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Android Other: T-Mobile Galaxy Note Hits FCC, AT&T Wants Verizon’s Spectrum, and Galaxy SII ICS

Android Other is a quick look at some of the other Android stories that hit the web today that we thought you may care about as an enthusiast. In order to stay up-to-date on all things green robot, this isn’t a bad post to check out on the daily.


Galaxy Note Headed for T-Mobile Passes through the FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Note, the 5.3″ phablet that passed the 7 million units sold mark a while back, is looking to ad to its surprisingly high totals. There were rumblings that the Note may be making its way to T-Mobile, but this FCC filing looks to make that pretty official. Now the question is, when can we see it? Rumors point to July 11 for this phone launching on the Magenta network and it may have Ice Cream Sandwich already on board if we’re really lucky. With the Note making its way to another US carrier, do you still want it on Verizon? 

Via: FCCPocketnow

T-Mobile Pushes Android 4.0.3 Update to Galaxy SII Starting Today

The Galaxy SIII may be the talk of the town lately, but the Galaxy SII is one of the best selling Android phones to-date. The update to Ice Cream Sandwich has finally arrived for the SII on T-Mobile’s network. Installation requires downloading Kies software for Mac or Windows followed by a quick hookup and download. Get to it!

Via: TmoNews

HTC One S Being Sold with Snapdragon S3 Processor in Select Markets

The good guys over at The Verge reached out to HTC to see if the rumor that the One S in some markets was shipping with the earlier-gen S3 processor was true. HTC responded and said that it is true, but the S3 is being bumped up to 1.7GHz instead of the 1.5Ghz on the S4 that resides in American One S phones. The question is why? It seems that Qualcomm is having trouble keeping stock of the S4 chips since they’re being used in almost all of the big name phones these days. Let’s hope that the stock gets replenished sooner rather than later, especially with the Galaxy SIII almost upon us.

Via: The Verge

Sprint Touch Slides Leaked, is Google Wallet on its Way Out?

The rumors of Sprint making their own Wallet system for their smartphones might be true after a set of leaked slides surfaced today. Sprint was the only carrier in the US to really embrace Google Wallet when it was announced last year, but now it seems as if they are moving in their own direction. The slides show partners like Macy’s and McDonalds and reward cards, but there was no mention of bank partners on this Touch Wallet system. It does seem that Sprint is serious about this, however, are Wallet’s days numbered?

Via: Android Central

AT&T Wants a Piece of Verizon’s 700MHz LTE Spectrum

The government wasn’t too excited about Verizon trying to buy a whole lot of AWS Spectrum from Comcast and Time Warner last year. To appease Capitol Hill, Verizon mentioned they would be willing to sell some of their 700MHz spectrum, and apparently AT&T wants in. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has been hinting recently that his company would be very interested in purchasing that from Big Red. AT&T says the spectrum could be “up and running in 60 days from the sale” so they’re pretty serious about it. Time will tell if the two network giants get to settle this deal.

Via: The Verge

  • thoms robin

    Got the 4.0.3. update OTA on my SGS2, so don’t blame Samsung for not
    providing OTA updates,This would have been good news for me. I have
    since moved on to the Galaxy.i like it a lot but one thing got me
    thinking..ram use is much higher. i would say every one must know Top 10 things about the update

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    Verizon is the bottom feeder when it comes to phones.

  • yes a thousand times, it will sell just f ing release it!!!

  • Jeff Tycz

    So if AT&T gets Verizons 700Mhz spectrum does that mean we could eventually use AT&T phone on verizon and vice versa?

    • theoretically yes, i pray for the day that any phone can be used for any cell service just like the old landline phones, granted landlines were simpler but still lol

  • Immolate

    Nice post format guys. I think a good third of your posts should be in this sort of format. I’m talking about posts like this or that case or accessory, this or that OTA (non-ICS) update and this or that second tier application. These are all stories that are of some interest, but when you put them in a digest post like this one, they don’t scroll all of the big news off to page two within two hours.

  • Dominick_7

    Sigh.. Tmobile.. good for you….Verizon PLEASE Get the NOTE…! Nearly 8000 signed the petition to have you get the Note/Journal. Hurry up already. You guys almost always take forever! Guess the good thing is there are more options for carriers to go to and away from Verizon.

    • Jon

      Yeah if Verizon had the note, I think I would choose the note over the Galaxy S III. Bigger is better 🙂

      • I actually switched to Tmobile from Verizon last month. I bought the att version of the Galaxy Note and flashed the 4G/3G radio hack from XDA and all I have to say is WOW. This phone is excellent. I thought it would be impractical or uncomfortable but it’s perfect. Videos, books, manga, full desktop browsing. It’s so great. If this thing was on Verizon, it worlds have been unstoppable.

        • Also, I should add, that 720p actually looks proper on Note. Not bashing resound or nexus, but I can’t notice that resolution on those phones

        • Jeff

          Miguel.. thats what I expected from the Note.. I too have seen the rumors about the Note to Verizon but …….. Thanks

    • Why do people start a petition for private companies? They don’t do anything also 8000 really that is nothing compared to their total user base. Get a million signatures then someone might give a hoot at VZW.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    And Just like that Android Life is DEAD. Ding Dong… Long Live Droid-Life!

  • hey guys help me stop corporate greed and sign my petition and spread the word!

    Verizon Wireless: http://www.change.org/petitions/verizon-wireless-lower-pricing-let-customers-to-keep-unlimited-data-and-phone-upgrades

  • LocBox

    yea my mom’s feelings are mutual. there is no other phone verizon can offer her in her opinion. I got one on AT&T and love it though =-]

  • I don’t really know what makes the Galaxy Note so good, but my mom is dead set on getting that phone when it comes to Verizon.

    • ch0diac

      Assuming we ever see it come to the Big Red…

    • jeff

      I have not heard that Verizon is getting the note? I too wanted the phablet but have ordered the GSIII. Your thoughts?

      • Yeah haha. I meant to say IF it comes to Verizon.

      • tomn1ce

        there was a rumor going around that VZW suppose to get the Note, but as the Galaxy Journal….

      • Immolate

        I had the Note on AT&T (work phone) and I loved the phone, but I couldn’t take the network so I sold it and pre-ordered the SIII on Verizon. I’m back to using our spare Blackberry in the meantime, but even that doesn’t aggravate me like striped globe did..

    • gdavenpo

      If shes like my mom. Its the size of the screen. it is so much easier for her to see, and makes my life so much better. 😉

  • sirmims

    i might be switching to T-Mobile soon and to me Note > S3

    • Droidzilla

      I just switched back from T-Mo. Great customer service, horrid network (in my area, at least). I’ll stick with Verizon, who are generally the other way around.