?

    • Do it the day before, 28th is when they go into affect soo… yeah 1 day before.

  • Chris Olson

    I see a lot of people seeing this as costing them more money. For me, it looks like it will be $75/mo less than I pay now, and that is going onto a data tier that is about 4x more data than I currently use. It seems the most simple way to fix your data consumption is to pre-download as much content as possible – if you’re downloading movies via your Verizon connection your data plan is going to be taxed. If you download the same data over wifi before you intent to watch it (assuming it can be downloaded that way) you’ve used no ‘plan’ data. (I don’t use my data connection for ANY media, just business.)

  • possomcrast1

    They still think this will save people money. Every person I’ve seen so far in the comments including myself would have to pay a lot more. There’s no way this saves money unless someone on your account uses almost no data. They really don’t understand that people don’t want shared data.

    • zizzybaloobah

      I wouldn’t mind shared data, but I’m not going to pay an arm & a leg for it. My 5 line plain (3 smartphones, 2 feature phones) goes up at least $60/month + taxes & fees.

      Screw you Big Red.

    • bvgillis

      Its going to save me quite a bit of money. Check my post below.

      • possomcrast1

        How many people in your family.

        • bvgillis


          2 smartphones and 1 dumbphone.

          • possomcrast1

            I have 6 people in my family 5 on smartphones 1 on a dumbphone. All have unlimited.

  • Jon

    Let me remind you all, that the United States is the only country in the world that allows carriers to charge twice for 1 text and charge twice for 1 phone call. BOTH the receiver and the sender pay for every text and every minute. Other countries treat cell phones just like land lines, where only the sender or caller pays for the call/text.

    So we are all already paying twice for everything, and on top of that, what they are allowed to charge for text messages is pure and blatant robbery. Now they are raising prices on all data plans.

    I wish there was some congressional oversite over these practices. American’s are getting fleeced by the telecoms.

    • possomcrast1

      I don’t know that congress would do anything about it. I think we all need to contact legislation and tell them we’re sick of being overcharged and ripped off as loyal customers.

      • Jon

        Senator Al Franken once held hearings on why telecoms where charging so much on text messaging. Unfortunately it never lead to any legislation or regulations to stop them from doing so.

        The past two administrations have made a push for expanding broadband access in this country. The US lags way behind many other nations in broadband adoption, and I think we have exhibit A as to why this is. The importance of this infrastructure to our economy and development has to be recognized and transformed into a pro growth sector rather than a pro gouging sector.

        It’s too important that we have broadband accessible to all and the high cost is the highest barrier.

  • cooksta32676

    Make sure you apply for paperless billing, save another 3 percent.

  • I’m moving to sprint I’m so sick of big red

  • Jon

    So it says above that if 10 Gigs isn’t enough you can pay $10 for an extra 2 gigs, so that would be $110 for 12 gigs of data??? Is this correct? And then after that it’s $15/gig in overage fees. That’s a $5 increase from the current $10/gig in overage fees / gigabyte as I understand it.

    These plans make no sense for our family. We will be better off buying our phones used on Craigslist and swappa.com from now on and keeping our unlimited plans as long as we can.

    • bvgillis

      The current plans with Big Red cost $30 for each smartphone to have 2GB of data.

      If you have 5 smart phones that comes out to $150 per month for 10GB of data. It is now significantly cheaper.

      Math is fun!

      • Jon

        Yes but I don’t have limited data. 3 of our data lines are all unlimited. Thus the math slaps you in the face in our situation. We will pay a little more than now with drastic cuts in our data usage, or we can continue using what we use and pay $15/gig overage fees that will add about $100 to our plan. Thus we will be staying on our unlimited plans and just buy used phones to avoid being forced onto this new scheme.

        • bvgillis

          The point is that compared to what Verizon offers it’s customers right now (which is not unlimited)- these plans are much less expensive for data.

          It’s not as good as the legacy unlimited plans- but those are a thing of the past…. no matter what major carrier you go with.

          As of the launch of these new data plans, VZW’s data will be the cheapest among all major US carriers.

          Out of curiosity- how much data do you use between all of your lines each month?

          • Jon

            Last month the 3 of us hit 17 gigs.

          • bvgillis

            The top 2% does exist…… 😉

            That’s a lot of data for 3 phones.

            More curiosity- Could you have cut down on that by using WiFi- at work and at home?

            I ask because I know my wife and I have always been careless with our data usage (since it was unlimited) and so we rarely used WiFi- even while we were home.

            I imagine that we would use half as much data if we paid attention and turned our WiFi on while we were at work and at home. For all of it’s apparent problems- at least these new plans encourage responsible use of data and offer consumers a way to save money by using less data (something we couldn’t do before)

          • Jon

            What’s crazy is that my dad is 60 and he uses the most! lol!

            I can easily cut my data in half by turning off automatic uploads of Googlt + photos, and setting podcasts and other services to sync only on WiFi.

            My Wife Skypes all the time. It’s how she communicates with her family. Often times that’s on the road on her commutes. I don’t see how we are going to get her down much.

            My dad I’m sure I could get him down 2 gigs per month, but that would still leave us over by 3 or 4 gigs over the 10.

          • bvgillis

            I bet nobody knew that there was a 60 year old in the top 2%!!!! 🙂

            Think about our conversation from Verizon’s perspective (I know, who cares- right?) since they are actually the ones who spend money trying to provide a stable network:

            You and I have both admitted that our data usage is careless since we have (grandfathered) unlimited plans. If everyone out there is just like us, which I believe they are, than Verizon is spending large amounts of money processing data that it really shouldn’t be spending.

            If I am Verizon and I am looking at my books- I am going to do everything I can to maximize profits while still being fair to my customers. Coming up with a plan like this that lowers the price of data per GB and encourages consumers to be responsible with their usage is much better than the way other companies are preventing the “useless data costs”- which is charging a lot more for the data and telling people they can’t go over 2GB each.

            See how this is working for everyone?

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Go get phucked you paid Verizon shill! This absolutely helps no one. The only people who think this is good are people who didn’t make the wise choice to jump on unlimited while it was available, or you are just a pathetic piece of crap employee of Verizon, getting paid to spread lies in tech blogs.

            Anyone who currently had unlimited and says anything even remotely close to this being positive. Well you look at their bank statement and you’ll clearly see a deposit from Verizon (the owner of this site included).

          • Jon

            You make a great point. I actually agree that this whole thing is really going to make me cut back on my data usage no matter what. I’m going to do several things for me and my family that will cut down our usage, like setting the Google Play marketplace to download updates only on wifi, photo and file syncing only on wifi, podcasts download only on wifi. I’m also going to make sure that my family is actually switching to wifi when they get home or at the office.

            That being said, Verizon sold us unlimited data. They packaged and advertised the deal, and we bought the deal. None of us use bittorrent, or tether our computers to the internet. Only one of us has 4G and that’s me. I don’t know how in the hell we are so far past the “norm” on data usage, but I don’t think any of us have abused our unlimited data plans. My incentive to reduce our data usage is to give us the most options going forward.

          • bvgillis

            Double Post

          • bvgillis

            You are 100% right in saying that you bought unlimited data and now they are backing out on you. People should definitely be upset about it.

            It was a huge mistake by wireless carriers and significantly short-sighted. But, I doubt anybody knew what was coming with the smartphone explosion over the past few years (ask At&t)- it used to be that $30 a month was considered “way too expensive” and many people said they would never get a smartphone since it would raise their bill $30 a month- listen to us now!

            Either way- I think this is a progressive step for Verizon and it is actually a better overall model IMHO. I know that my bill will be significantly less complicated now- it used to be:

            How many minutes? How many messages (per phone)? Which phones have data? how much data (per phone)? How many phones have tethering plans? Well is that the 1gb or 2gb plan and which phones have which? If you go with phone A you have to get this data plan but if you go with phone B it’s gonna be this- Oh you wanna add a line…. well lets go through all this again and tack on an “Access Fee”.
            —– THAT IS RIDICULOUS —-

  • This is a good way to lose customers. Even though Sprint doesn’t have its 4g LTE network up yet, its starting to look pretty good.

  • vega25

    My total monthly access charges before taxes are $123. I have 2 smartphones on my account, 1 with unlimited data and the the 2nd with 2 GB data, plus $5 each for 200 texts. Under the new plan, my monthly access charges would be $40 X 2 = $80, plus $70 for 4 GB of shared data = $150. Now please explain why I should consider moving to the new plan.

    • vega25

      My month access charges are after a discount of $16.80. So even if I didn’t have it, my bill still goes up by $10. On a monthly basis, and accompanied by a cap on my data, that is too much.


    It just came to me! I’ll wait for this to flop and MAYBE sign on when they have Double Data.

