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Apple the Patent Troll Requests For Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Yeah, here we go again. Apple has requested to have the Samsung Galaxy SIII added to the preliminary injunction it filed against the Galaxy Nexus back in February. While it may want to dig deeper into Samsung’s latest release for more goodies to attack, the ultimate patent troll is claiming that the device infringes on two of its patents so far:  unified search (aka Siri) and data tapping. If Apple were to be granted this injunction, you can imagine that it may delay the launch a bit.

In response, Samsung has already told the court that they believe that Apple should have to file a new motion altogether and that amending the current one against the Nexus should be denied.

We will definitely be watching this one closely as it affects 5 major U.S. carriers and the launch of the biggest Android phone of the year.

Via:  BGR

  • pacy4

    F**k you greedy Apple !!!

  • Apple got DDeenied!! We can all go back to waiting by our mailboxes.


  • Are we all losing the ability to think (logically and reasonably, that is…) and turning into a thoughtless “herd”
    perhaps because of too much TV, music,
    games, marketing hypes, etc.

    All technology companies learn from and improve upon each
    other. It’s an evolution, not
    revolution. There are only so many
    things (light bulb, airplane, car, etc.)
    that can be considered as
    invention or innovation. If you have
    been in the computers/technology field long enough, you would know that what
    you see in smartphones today existed long before and are simply enhancements or
    natural progression or advancement.
    They are definitely not INNOVATIONs or INVENTIONs. If companies like Nokia, Palm, Blackberry,
    Mortorola, Fujitsu, Sony, Toshiba
    started putting “patent” and “interllectual bs” on every
    single thing they do, including aesthetics,
    companies like Apple would not exist and we would have only company in
    each industry. All jeans look
    similar. All Walkmans were similar in the
    80’s. All LCD/LED monitors/TV’s are
    similar. All cars are similar, with
    airbag and WIFI and navigation options.
    If the first car company that put a seat belt, air bag, or navigation in
    cars “patented” them as inventions or
    innovations, imagine what your car would
    be like today… perhaps with only one car company left…

    Oh, the styling
    issue… Come on, look at the fashion
    industry… Bootcuts and straightcuts are out and skinny jeans and flower
    patterns are in… Do fashion companies put patents and sue each other? Is that really one company’s invention? iPhone looks cute/good in its own way, sort
    of like Mini Cooper, but many people much prefer other brands and styles… Do they look alike? Yes and no.
    You be the judge… BTW, many people
    bought Motorolla, HTC, LG, and Samsung phones because they don’t look like
    iPhone and are cheaper and better in other ways. Many people don’t like that chunky and boxy
    look with small screen and extremely thick bezels… It’s a personal choice. Also,
    if Apple’s logic or philosophy was to be followed, only 15 inch computer monitors and 30 inch
    LCD/LED TV’s with thick bezels are
    (ergonomically) useful, suitable and appropriate for human beings…

    Oh, software and the notion of “features”…. Context driven
    search and voice recognition existed long before in the software industry. Unless someone literally took your source
    code and used it without permission, it should not be considered illegal. (By the way, in today’s world there is something
    called “open source” and it’s
    very popular.) And it appears none of
    the companies in the dispute did that (stealing source code). What they did was they
    “implemented” their own version of the same or similar
    “features”. A good analogy
    would be graphical user interface and “drag-and-drop” that virtually
    all modern software have. Can one
    company sue the other company because it “believes” it invented those
    things? If that was the case, we would
    be no Firefox, no Windows, no iOS.
    There would be only one Web browser, OS, mouse, keyboard, and
    monitor in the world… BTW, doesn’t Apple use a version of UNIX
    that was invented long before iOS came about?
    No one technology company has the rights to the “features” and
    “evolution”… Otherwise, we
    would still be living in caves…

    Let’s stop the non-sense.

    Here Apple behaves like a little bitch with no spirit of competation. Even most of the hardware of apple is also made by comapines like Samsung,sony, etc.

    Even Voice system also come a way before than that of Siri

    Apple you looks like a retarted jerk.

  • Haha

    Apple is afraid of direct competition so they resort to lawsuits. They’re suing everyone they view as a threat. They have been very innovative in the past, but I think their products now are merely yearly updates. If they believe their products are #1, let the product sales duke it out.

    Apple is showing clear signs of fear and desperation. Even their most loyal customers must have a bad taste in their mouth at this point.

  • Apple forever

    Apple products are the all out best and you jealous bastards all know it.

  • nosofrankandsimple

    to frankandsimple, as others have already pointed out, samsung actually manufactures those fancy retina displays. Engineering a manufacturing process is a challenge itself. Secondly, and I’m a little upset no one has pointed this out yet, Thundebolt I/O is really tech called LightPeak which was developed by intel and licensed to apple. you can get thunderbold on viaos as well. Something like 70% of all iphones are made by samsung…do your research.

  • Robert Jakiel

    Wow all these long posts… It can all be summed up quite easily.


  • Artistan

    *SIgh* if it wasn’t for the occasional post I enjoy on this site, I wouldn’t be here. This however is just fanboy/troll bait.

    as you can find a visual aid here, in case you need one –
    http://visual.ly/tech-patent-wars everyone is suing everyone. Nothing new about it.

