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Comparison: Galaxy S3 vs. Incredible 4G LTE vs. Galaxy Nexus vs. RAZR MAXX

galaxy s3 vs2

With the Samsung Galaxy SIII becoming all sorts of official yesterday on Verizon, we thought we would take its specs and compare them to the other major players from Big Red that are currently available. We know that many of you have a big decision to make in the next couple of weeks as contracts come to a close and upgrades free up, so maybe this will help.

In this chart, you will see the GS3 up against the Incredible 4G LTE, Galaxy Nexus, and DROID RAZR MAXX as those (to us anyway) are the cream of the crop right now. 

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  • Mic

    Most phones don’t even have ICS yet and people are complaining which phone can get Jelly Bean? Ridiculous. Go by the specs of the phone, if you’re not even happy with the latest OS’s out there quit smartphones altogether.

    • droid maxxuser

      Ics in mine.a month in my Maxx from vzw

  • mark beckford

    Ok first of all verzion galaxy nexus sucks GSM baby 🙂 As I recall the verizon batch just got updated to 4.0.4!!! If you look at this https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images?hl=es#yakju you’ll see verzion galaxy nexus wont update anytime soon… So keep hoping for jellbean..

  • Counsel Dew

    I thought I’d like the gnex, but, as I can’t make a good phone call with it, I’ll have to pass… The MAXX should be compared with 4.04 since that should be updated soon – and that battery… ah, sweet! The S3 looks good too & is the only other real Gnex comparison (especially since Google isn’t updating the gnex as I think they should…).

  • Alix8821

    Any word/rumor on the sizes of the US variants?? Thickness wise and what not… Since no “special” versions were made for each US carrier like the SGII, I’m thinking/hoping accessories are universal. Because I am LOVING the Samsung Flip Case, and it’s very cheap online. would Love to have it on hand when the VZW GSIII finally launches…

  • Does anyone know if the Incredbile 4g LTE supports GSM frequencies like its predecessors? I may have to travel globally and want to be able to insert SIMS as needed.

  • Sean

    I love my Razr…only problem is I have the original Razr …not the Maxx. I am sitting on an upgrade trying to figure out what which direction I should go. The battery life is just way too poor on my Razr. 4g is basically useless on it unless you are attached to a charge all day. I know on trade Verizon right now is offering like 125 bucks for my Razr or I can sell it and make my money back and purchase another phone. With the data plan change coming I am under the gun trying to make a decision….what to do what to do….

  • I thought the SGS3 had only 1GB RAM except in Canada and Japan?

  • chris k

    I have the Razr maxx, and honestly, it is the first smartphone that I have ever used that works. I have no problems at all with it so even though the S3 has little better specs at about the same price I am happy with my decision because my friends with other samsung phones all complain about them (software and build quality)

  • stubbX

    is the Incredible 4G using S-LCD or S-LCD 2. The difference is bigger than you think.

  • duke69111

    Not the g nexus specs are bad, bit it appears that the phone should have had the specs of the S3.

  • fanboy1974

    Where’s the unlocked bootloader option?

  • Buckoman

    Funny, a mid range phone can run Sense 4.0, yet a top of the line Rezound can’t? This is why I don’t like HTC.

  • npompei

    I am dying to see a real world comparison in the gs3 vs inc4 in these 3 specs: 1. Battery 2. Speed(real world and benchmarks that actually matter) and 3. Ergonomics

    People get boners over size of the screen and quad cores and rams. To me all of these new phones have great specs- but if it looks like crap and performs like it, who cares. I will withold judgement on the GS3 screen, but pentile to MY eyes is really cheesy – as is touchwiz. And as great as the nexus is for the purists, it has/had problems.

    Its possible the inc4 will be as fast AND get better battery life than the GS3. Now, its stupid for people to say the inc4 is fat. See thin phones are, imo, sometimes hard to hold. So again, lets see how these 2 feel in hand.

    Either way, the GS3 is one of the best phones you can buy, but I want to see it and the Inc4 first! Its a great time to be in bed with the little green guy!