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Logitech Revue Update Rolling Out, Aims to Squash Many Bugs

Owners of the Logitech Revue set-top Google TV box should start to see a new update being pushed to their device which began a couple of days ago. According to an email from a Logitech customer service rep, all Revues should be running the newest firmware by the end of June 7 (tomorrow) and this update looks to directly fix the many various bugs that haunt Revue owners:

It is a pleasure to announce you that yesterday (June 4th) a new firmware version was released (Honeycomb 3.2) for the Revue. This update solves a great number of issues the operating system had. This update will be released automatically to all consoles starting today and finishing on June the 7th. I am sure this update will solve all your issues.

As a Revue owner myself, it is sometimes hard not to throw this thing against a wall. With constant force closes and Netflix bugs making the viewing of Family Guy a complete hassle, it’s good that Logitech and Google are attempting to handle it. Have you received the update yet?

Via: Logitech Forums

Cheers Brock!

  • seecurt

    My Revue is stored away. I’d give it away if I thought someone might actually get some use out of it. Needless to say I was grossly disappointed. I’m not falling for the update line again, even though this update is three months old. I sure wish I had my $300 back.

  • twiddler

    Hmm. I’ll have to dig out my Revue that’s buried in some box up in the Garage Attic. Maybe I can use it on my spare TV in the basement.

  • unclerichie

    AWESOME, FINALLY!!!! I did get the update and now the built in Logitech Media Player is playing back my MTS / AVCHD video’s!!! This was the whole reason why I bought the Revue in the first place. I use the WD LIVE (3TB) local drive to store my recordings from the Sony HD-SR12. The Logitech media player now pulls up them up and plays them back, just as if I had the camcorder plugged into my tv. How sweet it is! Though it still does not appear to decode Dolby Digital but does decode 7.1 channel info. I

  • Jeremy Martin

    The update came to my revue this morning. Its installed but i have not had a chance to see if anything was improved. Will check after work and post back.

  • kfath1978

    The force update method worked for me this morning! Go get it!

  • KenBarnum

    This is from the instructions to force the Galaxy Nexus to update but it worked on the 1st try for me!
    1. From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
    2. Search for Google Services Framework.
    3. Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
    4. Then choose “Clear data.”
    5. Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.
    You may have to repeat the steps a couple of times. Good luck!

    Source: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/06/02/tip-how-to-force-the-4-0-4-update-for-the-galaxy-nexus-lte/#more-71247

  • bcostley

    I just did the force update trick and it worked. Downloading now

  • Josh

    I just did the force update trick (same as Galaxy Nexus) and it worked! Took 3 or 4 tries but it’s Downloading the update now. 😉

  • bcostley

    Over at the Logitech Revue Forms a users just posted he got it http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Revue-Product-Updates-Release/3-2-Update-Is-Out-Now/td-p/842592

  • kfath1978

    I still have not gotten the update yet (columbus, ohio). i tried to do the force update trick too a few times.
    -all apps
    -google custom framework
    -force stop
    -clear data
    -back out to settings
    -check for updates
    i tried this a few times but didt get the update……

  • i
    just got my box today bought for 100$ saw the update on setup didnt
    take it rightaway now its gone how can i get it back can it be
    downloaded please help i’m a dumb newbbbb
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  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    I haven’t received the update yet. I should go check and see if I can get it…..

  • Hari Bawa

    I really like my Google TV. Netflix is pain as it stops playing video in between. Able Remote has made use of Google TV very easy and convenient. I really like share (to Google TV) feature of Able remote from my phones and tablet and I can start application directly from my devices (one click) which is awesome.

    A refined and responsive UI will be very much appreciated. Browser so far works reasonably well for me.

  • guess I’m one of the lucky ones, my revue works great, no FCs or netflix problems, havent checked for the update yet since my TV is currently in my closet ( room just got painted )

  • As a Revue owner myself, it is sometimes hard not to throw this thing against a wall.” OMG.. I feel your pain!! – I got so sick of it, I just started using my PS3 to do Amazon and Netflix, etc.. In fact, i’m thinking of getting rid of it all together and just using a wii remote with a tablet thats connected via hdmi.. X86 was the worst design decisions ever for googleTV.. Just give us RAW android on our TV’s already.. stop trying to be cute w/ TV only apps..