  • p8ntballah21

    So currently my fiance and I have 700 mins, unlimited text, and unlimited data on two smart phones we pay 168. With the new plans we would get unlimited mins and text (mins are useless anyways) and 2 GB to share and we would save a whopping 8 bucks!

  • So if i switch to shared data, will I be able to keep my 1400 minute plan and have the 6GB plan shared?

  • roninmoto

    Verizon is too greedy. My current plan I have 2 smart phones 30 each, 1 feature phone 10, 250 text on smart phones 10, insurance on smart phones 10 and 700 national calling plan that comes 170 and then with taxes to 186 a month. With the new shared plan I would have to give up my unlimited plan and squeeze out a 2gb plan and also get the honor to pay an extra 20 bucks a month. I was really looking forward to this plan and getting all my kids on it, but the pricing is unreasonable. I should at least be paying less for the service since in reality I am getting less service. I think this is going to be a failure on Verizon’s part and will watch it for 6 to 8 months and see if they adjust the pricing model before I jump ship. I would rather outright pay for a new phone and keep my unlimited plan then be suckered into this mess.

  • D.C.

    I’m currently on a 5-line NATIONWIDE TLK&TXT SHARE 1400
    package. $149.95/mo + 4x$10 for the voice and unlimited text. Three unlimited data packages at $30 and $10 for one 75 Mb data for a feature phone. We use more than 1,400 minutes, but between M2M and the 10 F&F, we never go over. Nets out to an average of $270 monthly.

    With the 8 GB share plan, we’d pay the same amount. I”ll keep my unlimited data plan, thanks very much.

  • digglebutt

    Not to mention all the dumb taxes and fees you have to pay.


    This is really close to being reasonable but the $40/smartphone kills it. $10 each would be great, $20 each would do. $160 for 4 smartphones before even adding data is nuts. Unlimited talk and text is just a ploy; it doesn’t cost Verizon anything to send texts and calls aren’t nearly as costly as data. Plus, many people hardly use voice at all anyway. Yes, the plans may be slightly cheaper, but I don’t think it’s enough to upgrade one dumbphone to a smartphone and ditch my unlimited data.

  • Even with 1gb of data I’ll be paying an extra $15…before taxes

    • forgot to add my own data for the line make it $45 before taxes

  • neo728

    Sg3 here i come that will be my last upgraded phone before i get forced in to this bull!!!!
    I got to 2 Gnex with 4g a piece and dumb phone for the mother inlaw i guess she aint upgrading
    any time soon lol

  • bvgillis

    Time to play devils advocate…..

    I am actually going to, wait for it……. save money!

    Here is the breakdown of my current plan:

    3 phones- 2 smart and 1 dumb on 2100 minute plan (150) and unlimited text (30) – $150 + $30 = $180
    Unlimited Data on 2 smart phones and Tethering on one – $180 + $60 + $20 = $260
    Insurance on all three (10 for iphone, 7 for droid and 5 for dumbphone) = $260 + $22 = $282

    Total: $282 per month.
    We use about 2 GB each for our smart phones (we have never exceeded 3 gb each) so I will go with the 6GB plan and I will never go over. Plus- this is with careless usage…. wifi is always off because we don’t have to care since we have unlimited.

    The new plan:
    Minutes and text :$40 + $40 + $30 = $110
    Data: $80
    Insurance: $22 total
    New cost: $110 + $80 + $22 = $212 per month

    A total savings of $70 per month before taxes and fees.

    Also- I am now going to throw my 3g iPad onto my plan since I can do so for $10 per month- I hardly ever actually need 3g coverage since I am always at home but it would be great to have on occasion (long drives…. airports etc.). I could have never justified the $30 per month charge. And on top of it all- now my dumbphone has data if they want it and I can tether with my other phone for no additional fees.

    This will also encourage me to use wifi while I am at home- lowering the network overhead for Verizon and challenging me to lower data usage so I can save money on my plan.

    This is a great thing for me- I know it wont be that way for everyone but it definitely is for me.

  • this will raise my bill for my 5 smartphones with unlimited data by more than 100 bucks a month! looks like full retail from here on out for this family! any word how this will work when everyone on the plan has a different upgrade date though???

    • should add that we receive a 19% percent discount through my husbands job….makes our bill 200 a month with this new plan it would be well over 300!

    • bvgillis

      I call BS.

      5 smartphones with unlimited data (at least $10 per phone for the minutes and $30 per phone for unilimited data) comes to $200 not including your minute plan which is a minimum $70 or unlimited texting which would be $30 per month.

      The least your bill could possibly be is

      First line and minutes: $70
      + $10 for your additional 4 phones: $40
      Unlimited data for 5 smartphones: $150

      $260 if you have no text messaging.

      You’re discount isn’t that good.

      • call bs all you want! i jumped on the test family share plan they sent emails out for about 2 years ago! i get 1400 minutes, 10 friends and family, unlimited texting, and unlimited data for all 5 phones! my bill is an even 200 a month with my husbands 19% discount!

  • I’m not clear how shared data works. So this data cap, is it shared or does each smartphone get that amount of data allotted to them for the month? For example, say I were to get the 4GB plan for 3 smartphones on the line. Would each smartphone have the 4GB cap, or is it cumulative (like each phone used 1GB in the month, totaling to 3GB out of the 4GB for the month)?

    • will bartlett

      shared data means it is shared bro…

  • Jonathan Isenberg

    It would jump my bill another $50. Good thing I pre-ordered my GSIII.

  • PAJ

    If I had to, I’d end up paying $30 more for 2GB data vs. unlimited now. I never have TXT or Voice minute issues so ulimted TXT and Voice are worthless. Yippe! Paying more for less…
    On the bright side, more data useage = more $$$ for VZW so maybe they’ll make their phones and network more reliable so we can rack up these bills more reliably!

  • This raises my bill by $10

  • nimbyist

    Good example of who the new plans would be good for: a family line with 2 ppl using 1400 min and unltd. texts and 2 data plans currently = $110+$30+$60=$200.

    Under this new plan, he would pay $70 for 4gb + $40*2 = $150 for the same thing with more minutes (and maybe less data)

    The lesson here: once you get over the initial shock and punch in some numbers, you’ll see how ppl CAN benefit from this, and then be immediately ashamed at how much you are willing to pay them to bend you over

  • nimbyist

    soooo the burning ques. now is if we bring our own full priced phones do we get a discount for not using their subsidies?

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Its pretty simple: These plans will NOT make you happy if you have currently have unlimited data. And that’s mostly fine, you just won’t get any more subsidized phones from Verizon if you want to keep your unlimited data. Its unclear, but it doesn’t seem like these Share Everything Plans are replacing everything else. If you want a single line with data, you can still do that and these rates won’t apply. If you want to *share everything* then you use these plans. I’ll be going to a plan with 3 smartphones and 4GB of shared data since its cheaper for me than paying for 1400 minutes, text messaging for all 3 phones and $30 in data for all three phones. Only about $20 cheaper, but still cheaper. Key for me will be how they apply their corprate discounts. So, seriously, stop getting all hot and bothered if you have unlimited data or another plan you like. No one is taking that away from you (yet). If your current setup is cheaper then *stick with it.* You don’t have to switch to any of these plans!

  • Smeckle

    Does anybody else think it’s funny that the song playing in the official ShareEverything promo video on the VZW site repeatedly says, “I want some more”? Yes, Verizon does want more…of your money. I like how they try to pass it off as if it’s the greatest thing ever when everybody already knows that their CFO or whatever was caught on tape saying the motivation behind the plans was to make more money for Verizon. The revolution may truly begin on June 28, but maybe not the one they had in mind.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Using their calculator, my price goes up – for less data mind you – by $20 or $30 minimum!


  • This new Plan is only beneficial to people with multiple smartphones and multiple data plans…..I cannot imagine that this is the mahority

  • So Verizon let’s run this down. I have two smartphones currently. This adds $60 a month. Adding on the additional line currently costs $10 for one phone. So $70 more a month,. With your wonderful new tiered plans which amounts to less service it’d cost $90 more a month! Oh I’m so upgrading to your wonderful tiered plans I thought it was going to SAVE me money. Oh that isn’t the case? Well honestly it’s been a fun ride Verizon but come contract expiration let’s see what your competitors are offering because if it’s lower BYE! Not going to buy a full priced phone here.

  • They aren’t going to be making any money when everyone leaves!

  • frankandsimple

    Wow.. so If I am reading this correctly….

