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Reminder: Pre-ordering the Galaxy S3 on Verizon Allows You to Keep Unlimited Data

Here is one last Share Everything data plan note/reminder and we should have just about covered it all. And actually, we talked about this back when the Galaxy SIII first went up for pre-order, but we have seen some confusion on the subject in the comments and on Twitter and decided to talk about it one more time. I cannot say this any clearer – if you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy SIII before June 28, you can keep your unlimited data plan (assuming you already have an unlimited plan).Β 

How do we know for sure?

Well first of all, we heard directly from Verizon’s top communications directorΒ who told us as plain as she possibly could, that if you pre-order this phone, that you can keep your current plan. There was no beating around the bush or tricky word phrasing – she told us straight up that this is the deal.

Second, I walked through the process myself last week and as you can see from the screenshot below, unlimited data was a part of my checkout process. Third, I had Tim walk through it on his account today, now that Share Everything plans have been announced, and he also was able to select his current unlimited data plan and not a tier or share of any sort (pictured above).

We have heard from readers that spoke with VZW support reps who are for some reason under the impression that this isn’t the case. I hate to say this, but I’m not sure they know what they are talking about. The only way Verizon could get me off of unlimited data after going through this pre-order, would be to void my contract and force me onto a shared plan. They can’t do things like that, folks. Even if the phone ships on July 9 (after shared plans are live), I have already locked in according to the document that you are seeing below. When I activate the device whenever it does ship, it won’t matter because it’s all about the date that you sign the new contract, which for me, was last week or for you would be this week.

Think about it. If you pre-order and the phone arrives on July 9 at your doorstep, how is Verizon going to change your plan? When you pre-ordered, you told them what you want your plan to be, so that when the phone shows up, you can simply activate it and be on your way. It’s not like you would have to go back online once your phone arrives, and re-select plan features that would take you off of unlimited data. That wouldn’t make any sense.

What about Best Buy pre-orders?

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the tricky situation here that involves Best Buy. When you pre-order a phone through Verizon (at least online), you purchase the phone as if you were walking out of a store with it today, which means you choose plan and feature options and then extend a contract. The only difference between buying a RAZR MAXX today and the Galaxy SIII is that you don’t get the Galaxy SIII until Verizon is ready to ship it. But again, if you pre-order through Verizon directly, you get to lock into that contract.

Best Buy on the other hand could be very different. When you pre-order with Best Buy, all you are doing is holding a device for $50 until it arrives in store. When it arrives, you then cruise into your store and finish the process which would involve extending your contract and paying for the rest of the device. Seeing the problem here? If the Galaxy SIII does not come out until after Share Everything plans are in effect, there is a pretty good chance that you will have to move from unlimited onto one of these new plans because you did not lock in beforehand.

We are hearing that Best Buy is telling customers that pre-ordering and putting $50 down will keep their unlimited data plans safe, but I’m having a hard time believing that to be true. If you are going to pre-order through Best Buy, I highly suggest that you ask as many BBY employees, including managers, as you can to be 100% certain. I would hate to see a bunch of unlimited data users receive bad news on Galaxy SIII launch day.

Did you pre-order?

If you pre-ordered any time over the last week from Verizon, we would love for you to confirm in the comments that you kept your unlimited data. If you pre-ordered through Best Buy, we would love to hear exactly what their sales reps are telling you as far as keeping unlimited data is concerned.

If anything else changes from what we have told you today, we will be sure to let you know.

  • Kris Mcmartin

    Expecting fedEx to knock on my door any minute now, with 16gb white S3 on hand.
    Doing last minute thetering on Droid X before putting it to rest. If pre ordered before june 27 unlimited retired data will still follow with new device.. Cant wait

  • How do we know if @vzwsupport is really Verizon and not some jerk screwing with us?

  • Just got a call today from Verizon Rep. telling me my order was being processed and that she was calling to let me know that I would be losing my unlimited plan. I placed my order back on June 15, 2012. I made her a copy of this page and emailed it to her, after about 10 Min. she came back to the phone and told me that I would not be losing my unlimited plan.

  • j.d.12

    i was too late to keep my unlimited i called and they said you have well had to upgrade before June 28…. πŸ™ oh well cant wait for my galaxy s 3 to get here upgrading from Samsung fascinate.

  • Tc.Hunter

    i am up grading from the Droidx as well. I pre ordered my Samsung s3 from BB after talking to three diffiernt people at verizon, and all of them telling me that I would indeed keep my unlimited data, one of them being a supervisor. I ordered the 16g because I have a 16g card to put in it so I thought I would save the extra $50.00 and just format the card to the new phone. The kicker is that I did not need to put anything down on the pre-order, but my paper work says it was ordered on the 25th and Verizon told me that is the way BB does it and that is good enough to keep my unlimited plan. I hope everyone enjoys their phone when it arrives. The days are counting down.

  • chase h

    Guys, i missed this. Is there anyway now to keep unlimited when i preorder?? Or am i just way to late…

  • Marky McDroid

    I just ordered mine at Verizon. You can keep your plan, but unless you’re going over 4Gb the new plan is cheaper. I’m on wifi a lot and only using 1.5 Gb a month. The 2Gb plan was cheap.

  • Preordered my phone with my cousin who is a manager at verizon and he assured me you can keep your unlimited. To say you cannot is a badly informed rep.

  • Raven

    Ordered the blue 32GB. Upgraded from Droid Incredible. Keeping my unlimited plan.

  • I had no idea about the switch and elimination of unlimited! I went online to order my phone today and it said my plan was not compatible. 3 days makes all the difference, are you kidding me?! Verizon Customer Service will be hearing from an extremely unhappy customer. Some warning about this would have been great, for not incredible tech-savvy me! Does anyone have any good advice?

  • Ok here’s the deal. If you are on an individual plan and not a family planyou can get unlimited data still. My issue was that I was on a family plan which made me switch to share everything thus losing unlimited. I wasn’t about to switch to individual and pay an extra 50 bucks to keep my unlimited data.

  • Melissa Schatzberg

    Went yesterday and was told unlimited ended the day before. Sadness ensues.

  • 2muchball

    Upgrading from Droid X to SGS3 and it let me keep my unlimited.

  • I pre-ordered the 16GB version last week.(June 21), and was able to keep my unlimited data plan, as seen in the screen shots here. Although I couldn’t quite figure out the Shipment Date, because it went from 10/29/9850 (yes, no kidding…have screen shot with proof), to not available, to the current date of 07/11/2012.

  • Jesse

    I just confirmed with Verizon that so long as I have proof I pre Ordered before 6/28.. even from Best Buy that they will honor my Unlimited plan.

    • Jesse

      I am also a Droid X user… going to GS3… Can’t wait

  • I just talked to a Verizon Rep and they confirmed that Pre-Ordering from Best Buy will secure your unlimited data. As long as you pre-order before June 28th.

  • Lani

    I just got off the phone with Verizon. Was told that if I upgrade phone after the 28th I will lose unlimited data. They told me it did not matter which phone I choose after the 28th I would still lose unlimited data. I asked about purchasing a phone from some place else or someone else to replace current phone and activate when current phone died and was told even if I did that I would lose unlimited plan. They apparently left us with no way out of this. The only way to keep unlimited data is stay with the phone you have and hope they do not bot you off when contract is up or buy another phone by the 28th of June. Really disappointed about this situation feel like I am being forced to either deal with a problem phone or get a new one and risk losing data package.

  • luke duke

    Also I’m switching from my thunderbolt…

  • luke duke

    Pre ordered my 16gb pebble blue s3 2 weeks ago at best buy and the manager told me to upgrade through them before the 28th and use their 30 day exchange policy once my s3 arrives.

  • concerned

    I posted this on another page but I’ll repost here:

    I just added a line on a family members plan so I could have this phone with unlimited data. We ordered it Friday and spent an hour on the phone asking questions, confirming that this would not change anyone else’s plan, confirming I definitely would get the same unlimited data plan when the phone is activated, and confirming that all this would happen even though the line won’t be activated until after June 28th.Guess what. Sure enough we looked at the confirmation online and Verizon put me on a tiered plan. I still have to confirm what plan the rest of the family is on. We’ll call tonight to get this straightened out. If it doesn’t work, we’re cancelling the line. If, when the phone comes and I go to activate the line, they put me on anything other than unlimited data I will still cancel the plan and send the phone back. I want this phone but not that bad.

  • Nancy N

    I preordered the blue on 6/21/12 and was told I’d keep my unlimited plan as long as I paid by credit card that day, which I did. Upgraded from Droid X2. I did this over the phone with a rep, did the automated disclaimers process, but nothing has been charged to my credit card yet….Kind of worries me since it has to be prepaid by 6/28/12. Anyone else experiencing this? Nothing is on my verizonwireless page either. Although it all of a sudden now shows I’m eligible for an upgrade….strange.

    Really hoping Apple doesn’t manage to delay shipment with their lawsuit. I know they lost in stopping the June 26th launch for some carriers, but Verizon’s launch is after that…. guess we’ll see.

  • Mahek

    Yes i just upgraded today and it seems that i am keeping my unlimited data. I called in and told them specifically about that.

  • sully5981

    I pre-ordered on the 21st (when the Inc4g was not released). I walked into the store to do it and confirmed that if I pre-ordered, I would be able to keep my unlimited data (or so I was told). I did receive a confirmation email that stated I pre-ordered the s3 (two of them, for both lines) and it did say in the email I have the unlimited internet for $29.99. We will see when I get it.

  • turbohack

    I just upgraded one of my (5) “no data” phones that was eligible and transferred the upgrade to my unlimited data smartphone. The email confirming my order says Im on a 2gb/$30 per month plan. What gives?

  • upgrading from my OG Droid !!! πŸ™‚


  • lynn

    I ordered last week and still have unlimited data….can’t wait to get my hands on my galaxy s3….upgraded from a DROID RAZR

  • Rodys Gonzalez


    • Some phones are excluded from that $100 Off, it depends on the phone, not the pre-order.

      • Rodys Gonzalez

        Its more of a “only in-stock phones” only deal;… no advance purchasing; well, at least I got me a Rezound for FREE instead…. πŸ™‚

  • Joey J.

    Upgrading from DroidX as well. 32G White!!! Keeping my unlimited data plan! Woot!


    Hello everyone want to tell what Best Buy told me today In Rapid City. The 30 day return on the phones (or any thing that matter) says they have the right of refuseal on any returns and was told that just what they will do if i tryed to return the phone within the 30 days. Reason giving is the return phones cant not be sold or returned to anyone. The manager became a ass about it after time went on. But good news is i can and am going to do is bring my verizon phone i order online and use best buys black tie i think they called it repair which is way better the verizons. So to me best of both worlds get to keep unlimited and get the phone i want. Just my 2 cents on the matter. JO

  • Kim M

    Preordered mine today. Was told about this by the rep, got to keep my unlimited, and also got free mobile hotspot. All my paperwork and contract receipts confirm. Definitely true.