    Who copied what, and everything else is really becoming irrelevant. It’s like suing someone for copying how I tie my shoe laces.

  • yarrellray

    Apple products and users are pitiful

  • kacab

    Try to compare this fight with car industry. Who was “the first” to roll out the car 100+ years ago? What would the choice be like today if… (hint: Henry Ford)

  • lenkiatleong

    I hate to visualize this. The rest of the world is enjoying state of the art S3 mobile while Americans are left with 4GS !!?? I really hope that American judges can judge properly.

  • Android

    Haters gonna hate, keep it up android your gonna be a huge success no matter what. Android has changed the tech industry forever, apple sees it as a threat but I love android and always will

  • dudeman3

    ok come on now it’s clearly a siri knock off. I understand the hate but S voice… really?

    • K. Nelson

      I also rolled my eyes big time when I saw they called it S Voice. I knew this day was coming. Why pick something so close to the competitor? Shoulda went with G Voice (G for the galaxy, of course).

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Apple is the most sued company in the tech game yet no one ever mentions that…Samsung tried to ban iPhone 4S sales in Europe but I don’t remember seeing anyone saying anything about that….everyone sues…it is what it is..personally I refuse to get upset over phones haha

    • Kidheated

      You have a valid point… but it seems as though *pple always comes out on top at the end. Strange, no? Think they buy judges and the like with their enormous purchasing power? I do.

  • bvgillis

    you guys imagine what it would be like if companies who make other
    items (like food packaging for instance) played this idiotic game?

    Slide to Unlock (Apples first complaint) – What if Kellogs sued all
    the other cereal companies for using their “Pull Tab to open box” idea?

    Unified Search (Todays troll) – What if Walmart sued everybody for
    copying their idea of putting many variations of the same item next to
    each other on store shelves (like soup or milk)?

    How can the US patent system be taken seriously? It’s like they just
    don’t understand technology enough to make a good judgement call about
    what is truly innovative and patentable and what is not.

  • Brent Stewart

    Why do I hate Apple so much? This is why… Crap like this.

    I know patents are there to protect your products and encourage competitive innovation. But Apple has made a nasty habit of patenting so many damn stupid little common sense things (things that shouldn’t even be patentable) in such a broad manner that it makes it damn near impossible for ANYONE to even compete without infringing upon one of them. In fact the only way to even try to compete without infringing is usually to make an inferior product, one which no one really wants anyways. I mean, anyone remember that ridiculous list of demands they made to Samsung over the Galaxy Tab 10 in Australia?

    Under normal business circumstances that’s usually acceptable because you make more money by licensing said patents to your competitors – this is what Microsoft does. But Apple is anything but normal. They absolutely refuse to even meet on common ground and license out their patents. Then they build up these walls around their garden and only let people play with their toys if they play inside those walls. Apple doesn’t like to share ANYTHING. They want to be the only game in town. In the end it amounts to nothing more than Apple being extremely anti-competitive.

    This is why I love Google’s philosophy of open source and free market. Technology needs to be shared in order for it grow and continue to be innovative. Not stagnate behind a walled garden and throw rocks over that wall at those who want to build off their ideas and make them better.

    Are they unique? No. I do know another business that operates similar to Apple… The Mafia.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    It’s funny how in the court papers Apple calls the GSIII the successor to the Galaxy Nexus. I was not aware that the Galaxy Nexus was really the GSII 😉


    i wish someone would go thermonuclear on apple, or did they patent that word?
    what’s the difference between apple and a dick? they both leave a bad taste in your mouth

    • Tyler Chappell

      This made absolutely no sense whatsoever. You pointed out a similarity, not a difference. God, dumbass joke. You should go own an iPhone.

  • gangy boy

    Android Killed Steve

  • Typical Google minion says:

    I think the reason that we all feel so passionately in favor of android over apple is that we are the kids who grew up as unpopular…we were picked on in high school, never got the girls, never had the cool toys and clothes, etc. As a result we passionately hated everything popular, popular bands, tv shows, and electronics. We had to listen to indie bands that nobody heard of just because we couldnt bear to be seen liking what the cool kids did. If android had the head start and apple was the up-and-comer we’d probably be on apple’s side and we’d probably be laughing at how blatant samsung tries to emulate apple. While samsung and other android manufacturers are huge powerful corporations, we seem to see them as bullied underdogs, picked on by apple (seen as us as the football team captain who took our lunch money) We were envying the cool kids all while at the same time saying how lame they were and that we did it first. Our beloved phones are the zune to the ipod, the linux to the windows, the windows pc to the mac, and now the android to the iphone. We see these phones as the underdog so we will root for them because we are angry pathetic little beings who would rather spend thousands of dollars on things that dont work as well as the popular products, just for the sole reason that they arent as popular. Its all we have as we sit here and peck away at our beloved android cult sites. Its all we have! We must never tell the world that we secretly wish we had a phone that could hold a data signal for an entire day, go 12 hours without rebooting, or one that will have the current operating system 6 months after its purchase. Join me brothers, as we rage against the machine and watch child pornography in our parents basement before we head out to our job as gamestop! we will go on with honor! 3 cheers for the android platform! hip hip hooray!