    Example with current plan:
    I have 2 lines of my account.. 1 for me and 1 for my wife.. We have 700 shared minutes for 60 dollars.. and we each pay 30 dollar per month for data (mine is unlimited and my wife’s is 2GB). The access fee is 9.99.. so the total is roughly 130 dollars per month.
    With the new Plan:

    2 smartphones “monthly” access fees will be now 80 dollars RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE!! (40 dollars each).. and if we both want 2 GB data each, (to match existing)..it’ll cost us 70 dollars ADDITIONAL a month.

    So the total is 150 dollars per month.. just to have existing data plan (yes, I am now tiered into 2GB).. and I am stuck with unlimited calling.. which I don’t even need.

    WOW!!.. Verizon.. you GREEDY ASS MOTHER EFFER!

  • DroidDave

    So the price per gigabyte has gone up by 2x? 2 GB was $30, now it’s $60? The only way you can look at this is as a giant price increase.

    • Chris Jones

      $60 includes unlimited talk/text, so it’s not just data.

  • Edgar

    Actually, the VZW rep just called me back, and said that she may have spoken out of turn concerning employee discounts. Said that they were looking into it, and would call me back with a definitive answer.

  • kwubba

    Well it looks like the SGIII was the last upgrade I’ll be taking. I’ll begin to purchase the phones outright.

    I have 6 lines; unlimited data plans (3), 4gb plan (2) and 1 GB Plan (1).
    I pay $500/ Month. I think this would move me to 700/800 a month.

    They are off there rockers.

    • arthur2142

      If you give up your unlimited data and switch to the family share everything plan, you’d pay:

      6 x $40 = $240 for unlimited talk and text, plus $100 for 10GB of data. If you need more data (say 20GB), you’d pay an extra $50 ($10 per 2GB).

      That comes out to $390.00 for 20GB of shared data, unless I’m missing something…

      • Joshyz73

        You’re wrong on that. You can spend $10 for the first additional 2GB (takes you to 12GB total). After that, it’s $15 per GB in “overage”. I you used 20GB of data, it would be: $240 for unlimited talk and text, plus $100 for 10GB of data, plus $10 for 2 more GB of data (total of 12GB), + $120 for the additional 8GB. That totals $470.00.

      • kwubba

        I wish I could use just 20gb. 2 lines are used for tethering to work with VPN access. With that I easily use 20gb between the 2 lines in a month and that’s with just the 2 unlimited lines. The 1 gb…gets switched to wireless tethering when i begin to get the notifications that I’ve hit my data limit which is usually after a week.

  • Interesting, looks like I would be spending $10 more a month, but would get the hotspot for free. Interesting indeed.

  • Can you add 2GB for $10 to infinity? Your wording makes it sound like the data limit on a plan is 12 GB.

  • Superguy

    So does this mean we’re going to get tethering for free if we’re still on an unlimited plan, and keep it?

  • achaf86

    Just called verizon 2 separate times and both reps had no idea about these share everything plans they also told me to not believe anything from a website that IS NOT verizon lol

  • Since the data of these plans is so close to release data, does the Best Buy unlimited data thing not work anymore since it does sign you to a new contract until after this data? Should I move my preorder to Verizon?

  • JayChris

    So the line access is only for subsidized devices? If i were to get on one of these plans (be forced on) and purchase a phone at full retail or a used phone…these line access fees don’t apply? Or would i still be paying the $9.99 line access fee then?

    I’ve been up for upgrade on my primary line for a while, but it sounds like it won’t matter if i upgrade to try to ‘lock in’ as any phone can now disrupt my plans structure. Right?

  • We have an older Family Share plan. 700 shared minutes + unlimited text for all lines. We have 3 smartphones and 2 dumbphones. The three smartphones have unlimited data for $30 each. Base cost + 4 extra lines ($10/line) + 3 data plans ($30/plan) = A lot less than the new shared 12GB package that I know we would go over each month. We have slow ADSL for our home WiFi, so even 3G is faster and even somewhat more reliable. No way I’m switching to use WiFi when at home and public WiFi is too insecure. So we would absolutely hit our 12GB cap. This just plain sucks. I guess I’ll be paying full price for all of our phones in the future. I wonder if I should burn the one upgrade we have right now, just so it doesn’t go to waste when “the Fit hits the Shan.”

    • zizzybaloobah

      I am in the same boat. We barely use half our shared minutes, so unlimited minutes means nothing to me. I’m looking at $60-$80 extra per month under this new plan, and even then, that probably wouldn’t cover the average data usage on 3 Android phones. I have 2 upgrades available that I’m considering using.

  • diego13

    Damn this sucks. Didn’t want to switch carriers but I guess that’s the only option I have. Burn in the deepest depths of hell verizon

  • fallsgable

    5 phones here…
    Current plan:
    $110 mo. 1400 min. (friends and family Plan with unlimited text…NEVER go over!)
    $30 Nexus (unlimited data)
    $30 Stratosphere (for 4gb…wife NEVER goes near data limit!)
    $9.99 3 feature phones…NO data, just emergency phones (for in-laws and young child)
    $6.99 Asurion on Smartphones each
    Total $213.95

    NEW “Share Everything” Plan:
    $80 ($40 per smartphone)
    $90 ($30 per feature phone)
    $70 (4gb of “shared” data….I’d lose my unlimited)
    $6.99 each Asurion for Smartphones
    Total $254

    HEY, what’ya know….I owe Verizon MORE money for LESS service…..NOT!!


    • JSK

      Way to fudge the numbers.

      1400mins/unlimited text is $120, for the first two lines. Plus 9.99 for the other three. That actually puts you at 150. Thus its only about a 10$ difference.

      • fallsgable

        WRONG….my current plan is:

        NATIONWIDE TALK & Text FS 1400
        unlimited texting and all shared for $110 complete….
        but, Yes $9.99 for the other 3 feature phones….but I already included that in price above!

        • this is the plan we currently have and with my husbands corporate discount of 19% our bill with taxes and all of verizons ridiculous fees our bill ends up being a flat 200 a month. if we were to switch (hold your hand on your ass for the verizon) we would be well over 300 a month and lose our unlimited data! don’t see that happening!

  • this in theory could cut our family plan bill in half, and that is going with the 10gb plan. I can see how this works for some, but also how this can totally screw other people. I guess what many people can do is when you are home, school, or at the office be on wifi so you can decrease the amount of data you would need. Still this really doesn’t make plans available to people who are on a budget of some sort. Google needs to come out with their own wireless service ASAP! Hey I can dare to dream right?

  • So it costs $50 to get 1GB of data in the first place. But if you have the 10GB plan then you can add 2GB extra for $20… That makes perfect sense.

  • Jeremy Martin

    It sucks and might not suck im not sure yet…I called Verizon right now and i got the “Schultz” reply “I know nothing!” but she did help somewhat while citing they are not trained yet over and over to discuss this.

    We are all in sorta the same boat im sure…Some unlimited phones and a couple non unlimited phones in our family plans. So the question i had was “what if i upgrade one of my lines in October? Will that force my entire family share plan into this new plan or will they be out on their own on their own plan?”. I was told that they would not force the newly upgraded line to be part of any family share plan and that the uprgraded line would simply be a separate line with its own plan on my account. However if i wanted to group it into the new plan then all lines would have to be moved into the new plan.

    So for me i have this set up:
    2 x Smart phones unlimited data with 2k minutes and unlimited text
    2x basic phones one has no data plan and the other has a 75mb plan. Each share my 2k minutes.

    When the two basic phones need upgraded this year they would be put on their own basic BS plan with their own minutes and their own data.

    My two Unlimited phones will stay the way they are currently until we use one of our subsidized upgrades (one in march of 2013 and the other in 2014).

    Might not be as bad as it looks when the dust settles and i see what things are going to cost me over all. It could equally look worse for me though when the dust settles. I need to figure out how much the two basic phones would cost me per month if they were on their own plans vs if they were in the new verizon share plan.

  • Why didn’t they just say “You will be paying more”

  • tyguy829

    What if you have a 3g phone with unlimited data? If I buy a 4g phone unsubsidized in the fall, will I still keep my unlimited even though I’m switching from 3g to 4g and don’t already have an lte sim card? Do i need to be on a 4g phone before this date? Thanks.

  • e_droid
  • noway

    Can’t see why I would switch to shared data. I have two smartphones with 250 texts a piece. (we use whatsapp mostly). This setup costs me $135 total INCLUDING all fees. the main line phone has unlimited data and I have the vzw promotion of 4gbs. If I were to switch to shared plan, sharing 4 gbs between two phones I’d be paying 150 plus fees. so probably $25 more total per month. NO WAY.

  • Edgar

    Just got off the phone with VZW. Employee discounts will NOT be valid on these plans!

    • jsk

      Not true at all. They count towards the data part of the plan now. Just not the monthly line access.

      • Edgar

        Don’t say not true until you speak to Verizon.

