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Pre-order the Galaxy SIII From Verizon and You Keep Your Unlimited Data Plan

When Verizon announced this morning that customers could pre-order the Samsung Galaxy SIII starting June 6 at 7AM, the first question that many asked was, “Do we get to keep our unlimited data plan?” With no shared data plans in sight at this point, it seemed obvious that you would, however, there was a note in the press release that read, “Customers that purchase a Galaxy S III will need to subscribe to a 4G LTE mobile broadband data package starting at $30 monthly access for 2 GB of data,” which scared a number of you.

To clear this all up, we reached out to Verizon’s PR team and they confirmed to us that if you pre-order the device, even at the subsidized $199 or $249 prices, that you will get to keep your unlimited data package (assuming you have one now). If you are a new customer or are adding a line, you would be subject to the $30 per month, 2GB tier.

We aren’t exactly sure what will happen to those of you that do not pre-order and wait until the phone is actually launched, as there is a chance that Verizon will have kicked off their shared data plans by then. If that is the case, you may have to accept one of their new shared data tiers if you choose to buy the phone at a discounted rate at that time.

Again, if you pre-order though, you get to keep your unlimited data.

  • Just got my PREORDERED(on preorder release day) sIII in today and am being told that I have to downgrade to tiered data since I am activating after the 28th. Is there anything I can do?

  • Smart shopper

    This article is a lie. I just called Verizon and you DO NOT get to keep your unlimited data if you preorder. The only way to keep it, is to pay for the phone for full price ($650) with no contract. Nice misleading article.

  • Molly

    My husband tried to pre-order from Verizon last night and they said the unlimited data plan option was not true. Major Bummer. Check your facts, Droid Life.

    • s3bound

      your husband ordered on the 29th. the 28th was the last day to order AND keep your unlimited data. you and your husband need to check your facts.

  • Just called Verizon, told them I preordered at best buy on launch day. They said I can keep my unlimited plan since i initiated the sale before June 28. I made them not my account to make sure this is good, even if the phone comes in after the 28th.

  • What if you preorder through Best Buy? I remember reading a post here on that but I can’t find it anymore.

  • Angel Langridge

    By pre-ordering, do I pay that at time of ordering or can I add it to my bill and pay that way?

  • why on Verizon’s website does it say the price is 199 with 2-year upgrade AND data package required? someone please explain

  • Alfonso Sanchez

    2 GB of data after Im already unlimited??? F#cK that im switching to Sprint! ASAP

  • Thisten

    I hope this is the case. I’m grandfathered and eligible for an upgrade, and just a few minutes ago attempted a phone upgrade on Verizon’s site as a walk-through. After selecting a Razr Maxx, as an example, I was prompted to choose between a few data plans (4 gb for $30, 10 gb for $50, or something more expensive). I wasn’t serious about proceeding with this order and cancelled at the end, but I’m worried about this.

  • e_droid

    Does this mean we have to pay for the phone at full price? Will we get the typical upgrade pricing?

  • Matthew DeCillis

    I have a 3G unlimited plan because I was grandfathered in. Does that mean if I preorder the SGIII that I keep unlimited but now with 3G/4G service?

    • YP

      yes, you will have unlimited 4G.

  • Leo

    If I pre order it from best buy can I still keep my unlimited data?

    • YP

      yes, because you’re still going through verizon to sign a contract and their tiered data plans are not in effect yet for those who are currently grandfathered.

  • achaf86

    I’m going to the store tomorrow morning and pre ordering this bad boy!! I just got off the phone with VZ and they told me if I pre order i’ll get to keep my unlimited data, if I don’t & wait, then the new shared data plans will more in likely be out by the time this phone is released but they do not have a release date yet! Hopefully, they will tell me something tomorrow!

  • Curtis Martin

    Meanwhile I have a Galaxy Nexus that still has a one-way audio issue. Hopefully Verizon will let me exchange for a GS3. I originally wanted a GS2 anyway, but of course Big Red didn’t get it.