  • Michael Yuen

    I’ve been wanting to throw away the Revue for quite some time now, especially since the Video conferencing no longer works on my Revue (but still does for my parents’ unit.) Kind of defeats the purpose if only 1 camera works 🙂

  • I wonder how many people got one of these devices and based everything they know about all things Android on it? This thing is nothing but a black eye for Android. I have a WD Live and got this because it had a browser, lol…if you can call that a browser.

  • biggest things this brings are Hardware Accel and HLS!

  • Still no support for game controllers or classic emulators?

    Epic, epic fail.

  • Brandon Catalano

    is there any word on HULU for the REVUE

  • Sean Wood

    The issues with the netflix app saying the video wasn’t available or force closing was centered around how the cache was handled.. if you did CTL+ALT+DELETE on the keyboard it would restart the box then you can go straight to the netflix app and stream interuption free.

    • Michael Yuen

      Yup. Usually, but not always.

  • chopper

    This seems to be a hoax as almost nobody is reporting to have received the update by now.

    • twohawks

      I haven’t received it yet. I’m still at 3.1. I tried to force an update, restarted, powered down, etc., etc… nothing. I’m thinking perhaps you’re right. Doesn’t seem legit so far — you’d think someone would report that they’ve received the update. Bummer.

    • blood

      It’s not June 7 yet. Did you nor read the article?

  • Alex Colodner

    I have not been able to update to the Play Store, so I have not been able to update any apps or download anything new – basically useless because after factory reset that I did, I lost most apps. Hopefully this update will give me Play Store!

  • Claire

    I had a message that Google TV & movies updated on 05/31/12. My system says it is up to date, but its shows Version 3.1.

    • r0lct

      That was just an app update, not a system one.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Hella over due… And sorry I ever got one… Though had a gift card.

  • Eiron Moore

    Good I just bought one and have been pretty happy with it so far. Hope they continue to support this and google tv grows into something cool. Kinda just like a phone for your tv right now

  • “With constant force closes…”

    I nearly bought my father in law one, I guess I’m thankful I didn’t.

  • I have stopped using my Revue for anything but TV as of late. Hopefully this update helps that…browsing is just painfully slow

  • Mike

    Will I lose Root?

    • How did you achieve root on your Revue?

  • Knlegend1

    Haven’t checked

  • r0lct

    I get interrupted in Netflix occasionally, but I always assumed it was my home Internet. Good to know this may go away.

    • WF

      Same. My wireless is definitely spotty, and I’d been attributing it to that.

  • steveliv

    nice to see the revue is still being supported. even if it is just a bug fix update. i hope that at the point they stop support they will allow users to unlock the bootloader.

  • Mike D

    When is the OnLive player coming for it??? I saw at E3 they were saying it should be coming soon.

    • steveliv

      Either i’m crazy or it is already available. I’m pretty sure i’ve installed it. (or i’m just crazy)

      • I installed it a long while ago. Didn’t work as well as I hoped. Pretty much sums it up for Google TV at this point. My Boxee Box kicks the tar out of Google TV for video streaming over a LAN.

        • adartilth

          What software do you use to host the content for your boxee

          • Just a windows network share. No other software, no DLNA. Boxee reads pretty much any video file. I have a Boxee Box in the living room and an old computer running the discontinued Boxee desktop software in my home office that also hosts the video files. I take it back, non-down-sampled Blu-Ray rips tend to choke the Boxee Box up, though I can’t say for sure if its due to the network, though it shouldn’t be (wired gigabit).

          • Even better is SageTV – which google bought and now you can’t get the hardware other than on eBay for about 3x original cost ($400+ vs $150 new originally).. I would be more excited about plans for what google is doing with SageTV than I would be about this GoogleTV crap box revue.

    • the viewer is available on the revue, not sure the player is.. And I’ve yet to hear anything confirmed that OnLive will work with the revue, might be only next gen Google TV stuff.. :S Once the nextgen GoogleTV stuff is out, kiss anykind of support goodbye for Gen1 stuff.. (Revue, etc.)