  • AJ

    was at Verizon store today and was told if I pre-order the Samsung galaxy S3 before July 28 I can keep my unlimited data plan. YES!!! currently have HTC Incredible 3G. will be leaning towards pre-ordering the blue Galaxy S3. 2 1/2 years ago when I signed up with Verizon I contracted the unlimited data plan (which was available at the time)

  • LB

    I really hate buying my phone directly from Verizon. They rip you off with their $30 upgrade fee and overpriced accesories. I just preordered the white one from Costco.com…(upgrading from Droids Charge) and it’s $199 plus a $25 mail-in rebate PLUS a free 3-in1 charger…AND two phone cases and a free T360 Bluetooth device. And the best part…activation charge is waived and I get 90 days to return the phone and select a differnt Verizon phone if I change my mind. I’ve always bought my phones from Costco and won’t buy anywhere else.

  • Mnemnyx

    I preordered the 32gb blue one. My bill kept my unlimited data so I’m happy πŸ˜€ Finally upgrading my galaxy s.

  • Matt

    Trying to pre-order today but I am not being given the option to keep my unlimited data, must have missed out

  • cher

    Just tried to upgrade to the new Samsung and it won’t let me do it on line …it says to call the 800 number.. and I did that before trying on line, and they said it would not allow me to keep the unlimited.. so no success over here =(

  • i started the process for pre-ordering the galaxy s3 through the VZW portal but had to move to the phone due to address issues.

    The person on the phone was helpful and said, several times, that I would not lose my unlimited data plan since I was pre-ordering.

    This will probably be a big leap from my Motorola Droid (running CM7.2 stable) which has been a great phone for the past two years! It will be interesting as this is my first samsung phone AND one of the few times I’ve bought a phone RIGHT at launch. Actually, it was also my first time ordering a phone for myself without having to step foot inside a store.

    I preordered the White 32GB with the case and anti-glare screen protectors. Will probably get a better case (otterbox) down the line.

    – John

  • I went into Best Buy to preorder the S3 and they weren’t sure about whether or not I could keep my unlimited plan. They called a Verizon Service Rep who assured them and me that I indeed could keep my unlimited plan. When I asked them about the new shared data plans they didn’t know anything about them. I asked pointedly if I received my phone in July if I could keep my plan once again they told me yes. But still not trusting them I went online and preordered my phone with Verizon directly.

  • Ongdej

    I am eligible for an upgrade on June 27th (go figure) and if I pre order the phone will I be paying the full price or the discounted price?

  • i just dont get it. dont they know that NOBODY wants this greedy, new plan?


  • Kealii

    Like everyone else I pre ordered my SGS3 and ending my thunderbolt, which had internal issues but couldn’t be fixed because of scratches on my phone. Anyways I kept my unlimited data plan and got a white16GB phone. After getting cases an screen protectors it cost $283. But I don’t get how I’ll activate the phone once it comes in? Do I go to Verizon or just put in my Sim card

  • Chiquita Lewis

    Yea, i also noticed that there is no charge until it is shipped! So i guess its like a hold….fine with me πŸ™‚

  • Chiquita Lewis

    Yes! i was able to keep m unlimited data by pre ordering the phone! and i am appreciative for it, because the new prices are extreme!

  • SKG

    upgrading from my OG Droid !! πŸ™‚

  • For those of you that preordered through Verizon, when you login to your account at Verizon does it still show that you are eligible for a device upgrade?

  • Shawn

    The issue I see is that you assume that when you order the phone, you actually “sign a new contract.” Just because you indicated what your features would be, it’s my understanding that Verizon’s policy is that that a contract start date is based on the phones *activation,* which wouldn’t be until it arrives on your doorstep and you turn it on. You are not “locked in” until that happens. I’d like to see something public from Verizon clarifying this, but until then I’m not holding my breath for keeping my unlimited data.

  • prestige27

    I pre-ordered my S3 @ Best Buy Mobile, and just got done speaking with a rep from Best Buy. I am using a line on my account that does not currently have a Data plan at all to do the upgrade, then switching it to a different line on my account that has a Moto DROID Bionic with Unlimited 4G data. His first response was “If the carrier allows you to keep your old plan than you will. You will have to check to see if they demand a change of plan.” Which is as generic of an answer one could give. So I asked “On their site, if I pre-order from VZW directly, it offers me the choice to keep the unlimited plan, but I am unsure if that’s the same for Best Buy”. His response “That will be the same with Best Buy. It is up to carriers if you can keep it.” I also spoke with a rep from Verizon, and they said if I upgrade a line on my account that does not have data, then switch it to a line that does have the unlimited, it’s just an ESN Change, and it won’t touch the features at all. So that’s 1 rep from both Best Buy and VZW that are confirming I can keep Unlimited. Lastly, I asked the BB rep if he has a release date for the S3, and his response was “The Carriers are showing 18 of June but Best Buy hasnt officially given that information out yet.” So I have a feeling that BB will release Verizon’s S3 prior to July 10th. I worked at Verizon for 11 years, and there were numerous times when authorized dealers released a phone before Verizon did, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • JazzoRenee

    I just pre-ordered White 32GB and kept my unlimited data plan!!!!
    Upgrade from the Galaxy S (Fascinate)

  • Just pre ordered two SGS3(32GB) for both of my grandfathered smartphones and got a great deal while still keeping my unlimited data plan!! I want to call this deal the “buy one get one free deal”. why? because I Ended up getting a discount of $250 dollars off the total price for both phones!! i got a $50 loyalty discount for my main line and $100 off on top of that! and on my secondary line i got $ 100 off!… So where did this $100 off on both phones lines come from??.. Well thats the funny part because even the verizon rep that did the preorder for me did not know where it came from?!! he said that it only appeared as “additional discounts” on his screen. so yea, you can imagine that for this being my last discounted phones i was extremely happy!!! (i plan to keep my unlimited data plans, so next future phone may have to come from ebay). Total for 2 SGS3 (both 32GB) including upgrading fees $309.98 + taxes
    I did some research and I think i know where that extra $200 discount came from, i think… but i went through my emails that verizon would send me and found this particular one that they sent me on 05/14/12 and it said “get $150 off any 4G lte smartphone when you upgrade” now this discount already includes my $50 loyalty, which leaves the remaining to be $100 off, I believe this is it! I went all the way into reading the small fine print of the promotional email and it said there clearly “New 2-yr renewal req’d per device. Smartphones require a data pak.
    Available only if customer has not upgraded in the last 180 days.
    Pricing based on vzw.com as of 05/14/2012 and subject to change without notice”
    So there you have it folks! If you havent upgraded in the past 180 days as of 05/14/12 then you may be a lucky person like me! πŸ˜‰ I opened an account with Verizon on November of 2008, bought the original Droid 1, and never used my upgrades, until last night! worth the wait!
    Finally, I can defintely back up the grandfathered plan and would recommend anybody that has an upgrade to use it right now before June 28 so you can keep your unlimited data plan! Once you pre-order your SGS3, (this is either online or on the phone with a Verizon Rep) they make you go through a whole renewal agreement where you accept the terms and conditions of your “new”contract, and in this contract my unlimited data got transferred to both phones! Your contract is then FROZEN after you have gone through accepting all these terms, and will go into effect on the first day that you receive and activate your SGS3. DO NOT pre-order through best buy because you will NOT be able to keep your Unlimited Data Plan! You will loose it!
    Best buy only HOLDS your phone and does not renew your contract when you pre-order it! Once Best buy calls you and lets you know that they have your phone, then you go and pick it up and THEN they sit down with you, get on the phone and go through the contract renewal process in that moment, which Best buy will likely get the SGS3 for verizon around July 9th or 10th (this is passed the cut-off date of June 28, so you will be pretty much S.O.L!) Good luck to everyone!!

    • JazzoRenee

      I keep hearing people talk about this, but it only happens on my primary line, which isn’t my line and I have to yell at my brother every time he upgrades that he owes me $50 lol. But you said you got it on both…..I’m wondering.

      • The loyalty discount is $50, and this discount is only applied on your primary line. My number is the primary line and I got $50 off plus an additional $100 off on my primary line as well. But I also got another $100 off on my secondary line. Both of these $100 discounts are not part of the $50 loyalty discount that everyone gets, the Verizon rep couldn’t see why I got those extra $200 discounts, he said that it only showed on his screen as “Additional Discounts”. So in total amount of discounts for both phones combined together is $250. Broken down it looks like this: Primary Line discounts: $50 loyalty discount + $100 “additional discount” = $150 off. Secondary Line discounts: $100 off “additional discounts” = $100 off.
        Total amount of discount from both lines combined = $250
        Hope it makes sense

  • KealiiK

    Like everyone else I pre ordered my SGS3 and ending my thunderbolt, which had internal issues but couldn’t be fixed because of scratches on my phone. Anyways I kept my unlimited data plan and got a white16GB phone. After getting cases an screen protectors it cost $283.

    • kealii

      An I pre ordered on June 7

  • For all Best Buy preorderers, based on my knowledge from both Best Buy employees and Verizon it looks like Best Buy preorders won’t keep unlimited data. VZW has been either stating that they don’t know to saying no. Best Buy is also saying the same thing. Safe move is to preorder from Verizon, I hear.

  • cr

    No No No No No!!! This is Verizon slight of hand. I just spoke with a tech supervisor who told me ‘yes, you will get to keep your unlimited data plan if you pre-order the S3, but you will only have unlimited data at 3G speeds!!!!!!’ What a crock. So I should preorder a 4G phone and then only get data at 3G speeds…..When I asked the rep. why they arent sharing that piece of info. with the general public….he said, “Yeah, I am not sure.”

    • Wow…that is crock. What is the cut off point? Do we only get 1GB at 4G?

      • JazzoRenee

        This is how Verizon will end up with class action law suits.
        Not that I mind, because the phone will be on wi-fi 80% of the time.

    • Z-man

      That doesn’t make sense to me. You’re paying 29.99 for unlimited data. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3G or LTE.

    • This is FALSE!!! I dont know who you talked to but this is totally False!! Once you upgrade to a 4G phone they automatically switch you to the 4GLTE network! Once you preorder your phone through verizon website or through the phone they will send you a confirmation order with a description of your new renewal contract and it will state “4G INTERNET ACCESS” under the plan features! Believe me, what you are saying will not happen.

  • Here’s my question – My husband and I share a Family Plan. What happens if I do the preorder and secure the unlimited, but he doesn’t?

    • gus

      I have the same question. I’m eligible for an upgrade now and my wife in October. Can we both upgrade now and keep our unlimited data?

      • JazzoRenee

        Your wife should be able to upgrade, they allow you to upgrade 3 to 4 months in advance.

  • DrAndyRoid

    Ah I don’t think I want the GS3, but I don’t want to lose my unlimited data. I currently have a Nexus (bought it off contract), but I want to wait for a device I really want. I know I can upgrade and sell the phone, but there isn’t really anything coming out (as of yet) that I want. Damn you Verizon!!!!!

  • Butter

    Pre-Ordered 16GB Blue on 6/6 and kept unlimited data.

    I am upgrading from the DInc.

  • Robert

    If you haven’t looked, new date on verizon site now says 7/10 shipment, not 7/9
    Damn you Verizon, give me my phone!!!!!

  • took screenshots and got the transcripts for everyone on the Verizon chat telling me i was guaranteed to keep unlimited…sucks that we have to take these precautions. Just a warning though…if we use over 3GB Verizon did say they will throttle us like crazy so technically we are on a 3GB for $30 a month 4G plan with an unlimited 3G bs plan

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Where do you see that?