  • Alex Colodner

    I am not completely sold on this phone yet, but it is looking more and more like it will be the replacement for my Dinc… I want to actually hold one in my hand and make sure I like it before I commit, but I definitely want to keep my unlimited data (otherwise I would probably switch to t-mobile which I dont want to do). The big question I have is if I preorder tomorrow, and then decide against this phone, can I cancel my preorder with no repercussions? I called Verizon and could not get a straight answer. Anybody have input?

  • YP

    Where does it say anything about keeping the unlimited data plan with a preorder? Also, verizon never announced when the change to the data plans will actually take place, which means we still have time to get a new phone under contract and keep our unlimited for at least another month or so. I bet they’ll drop the Nexus in half after the SIII sells out.

  • Does anyone know/think if we’ll be able to pre-order it full price??

  • Kellex….will Best Buy b doing the pre-order stuff starting the 6th? I got $50 off my next phone and for $149 I’d b very happy

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Verizon is only doing this because they know, people like us aren’t inclined to buy a phone in the US that has less power that its counterpart in Europe (dual-core vs quad-core). And since we care about unlimited data, we’d be more inclined to buy the phone if it meant we could get it at the discounted price and keep unlimited data….Still not getting it tho.

  • Marcus Reid

    I’m more than happy with my GNexus. Wife has DX so I’m trying to decide Razr Maxx or GSIII. Decisions decisions….

  • bruinbiochem06

    I just called Verizon and they could not confirm that if I were to pre-order the GS3 on June 6th that I would be guaranteed to keep my unlimited data plan. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Verizon stopped grandfather customers right before the release of the GS3.

  • jamesnmandy

    I am getting the opposite from a VZW rep today…..After years of experience with them I can tell you what the contract is is what you agree to the day of the transaction. VZW’s system is structured this way, the very transaction is the mechanism that binds the contract. If you are in store the signing of the receipt is what binds you, not what the customer service rep says. I know this first hand. The pre-ordered phones do not get billed to your account until they ship. I confirmed this. He said whatever is the going contract terms on the transaction day is what you agree to or you can back out, no obligation. The contract terms are not what it was weeks prior when there was no real transaction (a simple request to pre-order is not a transaction nor does it obligate you or them) as explained to me. Honestly after many years of VZW transactions, I honestly believe this is how it would go.

    • balthuszar

      so when i pre-ordered my razr, and paid the 299 contract price for it, it didnt get billed until i got it? my 300 dollars was just floating in cyberspace until the shipping day of the razr…so that 300 dollars was there just floating for two months?

      • jamesnmandy

        He told me when you call to pre-order they put you in for one. Actual billing of it to your account does not occur until the day they ship your device. I don’t know why you are asking me. You know how your transaction went. I am telling you what VZW told me. When you ordered your Razr did you pay up front in the store or did you have them bill it against your account, and if billed did you actually have to pay right away and wait two months to get what you paid for? If so that goes against what he said but I had him clarify. I call tomorrow morning, say I want one, they put me in for one, and he said the day it is processed to ship is the day the charge hits my account. I do not have to pay anything tomorrow to pre-order the phone according to him. I also do everything over the phone/website. I don’t do face to face in store.

        • balthuszar

          i paid up front, in-store, when i pre-ordered it…what he told you doesnt make sense…they wouldnt let money just float for two months…it’s not good businses…maybe when you use the website/over the phone and you give a card number, they don’t bill it to the card til it ships(that would make sense), but if you pay cash, i don’t see how they can let that 300 dollars just float in cyber space

          • jamesnmandy

            Every upgrade I have done was over the phone with Verizon directly, and everytime they bill my account. The next bill has the regular bill plus the purchase. He said when I call to preorder there is no payment. He preorders the phone, it comes a few weeks later, and only when it ships to me do they actually bill the account. No card payments involved.

          • balthuszar

            ah…that’s good to know, if i ever decide to pre-order over the phone…if i made it sound like i didnt believe you, i didnt mean it to

  • Janice

    Sooo, what if you already have a Verizon unlimited 4G data plan and decide to get this phone, but not via pre-order…do you lose your unlimited data plan if shared data plans are available at that point? When Verizon made their announcement a while ago that upgrading to a 4G phone from a 3G phone meant losing your unlimited data plan, I (wishful thinking?) thought that that only applied to those who weren’t already using 4G phones on an unlimited plan.

