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Galaxy Nexus LTE 4.0.4 IMM76K System Images Posted, Go Get ’em!

The factory images for the Galaxy Nexus LTE on Verizon have been posted by the Android team (JBQ specifically). These images are of the newest Android 4.0.4 update, build IMM76K. Go download them, as they will come in handy down the road should you ever need to be rescued from some sort of screw-up on your device.

Via:  Google | Download (very bottom)

Cheers Brad!

  • Maslan

    OK – sorry for this noob question – but how do you install/flash this? I have flashed many many many ROM’s when i had the Original Droid, and I am rooted running AOKP. But i have never flashed a factory image. Everything i have always done was a .zip file. Thanks for any direction. I have been thinking about going back to non rooted on this for a while.

    • maslan

      Just had a thought – do you guys think Wug’s Galaxy Root Tool Kit would work? It says it can use any factory image to go back stock?

  • billy routh

    Can this be flashed in CWM or does it have to be done in fast boot?

  • RW-1

    I like … When I’m ready to leave IMM30B which has been running fine, I’d prefer to wipe and load this, then re-configure.

  • Andy Roid

    Received my official update today (with more signal bars)!

  • Marlon06

    Really Noob question. What does the “factory image” for this build actually mean ?? Im a lil lost why I would need this. Note: I have been updated to Build IMM76K straight from vzw as of yest. Thanks in advance for any information

  • Jeremy Morrison

    This is only good for factory restores. Instead of flashing back to 4.0.2 and OTA updating to 4.0.4 we can just flash the 4.0.4 factory images instead. Most ROM Developers like Kejar and Roman will not use these files for building there ROMS becuase it’s not from AOSP and they’re AOSP ROM’s. There maybe a few that will try to build of this .img like DT when he gets back to 100% from the hospital.

  • Q

    Aww that’s nice of them… when’s the last time Verizon and/or Moto made full images for the Droid X, Bionic, or Razr available?

    • Jeremy Martin

      Zero times…why you asked? Those devices are not Google Experience Devices. Its not evil its just how it is.

    • Chris Gustafson

      Every single time. They just never publicly release them.

      They are available for the XOOM though.

  • do we need radios for this or is everything in the image file

    • Jeremy Morrison

      the radios are included in the .TGZ file. Unzip the .TGZ then unzip the .TAR file and you will see everything is inside the file folder created after unziping the .TAR I used 7-Zip and had no problems.

  • null

  • Is there a way to update from IMM30B 4.0.4 without going back to 4.0.2?

  • Anyone ever seen this FA04 CDMA radio image included in this zip? I remember the 2’s but not the 4’s… and I guess it has the FC05 LTE i’m used to…

    Here’s my reference: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/12864-radiosvzw-all-radios-in-flashable-zip/

    EDIT: Just tried to flash the fa04 CDMA image, and it either didn’t change or is actually the FC04…

    • Jean-Baptiste Queru

      My mistake. I have a typo in the script that generates the package, so it ended up with the wrong filename. It’s indeed FC04.

      • And that’s why Droid Life is the place to go for all your droid needs….because you get comment responses from the poo-bah himself.

      • siphyn

        Any idea when the Sprint “ToroPlus” factory image will be released?

        • Jean-Baptiste Queru

          Sorry, I don’t know, I’m not involved in those.

  • j__h

    Is this any different than what was posted that came from the OTA maybe a week ago?

  • MikeSaver

    why should i download this?

    • burntcookie90

      Go download them, as they will come in handy down the road should you ever need to be rescued from some sort of screw-up on your device.”

      • MikeSaver

        Yes I can read thanks.

        I was looking for more details than that. I don’t know what these files are. If theres some sort of screw up on my device, just how will these files help me?

        • Greg Morgan

          this is generally used if you are rooted and running roms and soft brick you’re device. You can push it through fastboot to put your phone back to stock. There are also Toolkits on various dev sites that you can upload to and it wll flash it for you.

          • MikeSaver

            Thanks both of you!

        • If the firmware ever gets messed up on your device (no one can predict exactly how or why this would happen), then you can flash this and be all good again.

  • ddevito

    I’ve been told by someone who downloaded the OTA that his GNex now suffers from (display) ghosting – does anyone else see this?

    • No

    • Nope, if you havent updated yet i strongly recommend it.

    • My fiance’s Nexus has had burn in for months now. Its not the software, its the AMOLED screen. You must now just be noticing it.

  • ddevito

    can anyone who downloaded or installed this img file tell me the build date? Under kernel version in ‘About phone’.

    I downloaded the one posted online about a month or so ago and it was built on 04/13 11:35:09 PDT

  • Full OS image or just the update patch?

    • really… the update isn’t over 195 MB… Do your research buddy

  • EC8CH

    Joe Buck does not like IMM76K

    That is all.

    • Liderc

      lol win

    • will bartlett


  • ddevito

    Jean-Baptiste Queru is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • EC8CH


  • htowngtr

    Now I assume the custom ROM builders can quit using IMM76D and go with the full released K version.

    • PC_Tool


      aokp_toro_userdebug 4.0.4 IMM76I eng.that1guy.20120603.185930 test-keys

      Built from aokp’s source repo this weekend.

  • I thought Google wasn’t going to provide these anymore for CDMA devices? Oh well, good surprise!

    • zepfloyd

      They don’t *have* to as it’s not supported in AOSP anymore officially, as they can’t provide source, however there’s no reason they can’t offer the compiled. …And people say it’s not a Nexus. ha.

      • ddevito

        I must say – I have eaten my words. But couldn’t be happier :p


    • John

      Wondering same thing..

    • PC_Tool

      They still provide them, they just aren’t “supported” and “official”.

      Basically, they do not have access to the source of the LTE radio binaries and the VZW libraries that are required to operate on VZW’s LTE network.

      tl;dr: Qualcomm sucks.

      • I might be talking out of my butt here, but I thought LTE was based on GSM so it was also open. I thought it was the CDMA radios that they couldn’t release.

        Or is it they only have LTE chips from Qualcomm now so they aren’t releasing the source for it?

        I guess I am a little behind on the tech specs these days. 🙁

        • siphyn

          I could be wrong, but I think you’re right in that it is the CDMA radio that they cannot release. LTE is based on GSM, so you’re correct there.

  • TheWenger

    Would be good to update the How-to guide for the Nexus for this.