    • bakdroid

      Yea well Android is the largest mobile OS on the planet so that kind of shoots your theory in the foot.

    • Chronon7364

      While some (many) people certainly link their possessions to their sense of self value, plenty of us know that what we own doesn’t make us better or more valuable than the next person. Wanting a decent phone has little to do many folks identities; it is after all just a phone. There is no one archetypal person who prefers android phones, and plenty of people who would like to buy phones like the GSIII minus injunctions from Apple are not underdogs, have successful dating lives, and do not live in their parents basement. Companies are not people; they do not get the girl, get their feelings hurt, or deserve to function as an avatar for living vicariously through them, although i do not doubt they prefer us to think so.

      Tech is driven by the market, plain and simple. People want to spend their money on products they find appealing. When competing companies (or lawmakers) do something to impede that purchasing power, people get pissed. Justifiably so.

    • K. Nelson

      I’d jump ship to an iPhone if they were INNOVATIVE. My GF made the mistake (YES, mistake were HER words as a pre-K teacher) of buying the iPhone 4. And get what she is envious of….my OG Droid!!!!! Her whole family are apple fan-folks and that’s half the reason she got it. Ever figure out how many key presses it takes to find the temp on the iPhone? I don’t really care, cause all I have to do to see the temp is hit the power button and look at the notification tray. She is always asking me for the temp 😉

      EDIT: I still haven’t had the heart to tell her I pre-ordered the S3.

  • KC

    Apple stop your crap and move on. The reason I dumped my iphone because apple is a complete ass of a company. Apple how do you spell loser I think you know for sure.

  • Austin

    This is just sad, anything to stop someone else success

  • Conartist

    This is like some Democrat/Republican BS, or some East Coast/West Coast hip hop BS. The longer these somewhat frivolous go, the more it polarizes the masses (I mean come on, are they just gonna not sell the S3 after all this is said and done?). I respect Apple, but I support Android. Maybe on Apple sites, there are tons of reports of companies like HTC and Samsung patent trolling as well, I don’t know. All I know is that Apple better seriously consider the ramifications of trying to hold up ever major roll out of an Android device. Conservatively speaking, there are probably AT LEAST 4-5 feature phones a year on the Android platform. Imagine if Apple gets stumbled up due to patent trolling on their release of the next Iphone because HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and whoever have some patents that “need” defending…

  • There will be hell to pay if the GS III does not get released. This is the biggest phone of the year, thousands of pre-orders (across five U.S. carriers) and millions of dollars put into these devices, and Apple has the balls to try and shut down the whole thing?

    I am sick of Apple. I think I still have an old iPod Classic down in my basement…oh, how I would love to just mutilate that piece of garbage right now. If anything, it will make me feel better.

  • MikeSaver

    how do i get s-voice on my galaxy nexus? Do i have to root?

  • Troubled_Asian

    Apple needs to realize that the 9 million people that pre-ordered the GSIII do not want an iPhone. If this ban is enforced, its only going to ensure that there are 9 million angry people who will never buy any more apple products.

    • I don’t buy Apple products now as it is and this type of stuff just ensures that I never will.

      • Troubled_Asian


  • kidheated

    Also, this recent trolling between the S-voice and Siri patents, is hilarious. Neither work well and are, at this stage, hyped-up gimmicks. Which is like an author suing a high school kid for paraphrasing his work on a research paper. Again, Total bull.

  • kidheated

    *pple can’t be touched when it comes to innovation, at least it used to be that way with Jobs at the helm. How good *pple will be down the line remains to be seen, but the outlook still seems good. As far as litigation, *pple is a little bitch! Their actions in the patent trolling is like two gentlemen engaging in a gentlemanly dual/fight and the loser sues the winner. Except in this case, it’s the winner suing the loser/s for taking a swing and that’s just being a dick. It’s not enough that they make billions off their consumers and so on, are the most popular tech company on the planet(even if you don’t like them, you’ve heard of them and can’t deny their greatness), they have to stop others from trying to make any money. I don’t know who’s worse, *pple or Craposoft!? Why can’t these corps just battle it out on the sales charts with making the absolute best products possible? All this trolling just hurts the consumer in the end and up it, too! Total bull.

  • regkilla

    I plan to get the Galaxy S3 and I suggest Apple to stop their patent trolling.

  • mcdonsco

    Seems like everytime a new phone is released that could put a dent in iPhone sales, apple, ugh…claims a patent violation? WTF? Apparently Apple thinks they own everything???

    • Brent Stewart

      Apple wants to be the only game in town… You know, like the mafia.

  • Joe

    hey, doesn’t this seem similar to when samsung tried the exact same thing in europe?

  • No matter how you feel about the claims, Apple isn’t a patent troll.

    Patent trolls rely primarily, or solely, on lawsuits and royalties to make a living. That’s clearly not the case here: Apple is the only other company outside of Samsung and HTC making a profit in selling smartphones, and it’s making a much wider profit margin, at that. It could drop these lawsuits and not even notice the hit to its pocketbook.

