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Google Patents Their Own Smart Action Technology, Location Based Settings Coming to Android?

Motorola made a big splash during the launch of the DROID RAZR about Smart Actions, meant to save you battery by doing certain things with your phone based on where you are. Apps like Tasker have been doing it forever but it seems that Google is getting in on the fun itself with this patent that has come to light. Google wants to use GPS and network information to see where you and your phone are and do things according to that info. The patent was filed in September last year so Google has been quiet on this if they are still working on it. Would you forgo Tasker if Android has this kind of capability natively?

Via: Phandroid

  • Michael Johnson


  • Take it easy ppl, Majel, 3D map and loads of new stuff will be announced together with Jelly Beam!

  • David Hayden

    Hello Nexus One

  • sk3litor

    I think its great but wouldn’t having GPS and location on all the time hurt the battery more than the actions could potentially save?

    • Stephen Clagett

      Location services are typically on, unless you specifically say that you do not wish to use google’s location services.

  • Michael Quinlan

    Even with Google’s resources, I can’t see any built-in functionality equaling that of Tasker. The only advantage it would have would be same as what Smart Actions has – it wouldn’t be a user app and wouldn’t suffer from the same restrictions as apps like Tasker do.

  • br_hermon

    I probably wouldn’t use this to replace tasker. Tasker has SO MANY options, Pent (the Developer) pretty much covers every nook and cranny of Android. There’s no way Google would be that comprehensive in standard Android. Talk about confusing for the average user. If Google had “Advanced mode” well then that could be a different story. However using Google built in would pretty much guarantee telling Google EVERYTHING about me and my where abouts to get this to function properly. That said, using Tasker ensures that I can get that same functionality, but not throwing it Googles way to add to their database of my personal info. If nothing else, keep it secure, encrypted and buy out Tasker (So Pent gets his much deserved piece of the pie for his INCREDIBLE work.)

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    • Apostrafee

      Haha same here that is the first thing I saw! Guess whoever designed that was a Twins fan

  • Nice. Although they could’ve just acquired Tasker and gave it a Google-styled, user friendly interface

  • Yes. Much like HandCent, Touchdown, etc, etc, I hate having extra apps on my phone if Google is putting the functionality into stock Android.

  • MD

    YYEESSSS this is going to be awesome

  • Anthony Anobile

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    • Nelly547

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      • Anthony Anobile

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    • EC8CH

      that should probably fire off a smart action of some sort to deal with hell freezing over.

      (btw…I’m from MN)

  • Michael Johnson

    Majel, anyone? Yes, I’d definitely use native if it was done well. Mainly, because I’d bet that Google will allow devs to tap into the functionality and fire off their own actions and maybe even have their own event triggers

    • Exactly what I was thinking on the Majel part…

    • Steve

      Tasker and local allow developersc to create plug-ins for their apps. Smart actions doesn’t use GPS to detect my location and there is no wifi at my work, so it doesn’t work for me. If google’s

      • Michael Johnson

        Yeah, but it’s just never the same with 3rd party. There will be vastly more devs who implement for a native feature than who would for a 3rd party app.

  • If it was built in sure but I am not going out of my way to get it. There are times it would be nice but actually the Microsoft on{x} project is pretty neat and so far is working well for me.

  • Yes I was looking into on{x}, tasker and locale today but if google were say to release a native version of these apps and as robust say within the next quarter. I’d hold off, and wait for Googles version.

  • GNex Owner

    Yes, if it did what I needed I would ditch Setting Profiles and use a native app. To me, the stock stuff usually works better because it is integrated (as long as it’s written well).

    • Michael Johnson

      Same. I have been using Settings Profiles Pro forever, but I’d venture to guess that Google’s will one-up just about every other option out there, including on{x}. We’re probably talking about some of the basic functionality of the rumored “Google Assistant” (formerly “Majel”)