  • Big_EZ

    Starting back when they took away 1 year upgrades they said this is all to simplify things for the consumer, this new plan is anything but simple.

    • Chris Jones

      It’s actually much simpler. Not necessarily cheaper, but much more streamlined approach than the a la carte way we’re used to.

  • stupidllama

    ” Just remember that using a hotspot on any of them will pull from the data package you selected in “Step 3.””

    Wait, so now “mobile hotspot data” is just regular data that can be counted as soon just like regular data. For the last several years they have been saying its special data that you have to pay a special price for and now all of a sudden its just regular data that’s just like any other data. Did apple recently buy Verizon when i wasn’t looking, because this seems very much like “hey we have this revolutionary deal” and its the same service that you have been paying for the entire time, only now its free, but by the way your plan is going up $20 (to start with).

    I’m looked in for two years (/w unlimited for the time being) now but when forced to this plan my plan would go up $20 (according to their calculator) and would get less. I am in the bottom 1% of data users (wifi everywhere, work, home) so i barely use there network and for the that this is what i get, to pay an extra $20 a month for less then nothing. Oh wait my mistake i’m getting free tethering, or i am being force to pay for tethering, or something like that.

    When (if) i get forced ill simply look for a better deal (don’t know now what that will be at that time) and if Verizon is the best….then i’m done. ill get a home phone so work can reach me at home, and use the device i already have with wireless to have access to email at home and work (when im not at my desk but in the building).

    And im not dropping $650 on a phone, a tablet maybe if it had everything (killer display, quad, plenty of memory) and even then its a stretch.

  • Just to be sure, preordering the S3 through Best Buy Mobile allows you to keep unlimited data right?

    • steve0617

      No. I thought I read you have to order specifically through VZW to keep the unlimited.

  • I have 3 phones on a plan now. Verizon wants me to pay them $170 for 333MB per phone? xDDDDDDD

    We are suckers if we don’t speak up about this shit.

  • [email protected]

    its the share the money in your wallet plan…

  • Milkweed

    Do discounts on Monthly access still apply through an employer? I currently get 17% off my line access.

  • This is obviously a giant rip off. I don’t need unlimited voice or txt, and the data plans are too small. Oh well, guess the wife and I will stick with our unlimited data plans for now.

    • Chris Jones

      I think this is where we’ll see the hits and misses of the change. If some one’s already subscribing to talk/text plans above the minimum they might save money.

  • Say somebody has a main line that they just signed a new contract on, a secondary line, and a dummy line… Does upgrading the dummy line subject them to these new terms?

  • So now I’m stuck with do I get the SGiii or the RazrMaxxx? Ughh I’m just scared the SGiii battery life will suck

  • Chris Jones

    For my wife and I this is pretty much a wash when it comes to actual usage. We have 2 smartphones, 1400 min plan ($70), 2 250 txt plans ($5 each), plus unlimited data. After all corp discounts and taxes, we pay right around $155/month (does not include the fact that she goes over on texts almost every month!). Our data usage doesn’t realistically hit 4 GB combined, but using 6 GB and only applying the corp discount to the $80 data, we’d pay ~$157/month.

    So mileage will vary based on family needs. Text and talk plans, while getting overlooked for the most part due to “data” being the center of the discussion, will be the swing in this as to whether the new plans are any more or less appealing since they gouge us in that space already. Similar story for those who pay for hot spot access.

    At any rate, that’s how it looks for us. Not a real impact even if we were forced, and we would probably save a few bucks most months, even with sacrificing “unlimited” data that we don’t realistically use anyway.

    • Milkweed

      but how do you know that Corporate discounts can still be used on these plans?

      • Chris Jones

        Just working off a presumption since that’s how the discount is applied today and VzW is still one of the preferred suppliers to my company. It may turn out to be the wrong presumption, but trying to get an apples-to-apples view of it. If I remove the discounts the difference is still similar.

  • endless

    What really seems like a slap in the face is that data for a phone is so much more expensive than data on the “data only” packages

  • br_hermon

    OK so… Data only plans. I’m thinking out loud here. I could get 2 jetpacks at $20 each. Buy a 4gb plan at $30. That’s a total of $70. That’s it. Then I could port my 2 phone numbers to Google Voice, (cancel my service / use my old smartphone / buy a used smartphone online) and use that phone to make calls over wifi (thanks to Groove IP), wifi that’s provided by the jetpacks. That’s $70 for 2 lines of service, unlimited minutes, texting, visual voicemail, no contract. If I consider a similar setup in the new Share Everything plans I’ll spend $165. $70 compared to $165. That is a deal! YES, it is a hassle to have to carry around a phone and mifi and worse yet, 911 calls wouldn’t work but… the savings are pretty substantial! Probably isn’t a solid option but could be very cost efficient in some circumstances.
    Are there any other holes I’ve overlooked?

    • How much data does a phone call use? I know it is not all that much, but could add up. 911 would work as required by law, just dont use VoIP. The phone will use the cell towers to call 911 for free. Your logic seems solid though.

    • Yeah, 911 calls work on every cell phone regardless of pretty much anything.

    • 911 calls go through on any mobile phone, regardless if its activated or not.

  • Mike

    if i have unlimited still, will i get charged to use the mobile hotspot?

    • Chris Jones


  • Phil

    I was planning on getting my son a phone in Sept. I will do it now instead so I can keep my unlimited contract. I was hoping they would be reasonable but apparently they are going to try to bleed the market and get as much as they can. Switching to this plan would cost me almost 30% more than I am currently paying.

  • Bionic

    For everyone talking about “im leaving and going to sprint or walmart” Lets be honest here, do you really trust walmart’s signal? I dont, i went camping in montana with a friend last week, he fell down a hill and twisted his ankle, he couldnt walk. Guess what, his walmart phone for $45 a month had no signal, my verizon phone? 3 bars people, out int he middle or no where, 3 bars.

    Think about that for a minute.

    And for all the Sprint lovers, do you not think sprint and ATT will do the same thing? Cuz they will.

    • Sprint already does, actually, in a way. I figured up everything, the cost to change to any mobile carrier with comparable service is almost exactly the same.
      Buy full retail when you want to upgrade your device, and enjoy your legacy plans. Show the networks (ALL of them) that they need to be datapipes like in other countries and get over themselves.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    Why even have a data when they charge $15 every 1Gb you go over your allowance. So say I have a 0GB allowance. That would be :

    1GB = $15
    2GB = $30
    4GB = $60
    6GB = $90

    Obviously there is a cut off when you stop to benefit but you can save if you fall into the lower levels.

    • Big_EZ

      It won’t be an option to not have a data plan.

  • MrEnglish

    VZW…..resistance is futile.

  • Austin00

    They also through this little charm in to “If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.”

  • standardsdt

    For my family this new pricing works really well. Currently we pay $230 a month for two smart phones and two feature phones. If we upgraded those two feature phones to smart phones we’d paying $290 a month on our current pricing. So this plan in fact saves my family $60 bucks if we upgraded them to smartphones or even kept them as feature phones.

    For others though I’m sure this plan doesn’t help them much and they pay extra. Everyone needs to keep in mind that this kind of pricing will benefit some family’s and comes out as cost savings. While others with their current pricing, it comes out cheaper than what this offers.

  • so can i at least keep my unlimited grandfathered data plan until my contract is up and i can jump to a new company? because if verizon keeps this as is, my time with them has come to an end.

  • Not A Name

    If one person on a line decides to go this way does it force others on the line to go shared also?

    • Bionic

      no its up to whoever the contracts name is in

  • Well……as soon as one of my lines is up for upgrade I’ll be leaving y moms plan where we split the bill to go to sprint. Or straight talk with a gsm unlocked Nexus.

    • Bionic

      ive said this many times to many people, good luck getting a signal in the boonies or when you go camping. if thats ok with you, cool, if not, better keep verizon

      • thislandisyourland

        Sprint roams on Verizon though, so they’d be fine.

        • Bionic

          spring wont be roaming on verizon once sprint gets its LTE up and running. different spectrum. Not only that but verizon told sprint they wont be allowed to roam anymore after a certain date, i cant remember the date tho.

          • thislandisyourland

            Yes, but for 3G( I think it’s actually limited to EVDO) Sprint will roam on Verizon until at least 2016.

  • Nick Yzzi

    I don’t know if I’ll be sticking with Verizon with these price hikes, especially if my grandfathered altell plan gets kicked. I’m sure all carriers are going to jump on board soon enough.

  • Tyler Fox

    So just to confirm…is June 28th the official magic date that you can’t upgrade after if you went to keep unlimited?

  • AlexKCMO

    So what happens if I add an extra line of service? Do I have to convert everything over?