    Remember, the lawsuits got started out of a sincere ideological belief at Apple (commonly presumed to be Jobs, but we don’t know for sure) that Android was a copy. Truth or not, this isn’t the same as, say, Microsoft’s lawsuits, which are much more economically motivated (its goal is only the royalty, not to stop sales).

    • Curse you apple!!!

      No, they’re trolling. What apple is doing is the definition of trolling. ”
      trolling describing intentionally provocative actions and harassment ” They are purposely trying to screw over Android customers. They don’t give a crap that everyone’s phones will now likely be delayed. Just think, if Samsung were to cause a delay in the release of the next iphone in the US, there would be a shitstorm. What makes this case any different than that

      • You’re trying to stretch the semantics a bit — patent trolling is not the same as forum trolling.

        There’s a very specific definition of patent trolling, and it makes all the difference both behaviorally and in the public eye. To elaborate: a patent troll often either didn’t invent the patent at all, or invented it with the aim of leeching off of others’ actual inventions. These companies either make no meaningful products (Lodsys as an example) or are failing companies that are trying to use patent threats now that their core revenue source has dried up (see: Kodak pre-bankruptcy, Mosaid).

        You can hate what Apple’s doing if you like, but it’s not trolling. It only wants to target a limited set of companies over what it sees as a legitimate dispute. A patent troll doesn’t care whether or not the invention is sincere, or who it targets: it just wants to guarantee that a few people and their lawyers are making six- or seven-digit incomes based on someone else’s work.

        • Robert Jakiel

          …”It only wants to target a limited set of companies over what it sees as a legitimate dispute.”

          I assume your definition of limited is EVERYONE? HTC, Samsung and Motorola. That’s limited? Apple just plain fails at failing at this point. Their actions scream of desperation by trying to stay relevant in a market that they have lost to a superior platform. Their only choice now is endless and useless litigation.

          • Doesn’t include LG, Pantech, Huawei, Sharp, or many of the others that use Android. Apple is going after those it thinks have the biggest impact or are the most blatant in what they do (i.e. Samsung). By your definition, Microsoft is the real troll, since it believes every Android OEM on Earth owes money.

            Calling Apple desperate also shows a profound lack of knowledge surrounding its position in the market and in finances. In the US, at least, Android’s growth has stalled out (see comScore’s latest figures) while the iPhone is still growing. And Apple makes considerably more profit from phones than even Samsung; it’s in zero danger of running out of cash.

            Next time, please try to argue on facts, not “Android uber alles” hopes. You’re certainly entitled to prefer Android — I love the HTC One series — but don’t confuse your preference with what’s actually happening.

  • wmsco51

    att. lawyers and courts and judges tell apple troll to kiss your a**!!! if we leave it up to them we’d all be using rotary phones or theirs and they would feel perfectly fine bout it. I couldn’t give a damn for patents and mumbo jumbo you boil it all down ,your stiffling tech. and inovation and raising the cost to everyone so get smart and tell them

  • FortitudineVincimus

    These SOB, mofos better not delay me getting my new phone and beating the new tiered data and keeping my unlimited data with their lawsuit shenanigans

  • Havoc70

    Apple = Biggest loser award for 2012

  • Sue apple for pulldown bar notifications.

    • chew

      If Google starts this lawsuit, it makes Google as just another Apple.

      • chris125

        Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire to get shit done. And it wouldn’t make google another apple, it would make google show apple they are tired of their shit and not going to let apple try to bully their hardware partners.

  • Akashi_Raikoh

    “launch of the biggest Android phone of the year.” – Lulz….please pass what your smoking to the left.

  • hkklife

    IMO, Verizon is acting alongside Apple in trying to force this injunction. They are hoping the GSIII gets delayed long enough so that it arrives after the shared data plans become mandatory. Apple will do anything to F Android users and VZW will do anything to F their customers in order to appease Apple (no more NE2, no more 1yr contracts, no more unlimited data, $30 upgrade fees, $2 bill pay convenience fees etc etc).

    • Chronon7364

      By pre-ordering the phone, one is allowed to retain unlimited data. I confirmed this with an online pre-order and also with speaking to a Verizon representative earlier today. Sadly, the $30 “upgrade fee” remains intact.

      • evltwn

        But the $2.00 bill payment fee didn’t. 🙂

  • Nexiii

    Right on schedule Apple!! Good thing I’m having a dilemma, of whether keeping my nexus or getting the Sg3. I’d have been one angry mofo if I pre-ordered it today. I thought I read somewhere that samsung and apple were coming to an agreement to stop this b.s??? Guess not!!!

    • They are having court-mandated “peace talks”, which will likely go nowhere.

  • darat532

    The way to control this is for all of the US carriers to say FU to Apple and all of their products. If they can’t sell their Iphone and Ipad through the US carriers maybe they will concentrate on their own R&D department to come up with something revolutionary instead of screwing with all the other manufacturers.

    • SeanBello

      yeah right, what will soccer moms use as status symbols then?