    • JazzoRenee

      Still more than those paying $30 for only 2GB and then charge $10 extra for ever 1GB over.

  • c4v3man

    Called rep1, announced I was recording the call (as per my state requirements) and was told that unlimited was not available.

    Called rep2, announced I was recording again, and was told that I could retain my unlimited, as long as I accepted the terms and conditions soon. Processed preorder for 32gb blue, and was transferred into automated system for accepting terms and conditions. Got confused due to my using my wife’s upgrade for my line, and called back.

    Called rep3,4. and 5, announced i was recording, and was told I needed to stop recording the call.

    Turned off recording, called rep6, explained my situation, and was transferred back into the automated system, and proceeded as instructed.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m covered. I was told (multiple times on call 2) I would retain my unlimited plan, as long as I accepted the terms and conditions now, as opposed to later when accepting the phone. I hope it will at least hold up in small claims court if necessary, where I’d assume Verizon wouldn’t even show up and would simply default in my favor…

    • “Called rep3,4. and 5, announced i was recording, and was told I needed to stop recording the call.”

      I would be deeply disturbed by that. I generally record any important calls, just in case. IANAL but AFAIK…

      1) In the US is is legal to record a call as long as at least one party is aware of it. So you are not obliged to inform them of the fact.
      2) “This call may be recorded…” may be interpreted as them granting you permission to record the call.
      3) If they don’t want to go on the record, ask yourself why.

      • c4v3man

        I agree. You can’t tell me my call can be recorded or monitored, but not allow me to do the same. It’s a two way street a-holes.

  • busa2006

    Well, I was sitting and thinking about something after I pre ordered my
    sgs3 with bestbuy, in that they didnt get any information about my
    second line which I put on a family share plan. So, when the phone comes
    in I would have to get the new data plans that verizon have came out
    with.So, I went on verizon and pre ordered the samsung galaxy s3 which i put on the family share plan.My question would be now when the phone comes in from verizon when i transfer it
    to my unlimited line can i still put a regular non smartphone on the new
    line i added and if so would it affect my unlimited data? I will be cancelling my bestbuy pre order..I wasnt up for an upgrade so i had to do it this way hope it works

  • busa2006

    Well, I was sitting and thinking about something after I pre ordered my
    sgs3 with bestbuy, in that they didnt get any information about my
    second line which I put on a family share plan. So, when the phone comes
    in I would have to get the new data plans that they have came out
    with.So, I went on verizon and added a line on the current family plan,
    so my question would be now when the phone comes in when i transfer it
    to my unlimited line can i still put a regular non smartphone on the new
    line i added and if so would it affect my unlimited data?

  • 1badSGS3

    I just pre-ordered SGS3 2 days ago and i still have my unlimited data plan! I got the white 32 gb version!

  • I pre-ordered thru best buy. and later called Verizon about the data plan changing. They said they saw it in the system as “PENDING” and i will be able to keep my unlimited plan.

    Just a heads up for anyone that wants the S3 and not want to pay the 199 or 249 up front.
    Best Buy only makes you buy a 50 dollar gift card and it can be applied to the purchase if you want or you can keep the card and use it later. The choice is yours.

    I spent over 30 minutes talking to a Verizon rep on the phone about this including Best Buy people in person.

  • Mark Gonsoulin

    So I have bad news… my mother works for verizon customer care. She told me they received an email today stating that even if a customer preorders the phone before the 28th, even from verizon, they will not be allowed to grandfather their plan over. The reason being is that they do not bill you nor do they actually upgrade you contract until the phone ships…. this will be on july 9th. I just called my verizon store and canceled my pre order after confirming this info with the store manager. πŸ™

  • MW

    My upgrade date is in August and I just called to politely express my anger and disappointment with Verizon. No early upgrade was offered to me and I was simply told that I could buy a phone from someone else and have them add it to my account. Not particularly helpful

  • Beeb

    I pre-ordered the Galaxy S3 on 6/9/12 & was told that I would keep my Unlimited Data plan.

  • BKR76

    Upgraded from Droid X as well to 32GB Blue on June 6 and got to keep my unlimited plan .

  • JM95037

    Pre-ordered from Verizon on 6/6 when it became available and was able to keep the unlimited data plan at the time of ordering. I’ll be curious however to see what happens when it arrives and I got to activate my shiny new phone…since these devices are scheduled to ship after June 28, it would not shock me (and I half expect it) if they then forced me into one of the new limited data plans upon activation?? We’ll see once it arrives.

    +2 – my wife and I both pre-ordered to replace our DroidX’s – woo freakin’ hoo!!!

    • Aryeh Hersh

      As the article above says if you preorder through verizon you signed a contract at pre order time so you are locked in.

    • Mark Gonsoulin

      Customer care just told me they received an email stating you cannot keep your unlimited data plan even if you pre ordered the phone. The reason is because of what you said… they don’t charge you nor upgrade your plan until the phone ships which is after june 28th

  • Daryl Batson

    Pre-ordered 32gb GS3 blue on the 12th.
    girlfriend will be getting my Nexus as a upgrade from her Droid Inc 2.

  • Gregg

    If I preorder using someone elses upgrade on my family plan, will I still be able to keep my unlimited data??

    • Sarah

      yes – i did pre-ordered it on june 6th using one of my parents upgrades and still have my unlimited data on my line.

  • Aryeh Hersh

    For all best buy pre-order folks:
    I just called the best buy in Hartsdale and asked outright about pre-ordering, and he said he does not think you can keep unlimited since you are only reserving the phone. As far as verizon knows your contract will not be signed till July 9th, so he said I should pre-order from vzw directly.
    I then asked about upgrading on 6/27 to a razr maxx or gnex, but not even activating it – only signing contract, keep my current crappy droid x, keep gnex/razr in box and come back on 7/9 and return it and get gs3 since all verizon sees is a new phone activation with no contract change. He said that would work and it’s a great idea. I now have my plan in hand. I want to use best buy since the warranty they offer blows the verizon warranty away – ive used it 3 times for my wife. Also when you get the warranty you get buy back at half price, so when i decide to get a new phone i could get as much as $120 back for only paying $30 now.
    So pissed i completely missed out on the mobile freedom sign up period πŸ™

    • Did you ask if you can upgrade to the RAZR while keeping that preorder on the GS3? Also do you have to not activate the RAZR while waiting for the GS3?

      • Aryeh Hersh

        I did not…that’s a good question. I’ll call back and ask. I assume you can and that way you know they have one in stock for you.

        • Both are important because if you have Mobile Freedom you don’t get that unless you activate the RAZR first. If you can activate the RAZR and still exchange it later then you could use Mobile Freedom gift card to work on the GS3.

          • Aryeh Hersh

            Unfortunately i missed the mobile freedom sign up period, however, even if you don’t activate the razr wouldn’t you get the gift card to work when you switch it for the GS3?

          • Right, you would but then you would have to spend that gift card on overpriced Best Buy stuff you could get cheaper online instead of having it contribute to a phone purchase you have to make at Best Buy.

          • Aryeh Hersh

            Got it. Unless (like me) you plan on getting the 32 gb GS3 in which case you use the $50 card on the price difference.

          • That would be a way to go too, yes. Let me know if you find out what they say regarding these matters. I greatly appreciate it. Also, if they do let you upgrade to the RAZR while keeping the GS3 preorder then when you go in to exchange for your preordered GS3, can you exchange it or do they have to use that GS3 to fulfill other preorders first?

          • Aryeh Hersh

            Called back best buy and he said that if you pre order the GS3 then buy another phone you don’t have to cancel the pre order and you can keep it in case you don’t like the other phone and want to exchange it. Also he said that you only get the card when you activate the phone, but even if it’s activated, you can walk out,, call verizon and deactivate the razr and reactivate old phone and the razr can be returned good as new.
            I also called a diff’t best buy and asked about the unlimited iwth pre order and he said he wasnt sure, was waiting for his rep to get back to him. I then mentioned get another phone then return it and i heard the smile in his voice when he said not to tell him my plan, you can’t do that. Maybe in another store, but not here.

          • You think he means if you’re going to do it, don’t discuss the plan beforehand with Best Buy and then it’ll work?

          • Aryeh Hersh

            Yea i do, probably because no store will take a return if you tell them you solely intend on returning.

          • Well since it isn’t a kosher thing for it, I’ll hold off until next week and hope Verizon and Best Buy release an official statement. If they don’t then I’ll have to think about whether to use this plan or preorder through Verizon.

          • Aryeh Hersh

            i’m gonna do the same. If i do decide to go for it, I’ll do it at the best buy where the guy said i should do it.

          • Is that the Best Buy you have your preorder at?

          • I just placed a preorder with Verizon through the phone. They told me that Best Buy preorders won’t keep unlimited data and offered me $60 credit on my next month’s bill to offset the Mobile Freedom gift card. Only paid about $40 bucks for it too.

          • Aryeh Hersh

            How’d you only pay $40? Even with the $60 credit that only gets to $100…

          • I got an extra $100 credit for being in a 4G market. And then they gave me another discount to upgrade with them.

          • Aryeh Hersh

            Any idea how I would get that? I’m in NYC…was it a link or an email? Or it just happened when you called? Did you ask for the credit or they just said they’d give it to you?

          • I assume NYC has 4G so you should get that $100 credit anyway. I would suggest talking to Best Buy. They should show your account has that credit or call Verizon and make sure you have that credit. The rep seemed a bit surprised when that credit popped up too since it is different from the NE2 credit. I emailed them about the Best Buy situation and then they called me back and said Best Buy S3 preorders wouldn’t have unlimited data. When she asked me why I wanted to preorder through Best Buy I mentioned the $50 mobile freedom gift card and she started rattling off promotions she could give me instead. This may be about luck.

          • Aryeh Hersh

            When I tried pre ordering online through vzw it did not show up. Who did you email about the best buy situation?

          • I went to the Contact Us tab at the Verizon site and under the category of Upgrade Eligibility I sent them an email.

          • Just called my own Best Buy and he says that it isn’t possible to keep a preorder while upgrading to a different phone. Apparently the system won’t let him activate that phone without getting rid of the preorder. Did your guy tell you different?

    • Jamie Horne

      Thanks for looking into this…after all the craziness I think we’re just going to cancel with Best Buy, try to sell our gift cards to people who might use them, and pre-order through Verizon. In the end, I hope Verizon honors the Best Buy pre-orders because they gain nothing from punishing those of us who ran out and pre-ordered prior to the shared data plan announcement (and for the record were told that we would be able to keep our unilimited data by both BB and Verizon at the time). But I personally don’t want to worry about this anymore. Good luck to those of you who wait it out!

      • Jamie Horne

        A phone call to our local Best Buy and they said we could get our $$ back for the gift cards…we will be going in tonight to see if this is true. I’ll keep you posted!

        • That’ll be good to know. I saw it on the agreement they gave me but I wasn’t sure.

          • Jamie Horne

            Best Buy refunded our gift cards with no questions or objections, very happy we won’t be stuck with those.