    • mustbepbs

      No, based on the $30 for Basic phone, $40 for Smartphone, add it to your cost per month. Regardless of how many phones you have (up to 10), you add the per device to your plan.

      • AlexKCMO

        So if I understand this properly…
        I currently play $190 for my wife and I. This covers 1400 minutes, 500 texts per line, insurance per line, unlimited data for both lines.

        I add a new SmartPhone, and my bill becomes $240 ($230 + ~$10 in taxes).

        Is that correct?

        • Not sure how that is possible, honestly. The new smartphone would have no data, since the $40 only covers unlimited talk and text for that line. They may shoot that new line over to an individual plan, meaning you would be paying an extra $70/mo + taxes rather than $40.

          • AlexKCMO

            Ugh, I guess if I need a 3rd device, it’s off to one of those “other” carriers… or maybe Google Voice.

        • mustbepbs

          If you switch to this and you and your wife have smartphones, you’d pay $40 per line (+insurance), and whatever data tier you wanted. Say you wanted to share 4GB between the two of you: you’d pay $80 in device fees (+insurance), and $70 for your plan (unlimited text/voice, and 4GB of shared data), totaling $150 before taxes and fees.

          • AlexKCMO

            Oh, I’m not giving up my unlimited data — I just may need a 3rd line at some point and don’t want to lose it on my 2 main lines.

  • valjean615

    I currently have a 2-line family 700 minute plan with unlimited data and 250 text messages a month on one smartphone and a basic phone that my dad has and he never uses data or texts so we never signed that phone up to any data/texting plan. This adds up to $95 a month. Under the new Shared Everything Plan (which as far as I can tell is my only option since these will replace the existing Family Plans), so at the 2GB of data plan (which is about right for me since I haven’t really gone above that ever) that would cost me $130 a month. This will end up costing me $840 more in the long run if I renew with a subsidized phone with a new 2 year contract. Damn you,Verizon! It might work for some people, but not everyone fits into or necessarily wants to Share Everything. I’ll consider getting a full retail phone or switching carriers when I want to upgrade to a new phone.

    • Chris Jones

      Don’t forget that yummy $30 upgrade fee we’re subjected to now. 😉

  • Wow, this is awful for people who have 2 lines on their account. I currently pay $30 per month per phone for unlimited data. If I’m reading this right, I’d have to pay them $70 to get just 4GB in total.

    I guess the share everything plans just aren’t for me.

    • Chris Jones

      It depends on the other parts of your plan (ie talk, text, mobile hotspot, etc) as well as your actual data usage. I only have 2 lines on my account, 1400 min, 250 texts each, and unlimited data, but given our usage moving to a 4GB shared plan would save us $10/month. So you have to build out your complete current plan vs. future to really see what impact it’d have on your situation.

  • Zachary Manville

    The important thing here is they come with unlimited voice and text. This will save me money on a single line, since I use under 2 gigs a month.

  • alphabets

    i wonder if company discounts apply to both the device and data prices. if so i will save alot.

  • fauxshizzl

    So all I have to do is switch from unlimited data to a terribly small data cap, then I get to pay Verizon more money for it? Sign me up, I have been trying to figure out ways I could give them substantially more money whilst receiving substantially less in return for it!

  • Austin00

    One question since all the phones on my plan upgrade at diffrent times does that mean when one uses the upgrade all my phones will be changed to the new data plans?

  • Apostrafee

    I actually like this structure…I will be saving $35 per month on my 3 lines.

  • Jeremy A

    Looks like from here on out I will be paying full retail for every phone for the rest of my life.

    • noc007

      It’ll be cheaper that way depending on how much data you use.

    • theentropic

      Same here, and you can bet I’m going to abuse my unlimited data to the fullest potential that I can.

      • Not to be brash, but this kind of thinking is kind of why we’re all in this from the start. Verizon is making the new plans to try and offload data from their networks, as you can reduce your mobile usage and go down in cost (in theory). I’m not happy about this change either, but “abus[ing your] unlimited data to the fullest potential” really doesn’t do anything but screw your fellow customers by unnecessarily clogging the admittedly limited bandwidth.

        • TheMan876

          Unless he abuses it at night when no one else is using it…

          • Anthony White

            @TheMan876:disqus VZW may state that they only throttle one (who consumes a lot of data) when no one else is on that same tower, but I have experienced this to be slightly false. I have tested this night after night (we’re talking 1-4am) and I can still tell I am getting throttled. Oh, and I’m a heavy user (10+gb avg monthly usage. On a good month, about every other, I go over 15-20gb. One month over 50gb. And nearly all, if not most, was that was at night).

        • theentropic

          That’s an understandable point, but as it stands right now, I would not be considered a power user by any means. I said what I did as a direct result of them making things more a LOT more expensive instead of keeping things relatively the same price.

        • Don’t be fooled, this is just a way to charge more.

          Think about it, if they wanted to get people to use less data would they have just launched an app helping you find video (extremely data intensive) to stream?

  • Detonation

    What about the current family plans that don’t have unlimited talk? We barely use any minutes and definitely wouldn’t need to be paying for unlimited on these new plans. Would be nice if they offered a slightly lower priced plan without unlimited talk and/or text.

  • This is going to end up saving me and my wife money. Sounds good to me!

  • Mario


  • PowersUSA

    My cost, under these new plans, would about double (I use about 9GB per month across two Android phones). I do not need unlimited voice and text (I have only gone over my 700 minutes twice is 11 years), so that tidbit is not a selling point for me. I’m curious under what cases this is actually a benefit? Anyone?

    • Between my wife and I, we each have a smartphone with Nationwide Talk and text $90+ $10 additional line + $30 x 2 for unlimited data, which comes to $160. Under this new plan, I could get get 6 GB of data to share between the two of us, and it would cost us the same amount. I could probably get away with 4 GB of data, but I’d go with the 6 just to be safe.

    • its all based on data usage. if you use low data (1GB/line), and will be on wifi the majority of the time, you can potentially save money. if you just keep mobile data on 24/7, download large files, stream a bunch, etc. etc., then you will likely pay a good deal more. this structure is intended to allow customers to pay for what they use, and moreover, train them to use wifi hotspots more to ease the bandwidth issues coming down the pipe. I’m not saying I agree with this strategy, as I will not be availing myself of these new services myself, but it is certainly viable for some.

  • rp780

    I must be in the minority on this but I will save money with the new plans. I currently pay roughly $230 a month for 3 smartphones and this will save me $100+.

    • Phil

      I’m curious how you will save $100. 3 phones will cost you $120 for line access plus a minimum of $80 for 6G of shared data. So your minimum is 200 (without all the taxes etc.)

      Today if you have the 750 plan you are paying 80 + 10 + 10 for line access. $30 for unlimited messaging, and 30/line for 2GB each

      For me, I currently pay $155 for 2 smart phones + 2 Feature phones with unlimited texting. This will go to $218.

    • blah

      I think you forgot to include the price for data in there. $230 – $100+ = $130 or so seems to be what you’ll expect that you’ll pay on this plan.
      However, if you have 3 smartphones, the access fee alone for those is $120 a month ($40 per phone x 3 phones). Then you still need to buy data. If you want an average of 2gb of those phones, you’d need to buy the 6GB plan at $80.
      $120 + $80 = $200 is still less than the $230 that you’re paying now, so thats good. But not as much less as you originally thought.

  • Licmyballz

    I dont see any part of this being good what so ever, I guess if you didnt need data or never used it..maybe, and if you are single it really sucks… well at least my contract is almost over and I can switch carriers…Why did I buy a smart phone? Oh yea to do data… and now I’m being bent over… suc my balz verizon!

  • Jerry

    Will mobile hotspot become free for current unlimited data plans?

    • highly doubtful. the current access plans are being completely removed from their systems for new & existing customers, and will only continue as “legacy” plans.

    • Um, most likely no.

    • mustbepbs

      I think it’s only free if you’re on these new plans.

  • poed

    how is $40 not a total ripoff? when you add a smartphone to a family plan now you have to add $40 (10 for the line and 30 for the data). so essentially they’re giving us less data for the same price. i’m not adding any value to the unlimited minutes/texts cause i don’t need either of those

  • jaredgreenwald

    I bet if I reviewed my usage, it wouldn’t be more than a couple GB across all my devices. Plus, where does the corporate/group discount figure in to this equation I wonder. Used to be off the main line’s “plan” but with this new a la carte pricing that changes things I think.

  • These prices are a joke. A bad joke.

  • Looks like I am getting a phone on my birthday… June 27th… 😀

  • desiman26

    This might just kill my bill.

  • phaeacian

    dafug I just read?

  • steve0617

    Has it been stated that they’re doing away with individual plans? Or is this new stuff only for those on Family Plans?