      • ashadan

        arent minivans and SUV’s still the status symbols for soccer moms? cant we just fall back to the sliding scale of low to hi? start at the caravan and move up to teh escalade? it worked in the past

        • SeanBello

          If this happens, Ford has to come out with a new Windstar to counteract.

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Me 😀

  • SeanBello

    they have all these patents for the most arbitrary things….HOW DO THEY NOT HAVE ONE FOR A HARDWARE HOME BUTTON?!

  • Ashadan

    One day at school both apple and sammy were playing in the sandbox, when all ofa sudden apple noticed that sammy had a toy the looked a lot like his. Dashing off he went straight to the teacher and tugged on the hem of her dress. “Teacher teacher!!! Sammy has a toy just like mine!! It’s not fair, and I want you to take it away from him!”

    Rolling her eyes the teacher sighed and looked down and the boy “Are you sure it’s just like yours apple?”

    Standing indignant the boy shouted, “Of COURSE it is!! nobody else will ever have toys like me, because I’m super smart, if other kids see that sammy has a toy that’s like mine, then they’ll want to play with his since he shares….I wont share the same playground as him if he’s going to steal my toys too!”

    “You just said it wasn’t yours, just it was “like” it though, isn’t that enough? He doesn’t have the same toys you do, You put up the same argument when he brought his new book to class, and in order to stop you two fighting I took his away. I don’t want this to be another one of those types of things apple”

    “I don’t CARE!” the child screamed, obviously incredibly upset and fuming “I want you to go over there and take it away from him, it’s not fair and I wont have it!!!”

    (This is kinda how I see the whole apple and samsung crossfire lately))

    • Emilio_Buttsextivez

      Your argument doesn’t make sense? Apple doesnt sue microsoft for windows phone because it is different, It’s microsofts own idea. Android especially on samsung is the exact same layout, and copies the same features like S voice to Siri. It’s like Coke and Pepsi. Coke was there first, Pepsi just gave it a different name and threw in a few differences.

      • RageBuilder

        Hate to say it, but Apple doesn’t sue Microsoft over Windows Phone because Microsoft only produces the software for Windows Phone, Nokia or someone else produces the hardware, that would be like suing Samsung because of a feature in Android…..

        Besides everyone knows that Apple wouldn’t sue Microsoft or anyone else dealing with Windows Phone OS for the same reason that they won’t sue Blackberry, THEY DON’T POSE A THREAT THE WAY THE NEW CROP OF ANDROID DEVICES DO!!!!! Seriously how many Blackberry’s or Windows Phones are set to force Apple to loose market share more than they have, and/or expose the shortcomings of the iOS “operating system”

        • DownWithPatents

          Correction, you say “operating system” when the correct term is “Cheap app launcher”

          This is all

          Oh, almost forgot, Apple is a horrible company…

  • Chronon7364

    Hopefully this won’t go anywhere. I just pre-ordred this morning with Verizon with the intent to finally be able to toss my forsaken Blackberry under a bus. The wait has been long enough.

  • sk3litor

    Good God man how many lawyers does apple actually have? They must be pulling people out of the mailroom to file lawsuits.

  • This is why USA is #1

  • SenseOffender

    Someone should tell apple that the horse has already bolted! (In Europe anyhow)

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    Apple, what happened to the creative company you used to be in the 90s. All you do now is play catch up and sue. Magical more like the lawyer company

  • These lawsuits are exhausting – and I’m not even party to them. Its one thing to sue over an innovation that someone has honestly stolen from you, but many of these Apple patent claims seem to be allowed for things things that are part of the natural evolution of technology and not some brilliant innovation.

    One one had I guess ‘them the rules”, on the other hand it really makes Apple look like a cry-baby little b*tch that is lacking in any new worthwhile ideas.
    (I am giving my iPad the evil-eye right now).

    Let me go on record now and say that a skinny 4″ iPhone sounds like a stupid idea… they can go ahead and patent that one…

  • paul_cus

    Yeah, I saw this and was wondering if Droid Life wanted to rain on the pre-order parade by posting it.

  • MrEnglish

    If patents have been infringed, then the court will decide. It’s not like Apple is the only company that lashes out against this. I know, it’s the most fun to talk about though. Everybody does this, it’s a game, and it will always be a game.

  • Man, i should’ve been a patent lawyer.

  • Aaron Fredricks

    i am so sick of this bullshit.

  • deesnutzz

    Even though Patents on nonsense y’all can’t tell y’all didn’t see this coming. It looks exactly like Siri

    • SeanBello

      Siri looks like Voice Search

    • Umm no.. If you did your research you would see that S-Voice is built off of Vlingo… An app that has been around for a while now.. Looks nothing like Siri..smh

      • chris125

        Agree, Samsung is using another app that is still available, yet apple doesn’t go after the company who made the app. Pure BS.

        • Of course not, because stopping the app being sold wouldn’t affect Android handset sales in the slightest.

  • Fun With Drugs

    I wish someone would do what Sam Flynn did in Tron. Hack into Apple’s database and mess it up. Apple needs to get over itself. They can’t keep up with the phone market, so they just throw petty little patent suits left and right. Pathetic.