    • disqus_IHpm8UzFns

      Once shared data plans become available, anyone getting a discounted phone will have to choose a tier. 3g or 4g won’t make any difference.

    • ddh819

      wondering about this too, my upgrade date is not until 2013

  • Wel

    So what happens after your 2 year agreement runs out on this, it’s forced into limited data? I’m debating keeping my grandfathered unlimited and just buying full priced phones, but if even that won’t help me keep my unlimited….what to do?!

    • disqus_IHpm8UzFns

      In the statement a few weeks ago, the CEO stated that as long as we don’t get a discounted phone, we will get to keep unlimited data indefinitely.

      • Wel

        Yeah but he was wearing a Louis Vuitton trucker hat when he said it…..

      • sgtguthrie

        And you trust him? I wouldn’t!

  • Guestzor

    How accurate is this? Is it 100% we will keep the plans and they won’t change them on us? Would love some more concrete data. At this point I am basically sold on SGS3 as a final replacement for my phone on Verizon, but I would hate to regret it.

  • lowchef

    Im gonna end up swapping my dx2 for the sg3…my upgrade wasnt till jan 2013…i called today and verizon said they would let upgrade early since it would be a 4g phone…so i said sweet ill be early upgrading and sticking with unlimited.

  • Aardvark99

    I swore off buying another phone w/o actually having real hands-on time with it after buying my Droid X. I wanted an Incredible, but there was a shortage at the time so I got the brand new X instead. I’ve grown to love the DX and in the long run I’m glad i bought it.

    I guess I’m in the same boat again, I want a Razr HD, but I’ll end up buying sight unseen the GSIII (to keep my data plan). Much like the X at it’s launch, it’s big and has some weird design choices, hopefully I’ll grow to love this one too.

  • Destroythanet

    Thanks for the confirmation, Kellen. This is the news I’ve been waiting for.

  • Tom

    too bad I can’t upgrade until Dec, 2012.

    • Scaner

      Same with me..until october

    • sgtguthrie

      I’m december too…hopefully I can find a kind hearted Supervisor 😉

  • TD

    I’ve had a Droid X for 23 months, this is a no-brainer. Can’t wait.

    • BAoxymoron

      I’m still on my og droid lol

      • eduardo vera

        same here!!! GSIII time!!

        • Rick Barreto

          Me too. I’ve been on OG Droid for 27 months (rooted & on Cyanogenmod of course). Have waited for just the right phone. Wasn’t 100% sold by Nexus, RAZR family, Rezound or Spectrum. S3 looks like the phone for me. I’ll be putting my order in tomorrow.

          • Nighthawk700

            Another OG Droid user here who has been waiting and waiting… I’m tired of waiting. This is finally it!

          • log

            Yeah Same here, probably closer to 30 months on my OG Droid.

            Motorola better release details/timeline for the Droid Razr HD or I might jump ship for the SIII as well.

        • Rawbster

          I’m also on the Droid X and my wife is still chugging along with the OG Droid. We are both moving over to the SIII. Finally!!!

    • will smith

      Damn you and your self control, I jumped at the nexus and now I’m torn…

      • michael arazan

        I’ve had my nexus since january, I’ll wait to see what the new nexus phones bring to the table in november. If the specs don’t meet up on the new nexus phone, by november the sg3 will be half off and they’ll be trying to get rid of them for whatever else is coming out by then, which will be the new nexus lines.

  • zkdreads

    so as of right now. if you get the phone “at launch” you could risk losing your unlimited data plan?

  • rippinitup

    What if you have 3g unlimited data, will you be able upgrade to 4g and keep unlimited data?

  • Sidra

    Any word if Google Wallet will be disabled on this? The Sprint press release makes specific mention of it included, but I don’t see anything either way about the Verizon version.

  • burpootus

    I wonder if the bootloader will be unlocked?

    • Pkmmte

      I don’t think Samsung locks their bootloaders.