    • It looks like they will have standalone plans still. $30 for 2GB of data, just as they have now.

      • JMac726

        so $40 + $60 for 1 phone of 2GB?! And I can’t keep my Double Data 4GB?!

        • Below Kellex commented that it seems the individual plans continue as usual. Also you keep your current plan until and unless you sign a new contract, such as when you upgrade for a subsidized price rather than at full retail.

  • Dapke

    This is oddly enough…not terrible. Not saying its awesome…but its not bad. With my Fiancee and my current data usage (~4 gb/month, not a power user), we could add unlimited talk and text for the same price as we are currently paying.

    Not that i’d give up my unlimited data for anything (and fully plan on buying an unsubsidized phone), but just saying…

  • VerizonSucks

    This is so severely inconvenient. Pay more to get less. Verizon really intends to p**s off their own customers

    • InvaderDJ

      I think Verizon thrives off pissing off their customers. Their network is great, truly without peer. But that’s about all Verizon is good at. They certainly don’t care about pricing or giving you a great deal.

      • Too big to fail. Just like the banks.

  • SFC

    From the FAQs it looks like we might still have a choice when upgrading after the shared plans are in effect, between the “stand alone” tiered plans and the shared plans. Could you confirm this Kellex?

    • That looks to be the case.

      • Austin00

        But according the the FAQ you will be forced to give up unlimited data.

    • Dan-O

      The choice we now have is T-Mobile, ATT, Sprint. Because Verizon just eliminated customer loyalty.

  • scalo

    This is great by using the new plan I will be able give VZW an extra $60 a month for nothing

    • dukenilnil

      So….currently I have 1 smartphone and 1 feature phone between myself and Mrs. Dukenilnil. We’ve been a long time customer, so we are on the “loyalty” minutes plan and we don’t text much at all on Verizon (Google Talk is free, ya know), and we have unlimited on the smartphone and no data charges on the feature phone as we are grandfathered in on that one too. So, right now our current bill is:
      $50/month for voice for 500 minutes (unlimited mobile so we never go over)
      $10/month ($5/line for 200 texts to cover incoming texts which we never go over)
      $30/month for unlimited data (discounted to $23)
      $90 a month for ALL of the Voice, Text, and Data we need for 2 phones. We have more of each than we use, so “unlimited” talk and text is no benefit to us as its just paying for something we don’t use

      Now, if we signed a new contract with Verizon, our charges would be (for tiered data!)

      $40 for the smartphone
      $30 for the featurephone
      $70 for 4gb of data (we usually use over 2gb but under 4 per month although we have gone near 10 when watching a lot of movies on the road)

      Thus, for less service, we would get the benefit of paying over 50% more than we currently pay. Awesome!

      • mustbepbs

        But at least you get to rule the air. Not many carriers let you do that.

        • Employee_discounts

          Hey Kellex, what about employee discounts. If I sign up for the 8 GB plan ($90 per month), with four smartphones ($160 per month) at $250 per month total- can I apply my 20% employee discount and pay $200 per month???

          • sk3litor

            You work there and you’re asking him? Shouldn’t you know more about it than anyone?

          • MikeKorby

            Verizon offers discounts to corporate partners. For example, I work at target and I receive a discount, even though the only Verizon product my branch sells are pay as you go

          • Keep in mind that the employee discount ONLY applies to the voice plan

          • chris125

            False it covers data also. I have a discount and it covers both.

          • Eric Shelley

            under this new plan, the discount will only be applied to data…

          • It depends on your employer. Some get discounts on both, some on only voice. I have the NY State Employee discount, and it’s only on voice.

          • Asked_VZW_Upgraded_Early

            The discount only comes off the data part. So the 20% off would only come off of the $90. The monthly charge for the smart phones would stay at $160

      • Counterpoint:

        I currently am on a family plan with my wife. We both have smartphones with data plans, and we pay roughly $170 per month for unlimited data with 700 shared minutes. That’s after a 19% corporate discount I receive.

        We both try to use WiFi as much as possible, so I tend to use about 500mb-1gb of data per month and she only uses 100mb-300mb per month. So if I were to switch to this plan, I would probably get the 2gb for $60 plan. Add in the fees for our two smartphones, and we’re at $140, which $30 LESS than what we’re paying now. And that’s not even counting the 19% discount I’ll get with that as well. Even if we go over by 1gb, our monthly cost would still be less.

        • psuturtle

          I think you were getting screwed from the beginning without realizing it. Wife and I are on grandfathered unlimited data plans with 700 shared minutes and no texting (GV is free), and our bill is roughly $120/month after a similar corporate discount. Sounds like we have similar plans/services, but you were paying a lot more for it for some reason.

          • I think the key here is you were grandfathered – I just switched to a family plan back in 2011. We both text a lot, but she has an iPhone so (AFAIK) GV is a no-go for her.

          • google has a voice app for iphone… but it’s pretty bad…

          • Jon

            and you have to give people a second number to text to for Google Voice. I tried hard to get my friends to do this. After a while it worked and they all started sending text to my Google Voice number, the problem then was that they also started calling me at my Google Voice number. No problem right?…except that Google Voice call quality was terrible. People had trouble hearing me and all sorts of call quality issues. Don’t know if Google Voice has improved their call quality issues, but it was a deal breaker for me and I ended up going with the $30/month unlimited text plan for family.

          • capecodcarl

            When my wife and I first tried GV in 2010 for the same reasons (free texting) on our OG Droids we found that text messages would take far too long to deliver… sometimes we would get them up to 24 hours later or never at all. It was truly awful. Plus we had the same problem with people texting her cell number and her responding with Google Voice and them responding to her cell number again not knowing to use the Google Voice number. It didn’t end up saving anything and was just incredibly frustrating. I relented and just got some 500 minute unlimited mobile-to-mobile texting plan for each of us for $10/month each line.

        • Aardvark99

          I’m paying this, but with no discount. The break down is $80 for 700 mins and unlimited texts, 2 lines @ 39.98/ each (9.99 line access fee + 29.99 unlimited data). Grand total: $174.26. So this could be $40 + $40 for each line plus $90 for 8GB of data for about the same price. But I don’t need near 8GB of data, so I could save money. Maybe I shouldn’t have pre-ordered that SGIII?

          • arthur2142

            I’m sure Verizon would let you switch from your unlimited data to the family share plan. Their goal is to get everyone off unlimited data…

          • Aardvark99

            Oh I’m sure they would (and I probably will) . My only lament is that I was holding out for the Razr HD and decided to pre-order the GSIII instead mainly to avoid whatever was going to happen with these shared plans (but I’m sure I’ll be happy with the Samsung). I just assumed this shared plan would be a bad deal, seems for me it isn’t.

        • bcrew5

          The question I have also, with the corporate discount, is will it be available on the shared data plans? And if it will what will it be applied to ($40 first phone, just the data choice, etc.)

      • Verizon_lower_your_plans

        I currently have four smartphones, with 1,400 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data and I am only paying $207 per month, including all taxes.

        Now, I would need to have at least the 8 GB plan at $90, 4 smartphone lines at $160 ($40 each). That works out to $250 without taxes.

        These new plans do not make sense to me. Verizon had an offer for $30 per month for 4 GB of data (which works out to $60 per month for 8 GB of data). Why is the 8 GB of data plan $90?!?

        Also, why is a smartphone $40 each additional line. With the current family plans, the first line is a large sum and the subsequent lines are much less. It does not make sense to have every line at $40. It should be descending, first line at $40, second at $30, third at $20 and 4-10 at $15 each.

        There also needs to be some type of initial promotion to get customers on board with these new plans. Who wants to pay almost 50% more for a plan when we are losing our unlimited data.

        Verizon is charging way too much for these plans!!!

        • Sean Mcdonald

          Your plan is 119.99 for 2 lines plus 9.99 for each additional. So right there is 140.00 plus 30 for four smart phones. 140 + 30 × 4= 280 before taxes. So either your getting a great discount, on a much older plan vzw doesn’t offer or not educated on your bill and what you have…

          • I know something is wrong there because I pay a little less than $240 a month for 3 smartphones sharing 700 minutes with unlimited data and text
            I saw this and thought I was being robbed or something lol

          • No, nothing is wrong, and yes, he is getting a discount. I have the same discount too. It’s called “Talk & Text Plus Data” and it was available for a short period of time at the end of 2010 to select people. It basically knocks off $20/per line off unlimited data as long as you keep unlimited on the whole plan for each line.

            For me, I have 5 smartphone lines with 1400min and unlimited text and talk for all 5 and it costs me $222/month total after all taxes and fees. I also have a full 8% corp discount on top of the aforementioned discount.