  • Apple, no innovation, all litigation.

    • frankandsimple

      copy paste of the reply to your very same comment on BGR.
      Clearly an ignorant comment.

      1. Retina Display – until iPhone 4, no current mobile device had anything close to 326ppi on its display.
      1b. Retina Display – the “new iPad” has the highest resolution of any tablet, be it 7″ or 10″.
      2. Thunderbolt I/O – No other company or platform has I/O technology that can match the speeds and capabilities. Not even USB 3.0.
      3. Battery Technology – Apple has over 1,000 engineers dedicated solely to batteries.
      4. Unibody Design (Mac) – Those new Ultrabooks? They’re all MacBook Air clones. And they’re just now coming out, 3 years after the original MBAir.
      5. Multi-touch Screens – Until the iPhone, no other smartphone (or mobile device) could recognize more than one touch input. Now all of them do. How convenient.
      6. Manufacturing – Love them or hate them, Apple not only designs the productsthey sell, but the majority of the process required to actually produce those products (tools, dies, presses, etc).
      7. Distribution Ecosystem – It started with iTunes – where you could get all your music/videos. Then the App Store, for iOS apps. Then the iBookstore. Meanwhile, Android launched the Market/Play Store, Amazon launched the Amazon App Store, RIM launched App World, etc. Following Apple’s lead, all these other companies setup a distribution system for digital assets (all music/videos/apps/books etc).
      8. iPod – Pure innovation. Nobody should argue this. Actually, as of Monday, the “Zune” brand is being shuttered. Microsoft gave up.

      I could go on all day, but you get the idea.

      • EC8CH

        Just to verify, the ignorant comment is the one you’ve pasted over?

        Cause just for starters, I don’t know why *pple should get credit for putting a screen that someone else developed and manufacturer into a phone they market and sell.

        • frankandsimple

          yea, everything from “Clearly an ignorant comment..” is copy paste.

          Speaking of ignorant.. Apple actually builds their chipsets here in the USA.. the displays are yes, built by other vendors.. but they are built based on the specs apple gives them. It’s just like any other business. there are tons of sub-contractors contributing to the product that is originally designed and conceived by the one who sells the said product.

          • Do you get laid or do you just bounce around to all the forums and troll people who aren’t fans of apple? Actually you probably do get laid, its that iPhone shoved so far up your a**…. Btw Samsung makes those Retina displays……

          • frankandsimple

            yea, Shamsung and LG both do.. so what?

          • Chuckers

            I see what you did there….is that troll lingo… Shamsung… ha

          • frankandsimple

            yep.. that’s troll lingo.. I love trolling here once in a while. 🙂

          • Chew

            Not sure if Apple builds their own chipsets. As far as I know, they have Samsung to produce their CPUs.

          • frankandsimple

            The chips are designed by Apple and manufactured by Shamsung in their texas plant. Shamsung is just a fabricator here.. fabricating per the specs given to them by Apple.

          • billy routh

            That does not change the FACT that if Samsung stopped making there screen and chip set than Apple would be up a shit creek without a paddle

          • tonysam1

            They are not designed by Apple. They are spec’ed by Apple. Apple tells Samgsung what they want produced and blah blah blah.

            I’ve read your posts, and although they are troll bait, you do have a point. I do appreciate the initial innovation Apple produces, but after the initial innovation has been produced they stagnate for years, and sue EVERYONE. All that does is hurt competition (which is bad for us) – and that is why I hate Apple.

          • Chronon7364

            I just want my damn phone…

          • EC8CH

            When you say “speaking of ignorant” that pertains to everything you typed afterwards correct?

            Cause today I am giving a spec to the battery manufactures of the world to deliver to me a 100,00 milliamp battery the size of a Tic-Tac, and be able to take credit for it with a straight face.

          • frankandsimple

            You are mistaken.. Apple does not merely spec it. They actually design it. I am an Engineer and I don’t know if you are one too.. so not sure if you understand what it is to Design something and what it is to manufacture it following the design.

          • EC8CH

            “Apple does not merely spec it. They actually design it.”


          • billy routh

            That does not change the FACT that Samsung makes that screen

          • Jmoney

            False. If you look on the box of every ipod, iphone and ipad, it clearly states made in china, assembled in usa.

        • Jroc869, Cool story bro

          He is only here because he got his ass handed to him over there lmao. what a super douche

          • jroc74


          • jroc74

            Looks like he’s getting his ass handed to him over here too. lol He shoudlnt have copied and pasted it…without doing a lil research first. : (

            1/2 that list has already been disputed. I think Apple makes a decent product….but some ppl think they are the end all be all…or they created everything, and created everything they use.

            Thats the biggest problem.

            He also shoulda read some of the responses….maybe he wouldnt have posted this…lol.

        • Valdeck

          The real issue here has nothing to do with innovation. It is good business sense to protect what you work so hard to make but when any company crosses the line from protecting their work to going after everyone who even has a similar idea and does yet does not steal any of your actual work (or code in this case) you are doing nothing but hurting the very industry you are striving to make money from.