    • Mark Gonsoulin

      Awesome idea!!! i’m doing that as well!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Yup, pre-ordered 2 of them, replacing my x2 and my wife’s, both kept unlimited data

  • Robert Misemer

    I preordered on 6 June and kept my unlimited data plan. Virtually the same screen shot.

  • @vzwsupport just tweeted that they don’t know how Best Buy handles preorders. That does not sound good.

  • Adam M

    Does anyone know what will happen if i upgrade now in order to keep my unlimited data package, but my sister upgrades after June 28 (Same Plan) and is forced into a tiered data sharing package? Will that effect the whole plan? Will it cancel out the unlimited package that i JUST upgraded for?

  • Destroythanet

    Interesting. When I posted on @VZWSupport’s Twitter, they did not respond. When I direct messaged them, they responded very quickly that they did NOT know whether Best Buy pre-order customers would be able to keep unlimited data, which conflicts with the answers others have gotten from direct messaging VZW’s Twitter. Looks like those guys don’t really know the answer either, but don’t want that to be public knowledge lol.

  • Just talked to Best Buy at the store, the rep said I “should” keep it. They said I should call verizon to ask. Good thing i called Verizon before I called best buy. The VZW rep kept saying as long as i pre-order from Verizon i can keep my unlimited Data plan. I asked the rep what about BEST BUY, not verizon. He kept re-iterating VERIZON.

    Well the best buy reps said they have not seen any memo about keeping the unlmited data plan. but I SHOULD they say.

    I am cancelling my preorder with best buy today. I dont feel like chancing a $50 gift card that i’m suppose to get to loose my unlimited plan. i used 10GBs a month!

    Either way…i cant wait to retire my Droid X!

  • Jeremy

    I still have the original Dinc. Been waiting patiently for a true upgrade. Looking forward to rooting this beast and unlocking it’s full potential.

  • rottlover9

    I pre-order my Galaxy sg3 on the 1st day and I was s able to keep my unlimited plan. I also ordered a Droid incredible for my wife which extended her unlimited plan on 4g LTE for 2 more years as well.

  • Scott Meyer

    What if I just renew my contract on the 27th but do not get a phone? That should lock me in for 2 years with my unlimited data, no?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Why renew then? Just stay month to month, they won’t change unlimited.

  • MattSweeden

    question. is it possible to just add a new line for the pre-order, then just switch phones to get the S3? and drop the new line?

    • STEVEinCT

      Sure, but you’ll then have to pay for termination fee of the contract and for the associated startup fees (service prorations).

  • Destroythanet

    I asked @VZWSupport the Best Buy pre-order question and got no reply.

  • Marshall P.

    Too bad my upgrade date isn’t until 6/29. I’d love to keep my unlimited data. πŸ™

    • RandyinWV

      My upgrade is not until 7/12/2012 but I have an email from Verizon CS telling me if I preorder the G3, I can keep unlimited. Since I only use 1 GB/month, I don’t know why this is important to me. I just don’t like limits I guess.

  • Mimsiesboy

    Pre-ordered the 32 gb s3 in pebble blue on June 6th, the rep confirmed I am keeping my unlimited data, today I am pre-ordering a 16 gb s3 in white for my daughter so she too can keep her unlimited data. We are quite excited about this device.

  • debbieJC

    I upgraded on 6/6 from Droid X too.. πŸ™‚ GMTA. I was an Alltell customer with unlimited DATA. The confirmation shows I am still on Smartpack with 4G service. I talked to a Verizon customer rep and they said I would have to change my service and pay $30 more and no limited. Told them no. Went back to the Web did it online.

  • intrimazz

    pre-ordered the 32gb blue and got to keep unlimted for $30 – upgrading from my beloved LG Ally

  • i am having difficulty using the verizon site to upgrade one line using the credit of another, has anyone else encountered this?

  • Eric L

    Preordered mine online three days ago. I was able to keep my unlimited plan =)

  • Sky_Guy

    Is there any actual statement from verizon saying that the grandfathered plans end on the 28th? my upgrade isn’t until the 30th…

    • Yes, though there is a chance that these plans don’t affect single-line accounts.

  • Ok, so if I dont have an upgrade due right now. Can I add another line for 9.99, get the GS3 for 200 and then transfer my line to it keeping my unlimited data and not getting ripped off on my bionic?

    • angelo

      Yes I just did the same thing. added a line for 10 bucks and kept my data

  • honk

    I cannot decide to move to a verizon s3 and lock my contract for at least 2yrs maybe more if I can get that out of the s3 or jump ship now. 50$ for 1 gig over 3 phones is stupid when I am already paying out 170$ for 2 lines. AT&T would be about 150$ for 2 phones with separate 5gig caps and gets me on GSM. At&t will waive my activations since I have a tax ID so that is 70$ I dont have to pay.
    Tmobile is too fishy, wont tell me the price Id pay monthly or what Id pay for the S3 period. Sprint was like sleazy car dealers wanting my number to call me with the info I wanted or would not clearly answer any question related to fees :what is you activation fee”, “well do you have AAA, Are you part of a credit union, etc so on never giving me an answer in the end.

    So yeah seems one is screwed into $150 monthly’s no matter what. So tempted to just go back to a old fart flip phone and be done with it and just live with a wifi tablet.

  • Sarah Gragg

    Pre ordered today in store and the sales associate let me see the page and read along and we definitely let me keep unlimited.

  • arturo_bandini

    I’ve been trying to pre-order the GS3 but so far Verizon has adamantly refused to waive the upgrade fee. This surprises me, since it’s not like they issued my cell phone number originally, and they are clearly willing to lose me as a customer and forego my $2K/year in revenue instead of giving in and waiving the fee. I suspect that this is coming from the top – they do not want this to be something that is routinely waived.

  • faubelgobble

    Thanks DroidLife. Because of you, I got to keep my $30 unlimited data plan. Just pre-ordered my white 32GB. Upgrading from the pathetic Galaxy S (on my 5th replacement phone; still freezes and needs a battery out/in to restart, restarts on own, and all kinds of other craziness). Looking forward to this S3.

    • Jon

      I had a great experience with the Galaxy S except for the crappy GPS. I only had the Nexus for 2 weeks and had problems with it. Calls sometimes got all garbly and sometimes the person on the other end didn’t even know I was talking.

      I’m hoping that Samsung has their crap together with the S III. I’m pre-ordering tomorrow directly from Verizon.

      I’ve chosen to lock down my unlimited for another 2 years. Maybe by then they will get a bit more generous with their shared data plans.

  • this is true. i got to keep my unlimited data. i cant wait till my phone arrives

  • Damon

    Hey guys I just spoke with a Verizon wireless Rep at my local store and asked him to clarify some things for me and he said something that I found interesting. So say you have 4 smartphones or whatever the denomination of lines you have. Now lets say you decide you want to keep your unlimited data so you don’t upgrade and you choose to buy phones at full retail. Now if any other line on your family plan decides they don’t care for the unlimited and choose to upgrade YOU and everyone on your family plan loses their unlimited. Just wanted to bring attention to you guys on this matter. What do you guys think ?

    • Jeremy

      I was told something similar today as well. That basically even if I pre-ordered the SIII, if say my brother who is also on the family share plan buys the new Iphone when it comes out (he will) I will lose the unlimited data. It makes no sense, but this is what I was told by a VRZ store rep today.

      • Jon

        but that also means a breach of contract and you would be free to leave with that line if they are suddenly trying to change your plan midway through.

        • JazzoRenee

          Each phone is on their individual contract, because when my brother upgrade his phone last Dec, I had to a agree to a new 2 year contract for that phone, the same with my 3rd line yesterday and me today.

      • arthur2142

        VZW’s documentation states that other users can upgrade their phones with subsidized pricing without switching the whole account to the Share Everything Plan. They will lose their unlimited data (if they have it) and have to select another data plan (i.e. 2GB for $30/month).

        From http://www.verizonwireless.com/shareeverything

        You’re not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.

      • Sarah

        i asked the same question to a verizon rep – i pre-ordered the S3 on the 6th and his upgrade is not until the end of july. i asked if he will lose his unlimited data and they said no because we are on a family plan with 4 lines and we share minutes and such and he said as long as we are active members of our current unlimited data plan we will all be able to keep it. he said they wouldn’t split up family plans like that – they would lose too many customers.

    • Doron Zehavi

      THIS is what I was worried about… This better not happen. Also I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible because wouldn’t that void the original contract?

      @Kellex any info on this situation?

      UPDATE: Just talked to a rep. If someone else on your family plan chooses to switch to share everything. You can split off onto your own plan and keep your $30 data plan. However, what will then happen is that you need to pay for your minutes. The lowest cost option at that point would be 300 minutes (not including free mobile2mobile, but yes nights/weekends), for $34.99. So you’d be looking at $65/mo for your single plan with unlimited data. Seems to be pretty cheap, especially since most people probably don’t use minutes as much anymore.

      • Aryeh Hersh

        I went into the verizon store at the wall street and asked them and also asked vzwsupport on twitter and both said that’s not true. They can keep the 9.99 line charge and stay on tiered pricing. They do not have to switch. Check my twitter feed I’m @noturbizniss.

  • tracey t

    I ordered the day it went on on Verizon.I got to keep my unlimited data.The phone doesn’t actually ship till July 9.

  • npompei

    Yep – preordered last week and got the same as you. I was pleasantly surprised when that showed up without fighting a verizon rep! Oh and hey, with big red making the plan date the 28th, does anyone think the phone will actually drop that day instead of the 9th? To me it makes total sense for these azzhats to do that – shrewd business baby.

    Now I need to change over my wife to my Dinc2 before this hell freezes over…

  • Jeremy

    Tried to pre-order at a Verizon store (upgrading from another family line in our account to my number) and was told NO i would not be keeping data. When i protested and showed Verizon comments on this site, they texted the question to a higher Verizon manager and was told NO I would not keep my unlimited. Hoping its not just online pre-orders that qualify.

  • corkis84

    Pre-ordered the blue 32gb s3. Glad I did because I would be paying more if I had to switch. Ive got my unlimited and my wife is still on the fifteen dollar 175mb plan (she loves the features of a smart phone but does not use much data). Feeling good about my decision.

  • Aryeh Hersh

    Check out the conversation with @vzwsupport with https://twitter.com/#!/bigslam123
    Jonathan Youngson [email protected]
    @VZWSupport I pre ordered the galaxy s3 from best buy. Is my unlimited data safe?
    VZW Support [email protected]
    @bigslam123 I have great news! Yes, if you have pre ordered the Galaxy S III your unlimited data will remain on your line of service. ^TB
    Jonathan Youngson [email protected]
    @VZWSupport even if it was a best buy pre order?
    VZW Support [email protected]
    @bigslam123 Yes, even if it was a best buy order.^SP

  • Ben

    After speaking with a Verizon representative, for those of you who have one line that is unlimited and one line that is not, I found out that the line that is not unlimited can still be upgraded for the discounted price on phones and keep your current family share plan, even after June 28th. I was worried that I would have to pay full retail price for both lines on my account to keep the one line on unlimited data. If you stay on your family share plan and don’t make any changes, you are grandfathered into that plan for as long as you want it. Hope this helps any of you that might have been confused about this as I was.