      • burpootus

        I’m more worried about verizon than Samsung…

  • BenT

    Just one spec I have not read and just do not want to assume. It is compatible with 3G for those of us with crappy 4G reception. Got to have a backup plan right?

    • disqus_IHpm8UzFns

      Yes, it will most definitely be compatible with Verizon 3g. All Verizon phones will for quite a few more years. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?

  • Adam

    Kellex, today I returned my Razr Maxx after ten days and got a new one because there were dead pixels. But now I hear this and really want the Galaxy SIII because I want to keep my unlimited. Is there anyway I can go back to Verizon and return my phone I JUST got, use my old phone for a while, and then pre-order this?

  • But I want Moto Razr HD 🙁

  • Nick

    If I pre-order it, get it and absolutely hate it for some reason, can I exchange it for something else and keep my unlimited plan?

    • hmmm not a bad idea to keep the plan and possibly get the RazrHD… but they will charge a $30 restocking fee …. but it’s well worth covering your ass

  • Bill M.

    The fact is, less than 15% of VZW’s customers use more than 4GB of data. So, from a business standpoint, why would a company pay for UNLIMITED broadband lines when a small percentage of their customer’s are utilizing them? Of course they are going to limit your usage, don’t forget, their goal is make money. If unlimited data never existed, no one would be spoiled with it or feel like they deserve it. If you use more data, you pay for a higher data plan.

    • pslim80

      Unlimited lines and non unlimited plans use the same data line, vzw isn’t paying extra for us to keep our plans they just aren’t maximizing the most amount of money they can get from us

      • paul_cus


    • Cowboydroid

      The converse can also be argued. If less than 15% of their customers use more than 4GB, what’s the point of limiting data? Why not just keep offering “unlimited data?”

    • Trueblue711

      Verizon has never faced usage problems like AT&T did. Therefore, the extra data is not costing them much. It’s sheer greed, just like the upgrade fee.

  • Ken Bosse

    off contrart are we still paying full retail?

    • JoshGroff

      Unless you buy used, yes

  • master94

    Yes, I can have the best phone and still keep my unlimited data 🙂

  • Alix8821

    KELLEX … When they say “keep unlimited data” any word on how long we get to “keep” it?? For another 2 years or until next update, forever, or….. ?? Cause I love my G-Nex, and was tempted by a White Marble GSIII…. BUT, losing unlimited data is bad. Hard times right now, overage charges must be avoided at all costs… Pus, Shiny new phone!

    • In theory, you’ll keep your unlimited forever, or until you upgrade at a reduced price. I know someone on AT&T that still has unlimited data from a aircard plan they purchased 8 years ago. But if Verizon were to ever try and kick you off unlimited, they’d be breaking your contract. It would suck, but you’d be able to walk with no termination fees.

      • sgtguthrie

        Yes, but after your contract is up they have the right to change your Terms of Service at any time. I know they said they won’t do that, but they also said we could keep unlimited data as long as we stay on a smartphone data plan. Bottom line, no contract, no guarantees legally 😉

  • verizon needs to let customers keep their unlimited data if upgrading to a new phone

  • slops

    time to redo the “are you buying” pole.

    anyone had enough hands on with the euro version to know anything about battery life? i assume with 2gig ram it’ll be worse but maybe the smaller processor would offset that.

    • M.ilyaz

      i read an article on engadget it said the euro version had decent battery life…i think it said something like???? someone help me here…10hrs running “balls out”

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I never, ever, ever, ever pre order stuff

    Until today

    • phieta


      DDDIIIIIITTTOOO. Given I’m many years away from such an event, but I feel like I’m anticipating the birth of my first unborn child.

  • I guess I know what I’m doing…. Hello SGIII !!!

  • What about off contract? How does that work? I would assume nothing changes, but hey, we are talking about Big Red.

    • Nothing changes if you buy off contract.

  • VZE would be wise to give us a 30 day notice of when the data change occurs, especially to those that are loyal.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      In a statement like last week or 2 weeks ago, they did say they would give advanced notice so you could decide what is best for you. Implying either they will give us time to decide even if the tiered data plans drop or far enough notice about a date when they will drop so you have time to decide.

