Logitech Revue Update Rolling Out, Aims to Squash Many Bugs

Owners of the Logitech Revue set-top Google TV box should start to see a new update being pushed to their device which began a couple of days ago. According to an email from a Logitech customer service rep, all Revues should be running the newest firmware by the end of June 7 (tomorrow) and this update looks to directly fix the many various bugs that haunt Revue owners:

It is a pleasure to announce you that yesterday (June 4th) a new firmware version was released (Honeycomb 3.2) for the Revue. This update solves a great number of issues the operating system had. This update will be released automatically to all consoles starting today and finishing on June the 7th. I am sure this update will solve all your issues.

As a Revue owner myself, it is sometimes hard not to throw this thing against a wall. With constant force closes and Netflix bugs making the viewing of Family Guy a complete hassle, it’s good that Logitech and Google are attempting to handle it. Have you received the update yet?

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1SaleADay Has Factory Refurbished Logitech Revues, Selling for Only $70 (Update: Sold Out)

Are you still looking for some Google TV action? The Logitech Revue, one of the more well-known and popular models of set-top boxes, is being sold on 1SaleADay for just $70. The units are factory refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty which should ensure you aren’t buying a piece of junk. I myself use the Revue and have had nothing but good times.

If you have been looking to try out Google TV, this is definitely an affordable option right here.

Update: They have sold out. Sorry, folks.


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And the Winners of the Logitech Revues are…

On Friday, we announced a contest to help celebrate the arrival of Honeycomb to Google TV. Two DL readers would be rewarded with a Logitech Revue of their own by doing something as simple as leaving a comment on the contest post. After picking randomly from the 2,000+ entries, it has come down to the final two. Who has won these soon-to-be-Honeycomb-filled-prizes? Let’s find out after the break.   (more…)

New Logitech Revues Shipping With Honeycomb And Android Market – Where’s The OTA? (Updated)

Looks like the newest shipments of Logitech Revues are coming with Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) and the long awaited Android Market. Us who already own the device have been waiting patiently for the OTA, but still have not heard anything. Is this a sign that all we are waiting for is the green light from Logitech? If they are shipping with all the new goodies, then let us get the ball rolling. We are hungry for Honeycomb and the Market on our TVs.   (more…)

Honeycomb Beta Released to Logitech Revue – Flash, But Flash Carefully

If anyone jumped on the $99 Logitech Revue deal from yesterday, then feel free to crank it up a notch to the brand new Honeycomb build that has been leaked by the folks over at GTVHacker.  There is no way to return back to stock if you go ahead and flash this, nor do we know if you’ll be able to update to an official build afterwards, so we’ll have to tell you to proceed with caution.  The instructions can be found at the source link below.  But even if you don’t feel like jumping the gun, be sure to watch the video below which gives a full walk-through of this new version of Google TV.   (more…)

Logitech Revue Drops to $99, Anyone Ready to Try Out Google TV?

If Google TV was something that looked interesting to you back in 2010, but the price and lack of an app market turned you off, then maybe now you’ll want to reconsider.  The Logitech Revue has been dropped to just $99 from $249, making this one heck of a steal.  The original price back at launch was $299, so you are essentially getting a GTV box for a third of its original price not even a year after it became available.

I will mention that I’ve had the Sony version with a Blu-ray player since the day it launched and can’t say that I use it much anymore.  Sure, it’s convenient if I need to look something up on Google quickly and my phone isn’t handy, but for the most part, the experience is not as polished as you would expect it to be.  It definitely has uses, just not as many as we’d have all hoped for from the beginning.

With that said though, the re-launch of Google TV, based off of Honeycomb, should be here in the next month or so.  Once that happens, the platform will essentially be brought back from the dead with the Android Market, apps and a whole new UI.  From some of the leaks that have popped up around the internet, along with some of the stuff we saw at Google I/O, I’ll even admit that I’m excited to see where the future of it is headed.


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