  • hey guys help me stop corporate greed and sign my petition and spread the word!

    Verizon Wireless: http://www.change.org/petitions/verizon-wireless-lower-pricing-let-customers-to-keep-unlimited-data-and-phone-upgrades

  • For anyone that preordered through Best Buy please retweet my tweet @omnicious or just tweet this @vzwsupport Give an official press release concerning S3 preorders from Best Buy and the status of unlimited data. We need reassurance.

    • Jamie Horne

      Done and done. I’d tweeted something similar but figured a retweet of your statement couldn’t hurt πŸ˜‰

    • Aryeh Hersh

      done – added @verizonwireless as well

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Just got a response…https://twitter.com/VZWSupport/status/212730638233632769
      VZW Support [email protected]@noturbizniss Sorry for the confusion! You will be able to keep your unlimited data if you preorder the device from Best Buy.^KAH

      • I’m hoping for a more official press release. Preferably something credible enough for Droid Life to put up.

        • Andrew Butler

          CALLED AND CHATTED WITH BEST BUY… THEY WILL NOT HONOR THE “GRANDFATHER CLAUSE”…. I’M JUMPING SHIP AND PRE-ORDERING THRU VZW…. Use the $50 gift card for a game or something…. Not worth the risk at this point.

      • Alix8821

        Done! RT, copy and pasted, and said my own stuff… Best Buy ruining everything!

    • Alix8821

      Got a response for mine…

      ME: @VZWSupport Pre-Ordering a GS3 via @BestBuyMobile keeps me on unlimited data correct?! Yu 2 need to get on the same page. BB saying opposite

      THEM: You will be able to retain the existing data plan if you have preordered the GSIII. Thank you! ^AE

      • I don’t like how they avoided mentioning Best Buy in that tweet. Although they have mentioned Best Buy before and I still wasn’t satisfied. I want an actual press release from them.

        • Alix8821

          I RT yu, mentioned BB in mine… We can only do so much. Last week when I did the pre-order, I called VZW b4, and after. Even had them make a note on my account’s record that I was told I’d keep Unlimited. They said it’ll show up at BB on launch day, so even if they give me hard time, VZW got my back… #FingersCrossed

  • Matt

    Hmm I am grandfathered in at a previous rate from my old Alltel plan so I wasn’t paying for unlimited data, it was included in my plan. I hope it sticks because I didn’t notice anything different with my upgrade today through Verizon’s site but I had a surprise discount of 130.00 at the very final screen right before payment confirmation.

    • Jeremy

      How on earth did you keep you Alltel data plan? I was forced off mine. My total plan was $20 less per month than I pay now… πŸ™

      • Matt

        It was so long ago that I don’t remember the specifics but I remember going in about a year ago to actually cut back our minutes (shared plan) to save some money but the Verizon rep told me that would kick us off our grandfathered Alltel plan and still end up being more expensive, so we just stayed.

  • truename

    Oh my! … Verizon’s shenanigans are surely causing quite a stir: I don’t remember the last time I had to be on hold for such a long time trying to get through to the salesperson. What a mess!
    Pre-ordered the phone. I actually wish it ships way late, like mid-July so that *if* the Razr HD gets released I could have an option to cancel the pre-order and go with a better Phone. o_O


  • I’m waiting until the 27th to pre-order the GS3 to see if any news comes out for the RAZR HD.

    • truename

      Good idea! Except the GS3 might become OOS and yet no Razr HD in sight — whatcha gonna do then? πŸ˜‰

      • Jon

        I was told by a Verizon rep that the phone won’t really go out of stock. It will just go on back order if it’s sold out. Which means your preorder will be honored, you just will have to wait till the next shipment of supplies comes in. She also told me that employees are allowed to purchase the phones, and because of the long lead time before the release date, they are going to be able to meet the demand. She said employees would be barred from buying the phone if launch supplies were not going to meet demand.

  • AhsanS

    GS3 or should I wait for the RAZR HD? Quick, someone give me an answer. πŸ™

    • Jon

      Do you like to root and load custom Roms? The Galaxy S III is for sure going to have a ton of developer support. Samsung has already released the source code for the international version and will likely do the same for the US version shortly after launch. Developers are already making custom Roms for the international version.

      The Moto Razr HD will have a locked boot loader and will likely not be as popular of a development phone. You will still be able to get ROMs for it, but it won’t be as vast of a choice as with the Samsung S III.

      Moto cameras usually suck in comparison to the competition. Moto call and audio quality is second to none. Samsung can be hit or miss with hardware (GPS bug with original Galaxy S, all the bugs of the Nexus, the largely bug free S II.)

      Moto screens are not always the best.

      • AhsanS

        True. GS3 looks better so far, but Motorola devices always have great build quality and looks (IMO). And the screen will be HD, so idk. I guess its all on me preferring unlimited, and therefore the GS3.

  • Kay

    I talked with a Verizon rep and he said that as of right now the only way that I would lose my unlimited is if I took it off myself. He said as of right now there is no comfirmed date when they for sure will get rid of unlimited.

    • Lakerzz

      The problom is that most of the time, Verizon reps are hardly ever informed on what’s going on until the last minute.

  • pmetty

    Preordered from Best Buy last week. They told me it would not lock in my unlimited plan. I may cancel and d order from Verizon.

  • I DID BOTH!….On the 5th I pre-ordered through Best Buy, got my $50 off and thought I just ordered a $149 Galaxy S 3. The $50 deposit meant I was going to be guaranteed a phone on launch day and I was given a receipt showing June 28th as the estimated ship day. Then I got home, went on this site, and saw that Verizon decided to delay it until July 9th….this morning I found out from 800-bestbuy, best buy mobile, and a few other numbers that I had not secured my unlimited data. After speaking with 3 BB mobile employees who all said “ya we dont know, i guess you wouldnt be keeping it”, I figured that was enough for me not to chance it.

    Then I spoke with Verizon on the phone: they said I could keep data. I went into a store and they said they didn’t know, went to the kiosk in the mall and she said confidently “no you will lose your data”. Then I re-called and got two different responses in varying degrees of yes, and had 4 web-chats with the customer service instant message people. Person 1 said she was 100% sure that i’d keep data, 2 said “i dont see why not”, 3 said “ya i think so, not 100% sure though, and 4 said “of course you would, you’re signing a contract today”….so I went through the motions and took screenshots of everything with the $29.99 unlimited email and web portion bubbled in…accepted the terms, got the email with that same number of $29.99 and got the transcript of every convo saying I get to keep my data.

    Bottom line…I don’t think Best Buy will honor this….but its pretty clear that I just signed and agreed to a contract extension with Verizon online with my unlimited data intact.

    I would’ve spent $149+tax at Best Buy but instead I spent $249 on the same damn phone cuz Verizon wouldn’t give me any discount…still, piece of mind is worth the extra…and in two year…F-you Verizon…Sprint will have 4G up by then and I’ll get the HTC Two X that you idiots passed on again.

  • Justin Macy

    After 2 calls and a chat online.
    First call: Even though I order it today I will be required to change my data plan when I attempt to activate it.

    Chat online:Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Franklin’
    Franklin: Hello my name is Frankie. Thank you for visiting Verizon sales chat service. How are you doing today?
    You: Hi Frankie
    You: Im doing well yourself?
    Franklin: Im great! Thanks for asking!
    You: If I were to preorder the Galaxy s III would I lose my unlimited data plan
    Franklin: No you would not. If it does not give you the option in the ordering process you will have to call customer service after your order to keep it on that phone when you get it.
    You: I just got off the phone with Tasha at customer service who gave me the complete opposite answer…
    Franklin: I will also say that the Galaxy 3 will be a awesome phone.
    You: Even if I do not have it and activate it until after the 28th I will still be able to retain my current data plan?
    Franklin: Yes you will be because the dead line to keep the unlimited data is in August.
    You: Can you send that to me in an email?
    You: my email address is [email protected]
    Franklin: I do apologize but I can not.
    You: Is there a site online by verizon that states this policy
    Franklin: If there was I would tell you. You can print this conversation out at the end of the chat if you want to.
    You: I’m sorry, I was just told by customer service that even if I pre-order it today when I receive it I will be forced to change my data plan when I attempt to activate it.
    Franklin: No you will not be forced to. The new plans that are coming out, you will not have to go to them if you do not want to.
    You: Even if i purchased a subsidized phone via pre-order, with a discount that wont ship until after June 28th?
    Franklin: Yes, I am 110% sure of it because I just got out of a meting about the new plans and the data plan.
    Second phone call: There are two schools of thought with very little clear information yet given to us. But my hunch, and what seems to make sense is that when you agree to your new contract you lock in whatever you agree to. Therefore it doesn’t matter when you activate it, it may as well be a phone you bought online at that point.

    Needless to say I ordered it.

  • Aryeh Hersh

    @vzwsupport seems to be confirming that best buy pre orders will keep unlimited…

    • Jamie Horne

      Best response from them yet, thanks for wording it so much better than I did the million times I asked them, heh!

    • Well lets hope they don’t go back on those words. Although I can see their lawyers dissecting the abbreviated unlimited.

    • Destroythanet

      Let’s all twitterbomb this same question so they have to repeat that answer again and again lol.

    • I’m confused why so many people are using best buy for an upgrade when something this important to them is somewhat questionable?

      • Harbo99

        Speaking for myself, I signed up for the $50 phone freedom credit from best buy back in Feb/March. That essentially gave me a free upgrade to the 32GB. I know I have seen others who had $150 worth of credits at Best Buy.

      • Jamie Horne

        Some people pre-ordered back on the 6th and were told by both Verizon and Best Buy we would be able to keep our existing plans and now worry about all the changing of stories.

  • I just figured out an ingenious way to preorder through Best Buy and retain your unlimited data. Wait until June 27th or 28th if you have balls and then go in and get the Nexus or the Maxx. You will still get the Mobile Freedom gift card and unlimited data. Then you’ll have a 14 day window to exchange the phone. Come in once Best Buy has the GS3 in stock and exchange it why paying off the difference between phones. Can someone point out any holes in this plan?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Not a bad idea – i’m going to ask at my local best buy – they have always been really honest and have even advised things like that in the past – perhaps reactivate old phone and keep gnex in the box so it doesn’t get damaged…

      • Let me know what they say. The only problem I can see is that Best Buy does not have the GS3 in stock until after that 14 day return period.

        • Aryeh Hersh

          Just remembered BB return policy is 30 days so should be OK. Can’t recall every hearing an android phone going OOS right away but i could be wrong…

          • Even better. Especially if they’re late the GS3 doesn’t come out until July 9. You don’t even have to cancel your preorder I think. Just upgrade as usual and then when they call you to pick up your GS3 you go in and say that you upgraded but would like to exchange it for that GS3 you preordered. That way you don’t have to wait.

          • The icing on the cake would be that you could use the Mobile Freedom gift card on the GS3 when you exchange instead of having to spend it on overpriced Best Buy crap. This is my best idea ever. Please ask your BB if this will work and tweet at me or something to let me know.

    • LewisSD

      Done! That will be exactly what I do.

