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Apple the Patent Troll Requests For Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Yeah, here we go again. Apple has requested to have the Samsung Galaxy SIII added to the preliminary injunction it filed against the Galaxy Nexus back in February. While it may want to dig deeper into Samsung’s latest release for more goodies to attack, the ultimate patent troll is claiming that the device infringes on two of its patents so far:  unified search (aka Siri) and data tapping. If Apple were to be granted this injunction, you can imagine that it may delay the launch a bit.

In response, Samsung has already told the court that they believe that Apple should have to file a new motion altogether and that amending the current one against the Nexus should be denied.

We will definitely be watching this one closely as it affects 5 major U.S. carriers and the launch of the biggest Android phone of the year.

Via:  BGR

  • pacy4

    F**k you greedy Apple !!!

  • Apple got DDeenied!! We can all go back to waiting by our mailboxes.


  • Are we all losing the ability to think (logically and reasonably, that is…) and turning into a thoughtless “herd”
    perhaps because of too much TV, music,
    games, marketing hypes, etc.

    All technology companies learn from and improve upon each
    other. It’s an evolution, not
    revolution. There are only so many
    things (light bulb, airplane, car, etc.)
    that can be considered as
    invention or innovation. If you have
    been in the computers/technology field long enough, you would know that what
    you see in smartphones today existed long before and are simply enhancements or
    natural progression or advancement.
    They are definitely not INNOVATIONs or INVENTIONs. If companies like Nokia, Palm, Blackberry,
    Mortorola, Fujitsu, Sony, Toshiba
    started putting “patent” and “interllectual bs” on every
    single thing they do, including aesthetics,
    companies like Apple would not exist and we would have only company in
    each industry. All jeans look
    similar. All Walkmans were similar in the
    80’s. All LCD/LED monitors/TV’s are
    similar. All cars are similar, with
    airbag and WIFI and navigation options.
    If the first car company that put a seat belt, air bag, or navigation in
    cars “patented” them as inventions or
    innovations, imagine what your car would
    be like today… perhaps with only one car company left…

    Oh, the styling
    issue… Come on, look at the fashion
    industry… Bootcuts and straightcuts are out and skinny jeans and flower
    patterns are in… Do fashion companies put patents and sue each other? Is that really one company’s invention? iPhone looks cute/good in its own way, sort
    of like Mini Cooper, but many people much prefer other brands and styles… Do they look alike? Yes and no.
    You be the judge… BTW, many people
    bought Motorolla, HTC, LG, and Samsung phones because they don’t look like
    iPhone and are cheaper and better in other ways. Many people don’t like that chunky and boxy
    look with small screen and extremely thick bezels… It’s a personal choice. Also,
    if Apple’s logic or philosophy was to be followed, only 15 inch computer monitors and 30 inch
    LCD/LED TV’s with thick bezels are
    (ergonomically) useful, suitable and appropriate for human beings…

    Oh, software and the notion of “features”…. Context driven
    search and voice recognition existed long before in the software industry. Unless someone literally took your source
    code and used it without permission, it should not be considered illegal. (By the way, in today’s world there is something
    called “open source” and it’s
    very popular.) And it appears none of
    the companies in the dispute did that (stealing source code). What they did was they
    “implemented” their own version of the same or similar
    “features”. A good analogy
    would be graphical user interface and “drag-and-drop” that virtually
    all modern software have. Can one
    company sue the other company because it “believes” it invented those
    things? If that was the case, we would
    be no Firefox, no Windows, no iOS.
    There would be only one Web browser, OS, mouse, keyboard, and
    monitor in the world… BTW, doesn’t Apple use a version of UNIX
    that was invented long before iOS came about?
    No one technology company has the rights to the “features” and
    “evolution”… Otherwise, we
    would still be living in caves…

    Let’s stop the non-sense.

    Here Apple behaves like a little bitch with no spirit of competation. Even most of the hardware of apple is also made by comapines like Samsung,sony, etc.

    Even Voice system also come a way before than that of Siri

    Apple you looks like a retarted jerk.

  • Haha

    Apple is afraid of direct competition so they resort to lawsuits. They’re suing everyone they view as a threat. They have been very innovative in the past, but I think their products now are merely yearly updates. If they believe their products are #1, let the product sales duke it out.

    Apple is showing clear signs of fear and desperation. Even their most loyal customers must have a bad taste in their mouth at this point.

  • Apple forever

    Apple products are the all out best and you jealous bastards all know it.

  • nosofrankandsimple

    to frankandsimple, as others have already pointed out, samsung actually manufactures those fancy retina displays. Engineering a manufacturing process is a challenge itself. Secondly, and I’m a little upset no one has pointed this out yet, Thundebolt I/O is really tech called LightPeak which was developed by intel and licensed to apple. you can get thunderbold on viaos as well. Something like 70% of all iphones are made by samsung…do your research.

  • Robert Jakiel

    Wow all these long posts… It can all be summed up quite easily.


  • Artistan

    *SIgh* if it wasn’t for the occasional post I enjoy on this site, I wouldn’t be here. This however is just fanboy/troll bait.

    as you can find a visual aid here, in case you need one –
    http://visual.ly/tech-patent-wars everyone is suing everyone. Nothing new about it.

    Who copied what, and everything else is really becoming irrelevant. It’s like suing someone for copying how I tie my shoe laces.

  • yarrellray

    Apple products and users are pitiful

  • kacab

    Try to compare this fight with car industry. Who was “the first” to roll out the car 100+ years ago? What would the choice be like today if… (hint: Henry Ford)

  • lenkiatleong

    I hate to visualize this. The rest of the world is enjoying state of the art S3 mobile while Americans are left with 4GS !!?? I really hope that American judges can judge properly.

  • Android

    Haters gonna hate, keep it up android your gonna be a huge success no matter what. Android has changed the tech industry forever, apple sees it as a threat but I love android and always will

  • dudeman3

    ok come on now it’s clearly a siri knock off. I understand the hate but S voice… really?

    • K. Nelson

      I also rolled my eyes big time when I saw they called it S Voice. I knew this day was coming. Why pick something so close to the competitor? Shoulda went with G Voice (G for the galaxy, of course).