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Incredible 4G LTE Shows Itself on Video Again, Still No Release Date From Verizon

With no release date (other than one from us) officially announced by Verizon, the DROID Incredible 4G LTE by HTC (longest name ever?) is stuck in limbo. From what we know, there are still some tests being done, but the phone should be here this month, likely around the 21st.

If this is still the device for you and not the Galaxy SIII, we wanted to show you a little love this morning. A friend of ours sent over this video of the device’s boot animation, a speed test, and a look at how video plays on its 4″ screen. None of this is all that new, as we had our hands all over it a couple of times at CTIA, but again, we simply wanted to give future Inc 4G owners something to drool over. 


Cheers ___!

  • OhAaron

    Oh my god. That things boots up crazy fast.

  • Speio

    What a lame phone.

  • eh

    HTC really likes that lint remover back cover design.

  • m6droid

    Someone’s watching Captain America! Excellent choice, soldier!

  • Awww, it’s the Rezound, Jr!

  • Greg

    I have 4 upgrades to blow before the new data plans. I am defiantly going to be getting at least one Dinc 4G and hopefully a Razr HD too.

  • You took the sexiest phone of the past few years and turned it into an ugly, black blob that looks like every other Incredible. Congrats, Verizon.

  • Verizon’s line up is getting lamer and lamer. Look at AT&T, and Sprint, both of them get the S3 as well as an equivalent of the HTC One (Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE.) Hell, Sprint also gets the Galaxy Nexus. What does Verizon give us? DROID Incredible 4G LTE by HTC?

    • RobMorris

      A one S variant. Verizon is getting the s3, also has the nexus. And has the droid razr which none of the other carriers have anything like.

      • Not having a Razr or other lame Droid-branded phones would be a plus IMO

        • RobMorris

          Why would you not wan’t some diversity. I swear everyone on here is either dissatisfied with the number of phones or thinks there are too many

  • npomp

    I can’t wait to see this phone live – I really want to compare it to the GS3. Screen size is fine for me at 4″ so I want to see ergonomically how these two hold up. Plus touchwiz blows – I am a sense guy. Now when does Verizon have both of these in store…

  • sk3litor

    Wow this things quick.( and I don’t mean the speed test )

  • maratu

    Here’s to hoping the leaks signal a flood. Would like this for my wife for our last subsidized phone!


    That is one insanely fast boot up!

    • PJ

      Most likely just has fastboot enabled.

  • J Dub

    My wife might actually be interested in this. She likes around the 4″ screen size. This I can actually approve of due to it having a more battery friendly S4 chip inside. She tends to surf Facebook and Pintrest all day which tends to drain the battery pretty bad.

  • enigmaco

    That fastboot and dl speed is pretty nice, you have to forgive me for being shocked at the dl speed I am still on a droid 3 that gets 1.5 dl speeds if I am lucky.

  • dill

    THANK YOU!!!
    Now please get here before my unlimited data is gone.

  • gimlet72

    I would have considered it for my wife if it came out 4-6 weeks ago. With a release date expected a week before the SGSIII we will be passing on it.

  • zUFC

    WOW, that thing has a lightning fast start up time!!!!!!

    • hkklife

      That’s been pretty much par for the course with HTC devices for a year or so now. Sense has that cool fastboot thing that you can toggle on or off. I wish that could somehow be incoroporated into Jellybean.

      As far as the release date and the GSIII pricing, I’m afraid this one’s gonna be DOA. I knew 3 people who would’ve bought the Inc LTE had it come out in April or May. One got a Rezound, one got a cheap RAZR and the other is waiting on the SIII. Someone at VZW should be flogged for having no new hardware in the pipeline in the March/April/May timeframe.

      • LionStone

        Again, the reason this won’t be DOA is form factor. I believe there is still a large % of people that don’t want a bigger device so the Inc4G is good for them and good for HTC to offer a moderate screen size to choose from. Choice is good.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    SIgh… HTC leaking their own device since Verizon seems to be ignoring them.

  • Nice. I’m digging the Inc4g news. Thanks for not forgetting about it!

  • spickle

    i think that’s the fastest boot i’ve ever seen.

    • Mike

      just thinking the same thing.. that was pretty quick.

      • Mike

        not only that, but the phone was ready to roll immediatly. even while loading the sim, I didnt see any UI lag at all.

        • Mike

          apparently Im talking to myself.

          • Michael Yuen


  • BrianLipp

    no kellex, the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is the longest name ever

    • Matt Gondek

      Right when I read that line, I thought “aww what was the ridiculous one from Sprint” +1 for saving me the Google search

    • Gamer28

      Yeah, but they’re pretty close. “The Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC”

    • Diablo81588

      Aww get out off my head lol

    • TheWenger

      Was thinking the same thing. SGS2E4GT.