    • aaCharley

      I like the plan. I don’t have enough experience with either Best Buy or Verizon to know if it will work out as you planned. Is it possible that the exchange and activation of a different phone would trigger the move to the New data plan? It would be great to get some confirmation on that as I would like to delay my choice until reviews are available and also see the RAZR Maxx HD. There is now a great deal of confusion and getting anything confirmed on how an exchange activation would be grandfathered or not may be impossible.

  • hey kellex, i just took a look at my contract, and i has been changed to month to month. can anyone confirm if this is true for them.

  • Just ordered via telesales a few minutes ago. Unlimited data kept.

  • Aaron

    I just tweeted @vzwsupport and they said I’d keep my unlimited plan even though I pre-ordered at Best Buy today.

    • Jamie Horne

      I got the same answer worded a bunch of different ways (see below comments). Fingers crossed they are being honest!

      • Aaron

        I only thought to tweet them because of your comments. Thanks!

        • Jamie Horne

          No problem, I’m a lawyer and I thought everyone should have the same proof of conversation I had (thank God for Twitter) plus the more people who harass them the more likely we can corner them into a real answer or an official statement.

  • Joe Vetter

    Pre-ordered a white 32 gig GS3 last week and was able to keep my unlimited data plan since I’m deaf and only require data and texting. No voice. My wife has a iphone 4 with 2 gb data plan, is it worthwhile for her to upgrade to 4G and get 4 gb for the price of 2 gb? Also is that promo still on? If not I’ll have her wait until the fall for the next gen iphone.

  • Herach

    Well. I tried to do the upgrade today and pre-order the SIII and I had no option for Unlimited Data and currently I have unlimited Data and paying 29.99 a month. So, it looks like I have to call and fight for it.

  • Damn! I was hoping that family shared plans don’t come till August! I was going to use my mom’s upgrade, which starts July 7th, and pre-order the S3, so I can keep unlimited data and have an awesome phone. Dreams crushed. πŸ™

  • Bobby

    My only hesitation on this phone is will it still possess the same garbage radio that the nexus has? I mean we are talking about a samsung phone, flagship or not, the phone and data part of the phone needs to be solid.

  • I have 4 upgrades available on my account. 2 of which are on basic phones for the parents. I spoke with a rep today. I plan on upgrading my Droid X to the MAXX (for $50 dollars with my NE2 discount and the $100 off coupon), then immediately transferring an upgrade to my line to pre-order a SG3. Since I’ll never be using the extra upgrades I figured at the very least I could sell the phones to buy the RAZR HD off contract. If this is successful, I may repeat it again on the other line we want to have unlimited data. You definitely keep your unlimited if you pre-order the SG3 before the 28th.

  • Just ordered the blue 16gb. Got to keep my unlimited. πŸ™‚
    Upgrading from Droid X. Woohoo!

    • crtny

      when you pre-ordered with verizon did you have to pay the $200 up front or a $50 hold like with Best Buy??

      • rjmims6017

        You have to use a credit card to charge the full $200 but it is not charged to your card/account until the phone is shipped.

        • can you confirm your card is not charged until shipped?

          • Jon

            I can confirm- no charge till the phone ships. Pre ordered 4 days ago – no pending charges for it on the card as of now.

          • yeah, this part annoys me, I set aside the money to make the pre-order and now I have to remember how much not to spend and not mess up my budgeting between checks. I’d much rather it not glaring me in the face when I look at my account. I wish they had a charge me now or charge me when shipped option so I could click the first option and be done with it.

          • Jordan

            if your money is that tight, do you need a new phone?

          • Brian

            Just because he earmarked cash for this in his budget doesn’t mean his money is tight. It just means he actually makes an effort to track down where all of it goes instead of just spending willy-nilly until the overdraft fees start ticking off like most Americans.

          • JazzoRenee

            Thank you, because I am just like @facebook-770033186:disqus. I have a personal allowance that I like to keep myself in.

          • Doron Zehavi


          • Confirmed. Preordered on June 13th and card still hasnt been charged.

      • stephen

        i had to pay the 200 upfront but theres a 30 dollar upgrade fee so it might be 230 … but also if u live in a state thats on the list u might have to pay full retail taxes on it … i had to pay 40 in taxes …

    • Doron Zehavi

      Same situation here! I love how so many Droid X owners are now moving on to GS3, we all seem to think alike!

      • boss74

        yup same here, my droid x has been past due for an upgrade but the gnex just didnt appeal to me, this one i just had to jump on though πŸ™‚

        • Odys

          Along with everyone above, i am also upgrading to the GS3 from a Droid X. I’m stuck with picking the color. I’m leaning towards a white one, but i have heard about white phones (primarily the HTC one X) that pick up/fade with Jeans pocket color and lint. I think that the materials are different, but just wondering if this will be the case with this phone too. Anyone having this problem with a white phone other than the HTC one X?

          • Mike d

            Ive had a white fascinate since it rolled out and have had no issue with fading. The only bit ive noticed comes from just normal wear and tear from not using a case. I did preorder the white S3 and also kept my unlimited data.

          • I am also upgrading from Droid X, and getting a white 16 GB. I vowed that this would be my last Motorola phone, as the GPS had stopped working about 6 months ago. Even did a factory reset to pre-Gingerbread, but nothing fixed it. Can’t wait to get my hands on GS3.

      • So true, i just upgraded.

    • mcc32

      upgrading from Droid X also! seems to be a trend. 16Gb Blue.

    • Callelle

      Upgrading from my Droid X to a 16gb blue as well. Been able to upgrade since April.

    • beebva

      I agree. I did the same thing. Upgrading my Droid X. Thing keeps rebooting everytime I take it out of the case.

    • There I said it

      After reading this I immediately went and pre-ordered my White GS3-32gb to upgrade from my DroidX and preserve my unlimited data plan for another 2 years.

      Too excited to wait now!

    • ME TOO!!! πŸ˜€

    • HelloMooto

      Same exact deal here, Droid X to blue 16gb with unlimited! It’s really too bad the Razr HD isn’t out yet though, I was going to upgrade to that in the fall if Verzion hadn’t pulled their BS trying to force everyone off their unlimited plans. If they someone drop the unlimited plan completely we will be going elsewhere with our family plan. $60 for 2gb of data is INSANE! I feel like they are trying to move us back to the stone ages when dial up connections were limited to how many minutes you could use!

    • Upgrading as well from DroidX Cant wait for 2X the phone with unlocked bootloader(i hope) Bye Moto, no hard feelings

  • Wel

    Are you guys implying that if we’re not on a contract currently, but have unlimited, that at some point in the future that Verizon may just say “sorry, but no more unlimited for you”? Am I reading this correctly?

    What happens after the 2 years is up then? Can we still stick with unlimited?

    • Chase

      I believe they can’t force you off your unlimited plan after two years if you continue their service and pay full price for newer phones. I think the 28th is the deadline for using your upgrade while keeping the unlimited plan.

      • sgtguthrie

        If you’re not under contract they can legally change your terms of service monthly! I know they are saying they won’t, but they also said we could keep our unlimited data πŸ˜‰

        Do you really what to take their word for it?

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Once your not under contract anymore they can theoretically cancel the unlimited as there is no contract. Currently they claim they will not…we’ll have to just wait and see.

    • Joshua Lewis

      I’ve been with them for 15 years. so far they’ve never changed anything on my plan when i was out of contract. that doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t but it’s never happened to me. Actually I even had some ameritech plan name up until recently.

      Also if you buy a phone from some place else and activate it on your line, that won’t change anything about your plan. So in theory you can keep your unlimited forever if you never buy another phone from them.

      In a few years (perhaps many) they’ll eventually come to you and offer some ridiculously great deal to get your old stupid phone off their network but i can’t see that happening for a long while. I haven’t seen that in a long time but back when they upgraded some part of their infrastructure and wanted to decommission some old junk, they offered the last few people with the older phones an increadable deal just so they didn’t have to support their phones on the network anymore. Considering the fact that I’m still seeing 1G (EVDO) network support even on the SGS3, I doubt anything like that will happen any time soon if ever but there’s always hope.

  • Guest

    Why does screen-shot #1 say the the 32gb phone is only $149????

  • Destroythanet

    The mobile phone manager at the best buy i went to in so cal said that pre-ordering customers will NOT keep unlimited data if the phone comes out after the 28th.

    • Chase

      It’s not really “if,” it will for sure come out after the 28th. No point in buying from BB.

  • jseah114

    I had pre-ordered two from Best Buy last week (paid for the 2 $50 gift cards). After reading the earlier post, I went onto the Verizon website this morning and pre-ordered two. Was able to keep unlimited data. When I finalized the order, it showed no feature changes to either lines (they are both on 4G phones now). The only difference is that because the SIII uses microsims, they will need to send me new sims.

    • Verizon’s GSIII requires microsims?

      • jseah114

        Yes it does. Just like the Razr Maxx and the Galaxy Nexus.

  • This Best Buy situation is unnerving. It would suck if it was a big conspiracy between BB and VZW to trick a boatload of accounts to tiered data. We should put on our tin-foil hats now.

    • Griff726

      I doubt it’s a conspiracy, but probably not a coincidence either.

  • Sarah

    I pre-ordered mine from verizon the day you were eligible to & on my receipt it shows my unlimited data with the $29.99 price as well. I called the store that I ordered it from and was told that my unlimited data plan would be safe. Then, I called verizon’s customer service and was told that nothing can be promised 100% but since I am already on a family plan, when i get mine on july 11th they can’t see anyone forcing me into a different plan while the rest of my family members are still on an unlimited plan. He read me the policy and it says that active members of an existing unlimited data plan with shared minutes will be grandfathered into that same plan when upgrading unless you go over your minutes on your plan or you wish to upgrade to a better plan. Once you change though, you will never be able to go back. I find it all to be a little shady – no one knows for sure what is going on yet and nothing can be promised. I am a little nervous to receive my phone and find out once and for all if I have unlimited data or not.

  • Liam

    Ordered from Verizon online the first day it was up and kept my unlimited data plan! Can not wait to get this beast!

  • Just got off the phone with Best Buy Retard Squad. She told me the “pre-order” is not actually a pre-order with a contract modification but instead just a “reservation” for the phone. Im going back to the store tomorrow to cancel my “pre-order” and get my money back from the forced gift-card purchase.


    • Is it actually possible to get money back from the gift card purchase? I thought that was why they did it in the first place, so you could never actually get your money back.

  • Goose306

    100% confirmed. Still keeping my email confirmation near and dear though, just in case πŸ™‚

  • Here’s something you should get on: these are shared family plans, so does that mean single line accounts do not have their unlimited data upgrade date on June 28?

    • mettec

      I was at a VZW store today and the Mgr said this only applies to people with family plans or more then 1 line on a single account.. If you are on a single plan you will not be effected by the new plans.

      • At all? Even if you upgrade after June 28?

  • feztheforeigner

    If I buy off contract from now on will I be grandfathered into unlimited data forever?