            So, I pay a total of $45.15 for all 5 data lines per month across all my phones. With the new plan, I’d have to pay $4.85 MORE for that to be limited to 1GB of data shared between all of them. How is that a deal?

          • I have 1 smartphone plus 3 other regular phones and I pay over 130 a month WITHOUT unlimited minutes. How is your plan so much less than mine?

          • Verizon_lower_your_plans

            Exactly! Thanks for the clarification!

          • balthuszar

            140+(30×4)=260…not 280…but i get your drift

        • Guest

          > It does not make sense to have every line at $40

          “Make sense” to whom?

          It’s good for Verizon profits… *THAT* makes sense for Verizon.

          Do you *REALLY* think it’s Verizon’s goal to offer extremely low prices… and earn smaller and smaller profits every year?

          Do you know what a c-o-m-p-a-n-y is? It’s not in business to “earn as little as possible”.

          • Kraazytamtam

            Here is the thing…I understand Verizon has to turn a profit. But the spike in cost to current customers, is a tough pill to swallow. It is a significant increase, not a gradual one; one that will be very difficult for most customers to adjust to. I personally don’t think the verizon network and its 4G LTE ( it’s the only 4G in my area) is worth the new cost. So I’m leaving. I wouldnt be surprised if many (once loyal) customersdo; especially those in markets where other carriers have more competitive options. If TMobile or Sprint or AT&T had 4G here, Verizon would lose a lot of business. Despite not having 4G, they still will lose mine. I’ll settle for 3G (or faux G) on AT&T if it will save me $40 per month.

        • Guest

          How is your increase from $207 to $250 a “50% increase”?

          Sounds more like a 20% increase.

          • Verizon_lower_your_plans

            $207 is including all taxes. I am looking at at least $30 taxes and fees on the $250 plan. Got it big shot!?!

      • john huie

        hey, @dukenilnil:disqus, literally, *I* could have written that post! My wife and I have the same plan, 1 smart phone, 1 feature phone, no data for her, etc. I also receive the same discount that you receive!

        So in order to move forward, i NEED to get the SHARE plan for $140? there’s no plan (moving forward) where I can pay the $30 for 2gb of data and she can pay $10 to be an add-on line?

        and don’t you need to pay $10 a month for an add-on line as well?

    • mike

      time to switch carriers, thats what i’ll do

    • Sizzle

      Do the math people yes for some with unlimited or double the data this is not the greatest option that’s why you can still buy full retail and keep what ever you want but for the majority say you were on a 700 min plan with talk and text $99.99 and you had 2 smartphones $30×2= $60 for a total of $160 now compare to the new plan $40 x 2 = $80 + $70 for the same 4GB of data and it is only $150 plus you can use it all with mobile hotspot at no extra cost. Also you can add a tablet for only $10 to share the data and add an extra 2GB for just $10 so for most this is going to be cheaper or similar cost. Now look at the high end say you had 3 smartphones on an unlimited talk and text plan with 3 2GB data plans that would be $199.98 + $90 = $290 now that would be 3 x $40 line access + $80 6GB plan for a total of $200 saving $90. Don’t complain just to complain use your head and think about it. And yes I do realize this does not cover unlimited plans or those with double the data but it does cover the majority.

      • Ben

        There is no way it’s going to be cheaper for “the majority”! Why in the world would Verizon lower prices on the majority of their customers? The overall goal for Verizon is to increase prices across the board and remove the unlimited plans. I just called Verizon and asked where the corporate discounts apply and he said “at this time, there are none for the new data plans. That still may change before the 28th”. For me, if I were to adopt a shared data plan, I would be paying $40/mo more. That’s $500/year. I’ll think I’ll just buy one, off-contract phone each year and keep my unlimited data!

  • Guest

    Highway robbery,

  • ChrisDG74

    LOL. Switching to this would make my bill go UP, if I chose anything over the 2 GB plan. What a joke. I have 2 phones with U/L data and a 3rd with 4 GB/month. Why would I take a step back?? Verizon, this is so sad, it’s funny.

  • LLcdPH

    Tiered data and a price increase. As always, Verizon leads the way.

  • necroscopev

    Glad i pre-ordered my Galaxy SIII last night with unlimited everything, math hurts my head.

  • Jeff

    So what happens if you have a 5-line family plan now, with each line being up for renewal at different times? Are they going to try to force the entire plan over to this structure when the first renewal hits? If so, how would that not be violating the contracts that the other four lines would have at that time? Just wondering how the transition would work, if we end up going that route.

    • TheWenger

      I’m worried about that. There’s one line on my plan that could ruin all the grandfathered unlimited we have now.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Same for me. I’m going to pre order GS3 but my wife has a smartphone up for upgrade next year, and we have some feature phones. What happens when all those upgrade or switch to smartphones? I’m going to go to the verizon store across the street from me and see if they can’t answer my questions…

    • Edward MacNabb

      Anyone have an answer to this yet?

    • jmwinters

      If you upgrade the extra line you will be going to the new shared data. As the contract is for the line and not the plan itself, this is how you can change plans mid month, mid contract without penalty or contract extension. I would imagine it will mess with the rest of your plan, its just like they did when the phased out the national plans and went to the newer minute structures, when you upgrade they have to change the entire plan for your account. Before it was never a big deal because of the plans core structure was not changing, now though its entirely different structure. Data is seen as a feature, not a contracted line or plan.

  • Lolwtf. If one user normally gets 2GB, what the F made Verizon think that people would be able to SHARE 1GB. That’s half the data and at least twice the people. THINK McFly, THINK.

    • bvgillis

      This is a good question.

    • And 1GB costs more

  • Mike

    please please tell me that I can still get my Incredible 4G before all this horrible nonsense happens, and keep unlimited data….

    • I am betting the Inc4G launches the same day these plans go in effect.

  • Matthew Snider

    The question is… if I upgrade to a new phone do I have to switch?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      If you purchase the phone with a discount from Verizon, YES. Eventually, they will just force you into one of the plans like they have done in the past when they make changes.

    • Starting June 28, if you purchase a phone at a discounted price ($199 or so), you will have to leave your current plan. If you purchase a phone at full retail ($599 or so), you can keep your plan as long as you’d like.

  • RezCommano4231

    So how are discounts applied? I get 20% off thru work, but is on primary line only.

    • Me also. I have 20% off I guess the primary line. I have a feeling this might be $10 to $20 cheaper than my plan right now. 2 Smartphones, $6.99 insurance on both phones, sharing 4G of data right now with my wife and $13ish in taxes. I use 1gb a month and my wife uses 2gb. We will be connecting to WiFi a lot more now.

      • mustardhomie

        how are you guys getting this discount?

        • m6droid

          By having a jerb!

        • It’s through your employer and it varies. My current employer has a 22% discount whereas my previous employer was only 17%.

        • RezCommando4231

          Work for large company that has a corporate discount perk for VZ and ATT.

          ATT happens to give %23 off…. maybe testing this out in the future

        • Through my employer

    • I’m sure they will just apply a discount to your total bill.

      • They dont do that now. Why would they do that with the new plan?

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I seriously doubt that. Currently they only apply it to the primary line, applying it to the whole account now would discount it even deeper. Other carriers discount the entire bill, but that has not been the practice with Verizon.

        • Verizon moved to account level billing quite some time ago and that would be the only way they can do it here. There isn’t a primary line any longer. There are still technically individual lines though…hmm.

          I have a list of questions, I’ll add this to it.

          • steve0617


            I too would like to know the corporate discount since at least in my case, the discount doesn’t count towards the unlimited minute package, only the 450/900 on my individual plan.


          • RezCommando4231

            Yea, could make a huge difference.

            Currently I have two androids w/ unlmtd, and two dumb phones. One w/an old $5 txt plan. 1400 mins w/ F&F. All 4 of us use maybe 1000mins/mo.

            Discount is: 20% primary data line (30*-> $23)
            20% of voice plan ($90*->$72)
            Then access for the 2 dumb phones (2x $10)
            Lastly the unlmtd data plan for android#2 ($30)
            Overall, I play ~$185ish w/ all the other fees they tag on.

          • RezCommando4231

            So the new plan:
            2x$30 (is this for dumbphones too? not really a feature phone, but can hardly buy these anymore)
            ->$140 in just device charges
            Then add 6gb of data, 4 may work, but will go over sometimes

            =$220 month before the BS fees. I would guess close to $245 all said an done.

          • RezCommando4231

            So best case scenario: 20% off total bill=$176 before taxes and fees.

            No way that’s coming in under $9.
            No way I would end up paying less than I do now, and for stuff I don’t need…

          • tyguy829

            @Kellex B: Maybe you could answer this or add it to your list of questions: If I’m on a 3g phone eith unlimited data and I buy an unsubsidized 4g phone in the fall, will i be able to get an lte sim and keep my unlimited? Or do I have to be on 4g before the June 28?

