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Foursquare Receives Major Overhaul, “Re-Imagined” Interface Looks and Feels Fantastic

Frequent Foursquare users will have a nice surprise waiting for them in the Play Store this morning. The official overhaul that was planned for Foursquare has gone live and needless to say, it’s legit. There doesn’t seem to be a single part of the app that hasn’t received the face-lift and it now features a perfect mix of visual treats and better ways of finding things to do near your location. Go pick it up and let the check-ins begin!

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  • “Fantastic”? Really? Looks and feels very similar to how it used to… but now the “Check in” button is smaller and harder to hit. There’s an “Explore” button. I guess that’s new. But… Fantastic?

  • Mordecaidrake

    Plus it has ICS goodies! More developers need to update their UIs to this.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Still no Google+ check in support….this app is useless to me.

    • LionStone

      The few people from my friends that used to use this, dont really use it anymore. The few times I’ll ‘check-in’ somewhere, will be on g+ or FB.

      • Jeremy Martin

        I used to use it when i traveled around the country just to get badges…I made it a game i guess to pass the time. But i dont use Facebook anymore and i only use Google+…wish they would include Google+ check in’s. For now I just use Latitude to check in on Google+

        • LionStone

          Oh yea! been gettin more family on Latitude…it works well and I don’t need all that game stuff. Im using g+ more and more and FB less and less.

  • MrEnglish

    Finally gave in and tried it, and once again, the cesspool I live in makes this app total crap for me. I SO wish I lived in a real city. Nice app, reminds me of G+, but it’s hardly worthwhile when you live in crackville florida.

  • SamXp

    Looks great. But ever since Facebook bought Instagram, Foursquare updates show up on my wall in a screwy manner. My comments and photos that accompany a checkin almost never show up in Facebook.

    • Facebook does not own Instagram. Facebook intends to buy Instagram, but the deal is not completed yet.

  • Frank Davis

    Much needed and really great update. I am loving it more.

  • John

    Looks cool but I’m still not a fan of the checking-in obsession people have

    • It’s a fun little game to play with friends. Nothing more…

    • The check-in game the best part, in my case. Everyone’s competing to get out to new bars to get more points, resulting in collectively drunker work week.

      • If it weren’t for points and badges, Foursquare would have died off. It is definitely the game they’ve made of it that keeps people checking in. Weird human psychology.

  • Sp4rxx

    ….to finish the title:

    ….and still remains the #1 stalker app

    • Nah — “Google Latitude” is worse. Sharing is much more limited in Foursquare, and it doesn’t automatically share as you move.

  • inzandity

    Looks pretty awesome actually, but probably won’t get me back into checking in every where I go though.