  • iceman

    Yes I can confirm that unlimited is and was there, as a matter of fact. I can go one up when I receive my confirmation email it also stated my

  • DanSan

    FYI… My brothers upgrade date was 6/28 so i called verizon and they gave me an early upgrade. spoke with a few different people and 2 managers and they WILL NOT let you preorder an S3 when they give you an early upgrade. They did an exception in the computer since it was less than 30 days before the upgrade, but it wont let them select a preordered phone as an upgrade. I also asked if I order a Nexus, and the S3 comes out within the return policy what happens if I exchange it for an S3. I was told I can certainly do that in the store but it will change the account to shared data. Pretty much if you do anything what so ever in any way, shape or form to the data features on your account ON or AFTER june 28th you will go to shared data. Kind of sucks because he wanted an S3 obviously but theres no way to do it unless you already have an upgrade.

    Early upgrades WILL not allow for upgrades to a preorder phone. Sorry guys

    • jim

      Dont see how switching from a Nexus to a GS3 will change the account to shared data. It’s not like you are going from a “dumb” phone to smartphone; both are 4G phones and its just like activating a different device on the same line with same features

      • jseah114

        If you look at the earlier post with the info sheet from Verizon, it specifically states that if you return a phone, you can keep unlimited data, but if you exchange a phone, you will need to switch.

        • queueq

          Hm, I was curious about this as well but can’t seem to find which post you’re referring to where this is stated??

          • jseah114

            Second slide of the training deck which is here

          • queueq

            @jseah114:disqus: Thanks! That’s concerning info, I hope that’s not the case.. Although the way it’s worded makes me wonder if it is referring to customers who HAD unlimited data, then switched to a shared/tiered plan when they upgraded, and want to do a return/exchange within 14 days from switching and go back to unlimited – from the document exchanging would not let them “go back” to unlimited, but returning the phone would let them back on unlimited…
            I really don’t see how once your contract is renewed WITH unlimited they could justify you having to switch out of unlimited just to do an exchange to another 4g phone within your 14 days, since really nothing is changing but the phone… what is it with these “communications” providers notoriously having the least clear communication with their customers!!

            Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part since I want to keep unlimited but was hoping the Incredible 4g would come out before the data share plans – I’m thinking about pre-ordering the S3 just to be safe, and thought maybe if it was too big I could just exchange for an Incredible (which may come out Jun 21) while keeping unlimited data which I would lock in with the new contract from the S3. Damn this is getting complicated..

  • Anyone know for sure when the sgs3 is gonna be released on Verizon or the cutoff date to keep my unlimited data?

    • Doug

      As long as you preorder before june 28th u keep ur unlimited data or purchase any phone before the 28th ur fine.

  • KDaugh

    Just pre-ordered and confirmed that I will keep my unlimited plan.

  • breaz25

    Yes, I pre-ordered on the first day from Verizon and it clearly indicated in the check out process that I get “EMAIL & WEB UNLIMITED $29.99”.
    n I also have it in black and white in the email confirmation. I wouldn’t chance loosing the plan by ordering through Best Buy.

  • aaCharley

    After going over all of the comments and options, it seems that I’m almost forced to preorder the SGSIII. I have the $29.99 unlimited data plan and want to keep it. I had hoped to get a chance to actually read some user reviews of this phone before buying it. If it has as many problems as the last Samsung Greatest Phone, Galaxy Nexus, it will be a great disappointment. However, those are still selling for over $300 on Ebay, bugs and all.
    My plan was to wait for the Moto RAZR HD to become available and compare. I will be moving up from a Droid X which has worked pretty well. Great phone service and reception, a long time Moto “feature.”
    In any case, I should be able to get this SGSIII delivered, let it sit brand new in the box, wait for the RAZR HD, and be able to sell and buy without much additional cost. I can live without the 4G for a few more months. I do wonder if the World Phone capability is available on both of the phones though. Another nice feature of the Max HD.

    • steve0617

      While you may not be able to know the user reviews of the VZW version, it will be out on the 21st on the other carriers. Plenty of time to form at least a reasonable opinion before having to preorder by the 28th with VZW.

    • hkklife

      Galaxy S3, by way of a future software update, will also become a global phone. Otherwise, your plan sounds like a very good one!

  • Jamie Horne

    For those who might have preordered from Best Buy (myself included) I just had a few different twitter convos with some people @vzwsupport who all confirmed if I preordered with Best Buy prior to June 28th then I would get to keep my unlimited data. Of course they used language like as long as the phone is “purchased” before the 28th, etc and I responded that the phone was not purchased in but actually reserved and that the phone wouldnt be purchased until the phone arrived in store. They still confirmed I was correct to believe my unlimited data would be untouched. My suggestion…get on twitter and harass those mofos @vzwsupport and take some screen shots of your convos because in the end it might be good enough to fight to keep your unlimited data. I even at one point asked if i should pre-order through Verizon and cancel my phone reserve with Best Buy but unfortunately they seemed to ignore this inquiry.

    • SubMatrix

      can you link to the vzwsupport twitter posts so we have evidence? I plan to preorder through Best Buy as well since i have the $50 credit, but I need to ensure that I keep my unlimited data.

      • Aryeh Hersh

        I’m having a conv now with @vzwsupport I will screencap when done.

        • Your handle is noturbizniss?

          • Aryeh Hersh

            Yes it is.

      • Jamie Horne

        Here is one…https://twitter.com/VZWSupport/status/212691692099354626

        I had multiple convos with them my handle on twitter is @AHealthyJD if it helps you can search for my convos with them

      • Jamie Horne

        Here is a screenshot of the most detailed conversation I had…

        • Send them another tweet saying that you will not actually “purchase” the phone before June 28. Best Buy won’t have it by then. Ask them what then.

          • Jamie Horne

            I asked but it’s hard to get a straight answer out of them…I’ll see what I can get.

          • Jamie Horne

            Here is the response I got…

          • I think that is as good as it is going to get from them. Risky betting it all on a tweet but no other choice.

          • Jamie Horne

            Yeah, if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t have pre-ordered through Best Buy. Only did this to avoid playing games with beating the Fed Ex guy home on delivery day :

          • Is there a reason you don’t cancel the preorder through BB and do it through Verizon now?

          • Jamie Horne

            Because we’d be stuck with $100 (two phone pre-orders) in gift cards to Best Buy, which we don’t want. Though I admittedly asked @vzwsupport several times if I should do this, because we likely would if told we needed to. I think we are going to wait a day or two to see if anything official is announced to clarify the issue and if not we might just go ahead and cancel with BB and go through Verizon.

          • Pretty much the situation I am in as well. Hopefully they release something definitive about it soon. I think I’ll wait till next week before deciding.

    • Chris

      I pre-ordered through Best Buy also. I called Verizon, and the rep said I would be able to keep my unlimited data because i pre-ordered the S3 prior to June 28th. And because I agreed to the upgrade terms, the phone was able to be reserved for me? even though i didn’t extend my contract/upgrade at that time. He also noted it on my account, so in case I do not receive the unlimited data, it would be overturned. Anyone hear the same?

      • Jamie Horne

        My husband had a similar phone call with them earlier today and they also said this and that it would be noted on our account. however, hours later when we asked Best Buy they said they weren’t sure and called Verizon on speaker, a different Verizon rep proceeded to tell us that we weren’t guaranteed to keep our unlimited data because we preordered with Best Buy v. Verizon. I then hopped on Twitter and had the below referenced discussions with @vzwsupport because I was unhappy with the two polar opposite responses we received today from Verizon CSR. So just beware, they don’t seem to know what the hell is really going on and at any given moment you may receive a different response. I can only hope that the “note” on our accounts will save our data plans.

    • Jeremy

      I talked to Best Buy today and they confirmed via VZW and their VZW rep that I can keep my unlimited data… I still don’t trust them so I am going in and buying a G-Nex on June 26th, and then doing a hardware swap when my Galaxy S3 arrives.

  • Skip

    I upgraded two phones by pre ordering the SGS3 and both show that I kept my unlimited plan. I did use the Verizon website as well.

  • Trueblue711

    It’s a good thing I really like the GS III. I originally bought my Droid X sooner than intended to hold on to my unlimited data and now I’m doing the same for the GS III. I’ve never had a love/hate relationship like mine with Verizon.

  • Brian

    What are the chances of the razor HD dropping within the 14 day return period?

    • hkklife

      Practically nil, IMHO.

      The GS3 and Inc4G will be VZW’s big releases for June/July. I see the RAZR HD coming in August for the back to school crowd. Expect some very aggressive promos and early upgrade promos to try and get the 3G and unlimited data stragglers off their existing plans and hardware and into a shiny new RAZR HD and a new tiered or shared plan.

  • I also pre-ordered on Verizon and was able to keep my unlimited data. Now I twiddle my thumbs hoping they will ship sooner, and certainly no later, than July 9.

  • How much is it to do with this pre-order deal if you are buying the device outright from verizon, no discount?

  • Pre-ordered today and was able to keep my unlimited data plan as well.

    I have a question. We pre-order the Galaxy SIII today, which extends our contracts another 2 years.

    As far as we know now, if we pay full retail for all of our new phones within that 2 year window, will we be able to keep that unlimited data plan for the next 2 years?

    If so this definitely seems do-able in my eyes. I currently own the Galaxy Nexus, and on Swappa it looks the Galaxy Nexus has easily been selling for $300-$400. So, repeat that process when the next device you want is released and you’ll still be able to get your phone for around the discounted upgrade price.

    • Yes.

    • Mudokon83

      what was your motivation for going from NEXUS to SIII? If you dont mind me asking.

      I currently have the HTC Incredible 2, and wondering if i should swappa for Nexus or preorder the SIII.



      • I actually haven’t decided which phone I’m going to use yet between the Nexus and SIII. I love AOSP and the thought of a physical button makes me nausious to be honest.

        I could still sell the SIII, right? Profit. I mainly upgraded to extend my unlimited data for another year, and I still have a Thunderbolt I can sell so I’ve got options.

        The physical button though, ew.

  • burpootus

    I pre-ordered on the second day and kept unlimited data, the same as reported in the article.

  • Scott

    I placed my order online on friday the second day of preorder and was able to keep my unlimited data and email too. Recieved an e-mail confiming this also.

  • Gumby31

    The unlimited data is still around after the Shared plan is available on June 28. They still have not ironed out how they will be phasing out unlimited and transitioning customers to limited.

    • Where are your sources??

    • doug

      U really want to take that chance ??????????

  • To bad my upgrade isn’t until October, and I can’t afford one at full price right now.

  • njbuzz

    Pre-ordered today with my dads upgrade(feature phone) . Was able to keep unlimited

  • yauch

    confirmed – I pre-ordered online and kept my unlimited plan

  • woadster

    What’s that 4g hotspots for 30 in the pic?

    • I toss that on my account every once in a while when I travel.

      • hkklife

        Kellex, I do the same exact thing when I travel and take my laptop. I add and remove the hotspot feature about every other month or two. Do you think I will be able to continue doing this “change” in the future without putting my unlimited data in jeopardy? Just renewed for 2 with a GS3 pre-order. Thanks!

  • Itzwuteva

    I pre-ordered mine on June 6th. Did it over the phone with Verizon and I still have my unlimited data. My contract has been up since April but Ive been waiting for the S3 to drop.

  • SMD

    Pre-ordered 2 S3’s through Verizon on presale day1. Called in customer service. They confirmed that we’ll keep our unlimited data. Glad I did it. There will be new phones that will eventually top it but at least I’m secure for now and I can always buy at full to keep my data.