          The ITC already cleared the current HTC phones based on apples case in the ITC (that took two tries to get to the answer they wanted) so now they are going back to the same ITC with the same complaints for a third time? that is not protecting their work that is being a bully, Now you are seeing them go after samsungs new phone with the same issues that they are bringing against the nexus that they have yet to even prove?

          • michael arazan

            The same way apple copied siri from from google voice right?

          • JB

            Siri was created by a small company that was in the process of porting it to android and blackberry. Apple had nothing to do with the development of Siri. They just bought a good app and integrated it into their OS.

        • michael arazan

          Hmmm, where did apple get the siri idea, oh, it couldn’t have come from google voice could it?

        • jroc74

          E X A C T L Y!!!

      • Chuckers

        I could go on all day as well, with a list many times larger than anything you could produce of things apple has “cloned.” The difference, and its clearly covered in the comments below, is the frivolous lawsuits.

      • Good post, bro.

      • JoeTi

        ….Okay, so how about “innovative and extremely litigious”?

      • billy routh

        The first iPhone may of been innovative even though it was all ideas taken from somewhere else but that doesent change the fact that they no longer innovate they litigate because there now at least always a year behind android.

        • Emilio_Buttsextivez

          Is that why S voice is coming out after siri? And a reminder system, same with geolocation alerts.

          • kevin

            I could be wrong but wasn’t siri originally developed for android but apple decided to buy the company? So in a way its not like they even came up with it..

          • Emilio_Buttsextivez

            If you mean Nuance technology, then yes android voice commands uses some of that technology. You can even buy their pc client dragon diction. But I’m talking about the idea of Siri, something that can control almost every aspect of your phone and different apps like weather. And i mean come on samsung didnt even try to make it act or look different.

          • tonysam1

            Android users have had Voice commands for years before Siri came out. The only difference is that Siri talks back and is perceived to be cool.

            Try, natively, telling Siri navigate to NYC and see if it navigates you there turn by turn. Android can do that. And that is truly useful.

      • MrEnglish

        You’ll never make your point here, no matter how good it is. Fanboys are the same on both sides of the fence, stupid and puppets to the post of the day. My only hope is they go sterile before they breed.

      • Derp

        Like the ipod brand isn’t done and over with too? Nobody buys a zune for the same reason nobody is buying ipods.

      • Brent Stewart

        The only thing Apple continues to innovate on is hardware. iOS has practically been stagnate since the original iPhone. All of these frivolous -YES FRIVOLOUS- lawsuits in this article are software based and are common sense things that should not even be patentable.

      • ZERO

        Flawed… some are true but not entirely.

        1. iPhone4 does boast the highest ppi until Sony Xperia S released. Retine Displays have no true black.
        2. Highest ppi Tablet that doesn’t have apps which can utilize it’s own resolution. In addition, most videos are just FULL HD or HD(which is still lower than iPad3 resolution).
        3. RE
        4. Agree.
        5. Yes, they introduce the multi-touch to media and let everyone knows about it. But, this technology is NOT created by them.
        6. Apple doesn’t produce or manufacture most hardware. They get them from some other companies like Samsung, Sony, etc.
        7. The idea is real good. So, I have a restaurant and I serve fish balls. You open another restaurant and you serve fish balls too. Anything wrong with it? 8. RE

        You could always go on all day with your own imagination, but we won’t get the idea.

      • ZEROOO

        Flawed… some are true but not entirely.

        1. iPhone4 does boast the highest ppi until Sony Xperia S released. Retine Displays have no true black.
        2. Highest ppi Tablet that doesn’t have apps which can utilize it’s own resolution. In addition, most videos are just FULL HD or HD(which is still lower than iPad3 resolution).
        3. RE
        4. Agree.
        5. Yes, they introduce the multi-touch to media and let everyone knows about it. But, this technology is NOT created by them.
        6. Apple doesn’t produce or manufacture most hardware. They get them from some other companies like Samsung, Sony, etc.
        7. The idea is real good. So, I have a restaurant and I serve fish balls. You open another restaurant and you serve fish balls too. Anything wrong with it? 8. RE

        You could always go on all day with your own imagination, but we won’t get the idea.

        • frankandsimple

          Innovation and invention are totally different things. Secondly, apple doesn’t walk into Samsung office and tell them..”hey give us something new that will be one of a kind and that you’ll manufacture and that you’ll have no ownership on”.
          Every item.. including the casting die, is designed by apple. AS a designer.. I design buildings.. I actually develop the ideas.. and I tell exactly what to do. The fabricator will follow my instructions to the letter and produce it. That doesn’t take away the fact that it is my brainchild and my innovation.

          • jroc74

            Your first sentence shows you have a closed mind. Your huge mis informed post already did….this just confirms it.

            Really look at the definitions of both words…..they could mean the same thing.

