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DROID Incredible 4G LTE Signage Arrives at Verizon Stores, Still No Official Release Date

Some Verizon stores received signage for the yet-to-be-released DROID Incredible 4G LTE over the weekend. Unfortunately for those waiting to get their hands on the device, a release date did not accompany them. Our sources have told us that Big Red is targeting June 21 for the non-One series device, but until we hear something official publicly, there is still a chance that that could change.

To bring everyone up to speed, the Incredible 4G LTE was announced by VZW back on May 7 at CTIA in New Orleans with an open-ended “coming weeks” release time frame. Here we are over a month later and the wireless giant remains silent on the matter. We aren’t exactly sure if this slow movement has something to do with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII launch which could happen before the end of June, or if there is a problem with the device. We know that Verizon is meticulous in its release schedules, so we have to assume that they have some reason for this madness. Signage arriving in stores is always a good sign though.

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  • grant

    Considering the image on the right phone has a standard “Dads and Grads” feel to it, this banner should already be up in the store…anyone seen it?

    Plus does that finally mean a release date for Incredible 4G to follow soon?

  • frankandsimple

    can’t wait for this phone to show up on craigslist.. will grab one asap.

  • so the white samsung phone on the right though…?

  • According to the picture of the phone…it runs stock gingerbread

    • evltwn

      That’s just the way HTC has made it look with their Sense UI

  • easy1jay

    I’m probably in the same lines as everyone else. I’ve been a fan of HTC and my original Incredible, which I have had since the day it was released. While I was waiting for a device in the 4′-4.3″ range, I was a bit disappointed that the new Incredible would not be part of the One series. I ended up pre-ordering the S3, which I know will be a very nice device. Figured I have 30 days to trade it in for the Inc4G if I find it a better suited device for me.

    • easy1jay

      And another thing, what is that Samsung device doing there!? It’s button layout tells us it was initially designed for GB.

      • rockstar323

        Pretty sure it’s the Stratosphere.

        • easy1jay

          Heh, so it is. It is 4G so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Verizon still pushing it.

    • nicotinic

      Keep in mind that it’s now 14 days to return your device if you’re not satisfied with a possible restocking fee to boot.
      Don’t be that guy who didn’t know.

      • easy1jay

        That’s just silly… you mean to tell me that a service provide would change it policies like that on it’s loyal customers?! Oh wait…

        Heh. this is good to know. Thanks for the info. 😉

  • whats that samsung phone on the right?

    • Looks like a Stratosphere to me.

      • it could be one, but why is it white? thats what is throwing me off

        • guest

          Verizon offers a White version of the phone

          • do they really? honestly had no idea they had a white stratosphere. interesting.

  • Pookimonster

    The thing that bothers me is the lack of the ImageSense chip software for the camera technology. Plus the HTC explanation certainly doesn’t pan out, as yes this device is not a ‘One Series,’ but neither is the HTC Evo 4G LTE yet, this phone has ImageSense? I thought that falls into the Evo brand. hmmmm.

    • nicotinic

      I think Verizon just didn’t opt for the top tier phone since they’re getting the S3 and the Razr HD.

      It’s a mid level device that will suffice for most.

      I will add that the screen will be great for it’s size and the other specs put it right at the line of a flagship device.

  • DraftLillard!!!

    Would have liked to play with this phone, but I got too worried that Verizon will announce their new tiered plans and end my unlimited plan… so I just pre-ordered the S3.

    • I did the same. I figured that if this phone makes it to market before the unlimited change, I could cancel my preorder and grab it if necessary. Honestly though, as much as I love HTC, I think Samsung wins it this round for me.

  • elmotactics

    Just out of curiosity, what is the advantage of this over the Rezound? Unless I missed something, the Rezound trumps it in every category, and it’s cheaper.

    • The processor in this phone is top of the line and better than the one in the Rezound. Should have better battery life because of that, but otherwise, it’s not a better phone. The screen is a step down and isn’t HD. It does have Ice Cream Sandwich, but the Rezound should have that within the next month and a half.

      • Brett Henderson

        keep in mind its still an awesome device. Many people including me think that 4inch phones are the sweet spot and it’s hard to find a device that size now

      • Nklenchik

        No HD screen = better battery life as well

        • elmotactics

          I dunno about you, but my Rezound gets phenomenal battery life.

          • Nklenchik

            What was your screen on time?

          • r0lct

            He only turned it on just to take the screen shot.

          • elmotactics

            I’m using BAMF Senseless Preview 2. I had maybe 2-3 hours screen on time, including about 30 minutes of calls. Just an average day of use.

          • Sobr0801

            So does mine, depending on usage :O

          • JoshGroff

            What ROM/kernel are you using? Best I can get is 36 hours off a charge with maybe an hour or 2 on screen time.

      • elmotactics

        Isn’t the Rezound a 1.5ghz A9?

        • Dzhokhar

          The DInc4G is an S4, which is roughly equivalent to an A15.

          • Adam Brandt

            no where NEAR an A15. An A15 is roughly 2x faster than a Tegra 3 based on the test TI did with the OMAP 5 dual core running at 800mhz which beat the Tegra 3 by more then twice it’s speed. The chip in the Rezound is Qualcomm’s S3 which was still based on the A8 architecture. The S4 is Qualcomm’s first architecture which is based on the A9 and some of their own customization, but definitely not equivalent to an A15 chipset like OMAP 5 (and it’s still using an old GPU for now). I really would like to see the quad S4 with the Adreno 320

          • w00tstock

            @google-d9c6815ff2831f439393287808382be7:disqus The S4 is going to be about 90-95% the speed of an A15. The S4 is pretty much an a15 with a shorter pipeline an better neon but half the cache (L1 and L2) and less OoO.

            What you mistakenly took to be a15 vs a9 demo was only GPU performance not CPU. This is the only place the S4 (currently) lacks. However there should be the s4 pro out around the time of the omap 5 with a faster gpu.

            All in all you cant really say that the Qualcomm chips are “based” off either the a8 or a15 they are about as different as AMD vs Intel chips. They just run the same instruction set.

            All that said the Omap 5 will be a beast and faster.