    Funny that over a year ago I chose Android (TBolt) over an iPhone for 3 main reasons (since my wife and I don’t root our phones): 1) LTE 2) Bigger Screen 3) Navigation…and now it looks like the iPhone 5 may have all 3… which makes me go hmmm. But I’m not taking a chance. I’ve loved Android so far and I know I’ll be happy with the S3’s…especially since I won’t be worrying about data. πŸ™‚

    • Guest

      The iPhone5 is *NOT* going to have a 4.8″ screen. If you mean “bigger” by moving from 4.3″ down to 4″… even that’s a step backward.

      I’m afraid the iphone had its hay-day. Like so many things that are “new and inventing” initially … they eventually get lazy and think they can get YEARS behind and still be “innovative”. No.

      RIP: Steve
      RIP: iPhone

      • SMD

        True. Even 4″ is too small of a screen size for me now where it once was what I thought was the perfect size. Yeah, I’m truly excited for the S3. Having my wife have one too I’ll probably use things like Beam more than I would normally. Should be fun.

  • nightscout13

    First, i pre-ordered at best buy. Then called them few days later, they told me they need me to come back to cancel the pre-order. They didn’t tell me why, but i don’t care. I was then able to login to Verizon and pre-order there, upgraded both my lines, got to keep unlimited data, AND got an extra $30 off the price of the phone πŸ™‚

  • How in the first picture is the pre-order $149.99? hmmmm

    • Doug

      Well I paid $149.99 for my S3 I had a NE2 CREDIT I haven’t used in forever.

      • yeah but isn’t that a $100 credit? This pic shows 149.99 for the 16gb which is 199.99… or am i missing something

  • Daniel W

    Pre-ordered a week ago and got to keep unlimited data.

  • Strider

    I preordered last week through Verizon and I was able to keep my unlimited data plan.

  • Guest

    Pre-ordered a few days ago. It allowed me to keep my Unlimited. The confirmation email also contains this information including the Unlimited.
    That said, I have not been charged yet for the purchase, so I wonder if they could in theory back out of the sale last minute.

    • That’s what I’m wondering too. I’ve pre-ordered and received my confirmation email, but my credit card hasn’t been charged. Are they waiting to charge until it ships?

      • Guest

        I hope that is the case, but I am however worried that there might be a clause where no monetary exchange = no deal, so they could in theory on the 28th say “Hey, listen, we know you signed this thing, but since the exchange was never finalized, the deal is off”. >_>

  • zenit

    Hmm now the question is whether I should get an iPhone 4s or the galaxy s3. Would really like a phone with GSM radio that my gnex doesn’t have

    • nightscout13

      If you even have to ask that question, then you should not buy the GS3.

    • Galaxy S3 will have global roaming later (via software update). I guess that implies existing GSM radio.

  • I don’t get my upgrade till June 22, but i think I should be ok with pre ordering the S3 then and keeping my unlimited data, I hope!

    • Cutting it close. πŸ™‚ But yeah you should be good.

    • Annie

      I called back when I got the X, and asked since it wasn’t dropping until after my renewel date (due to back orders) could I go ahead and place and order. They said yes, and manually changed my renewel date for me.

      You might try that so you can place your order sooner.

      • jfa

        what number are you calling? My upgrade is June 15, but no one will let me upgrade early.

  • js

    I always thought 4G was a separate fee? I’m on a DX right now paying the $29.99 but obviously not an LTE phone…is it the same price when upgrading to a phone that’s LTE capable?

    • no. You are paying for Data in general. It doesn’t matter if your are using 3g, or 4g. it’s all under the same data contract.

      • js

        Good to know. Thanks everyone.

    • nightscout13

      Yes. But that’s only if you hurry up and pre-order. If you wait past the 28th, you’re SOL.

    • yauch

      I pre-ordered the S3 coming from a DX and thought the same thing as well. I can happily say there was no extra fee associated with moving from the 3G to 4G

    • 4G was a separate fee only on Sprint. Not on Verizon.

  • Colin

    You preordered and had a discounted phone upgrade ready? or you guys all upgraded at full price to S3?

    • thenew3

      I had an upgrade waiting for a while now (about a year). So I used a discounted upgrade and got to keep my unlimited data @ $24/month

      • SubMatrix

        How did you get it at $24 a month?

        • sethk

          20% employee discount, it sounds like.

    • Upgraded with a discounted price. See the $249 price in the photo above.

      • Colin

        yeah but since i dont get a discount on a new phone it lists “you can upgrade at full retail price on a phone!”
        no thanks to that :p

  • Yes I kept my unlimited data but when looking in my Verizon I noticed a several of my existing discounts were no longer reflected. After 30 minutes on the phone with support I was told in no uncertain terms that NOTHING should change for me as I made my changes before the cutoff

    • Thanks for confirming.

      • The response was pretty impressive too. It was pretty obvious that they want people to know that if you get in before the cutoff you are fine. I am guessing they got quite a few angry calls today so remember it’s not their fault be polite and they tend to do what they can to help out

        • sgtguthrie

          That’s exactly right, I called today and voiced my dissatisfaction POLITELY, and the guy offered to give me an early upgrade so I could preorder the s3. I didn’t ask or beat around the bush, he outright offered it. My upgrade date is in December πŸ˜‰

          • Nat

            How did you get them to give you an early upgrade? I called yesterday and they said it was physically impossible to allow an early upgrade. Then I called back to try again w someone else n she said ok that she got approval and called again saying it was impossible. How did they allow it?

          • sgtguthrie

            It is physically impossible for the first person you speak to, however it only requires a managers approval. They call it an m2 πŸ˜‰

          • Joshua Lewis

            i’ve been doing this a long time. Keep calling and eventually someone will let you but only if your contract is up soon. like the above person whose contract was up in december and mine is up in september. If yours has another year or close to it then you’ll be SOL unfortuantely.

          • Nat

            Well I’ve called so many times. And spoke to so many ppl and they all tell me its impossible to preorder on the iconic program which they use to do the preorder. They are saying I can upgrade to a 3g phone but none of the new ones. I’m at a loss of what to do. Im eligible in less than a month and they giving me so much trouble.

          • Joshua Lewis

            did you try online? you mean eligible for discount or end of contract? that may be a problem. Didn’t used to be but Verizon now seems to care very little for established individual customers. It doesn’t seem like they’re really in the business of making or keeping anyone happy really. they’re making so much money from their B2B contracts that they seem to think they don’t need to do anything but swim in their money pits.

      • WAldenIV

        Any idea what would happen to someone with an unlimited 3G data plan?

        • tyguy829

          This. Want to wait for the razr hd but not sure if I can “upgrade” (buy it off contract) from 3g to 4g after the 28th and keep unlimited since they will have to issue a new LTE sim card. @kellex:disqus : Do you know anything about this? Thanks

          • MechaEx

            I upgraded from 3G DX to 4G SGS3. Verizon once said they do not differentiate between data types 3G/4G.

            Here’s a screen for you: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/690/upgradec.png/

            You can also see my awesome $150 discount!

          • tyguy829

            Nice! Thanks a ton. Great news for me. By the way, how DID you get that crazy discount?

          • VerizonMGR

            Thats only true for you because you signed a new contract. Verizon will not essentially upgrade you to their better 4G service area (not only data but voice service) from a current 3G plan WITHOUT signing a new contract (which the OP does not want to do). It has to do with all the 4G coding that’s added to the account for it to be able to support an LTE sim, these codes do not exist on the older 3G plans and the only way to get them would be to sign a new contract. So to make it simple, if you have a 3G phone with unlimited data plan you can continue to keep it as long as you don’t upgrade at contract price and pay full retail for the phone, BUT THE PHONE MUST BE 3G as you will not be able to add a 4G phone to your existing plan even if you pay full retail as its not compatible. HOWEVER, if your already an owner of a 4G phone with an unlimited plan, you can continue to purchase any new 4G phones at full retail (no contract price) and keep sing when with your existing plan.

            So to summarize, you can keep your unlimited plans with purchase of full retail phones of the SAME technology your currently connected with (3G to 3G OR 4G to 4G). YOU CANNOT upgrade from 3G to 4G phones without a plan change even if you paid full retail, and you will lose your current plan and unlimited data if you have it.

          • steelcity1

            I hate to disagree with a Verizon Manager, but I did just that yesterday. 3G unlimited data to a 4g unlimited data. So maybe it varies from location to location?

          • Jake

            The answer is yes. Unlimited data is unlimited data. πŸ™‚ https://twitter.com/VZWSupport/status/212736866280144897

          • STEVEinCT

            Sorry, but no you cannot. You wont have to sign a new contract (because you paid full retail) but in order to use the 4G phone they will have to change your plan for your account to accept an LTE sim card and service (which would be upgrading you to the 4G voice and Data coverage areas that you currently don’t have access to with your plan and phone). It’s not that Verizon won’t allow it to happen, But more an issue with the way ttheir system is setup to handle LTE sims and service addition (the only way to add an LTE sim compatibility to your account is to change your plan and you will lose unlimited data since it will no longer be available after 6/28).

            LOOPHOLE FOR 3G USERS: Pre-order the SG3 at full retail (to retain unlimited data under a 4G device and stay out of contract) and then once you get the phone, simply return it! This way your account is already coded for the 4G service as the account code change happens immediately after the phone is ordered and paid for, so whenever a 4G phone you want eventually comes out you can buy it a full retail and add it to your account without issue. Good luck!

          • tyguy829

            Thanks a lot for the reply. I may have to buy/return the s3. The only thing that confuses me is this. https://twitter.com/VZWSupport/status/212736866280144897
            Do you really think vzwsupport has it wrong?

        • MechaEx

          I upgraded from 3G with no problems. Verizon has stated they do not differentiate between 3G and 4G data.

          Here’s the receipt: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/690/upgradec.png/

          • sgtguthrie

            But how’d you get the discount?

          • tyguy829

            Nice, thanks!

          • VerizonMGR

            Anyone can upgrade from 3G to 4G and keep their unlimited data
            now because their plan change hasn’t come into effect yet. Unlimited data will not be available after June and The OP is talking about making the change AFTER 6/28 not NOW like you and everyone else is rushing to do.

    • Cosign

  • k.sae

    pre-ordered. and i kept my unlimited plan. mine is
    $44.99 rather than $29.99 because I’m OG.

  • thenew3

    Just pre-ordered, was going to wait, but didn’t want to chance losing the unlimited

    • And you did so through Verizon and it allowed you to keep your unlimited data, right?

      • Doug

        I did my over the phone with the customer service rep on the 6th for the S3 but when I signed on my account the option for unlimited data was there. I also have a copy of the order that was sent to my email and it list the $29.99 Email and Web unlimited on the the order form. I already saved a copy of the email on my desktop and an my email just in case VZW tries something.

        • Cool thanks.

          • Doug

            couple spelling errors but yeah my unlimited is still on the account. I have a 20 Percent discount for the access line and a 20 percent discount of the unlimited data. I pay 23.99 for unlimited. The rep said both discounts will stay and I had him note it on the account!

      • thenew3

        Yes, did it on vzw web site, it let me keep my unlimited data, confirmation email shows that as a line item.