  • Monch

    Will this apply only if you pre-order through Verizon? What if I am waiting to purchase through Best Buy since I have credit there? Does anyone know if I will lose my unlimited if I purchase from Best Buy?

    • Craig Lambert

      I’d like to know this too. It specifically says “Pre-Order from Verizon”. I have a $150 gift card that I was hoping to use on the phone. I’d gladly hold off using it if I continued to get unlimited data.

  • boiiii

    Can someone polease explain to me what happens once you hit your data limit? If I have 2GB a month and set ICS to stop at that limit can I not receive emails or even check FB/browse the interweb at all without being charged a ton? It’s just a little bit of data….

  • mini-me

    This will be my last contract with VZ. After the S3, its ebay or the next super phones falls from the back of a truck and I get it for $50 🙂

  • Chronon7364

    So this is thus the last subsidized new phone to be had while keeping the Unlimited Data? We knew it was coming, but it still hurts.

    • 562

      Yup, from this point forward you have to buy at full retail in order to keep your Unlimited data plan.

  • Ricky Schleining

    Sooooooo shady. So glad I never went with this company that only cares about their shareholders and not their CUSTOMERS!

    • Butters619

      Not many public companies care more about their customers than their shareholders. That’s the one caveat of publicly traded companies.

      I’m not saying Verizon is right for pulling this though. Let’s get that straight.

      • arturo_bandini

        No customers means no revenue. No revenue means no profits. No profits means the shareholders are not happy. Good companies understand this.

        Most companies (including, probably, Verizon) care about their customers precisely because they care about their shareholders.

        • BlueMouseBlues

          That’s very idealistic, but far from reality. Most shareholders don’t even bother to vote, and generally it’s a few wealthy individuals and companies like mutual funds that own the bulk of the shares.

          Toss in the fact that the market is effectively owned by only two companies, they have no fear of “losing” customers other than just ping-pong them back and forth between the two companies. That’s how much they “care” about their customers. This is nothing like how a proper free market should look like.

    • LucyL

      Little Ricky, feel free to start your own cellular company. Then you can give your stuff away for free.

  • ChickenMasta

    Ill def pre-order if I keep Unlim Data!!

  • slops

    how likely is it that the RAZR HD will be out before the shared data? the only reason i’d pick this up over the new razr is losing out on unlimited data

    • Butters619

      Very unlikely unfortunately.

  • isnt data, data I have not seen anything at verizon saying 3g data or 4g data plans just data plans

  • 562

    Looks like I am pre-ordering!

  • Brandon C.

    What if I’m adding a line and putting the phone on my primary line wouldn’t I still keep my unlimited?

    • Ricky Schleining

      Nope! New lines are only allowed to use the new plan codes.

      • Brandon C.

        Right but it’s not going to be on that line, might just have to pay full retail.

    • David Cohen

      That should work.

    • Yeah, that should be fine. Your new line would be on the tier, but you could just swap the phone over to your unlimited line. I think you can actually downgrade off of the data plan on that new line too and just make it a dummy line if you’d like afterwards. I think data is considered a feature that you could remove. You may want to get an expert to confirm that last part though. 😛

      • snowblind64

        I’ve done that. Added a line to get the discounted phone and then swapped the new phone onto my old line and put a dumbphone on the new line and cancelled the data plan. It costs $10 a month for the extra line ($240 over the life of the contract) but I saved about $350 off of the full retail price so I’d say it was worth it.

        This strategy also allows you to use the extra line for upgrades so you can get a discounted phone every year instead of every two.

        • sinofueramos

          It’s actually $14 a month (where I live) with all the government taxes and fees.

      • Correct. I do this all the time. It pays to have a few LG Voyagers laying around…

      • Kellex, do you think we can buy it from Amazon and still get this deal? I am in a family share and we got that outrageously awesome deal (probably reported here, for $10 unlimited data! we have 4 droid x’s, 2000 minutes unlimited text and data for $200 a month, yes, with taxes so we will do everything in our powers to keep this deal lol)and the only one available at the moment for a upgrade. I’d like to roll $249 out the door rather than $249 plus $30 plus $60 tax