          • frankandsimple

            why does it take you 3 posts to get your point across? lol.
            anyway.. you need to look up a real dictionary again.. Invention is not the same as innovation… especially as it applies to consumer electronics.
            I don’t think I ever disputed that LG created the retina display.. In fact, I believe I even said so before you did. My point was, just like a few here.. you don’t seem to understand the difference between a designer and fabricator. That really goes to show your own closeted way of thinking and lack of real world experience or knowledge. Show me ONE distribution ecosystem that was as synchronized and effective as itunes before itunes.
            Yea, samsung phones are mostly made up of samsung parts.. including samsung’s very own ridiculously pathetic pentile displays. so that doesn’t prove anything. And what other smart phone had a ppi greater than the iphone 4? Please let us know.. I am waiting..

            You are just another cowboy who likes to shoot from his hips.. go back to school boy.

          • jroc74

            What phone had a greater screen res and ppi than the 3GS? Answer…many Win Mo and Android phones. Whats your point? Thats called progress. I take it the ones that had a greater ppi than the 3GS dont count…

            And since I have to do your work for you:

            Invent: 1st definition:
            to originate or create as a product of one’s own ingenuity, experimentation, or contrivance

            Innovation: 1st definition:
            something new or different introduced

            As I said…open your mind….if you can.

            One ecosystem before iTunes: Get it Now…Its already been mentioned. As I see you dont wanna recognize it….this is a waste of my time.

            Btw…iTunes started out as a media player only…it didn’t get the Store part until AFTER Get It Now was released. You do realize Apple went to Samsung for displays when they were having iPad issues…

            Like I said…this is becoming a waste of time..

      • elliot323

        You’re so ignorant you forget that Verizon had most of this before Apple.

        1. “Retina Display” – LG enV Touch had a 800×480 on a 3 inch screen, that’s 311ppi, sorry Apple, it was done way before you.
        2. Thunderbolt I/O – No other company also supports Thunderbolt I/O so even though it’s fast, it’s not supported, no point in having Thunderbolt if you can’t buy reasonable priced hard drives for it.
        3. Battery Technology – Apple batteries last longer because Apple devices don’t run a fully functional operating system, it’s a fact of life, that’s why the old school feature phone batteries last long too.
        4. Unibody design – Finally something they did on their own first, but really they copied the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad build quality and made it look nice with that silver “Unibody” design.
        5. Multi-Touch screens – Multi-touch was invented by an engineer at MICROSOFT, in the 1980s, the iPhone was the first mainstream phone to have it, hardly inventive, they stole once again and have the audacity to patent it like it’s theirs.
        6. Manufacturing – I don’t even need to talk about the way they treat their manufacturing employees, read any Engadget article about Foxconn and you’ll know.
        7. Distribution – Already been done, the Apple Store was preceded by Verizon’s Get It Now, again they copied someone else’s idea.
        8. iPod – HAHAHA, pure innovation? MP3 players were already out years before the iPod, the first released was the Audio Highway Listen Up in 1998.

        So all Apple does is copy people, the only thing the “innovated” was how to effectively market their products.

        • frankandsimple

          your posts not only reflect a lack of brute facts.. but also the inability to understand the difference between invention and innovation. Call yourself an idiot and do us all a favor.

          • jroc74

            I take it you never heard of Get It Now…shows your age or knowledge…..take your pick.

      • jroc74

        Last time I checked…LG created the Retina Display…

        What hand did Apple have in developing or creating it?

        Yea…Multi Touch.

        Distribution ecosystem? That was around before the iPhone, iTunes. How about the carriers for a start. Get it Now on Verizon was out before iTunes and the Apple app store.

        Manufacturing? Um….most of the iPhone parts are made by other manufactures. If you wanna say manufacturing…Samsung phones are made up of mostly Samsung parts. Case in point…the Retina Display is made by LG…

        And…before the iPhone 4….other phones had a higher screen res, ppi. It means something special because the iPhone finally had more? Thats not innovation….thats called progress. So do you just forget about the WIn Mo and Android phones that had hgher screen res AND ppi than the iPhone 3GS?

        The iPhone was an innovative product because of the ideas Apple put together. Yes I agree. But when you try to take the individual ideas Apple uses and claim Apple themselves are innovative because of them……..you gotta give most of that credit to the folks who actually created and made it.

  • Realistic87

    I hate apple so much

  • Serious, fuck Apple.

  • Michael Forte

    I’ve had unified search (Voice Search) on my Android phones since 2009, way before Siri…eff off Apple.

    • Michael Johnson

      I’ve had it since 2008 on my G1…

    • Have you seen the patent? It’s much closer to the way Siri (and of course, S Voice) works. Google Voice Actions is as close to Siri in method as a high school gym run is to the summer Olympics.


    If I don’t get this phone by June 18th, Apple will have a very bad time.

  • T4rd

    You know Kellex loves the Gnex when he uses it as the article’s headline pic even when the article is about a completely different phone =p.

  • kevin

    I didnt really mind crapple patent trolling just because none of there antics really effected me but i just f*cking pre ordered this phone and i will damn well dig steve jobs up from his grave and shove his iphone shit s up his ass if this thing gets delayed!

    • Zebug

      Best comment ever!!

  • Eric Richardson

    lol Florian Mueller.

    • I know he’s a sham and anti-Google and works for Oracle, but he’s at least reporting on this and no one else seems to be. It’s definitely news, as unfortunate as it is.

  • Liderc

    Pre-order fail.