      • As someone else who also gets a discount through my employer, I really, really doubt this. They have been anal about how my discount applies and to what from day one.

        I’m sure they’ve devised a way to ensure that it only applies to the one device of the individual who’s the benefactor of the discount.

        I’d be shocked if it’s otherwise.

      • I spoke with Verizon CS and they have no clue. Said they weren’t even aware that this change was taking place today. Training is scheduled for tomorrow.

      • Currently, my corporate discount applies to my monthly access and data for both lines on my account, but no other features. I was told data is reduced on both because it is a family plan, and the discount is for the account.
        As such, I foresee one of two ways this goes down: the discount applies to the total account for a full shared plan; or, the discount is applied to the device access that qualifies for the discount and the data package, but not to additional devices. I’m hoping for the former, but afraid its the latter.

      • Milkweed

        Just finished chatting with Verizon Customer Service. They told me that my 17% discount gets applied to the whole bill. I even broke it down and she confirmed. I asked if there was written documentation to validate this and she said it will be out in a few days. If this is the case I am saving money on my plan even though I lose my Unlimited Data Plans. I just hope what she has been told is the TRUTH.

        • Jennifer

          I called verizon to so I could confirm and they told me the discount goes toward the whole bill too.

    • In chatting with customer service, they are indicating that discounts will only be on the primary line, and the details for that haven’t been released yet.

    • Ben

      I called and they said that corporate discounts don’t apply “at this time”. Rep said that could change before the rollout. My guess would be that discounts apply to the $40/30 charge per line. That would help me a little, but I would still be paying $25 more per month.

  • faganm24

    Bottom line, if you have unlimited data currently, this probably won’t be a good deal for you. If you have an old Alltel plan like me, this really sucks.

    If you have have a tiered data plan currently, it looks like you don’t have to change, correct?

  • alex

    If you have the sglll pre order are you safe with your keeping unlimited data?

    • mustardhomie

      yes. just did that and will be keeping my unlimited for at least 2 more years

      • Jason Smith

        how much is it

        • mustardhomie

          $199 for a blue/white 16 gig or $249 for blue/white 32 gig. it has to be done through verizion if you want to keep your unlimited data

    • I also preordered. Hope I’m safe. Watch them pull some bullshit and cancel my preorder and I won’t be able to get it or keep unlimited on a new phone.

  • triangle8

    I’m assuming that this doesn’t apply to small business customers.

    Kellen, if you speak with Verizon, can you ask them whether they will force small business customers in some kind of shared data plan?

  • Markuz

    The New Share Every “BS” from Verizon… Sucks!!

  • RezCommano4231

    Sounds expensive….

  • InyRules

    My girlfriend and I both have 4gb for $30 each, so $60 in data. Verizon wants $70 for us to *share* 4gb? That’s a big HELL NO!

    • JMac726

      I have the same problem. Granted, that 4GB is from the Double Data, so really it should only be 2GB each for $30. But even without Double Data, you lose 2GB by having to share 2GB (instead of 2GB each) for now the same price of $60. Ridiculous!

  • marty jones

    Wow, I hope I never lose my grandpa..err, grandfathered unlimited data! Outrageous prices

  • Markuz

    The New Share Every “BS” from Verizon…Sucks!!!

  • It would save my family $2.96 per month and I’d have to give up unlimited…no thanks

    • Just kidding, it would cost us more because we pay $292 already and that includes insurance…

  • tbaybe

    wow… very very crappy verizon

  • Perfect. I will be paying more and getting less data in the process. Thanks Verizon.

  • Joshua Rossi

    What does the $40 smart phone cost cover if you have to already pay for data?

    • steve0617

      It’s $40 for unlimited minutes and texts. Then you add data to that.

      • Actually, according to their charts, the minutes and texting falls under the same category as the data with a $50 minimum.

        • steve0617

          As I read it, it’s $40 for the phone. Then an additional $50 for 1 gig of data. Not $50 for one gig of data and unlimited minutes/text.

          • Read Step 2 on that link in the article and my comment. It says choose your data, plus get minutes and texts, all in the same chart leading me to believe that they’re counting them together. Either way, it’s still a $90 minimum so no one wins here.

          • ThatGuy

            You do realize that there currently isn’t any family share plan that includes text that is less than $99.98 right? If you understand how this plan works it will be cheaper for the majority of those already on family share plans, with the exception of those with unlimited data. 2 lines on an unlimited family plan costs $50 for plan and $49.99 per line ($149.98). If they are smartphones you’re looking at $60 for data. That’s aprox $210 for unlimited talk text and 4gb of data. On the new plan it’s $80 for unlimited talk/text and $70 for 4gb of data to share. That’s $150 or a savings of $60. Even with a 700 minute talk and text with 2 smartphones you’re looking at $159.98/mn with means you’d still be saving $10/mn when compared to the lowest family share plan. What people don’t seem to understand is that it’s the data that is expensive, both for Verizon and for us. Those unlimited plans were never intended for the kind of speeds and data usage that are happening now. The other benefit here is that for some families who may have 1 minimal user (say 1GB/mn) and a heavier user ($3gb/mn) they don’t have to worry about overage or upping the cost for the heavier user. Even with the $10/gb overage that scenario would be $70/mn which is the same price as the new 4gb plan. Not to mention that those who aren’t on unlimited plans, don’t have to change from their current plans if they don’t want to.

          • DroidCzar

            It works out okay for two line shared plans, but I have five lines (two for in-laws that have them for emergency only. Those phones cost me $10 each now, but under the new plan, $30 each. For me, the two smartphone, three feature phone plan costs me $215/month after taxes. The new plan would cost $260 before taxes.

          • katcrowder

            Yeah, the draw for the family plan was the ability to add emergency phones for $10, and to add smartphones with little-to-no voice/text activity but to be used for internet for $40. I’ve got 5 phones on my plan (3 smart, 2 feature) sharing 700 minutes for $187.13 (22% corp discount) with plenty of extra minutes, and we send and receive approximately 50 texts among us a month. Oh, boy, unlimited voice and text! Big deal… I had hoped Share Everything was going to give me a 250 text package I could share instead of putting it on one phone. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • ostensibly


    • Verizon_ripoff

      I agree, data costs is what is hurting Verizon right now. They have no reason to charge $40 a month for additional smartphones on a plan.

      This is not shared data, but ripoff data!

      • I don’t think anything is “hurting” Verizon. Typical gouging for increased profit is more like it from what I’ve been hearing. I was going to buy my Wife a smartphone for her birthday but I think I’ll now be reconsidering the whole contract with them.

  • pubasnacks77

    700 minutes for $40 or unlimited talk and text with 300MB of data for $70. The $40 does not include data or texting, so you would have to purchase those separately starting at $10 per 1,000 messages per line.”

    So which is it, $40 for unlimited talk and text or do we pay extra for text messaging?

    • faganm24

      read again. $40 = 700 minutes without texting. $70 = unlimited talk and text with 300MB of data.

      • pubasnacks77

        Oh, gotcha

      • guest

        Yes the Talk and text includes smartphone only, If you have no smartphone and just a feature phone then verizon has two separate plans for that.

    • the $40 unlimited talk and text is for smart phones.

    • steve0617

      The new plan detailed here includes unlimited minutes and texting. The only question is how much data do you want to purchase?

    • Andrew Elliott

      The $40 dollars for 700 minutes or $70 for unlimited talk and text and 300MB of data is for Basic or Feature phones for individual plans, $40 unlimited talk and text is for smart phones and then you add your data package

  • Like I posted on the previous thread this new data structure will save me nearly $100 a month, and with included tethering (which I hardly use anyway) its pretty much worth it. Even if I use the savings to purchase more data, that is an extra 20GB of data for what I am paying now.

    • Kris Brandt

      That may be you, but I have 3 smartphones that have unlimited data, a fourth that doesn’t. That’s $120 in data charges. We have the unlimited texting, 1400 minutes plan that’s $10 for each device. With my corporate discount & additional expenses for each phone (ie insurance), it all comes to $260.

      Last month, we used 7 GB of data. The only plan that can cover that is the 8 GB for $90. At $40 per phone, that’s $250. I’d be saving an instant $10-15 a month. I’m not seeing any worthwhile savings that would convince me to give up unlimited data.

      • Chris Jones

        Does the $250 include your corporate discount?

      • devil’s advocate

        $120-$180 paid out yearly for the privilege of saying you have unlimited data when you don’t need/use it? Why not switch?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I would like to see how in the world this will manage to save you $100 a month.